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					                                                                                                                      	           FALL	2010,	ISSUE	18

Moving in...

                                                          Left: Two Sioux City Fire Rescue trucks escorted a rare 1918 ladder truck on its final run along a blocked
                                                          off 4th Street to the new museum site. Above: Sioux City Fire Chief Tom Everett presented donor
                                                          Irving F. Jensen Jr. with a framed photograph of the Mack fire truck in front of the Orpheum Theatre.
                                                          The Jensen family has put the fire truck on permanent loan as part of the “Overcome Adversity”

                                                          exhibit. Once it is installed, the fire truck will be visible from the street and skywalk.

                                                                    ore than 150 years of history started making its move to the
                                                                    new site of the Sioux City Public Museum in late summer 2010.
                                                                    American Indian artifacts, documents, furnishings, photographs,
                                                          and everything else that had been housed in the Pearl Street Research Cen-
                                                          ter was moved into the new collections area. Volunteers from St. Luke’s
                                                          School of Nursing, Mater Dei School, and Bishop Heelan High School
                                                          helped move the boxes and boxes of archival material.

                                                          After appearing in the Bill Diamond Antique and Classic Car Show, the
                                                          Sooland Antique Car Club donated a Hawkeye Truck. The 1917 Sioux
                                                          City-built truck will be on display in the temporary exhibit gallery when the
                                                          new museum site opens. Installation of the permanent displays began on
                                                          October 28 and will be completed in approximately six weeks.
Before it goes on display, a newly donated 1917 Hawkeye
truck is being stored in the new archives area.                                Inside: The FY 2010 Annual Report
     Thank you to the donors to the Siouxland Heritage Foundation for supporting “Our New Museum”
Aalfs Family Foundation, Kenneth &                                                Certified Testing Services, Inc., Dr. Dan &                 Priscilla Forsyth, Dennis & Linda Gann, Jeff
Barbara Ackerman, Elaine E. Ahlwardt, All-                                        Coleen Chapman, Margo Chesebro, Ches-                       & Shay Gebauer, Dorothy Gedwillo, Galen
America Band, American Pop Corn Com-                                              terman Family Foundation, Rosie Chicoine,                   & Carlene Gehrts, Gerkin Windows &
pany, Leonard & Charlotte Andersen, Beth                                          Chris Hansen Construction, Christiansen                     Doors, Wilfred & Janel Gerking, James E. &
Anderson, Craig & Nancy Anderson, Argosy                                          Family Foundation, Citi Street Volunteer                    Katheryn Giasafakis, Joe & Luanne Giesler,
Casino – Sioux City, Bryan & Wini Arneson,                                        Program, City of South Sioux City, Craig J.                 Gilchrist Foundation, Nancy S. Giles, Lorene
Norman & Corrine Ashby, Avery Brothers,                                           Clark, Bob & Jean Clem, Lee & Gladys                        K. Glant, Milton Glazer, Gleeson Family
Arlene Baldes, Alison Balliet, Michelle Bal-                                      Close, Cloverleaf Cold Storage, Robert &                    Foundation, Jerald & Donna (Link)
tushis, Rachelle Barnum, A. Frank & Sandra                                        Kathryn Coacher, David & Marilyn Cohen,                     Goehring, James L. Goff, Mike & Carolyn
Baron, Elizabeth A. Barrett, Jean E. Bar-                                         Ronald & Katie Colling, Mr. & Mrs. R.                       Goodwin, Ralph S. Graham, Thomas & Jody
tholomew, Matt & Theresa Basye, Ken Beek-                                         Dudley Conner, James & Gretchen Cooney,                     Graham, John & Di Gray, Iowa Department
ley & Glenda Castleberry, Chuck & Sandra                                          Corbett Anderson Corbett & Vellinga, LLP,                   of Cultural Affairs – Iowa Great Places,
Beerman, Georgi Begnoche, Richard C. Be-                                          Patrick & Cathy Corey, Cosgriff Company,                    Great West Casualty, Edith Greenstone,
guin, Mike & Margie Bennett, Mearl O.                                             K. Anne Cowley, Paul & Paula Crandell,                      Daniel & Gyna Greenwell, Emilie Grendler,
