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Public Service Career Launch - Spring 2011
      Academic Advising and Career Center
           Presented by Ashley Lewis | 916.278.5089
1  Preparing for the
   Government Mixer
2. Networking in General
3 Introduction to LinkedIn
Career Fairs in General
                 Who has attended
                 a Career Fair?
                     at     you
                 What was your
                 What would have
                 helped your
Preparing for the Government Mixer
 Look at the list of agencies who will
 attend and identify targets:
 Do your research
 Prepare your
 Prepare to
 introduce yourself
       for S ccess
 Dress f r Success
During the Government Mixer
     Make eye contact with the recruiter,
     shake their hand and introduce
     Ask questions!
     Sincerity always wins. Try not to
                             d      ll
     over exaggerate or undersell your
        i        d i k       h i li
     If interested, pick up their literature,
     ask for a business card, and if
     possible leave your resume
     Don’t interrupt
During the Government Mixer

 Be familiar with government terminology and use it
 to your advantage:
 ◦ Ask federal agencies if they have used the Federal Career Intern
   program in the past and if they have a replacement yet
 ◦ Ask what exams are open; and what kind of exams do they use
   (oral, written, continuous, etc)
 ◦ Are they filing exemptions for certain positions
 ◦ What is a good “entry level” opportunity
                     entry level
 ◦ What classification and level (GS or I, II, III) do they suggest based
   on your experience
More Sample Questions
1.    What types of career opportunities do you offer?
2     Can you describe the qualifications and skills you look for
      in an applicant?
3.    What types of projects might I expect to work on in my
      first year with the agency?
            y              g y
4.    What is a typical career path with your agency?
5.    What is a typical day like?
6     What makes someone successful with your agency?
7.    What advice would you give someone seeking work within
      your organization?
8.                   entry level
      What type of entry-level positions or training programs
      exist within your organization?
9.    Where does your agency primarily post jobs?
10.       y
      May I have yyour business card for future contact?
After the Government Mixer
    y                       p
 Stay in contact with the representatives!
 ◦ Send a thank you letter/email, mentioning
   something you talked about to jog their memory
 ◦ Also attached a copy of your resume
 ◦ Follow-up on questions you have about the
       li i
   application process
 ◦ Let them know when
   you have followed
   their advice or
in General
i G      l

 What is networking?
 What is your experience with
 What worked; what didn’t?
Networking: Practice
           p            y
 Elevator speech activity
Networking with Government

 What it will not do for you: help you go around
 the competitive hiring process
 What it will do for you: give you the inside scoop
 ◦ Jobs that might be upcoming
 ◦ Provide advice for applying
 ◦ Make a difference in the final stage of the hiring process
Ways to Make Contact
 Attend a career fair, mixer, employer lecture, or
 employer lead workshop and talk with a recruiter.
 Ask him/her for a business card.
 Check out professional associations where agency
 reps may be members
 Look in Career Connection
 Call them up! Find contact info on vacancy
               t j b      ti              j t ll the
 announcements, job postings, exams, or just call th
 main number listed on google maps
 Find people on LinkedIn!
 Who knows what LinkedIn is?
 Has anyone found it to be useful?
Professional Networking Online

         LinkedIn Has Plenty of Potential
         ◦ Over 75 mil professionals from 150+
         ◦ R hl one new sign-up/second
           Roughly           i     /      d
         ◦ Over 37,000 college & university
                  g p
           alumni groups
         And Tools!
         ◦ Profile, recommendations,
           introductions, search engines, groups,
           job boards, company pages
The Importance of a Profile
“LinkedIn is the New Resume”
– Talent Acquisition Team,Vanir Construction Management

  A Good Profile Gives You
  ◦ Credibility
  ◦ Searchability
  ◦ Hireability
Who to Connect With
   “LION”s          Trusted Connections

 Linked In Open      People you have
 Networker (LION)    worked and/or
 Bridge networks     studied with
 otherwise closed    Importing Contacts
 to you              Searching
 Find them by        University or
 keyword             Employer
 searching groups    Family and Friends
 or people.
Who to Connect With
 ◦ Decision makers
 ◦ Connectors
 ◦ Advice givers
 ◦ Recommenders
 Talent Acquisition Professionals
 ◦ Info Collectors
 ◦R       h
How to Connect with People
 Beware of “IDK”
 Use your maiden name in parenthesis
 ALWAYS write a personal message. Let them
 know the context and reason for the invitation
Dear _________,

I came across your profile and was very impressed with the work you
do. I have been working in/studying (IT, marketing, operations, etc.) and
am currently considering agencies where I might be a good fit. I would
appreciate the opportunity to link with you to gain insight and advice
about potential jobs in (IT, marketing, operations, etc) at your
organization or other organizations where you have LinkedIn
   g                       g                 y
connections. Also, I am actively meeting people who might be a strong
addition to your network. I would be happy to make introductions and
offer support to you in any way I can. If you choose not to accept my
invitation please click on “Archive” instead of “I Don’t Know.”

Best Regards,Y N
B tR      d Your Name

  Invitation to link…example adapted from
LinkedIn Groups
Your Ticket to a Better Network!
  Once you are in, find out
  who is: iin your area, movers
  and shakers, interested in
  networking, at companies or
          yp     j you
  in the type of job y are
  looking for
  Invite to connect or
  message individuals
  Respond to discussion posts
  Post discussions
  Review job postings to the group
  Join Career Center associated groups!
   ◦ Sac State Clean and Green, Sac State ECS, and Pathways Link
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