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           2011 TeleHealth
                        3rd Edition

       Annual Guide Of Providers And Developers Of Products/Services
                      Utilizing TeleHealth Technology

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                      2011 TeleHealth Industry Directory
               Key To Indexes Of Company Type and Healthcare Facilities
         The Indexes and Buyers’ Guide Sections are very informative, easy to use reference guides indexed
                                 by specific categories in the TeleHealth Industry

               Type Of Company                               Types Of Healthcare Facility/Organization
Healthcare Providers                                      Ambulatory Care
Vendor                                                    Clinical Group Practice
                                                          Disaster Response
                                                          Disease Management
                                                          Emergency Response
                                                          Employer Health Program
                                                          Government Medical Center
                                                          Home Healthcare
                                                          Hospital/Multi-Hospital System
                                                          Insurance Company
                                                          Integrated Delivery System
                                                          Long-Term Care
                                                          Managed Care Organization
                                                          Military Medical Center
                                                          Mobile Health Care
                                                          Nursing Home
                                                          Nursing Services
                                                          Patient Monitoring
                                                          Pharmaceutical Company
                                                          Pharmacy/Independent Lab
                                                          Physician Organization
                                                          Rehabilitation Center
                                                          TeleHealth Network
                                                          University Medical Center
                                                          Wellness Program

                                     2011 TeleHealth Industry Directory

                                         Company Listings
1Call - Division of AMTELCO                    Phone:    801-265-4400                         Year Established: 1995
4800 Curtin Dr                               Kelly Mann, Nat'l Marketing Dir, 3M Health       Revenue: $3M
McFarland, WI 53558                          Information Systems                              # of Employees: 30
 Phone:     608-838-4194                     Adel Dimian, Business Unit Mgr, 3M            Business Conducted: HQ, R&D,
 Fax:      608-838-8367                      Medical Necessity/Compliance                  Sales/Dist
 E-Mail:                    Richard Averill, Clinical Research Dir, 3M    •Company Description: 911 ETC has
 WWW:                     health Information Syste                      become the leader in providing E-911 for
Mike Friedel, Nat'l Sales Mgr                Tom Anastasio, Sr VP 3M Health                multi-line telephone systems (MLTS),
•Type Of Company: Vendor                     Information Mgmt                              Private Branch Exchange (PBX), Voice
•Products/Services: Call Center,             Nancy Larson, VP Div, 3M health               over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and hybrid
Telecommunication Equipment                  Information Systems                           technologies with its unique approach to a
•Company Description: AMTELCO's              •Type Of Company: Vendor                      total solution, Crisis Connect™.
1Call Division is dedicated to serving the   •Products/Services: Software                  Brand Names: Crisis Connect, LAN-Alert,
unique call center and communication            Year Established: 1983                     Auto-MAC
needs of Healthcare and Higher Education     Business Conducted: HQ
facilities. The 1Call Division of Amtelco    •Company Description: Specializes in          A F Surgeon General
developed call center, PC-based PBX con-     medical records coding and computerized       5928 Munson Ct
soles, emergency notification, (HICS), and   patient record products and services.         Falls Church, VA 22041
communication systems designed specifi-                                                     Phone:    571-235-5341
cally for hospitals and healthcare organi-   3M Health Information Systems                 Justin Campbell, Sr Systems Analyst
zations.                                     3919 National Dr, Ste 400
Brand Names: HICS                            Burtonsville, MD 20866                        A T Still University
                                               Phone:    301-476-7000                      800 W Jefferson
2K Electronic Medical Records                  WWW:                    Kirksville, MO 63501