Bergeson, Joyce Mills Beumler, Dwight Birk-                                       Crary Huff Law Firm, Crimson Glorys!,                       Joe &Alice Gross, Guarantee Oil Co., Greg
ley, Cathie Bishop & Paul Campbell, Edwin                                         Marjorie Danielson, Lawrence & Eleanor                      & Yumiko Guelcher, Robert & Elizabeth
C. Blackburn, Dr. William & Dianne Blan-                                          Darrell, Gracia A. Davenport, Joan M. Dav-                  Guelcher, Marilyn Hackett, Steve Hansen &
kenship, Paul & Shirlee Bohlke, Bolin Foun-                                       enport, Robert C. & Helen Davenport, Doug                   Glenda DenHerder, Lois Joan Hanson, Jeff
dation, Roger & Jane Bomgaars, Douglas M.                                         Davis, Col. George “Bud” & Doris M. Day,                    & Janet Harcum, James W. Haritage, Beth
Bonnes, Patricia A. Bortscheller, Tim &                                           Geraldine Day, Pat Day, Richard E. & Joyce                  Harms & Chris Jensen, Douglas Harrold,
Kathleen Bottaro, BPI Technologies, Randy                                         Deighton, Dennis Supply Co., Michael &                      Daniel J. & Sally E. Hartley, Ronald & Rima
W. Bradley & LaVone Sopher, Patt Brenden,                                         Carolyn Dosland, Marty & Laurie Dough-                      Hartman, Frederic Harwood, Dr. Susan Hat-
Lee Brennan & Darline Ross, Cindy & Jon                                           erty, Paul & Peggy Dougherty, Virginia Dun-                 field, Dwight C. Hauff Foundation, Don &
Brewer, Dr. Norman & Lillian Brodkey, Dan                                         can, Dunes Eye Consultants PC, Warren                       Sandra Heath, David & Mary E. Heck, Heid-
& Sheila Brooks, Milton & Elaine Brown,                                           Dunkle, Joel & Debi Durham, Dr. Quentin                     man Law Firm, Marvis Hendrickson, Jane D.
Dennis & Laura Bullock, George & Myrna                                            & Sue Durward, Donna D. Dwyer, William                      Hey, Beth Hickey, Ann Hill, Dale B. Hill,
A. Burg, Jack Burk, Bernardine Burke, Dr.                                         & Lyn Edmonds, Elco Garhum Study Club,                      Beverly J. Hinds, George & Gretchen Hirsch-
Randall & Deb Burnight, Pat Burroughs,                                            Richard & Marilyn Engle, Juanita Evans, M.                  bach, Pamla K. Hoadley, Mike & Sharon
Marie T. Byrne, C.W. Suter & Son, Inc., Mike                                      A. Martin Everist Foundation, Margaret E.                   Hobart, Chuck & Lynn Hoffman, Marty &
& Jill Campbell, Michael & Sandra Cannon,                                         Everist, C. Arlene Everton, Scott & Sandie                  Carolyn Hogan, Ruth Holder, Holtze Con-
Harold & Marge Canny, Delores A. Carlson,                                         Eymer, Gordon & Carol Runnels Faerber,                      struction Co., Rick & Francine Holtzen, Dan
Carolyn Carpenter, Caravan Group – Evan-                                          FEH Associates, Inc., Adam & Alyssa                         & Vickie Holzrichter, Phyllis Holzrichter,
gelical Church of North America, Dr.                                              Feiges, Dave & Sue Ferris, Janet & Mike                     Bruce & Jeanette Hopkins, Marjorie Hoppe,
Thomas & Jean Carrol, Central Bank,                                               Flanagan, Timothy E. Foix, Virgina Forker,                  (continued on inside back cover)
      Join this list of supporters by completing the pledge card below. Pledges may be payable over 5 years.
         Benefits of a $100 charter membership: a personalized membership card, gift shop discounts, an invitation
       to a special grand opening reception and commemorative program, recognition on the permanent donor wall.
                                                                                                                                                 
                                                                                                                                            
                                                                                                                                         
                                                                                                                                                              

                   
                                                                              

                                              

                                                                                                  

                                                                                                                  

                                                                               

                       FY 2009 - 2010                               July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010
What does it take to run four sites that showcase Sioux City
history, provide tourist information, assist with research
questions, and educate young people?

