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									            HEARTS & HANDS                                          HOOSIER QUEST SERIES
 Use what you learned from Connect, and discover               This series connects people to the natural and
what it means to be a good steward of the land.              cultural stories of Indiana’s state parks and reser-
                                                             voirs, encourages family involvement, showcases
  Research, journal, and complete the following              Indiana’s finest areas and highlights amazing career
steps:                                                       possibilities.
    1. Explain the difference between Natural Resource
       Management and Natural Resource Stewardship.            Each level of the program may be started and fin-
                                                             ished on any combination of Indiana’s state parks
      ________________________________________               and reservoirs properties over any period of time.

      Interpretive Naturalist Signature Date
                                                               Upon successful completion of the main Connect
    2. Choose a project that devotes a minimum of
                                                             level, and either advanced level, you will be awarded
       three hours toward stewardship. You may work
       individually or as a family or group. This does       a certificate and momento available only through the
       not include time spent completing steps 3, 4, or      Quest series.
       5. Need help with an idea? See the Interpretive
                                                                                                                          Indiana DNR - State Parks and Reservoirs
       Naturalist for project ideas and approval.              Want more? Explore! Your family completes just

                                                                                                                        Indiana State Parks
                                                             five requirements at a single park or reservoir. All
      ________________________________________               five requirements can usually be completed in just
      Interpretive Naturalist Signature Date
                                                                                                                          and Reservoirs
                                                             one weekend. You can then purchase a unique pin
    3. Plan your project by answering the following          representing that property. There are 33 participating

                                                                                                                        Hoosier Quest Series
                                                             Indiana parks and reservoirs — that means there are
        Goal: What do you want to do?
                                                             33 different pins to collect... so go out and Explore!
        Objective: Why do you want to do this?
        What will the result be?                                     IMPORTANT THINGS TO                               “Building a relationship with the land and the
                                                                          REMEMBER:                                         people of the Indiana Department
        Where: Will the work be done on a state prop-
        erty, a backyard, city park, community center,       • Everyone is encouraged to participate — parents,                   of Natural Resources”
        church, school?                                        kids, family members, friends.
        Completion: How will you do this?                    • Children must be accompanied by an adult.
        Will you, family or friends help?
                                                             • Participants may not work on Discover and                                  STATE PARKS
    Present your plan for approval.
                                                               Connect levels at the same time.                                           RESERVOIRS
      Interpretive Naturalist Signature Date
                                                             • Keep this brochure! As you complete each
                                                               activity, the Interpretive Naturalist will initial in
    4. Get your gear, grab your family or friends, and get     the correct space to show that you are working
       busy working on your project!                           towards your patch.
    5. Submit a journal documenting your project from
       start to finish – the proposal, the planning, the      • Have fun and enjoy Indiana’s State Parks and
       project itself, how much time each step took, and       Reservoirs!
       several photographs of the process. Include a list
       of at least five resources you used for information    • For more information on when and how to com-
       during the planning. This could include encyclo-        plete your Discover level, talk to an Interpretive       Indiana Department of Natural Resources
       pedias, books, magazines, personal interviews,          Naturalist today, or visit                                 Division of State Parks and Reservoirs
       and no more than three websites.                                                   Interpretive Services
      ________________________________________               Name ____________________________________
      Interpretive Naturalist Signature Date                 Address __________________________________           
                    Connect                                                                                                                            Make an Advanced
                   This level is open to everyone ages 8 and up. Through exercise, observation, and stewardship,
                   you’ll develop a personal connection with Indiana’s state parks and reservoirs. The connect
                   level promotes personal health habits, as well as an awareness for the health and conservation of                                   So… you completed this level
                   Indiana’s DNR properties. You’ll get a feeling of accomplishment as you gain knowledge about                                        and you’re ready for more
the outdoors and about yourself. Earn a certificate and Connect award by completing the following requirements:                                         connections? Earn additional
                                                                                                                                                       rewards by completing
                                                                                                                                                       these advanced
    • Attend five interpretive programs (excluding                     • Go for a healthy hike of at least 60 minutes. Get
      Hoosier Quest informational programs.)                            your family and friends to join you. Take your
                                                                        pulse before, during, and after the hike.

                                                                                                                                                       EYES & EARS
Program Title   Interpreter Initials      Date                        _____________/_______________/____________
                                                                  Starting Pulse / Mid- Hike Pulse (should be higher than 150 beats) / Ending Pulse
______________________________________________                                                                                                          Observe the natural world
Program Title   Interpreter Initials      Date                        • Describe two benefits to your health resulting                                 around you and discover the
                                                                        from this hike.
                                                                                                                                                      creativity it fosters.
Program Title   Interpreter Initials      Date                   ______________________________________________
                                                                 Interpretive Naturalist Signature         Date                                           • Find a place outdoors and sit for 30 minutes
                                                                                                                                                            without talking. Listen, look, smell, and touch
______________________________________________                                                                                                              things. Journal or list everything you saw and
Program Title   Interpreter Initial       Date                                                                                                              experienced.

______________________________________________                                                                                                        ______________________________________________
Program Title   Interpreter Initials      Date                                                                                                        Interpretive Naturalist Signature         Date
                                                                  Find Your Pulse!
    • Complete three hours of volunteer time.                                                                                                             • Describe three ways that you can connect with
                                                                        • Hold your hand in front of you.                                                   the land.
Interpretive Naturalist Signature Time    Date                          • Stick your thumb up in the air and                                          ______________________________________________
                                                                          turn the palm toward you                                                    Interpretive Naturalist Signature         Date
______________________________________________                          • With the first two fingers of your
Interpretive Naturalist Signature Time    Date                                                                                                            • Write a short story about a natural or
                                                                          other hand, slide from the top of your thumb
                                                                                                                                                            cultural experience.
                                                                          down the side of your hand until your fingers
______________________________________________                            reach your wrist. Let your fingers move to the                               ______________________________________________
Interpretive Naturalist Signature Time    Date                            inside of your wrist, and gently feel for your                              Interpretive Naturalist Signature         Date
    • Complete the IDNR Division Challenge.                                                                                                           Paint, sculpt, or build something inspired by Indiana’s
                                                                        • When you have found a steady beat, count the
______________________________________________                            number of beats in 15 seconds (use a watch or                               natural or cultural resources. Create an artistic work
Interpretive Naturalist Signature         Date                            clock with a second hand). Multiply your score                              that you donate to another person or organization
                                                                                                                                                      (please bring your own supplies). Need help with an
                                                                          by four to get your pulse rate per minute.                                  idea? See the Interpretive Naturalist for project ideas.
    • Name three indicators or signs of a healthy
      habitat and three things that could be
      improved.                                                                                                                                       ______________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                      Interpretive Naturalist Signature         Date
Interpretive Naturalist Signature         Date

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