105 W Torrance Blvd, Ste 106                 Ray Terrill, Gov't/3M Care Innovation Bus      Phone:    660-342-0186
Redondo Beach, CA 90277                      Mgr                                           Celia Hagan, Project Coord
 Phone:    866-350-4406                      •Type Of Company: Vendor
 WWW:          •Products/Services: Software                  A&D Medical
Tammy Harrison, Marketing                                                                  1756 Automation Pkwy
•Type Of Company: Vendor                     8x8 Inc                                       San Jose, CA 95131
•Type Of Monitoring/Diagnostic               2445 Mission College Blvd                      Phone:    408-263-5333
Systems: Health                              Sanata Clara, CA 95054                         Fax:      408-263-0119
•Type Of Healthcare Facility/Org:              Phone:    408-727-1885                       E-Mail:
Clinical/Group Practice, Home Healthcare,      Fax:      408-980-0432                       WWW:
Hospital/Multi Hospital System, Military       WWW:                       Teruhisa Moriya, CEO
Medical Center, TeleHealth Network,          •Type Of Company: Vendor                      Chris Fickle, Nat'l Sales Mgr
University Medical Center                    •Company Description: Standalone video        Carol Quitmeyer, Product Mgr
•Products/Services: Application Services,    telephone using regular analog phone          Ed Siemens, Marketing Dir
Consulting, Software, Store-Forward          lines found anywhere in the world.            Jerry Wang, Engineering Dir
Systems                                                                                    Frank Marrone, Sr VP
•Company Description: Marketing and          911 ETC, Inc                                  •Type Of Company: Vendor
sales of electronic medical records soft-    1604 Hewitt Ave, Ste 401                      •Type Of Monitoring/Diagnostic
ware.                                        Everett, WA 98201                             Systems: Blood Pressure, Pedometers,
                                               Phone:    425-368-2911                      Thermometers, Weight Scales
3 Minute Learning LLC                          Fax:      425-368-2912                      •Type Of Communications/Networks:
45 Hummingbird Rd                              E-Mail:                  RFID
Coudersport, PA 16915                          WWW:                    •Products/Services: Monitoring Devices,
 Phone:    814-274-7902                      Karina Yandell, Corporate Development         Weight Scales, Wireless Communications
William Jones, Owner                         Dave Ellis, Sales/Marketing Dir                  Year Established: 1977
•Type Of Company: Vendor                     •Type Of Company: Vendor                         # of Employees: 60
                                             •Type Of Monitoring/Diagnostic                   Ownership: Private
3dOnThe.Net Inc                              Systems: Health                               Business Conducted: Sales/Dist
1600 Steeles Ave W                           •Type Of Specialty/Treatment:                 •Company Description: Manufactured
Concord, Ontario L4K 4M2 CANADA              Emergency                                     and distributed a full line of advanced
 Phone:    416-738-2090                      •Type Of Healthcare Facility/Org:             electronic blood pressure monitoring
 Fax:      416-650-1640                      Ambulatory Care, Clinical/Group Practice,     equipment and health care products for
 E-Mail:   sales@3dOnThe.Net                 Disaster Response, Disease Mgmt,              home and professional use.
 WWW:      www.3dOnThe.Net                   Education, Emergency Response,                Brand Names: A&D MedicalLifeSource
•Type Of Company: Vendor                     Employer Health Program, Gov't Medical
•Company Description: Developer of           Center, Home Healthcare, Hospice,             A&D Medical/Life Source
applications that allow medical device       Hospital/Multi Hospital System, Insurance     1910 Spike Pl
manufacturers to display procedures in       Company, Integrated Delivery System,          Alpharetta, GA 30005
3D.                                          Long Term Care, Managed Care Org,              Phone:    770-205-8871
                                             Military Medical Center, Mobile Healthcare,    Fax:      408-635-2352
3M Co                                        Nursing Home, Nursing Services, Patient       •Type Of Company: Vendor
3M Center, Bldg 275-4W-02                    Monitoring, Pharmaceutical Company,
St Paul, MN 55128                            Pharmacy/Independent Lab, Physician           A&D Medical-Lifesource
 Phone:    651-733-8140                      Organization, Rehabilitation Center,          1555 McCandless Dr
Gary Borrell, Global Business Dir            TeleHealth Network, University Medical        Milpitas, CA 95035
•Type Of Company: Vendor                     Center, Wellness Program                       Phone:    408-518-5122
                                             •Type Of Communications/Networks:             Sarah Schiltz, Marketing Medical Dir
3M Health Information Systems                Broadband, Cable, LAN, Telephone,             •Type Of Company: Vendor
575 W Murray Blvd                            WiMAX
Murray, UT 84123                             •Products/Services: Software