T        he answer is evident every day
         at the sites of the Sioux City
                                          Shirley Watson volunteered between
                                          50 to 100 hours.
                          2005 Volunteers giving one to 50 hours2005 - June 30, 2006
                               2006 July 1, of
         Public Museum. Volunteers
assist the staff in a variety of
capacities. Some greet and assist the     service were Rachelle Barnum, Brian
public at the John Peirce Mansion,        Beauvais, Loretta Bentson, Mike
Pearl Street Research Center, Sergeant    Berger, George Burg, Jean Calligan,
Floyd River Museum & Welcome              Dolores Carey, Rosie Chicoine,
Center, or the Siouxland Information      Adam Christoffel, Linda Craft, Pat           Association board member Mary Heck was among
Center. Others serve on committees,       Day, Ginny Duncan, Kathy Fliginger,          the volunteers at the 2009 Holiday Open House.

teach classes, help with research, plan   Daniela Garcia, Russ Gifford, Jim            Quincy and Libby Markham, Kirstin
special events, raise funds for the new   Goff, Terry Gottburg, Greg Guelcher,         Reedy, and Nicole Prescott, assisted
museum site, or assist with special       Cliff Hansen, Robby Harrington,              with youth programming throughout
projects.                                 Thomas Johnston, Jim Jung, Arlette           the summer.
                                          Kretschmer, Don Krone, Trenton
Volunteers gave nearly 3,700 hours        Lee, Fritz Miller, Don Meisner,              Although their individual hours
of service to the Museum in FY10,         Pat Mustain, Ike Salmons, Karen              are not tracked, members of the
equal to the time worked by one full-     Simpson, Doris Swanson, Marge                Museum Board of Trustees, Museum
time and one part-time staff person.      Swanson, Jim Vail, Jackie Warnstadt,         & Historical Association Board, and
                                          Bonnie West, and Eric Wissing.               Siouxland Heritage Foundation also
The volunteers with the most hours                                                     volunteered their time and talents to
were Bob Briese, Gerald Lenz, and         Six student volunteers, Phoenix and          support the museum.
Bernetta Lopez who gave more than         Holland Larned, Antonio Lopez,
200 hours of service. Volunteers                                    FY 2009-10 Museum Boards
with 100 to 200 hours were Andy           Museum & Historical Association Board Members
Anderson, Glenn Barnett, Margaret         Rosie Chicoine, President, Denise Turner, Vice-President, Mary Heck, Secretary, Maynard
Beeson, Edwin Blackburn, Carmen           Porter, Treasurer, Earl Belt, Patt Brenden, Harold Canny, Terry Duzik, Kathy Fliginger,
Cobb, Jerald Goehring, Joan Hanson,       Terry Gottburg, Joellen Graham, Greg Guelcher, Mary Jo Hoffman, Fritz Miller, Marc
Beth Hickey, Bev Hinds, Wayne             Mozak, Jayne Ronfeldt, Carolyn Schmith, and Eric Turner.
Lindgren, Carmen Major, and Nancy         Museum Board of Trustees
                                          Dennis Bullock, Chair; Di Gray, Vice-Chair; Stacy Harmelink, Gerald Lenz, Darren
Neumann. Joan Johnson, William
                                          Maurer, Miles Patton, Jr., and Darold Sea.
E. Kendra, Dennis Leonard, Denni
                                          Siouxland Heritage Foundation
Mitchell, Courtenay Piechota, Cleo        Karen Van De Steeg, President, Ed Lord, Secretary, Debi Durham, Treasurer, Mike Bennett,
Pottorff, Jean Rhinehart, Randy           Dave Bernstein, Dennis Bullock, Rosie Chicoine, Adam Feiges, Jason Geary, Irving Jensen
Rumelhart, Martha Sammons, and            Jr., Ray Krigsten, Keith Radig, and Joan Waitt.
Director’s Report                                                                                               by Steve Hansen

A       utumn Greetings! As we ap-
        proach Thanksgiving and the
        holiday season, I am remind-
ed daily of everything that is good
about our community and how truly
                                                 showcase our rich and diverse his-

                                                 When dreams become reality it is usu-
                                                 ally due to hard work, good timing
                                                                                                I extend my heartfelt appreciation
                                                                                                and gratitude to everyone who has
                                                                                                been involved with the Sioux City
                                                                                                Public Museum over the course of
                                                                                                the past few years. The combined ef-
thankful I am to live and work here.             and a little bit of luck. Our success is       forts will soon result in a gift to the
                                                 the result of an incredible amount of          community and our visitors that will
The museum project has been a chal-              work by literally hundreds of people           impact generations to follow.
lenging and wonderful experience.                who have contributed their time, re-
We would not be this close to open-              sources and goodwill. The campaign             Wishing you the very best for Thanks-
ing the new site if not for the help             ran straight in to an economic down-           giving and a historic new year.
of hundreds of supporters and com-               turn, but the citizens of the com-
munity-minded citizens. Upon com-                munity decided it was time for a new
pletion, the museum will represent a             museum and notched up their efforts
private/public partnership that will             to bring this dream to fruition.
                                                                FY 2009-10 Museum Staff
                                  Matt Anderson, Exhibits Preparator                    Bernetta Lopez, Museum Attendant
                                  Don Bentson, Welcome Center Custodian                 Deanna Mayo, Administrative Assistant
                                  Ron Craft, Welcome Center Custodian                   Kathy Meisner, Sgt. Floyd River Museum Supervisor
                                  Mary Green-Warnstadt, Development Coordinator         John Moos, Custodian
                                  Steve Hansen, Museum Director                         Thomas Munson, Archival Records Clerk
                                  Phyllis Holzrichter, Museum Attendant                 Mark Simpson, Welcome Center Assistant
                                  Treyla Lee-Chavis, Education Coordinator              Erin Taylor, Museum Attendant
                                  Grace Linden, Curator of History                      Theresa Weaver-Basye, Curator of Education

                            Association Awards honor Museum leaders

R       ecipients of the 2009 Sioux
        City Museum & Historical
        Association Awards:
President’s Award
Rosie Chicoine, president of the As-
                                                  Award to Denise Turner, who serves
                                                  as vice president of the organization.
                                                  Chicoine noted Turner’s leader-
                                                  ship and assistance. The President’s
                                                                                                Tom Peterson Award
                                                                                                In recognition of his role as the
                                                                                                general chairman of the “Our New
                                                                                                Museum” capital campaign, Mike
                                                                                                Bennett, former President and CEO
                                                  Award is given annually to an indi-
sociation, presented the President’s              vidual or group that has given out-           of Terra Industries, Inc., was hon-
                                                                   standing service to          ored with the Tom Peterson Award.
                                                                   the Association.             Bennett’s role on the Siouxland Her-
                                                                                                itage Foundation was integral to the
                                                                        Director’s Award        success of raising funds for the relo-
                                                                        Maynard Porter re-      cation and expansion the Sioux City
                                                                        ceived the Director’s   Public Museum downtown. Bennett
                                                                        Awards for his ser-     has served on the boards of numer-
                                                                        vice as Treasurer of    ous trade associations, the Siouxland
                                                                        the Sioux City Mu-      Chamber of Commerce, and the
                                                                        seum & Historical       United Way of Siouxland.
                                                                        Association. Porter
                                                                        is also very involved   The Tom Peterson Award is named
                                                                        in the annual Bill      for the late KCAU-TV weatherman
Sioux City Museum & Historical Association Vice President Denise        Diamond Antique &       who provided leadership to many
Turner and Treasurer Maynard Porter were honored with the President’s
Award and Director’s Award respectively.                                Classic Car Show.       Siouxland organizations.

                                                         Annual Report - Page 2
Education and Outreach
Education staff continued to look for           Korean         War                                                       For youth attend-
                                                                                                                         ing the NOON
new ways to reach audiences. Staff              veterans.                                                                Years Eve Party,
gave presentations to various com-                                                                                       ringing   in    the
                                                                                                                         new year started
munity groups throughout the year.              A series of pre-                                                         twelve hours early.
These outreach activities brought               sentations given                                                         Among the activi-
                                                                                                                         ties were old-fash-
Sioux City history to an additional             by local Afri-                                                           ioned games (left)
4,037 people.                                   can American                                                             and a countdown
                                                                                                                         and balloon drop at
                                                leaders com-                                                             noon (below).
A trolley tour of Sioux City’s down-            memorated
town and Westside areas kicked off              Black History
the Tuesday Twilight Talks program-             Month. A fun
ming in FY10. Other monthly pro-                Women’s History Month program
grams featured the Wobblies and free            took a look at foundation garments
speech, the Siouxland Latino com-               throughout the years. Special events
munity, Augustana Lutheran Church               included Parade of Hats, featuring
and the local Swedes, and the history           a fashion show and history of hats,
of the Omaha Tribe.                             while a book signing event was held
                                                for “Woodbury County Courthouse
Humanities Iowa sponsored “Herbert              Revealed” by G.R. Lindblade & Co.
Hoover’s Role in Distributing Food
in Post WWI and WWII in Europe”                 Kids Clues provided Pre-K children
and “The Home Fronts of Iowa,                   with an opportunity to explore letters
1940-45.” Programs held in conjunc-             and colors while hunting through the
tion with the Museum’s temporary                Museum in search of the monthly age students, while Beyond the Bell
exhibits included Rocks, Minerals &             theme. Summer started off with a brought many groups of children to
Fossils and a panel discussion with             blast with a Rockets class for school- the Museum.