                                             2011 TeleHealth Industry Directory
AAA Networks                               •Products/Services: Call Center, Medical      ACS-HCS
6565 Arlington Blvd                        Alert Devices, Medical Alert Services,        817 Springhaven Dr
Falls Church, VA 22042                     Monitoring Devices, Monitoring Services       Brentwood, CA 94513
 Phone:    703-875-8000                       Year Established: 1971                      Phone:     925-980-2055
 Fax:      703-875-8005                       # of Employees: 2                          Jonathan Barmettler, Sr Systems Engineer
 WWW:                Ownership: Private
•Type Of Company: Vendor                   Business Conducted: HQ                        ActiveHealth Management
•Company Description: A business com-      •Company Description: Provides moni-          102 Madison Ave
munications integrator specializing in     toring of all types of alarms including two   New York, NY 10016
video conferencing.                        way medical, fire, burglar, GPS and tele-      Phone:    212-651-8200
                                           health.                                        Fax:      212-448-0096
AAC Inc                                                                                   WWW:
5701 Webster St                            Brand Names: Viterion, Contigo,               Felicia Norwood, President/COO
Dayton, OH 45414                           Smartwave                                     Lonny Reisman, CEO
 Phone:    937-259-5800                                                                  Anne Polese, Exec VP Operations
 Fax:      937-259-5899                    Acadian Telehealth Monitoring                 Len Greer, Exec VP Marketing
 WWW:                  PO Box 91430                                  Frank Norman, Exec VP/CIO
•Company Description: Patient monitor-     Lafayette, LA 70509-1430                      John Budnick, Exec VP/CFO
ing to home health agencies and their        Phone:   337-521-3582                       •Type Of Company: Vendor
patients.                                    Fax:     337-291-4482                       •Products/Services: Insurance
                                             WWW:                    •Company Description: Complete health
ABD Partners                               •Type Of Company: Vendor                      management programs.
1700 Chamberwood Ct.                       •Company Description: Patient monitor-
Waxhaw, NC 28173                           ing to home health agencies and their         AddVal Inc
 Phone:    727-489-2606                    patients.                                     1018 Street Rd, Ste 102
 E-Mail:                                                    Southampton, PA 18966
 WWW:             Access Home Health                             Phone:    215-396-8972
Dominick DePaola, Partner                  2828 N National Ave, Ste J                     Fax:      215-364-2178
•Type Of Company: Vendor                   Springfield, MO 65803                          WWW:
•Type Of Communications/Networks:            Phone:    417-863-7100                      Michelle McFarlane, President
Broadband, Cable, Cellular, Fiber Optic,     Fax:      417-863-7204                      •Type Of Communications/Networks:
Satellite, Telephone                       Melanie Markham, Nurse Admin                  Broadband
•Products/Services: Cable                  •Type Of Company: Healthcare Provider            Year Established: 1995
Communications, Communication              •Type Of Healthcare Facility/Org: Home           # of Employees: 9
Systems, Consulting, Data Acquisition,     Healthcare                                       Ownership: Private
Fiber Optic Communications, Monitoring                                                   Business Conducted: HQ
Devices, Monitoring Services,              Access to Therapy                             •Company Description: Specializing in
Networks/Servers, Satellite                6345 Balboa Blvd, Ste 215                     medical credentialing and building a niche
Communications, Telecommunication          Encino, CA 91316                              business.
Equipment, Telecommunication Svcs,           Phone:    818-640-1514
Telepresence, Value Added Reseller,        Michael Aharoni, Clinical Dir                 ADHS - Div of Children w/ Special
Video Conferencing Svcs, Wireless                                                        Needs
Communications                             AccuConference                                150 N 18th Ave, Ste330
   Year Established: 1999                  6300 Ridglea Pl, Ste 318                      Phoenix, AZ 85007-3243
Business Conducted: HQ, R&D,               Ft Worth, TX 76116                             Phone:     602-364-1477
Sales/Dist                                   Phone:   800-977-4607                       Judie Walker, Division Chief, Clinical
•Company Description: Provisioning of        WWW:             Programs
cable broadband. Purchase, negotiate and   Jim Black, President
create solutions. VAR development.         •Type Of Company: Vendor                      ADI Mobile Health
Consulting at all levels.                  •Type Of Monitoring/Diagnostic                19425 SW 89th Ave
Brand Names: Road Runner, Time             Systems: Health                               Tualatin, OR 97062
Warner, Comcast                            •Type Of Healthcare Facility/Org:              Phone:    503-885-0886
                                           Ambulatory Care, Clinical/Group Practice,      Fax:      503-885-0417
Academic Network                           Disaster Response, Emergency                   WWW:
120 NW 9th Ave, Ste 216                    Response, Gov't Medical Center, Home          Brad Courtney, Support Svcs, MDVM Inc
Portland, OR 97209                         Healthcare, Hospital/Multi Hospital           Dan Lafleur, VP Operations, MDVM Inc
 Phone:    503-228-3217                    System, Military Medical Center, Mobile       Jim Kitch, VP Marketing/Sales
Kathleen McCarron, CEO                     Healthcare, Patient Monitoring, TeleHealth    •Type Of Company: Healthcare Provider,
                                           Network, University Medical Center            Vendor
Acadian Monitoring Service                 •Products/Services: Audio/Visual              •Type Of Monitoring/Diagnostic
PO Box 93088                               Equipment, Communication Systems              Systems: Health
Lafayette, LA 70509                           Year Established: 1986                     •Type Of Specialty/Treatment: Cardiac,
 Phone:    800-259-1234                    •Company Description: Offers signature        Geriatric
 Fax:      866-889-8521                    conference call services and web confer-      •Type Of Healthcare Facility/Org: Mobile
 E-Mail:          encing. They offer the latest communica-      Healthcare, TeleHealth Network
 WWW:                 tions technology to professionals; provid-    •Products/Services: Application Services,
Faye Bryant, Telehealth Mgr                ing unlimited conference calling options      Cameras, Diagnostic Equipment,
Blane Comeaux, VP                          and offering instant reach-ability to its     Monitoring Devices, Scopes,
Butch Oberhoff, Sales Dir                  client support staff.                         Stethoscopes, Store-Forward Systems,
Michelle Speer, Marketing Coord                                                          Telecommunication Equipment, Video
•Type Of Company: Vendor                   AccuSoft                                      Conference Equipment
•Type Of Monitoring/Diagnostic             2 Westboro Business Pk                           Year Established: 1980
Systems: Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure,    Westboro, MA 01581                            •Company Description: Mobile medical
CO2, Disease Mgmt, Patient Monitors,         Phone:   508-898-2770                       and dental clinics.
Pulse Oximeters, Vital Signs, Weight         WWW:
Scales                                     •Type Of Company: Vendor                      Adolescent Services
•Type Of Healthcare Facility/Org:          •Company Description: Software                2945 Valle Vista
Disease Mgmt, Emergency Response,          provider dedicated to providing medical       Los Cruces, NM 88011
Patient Monitoring, TeleHealth Network     imaging technology and solutions.

                                           2011 TeleHealth Industry Directory