         Fourth grade students honored for Sioux City history projects
                                                                          exhibition were         his Milwaukee Wiener project; the
                                                                          presented at a          Museum Director’s Award to Mae
                                                                          reception   on          Macfarlane, Lincoln Elementary, for
                                                                          May 16 at the           her Sioux City Ghosts project; the
                                                                          Museum.                 Museum Staff Award to Ciara Hess,
                                                                                                  Lincoln Elementary, for her model
                                                                                Special awards    of Archie’s Diner; and the Students’
                                                                                were presented    Choice Award to Savannah Brand,
                                                                                in the follow-    Leeds Elementary, for her model of
                                                                                ing categories:   St. Luke’s Hospital.
                                                                                Sioux City Pub-
 The Sioux City History Projects exhibit is a popular time for school groups to lic    Museum     All of the students from the 18 par-

 visit the Museum to view the efforts of other 4th grade students.
                                                                                Board of Trust-   ticipating schools whose projects
             wards to honor the knowl- ees Award to Connor Birkes, Em-                            were part of the exhibition were pre-
             edge and creativity of 91 erson Elementary, for his City Hall                        sented with a certificate from Mayor
             Sioux City fourth grade project; Sioux City Museum & His-                            Pro-Tem Tom Padgett and Museum
 students participating in the 19th torical Association Award to Miles                            director Steve Hansen at the awards
 annual Sioux City History Projects Patton, Sacred Heart School, for                              ceremony.

                                                         Annual Report - Page 3
Museum Sites
Research Center                                                                              & Classic Car Show was rained out
The project to scan the black and                                                            in July and rescheduled during Labor
white photographs in the collection                                                          Day weekend to great success.
was completed in FY10. Thanks to
the Historical Resource Development                                                          Peirce Mansion
Program (HRDP) grant, the Museum                                                             The number of non-school groups
now has digital images of its black and                                                      visiting the Peirce Mansion increased
white photographs as well as many                                                            by 27% over FY09. Temporary ex-
color photographs and negatives.                                                             hibits shown at the Museum during
                                                                                             FY10 included: Out of the Attic:
Research inquiries increased over the                                                        Recent Artifact Donations, Nature’s
previous fiscal year to 1,703, includ-                                                       Kaleidoscope: Treasures from Earth
ing 286 in-person, 1,390 via phone,                                                          and Beyond, Quilts From Our Col-
23 via e-mail and 4 via mail.                                                                lection, Siouxland’s First Peoples:
                                                                                             1100 to 1800 A.D., Sioux City History
After 10 years of operation, the Pearl                                                       Projects, and The 38th Parallel Revis-
Street Research Center officially         Popular special events were an important part of   ited: The Korean War. Special events,
closed its doors to the public on June                                         education programming, and school
                                          bringing in visitors to the museum sites.

30 to prepare for the move to the new     operation, record snowfall and a de- tours continued to be popular.
museum site in the summer.                creased number of travelers due to
                                          the poor economy.                            Service statistics
                                                                                              Peirce Mansion visitors     18,506
Sergeant Floyd
                                                                                              Sergeant Floyd visitors     27,919
The Sergeant Floyd River Museum           The annual Sergeant Floyd Memorial                  Research Center visitors       403
and Welcome Center showed an in-          Encampment and Burial Ceremony                      Research inquiries           1,703
crease of 5% in attendance from           in August continued to draw good                    Outreach                     4,037
FY09 despite a reduction in hours of      crowds. The Bill Diamond Antique                    Total                       52,568

                     Progress continues on new museum site

T        hroughout the summer and
         early fall of 2009 open house
         events at the future Sioux
City Public Museum site introduced
visitors to the facility and plans for
                                          he had received in lieu of
                                          presents for his birthday.
                                          Larnard’s Sioux City his-
                                          tory project had been on
                                          display at the Museum
the permanent exhibits. The exhibit       earlier in the year.
galleries include the Siouxland Attic,
On the Map, First People, American        Interest in the new site
Indian Collections, Patchwork of          grew even stronger as
People, About Town, Create & In-          construction began on
novate, Overcome Adversity, Farm          the building in Septem-
& Market, and Take Time Out.              ber 2009. Museum staff
                                          spent a great deal of
The Charter Member portion of the         time in FY10 preparing
“Our New Museum” capital cam-             for the move to the new KCAU-TV was present as Phoenix Larnard gave his $174 of birthday
paign was launched. A high point in       museum site, whether money to Steve Hansen, Museum director.
the effort was the donation by 5th        that was providing photographs or team or packing boxes to move
grader Phoenix Larnard of money           information to the exhibit design artifacts to the facility.

                                                   Annual Report - Page 4
                      Project explores stories of being black in Iowa

 H        ow does a jazz and blues
          musician from Omaha
          and Kansas City end up
 as a coach and owner of a diner in
 Sioux City? This is among the ques-
                                              the African American Museum of Interviewers K-Anthony Fletcher
                                              Iowa’s (AAMI) oral history project, Issa Ford, Trenton Lee, D’Metrick
                                              “Adult Voices Children’s Eyes.”        Rainey, Lakeshia Rainey, and Laura
                                                                                     Triplett collected stories from Sioux
                                              Archie Arvin’s widow, Lauren, is just City area history-makers. The stories
 tions answered by a series of inter-         one of the Sioux Cityans interviewed reflect the struggles and successes of
 views conducted by the Sioux City            for the project. Treyla Lee-Chavis, African American Professionals in
 NAACP Youth Group as part of                 the Museum’s education coordinator, Iowa, the establishment and impor-
                                              explained the project was designed tance of African American Churches
                                              to build a link across Iowa with Af- in Iowa, the conflicts and contribu-
                                              rican Americans. “It was based on tions of Civil Rights Organizations
                                              the educational efforts to encourage in Iowa, and of discouragements
                                              the younger generation to connect and victories found in Segregation
                                              with seasoned men and women to and Integration in Iowa.
                                                               learn the history of
                                                               Iowa and being Afri- The interviews are included in the
 Many of the in-
                                                               can American. This African American Museum of Io-
 ter views were                                                was also to encour- wa’s new permanent exhibit, Endless
 conducted at the
 Museum. Above:
                                                               age youth to become Possibilities, and a part of their per-
 Trenton Lee in-                                               more involved in his- manent collection. Interviews with
 terviewed Grady
 Bluford. Right:
                                                               tory, museums and Sioux Cityans Grady Bluford, Rich-
 Laura Sanders                                                 educate our youth ard Hayes, and Lauren Arvin can
 was interviewed
 b y I s s a Fo r d
                                                               that Iowa had a vital be viewed on the website on www.
 with the help of                                              part in history, with The complete
 D’Metrick Rain-
 ey and K-Antho-
                                                               people we know and set of the interviews is in the Sioux
 ny Fletcher.                                                  see every day.”       City Public Museum’s archives.

Artifact Donors
Homer Anderson, Nina L. Anderson, Rob-        Della Grindberg, John E. Hadden, Ron           Owen, Earl Parkhill, S. Patrick, Pinky Paxton,
ert M. Anderson, Patricia Atwater, Frank E.   Hafits, Tina Hall, Jeanne Hanna, Steve Han-    Yvonne Pedersen, Dan Potts, Peggy Powell,
Baker, Alan L. Bates, Jeff Bentson, Donna     sen, L. Joan Hanson, Leon V. Harbeck, James    Virginia Prince-Renner, Dick Pruehs, Marga-
M. Bergeson, Marga Binneboese, John Bo-       Haritage, Dr. James Hartje, Shirley Hexamer,   ret Reid, Ronal Risk, Bonita Robinson, Ted
lin, Rev. Don Botic, Mike Britton, Dennis     William R. Hollander, Stewart A. Huff, Bill    Rorris, Mary L. Ruble, Martha Sammons,
Bullock, George Burg, Henry G. Burge,         Hurwitz, Irving F. Jensen III, Doug Johnson,   Mark Schar, Lori Erickson Schindler, Robert
Bernardine Burke, Tom & Lois Burton, Har-     Karen Johnson, Nancy & Lowell Johnson,         Schlag, Kerry Schneider, Jeanne Schrawyer,
old Canny, Carnegie Resource Center, Dean     Rev. R. Paul Johnston, Thomas Johnston, Jim    Eldon L. Schroder, Anne Shaner, S.C. Com-
Chaussee, Paul Chelstad, Matthew Chicoine,    Jung, Lester Juon, Maxine King, Rose Marie     munity School District, Siouxland Chamber
City of Sioux City, Charles Condon, Jack      King, Thomas Kinquist, Colonel Krage, Ray      of Commerce, Siouxland Habitat for Hu-
& Star Connolly, Bev Cooper, Danish Im-       Krigsten, Irene M. Kucinski, Herb Kuehne,      manity, Theresa Skow, Diane L. Smith, Judy
migrant Museum, Matt Danner, Davidson         Robert J. Leach, Jerry Lenz, Loretta Lenz,     Smith, Sister Elaine Sova, Betty D. Stewart,
Building Partners, Ronald E. Davidson, Ed     Walter & Edna Lenz, George Lindblade,          Elinor A. Wakefield Suckling, Gordon R.
Davis, Mark & Bonnie Davis, Ed Dean,          Grace Linden, William E. Linden, Wayne         Swanson, Shelley Sweeney, Karen Tagatz,
Carter Dennis, Virginia Duncan, Terry         Lindgren, Ricky Mack, Jim & Joan Manning,      Rick Thiot, Trinity Lutheran Church, Tyson
Duzik, Ruby Ehlers, Roger H. Eldridge, Mi-    Christine McAvoy, David McCartney, Don &       Fresh Meats, Tom & Kathy Van Dyke, Sidney
chael Ellsworth, Richard Engle, Pharyce Es-   Kathy Meisner, Roger & Susan Monk, Mike        Wagner, Joan Waitt, Marcia Waitt-Nelson,
lick, Doug Eveleth, Amanda Ewing, Lujean      A. Morgan, Morningside College, Morning-       George Wakeman, Jim Walsh, Allan Wells,
Faber, Maxine Fachman, Madeline Flaugh,       side Presbyterian Church, Dr. Martin Mosi-     Jim Wharton, Sandi Whitehill, Marge Will-
Julie Foster, Dave Gordon, Grace United       er, Marc Mozak, Tom Munson, Ray Nanek,         coxson, Paul Williams, Eric Wissing, Mau-
Methodist Church, Diane C. Graham, Di         Nancy Neumann, Nodaway Valley Histori-         rice & Lylian Wutkin, Leroy & June Zeising,
Gray, Edith Greenstone, David Grimesey,       cal Museum, Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA, Cindy         Wayne G. Zellmer, and Theo Zortman

                                                        Annual Report - Page 5
Donated artifacts
Sioux City History                              • School desks                               • Teutonia Club matchbook
• First day covers for the 1960 Trans-          • Old East HS damper control board           • Trinity College history thesis
Mississippi Philatelic Society convention       • Report of public schools, 1906             • Central High School yearbook, 1934
in Sioux City                                   • Cheerleader top and skirt from North       • Trinity Lutheran Church directory, 1986
• George Koval, Russian spy, article in         High School ‘Stars’                          • Briar Cliff University newsletters 1966-67
Smithsonian magazine                            • Central High Little Maroons plaque         • East High School yearbooks, 1940s
• Books including “One Hundred Peeps            • School Boy Patrol Party ticket             • Augustana Lutheran church memorabilia
at Sioux City,” 1911; “Past and Present of      • Morningside College nurses program,        • Orpheum theater memorabilia
Sioux City and Woodbury County, Iowa”           1980                                         • West Middle School production of ‘Annie’
• Lewis & Clark Expedition envelope and         • Bill Diamond Antique and Classic Car       program
stamp, 1954                                     Show photographs, 2009
• Sioux City postcards                          • Siouxland Creative Writers Guild book      Personal/Household Artifacts & Family
• Book, “The Life Lessons and Legacy of         • St. Luke’s Lutheran church plate           Papers
Ann Landers…”                                   • Sioux City Lutheran Self-Study, 1962       • Lehr family memorabilia, i.e. photos of
• Speech and mug from dedication of             • St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church       Andrew G. Lehr
Irving F. Jensen Jr. bridge, 2010               booklet, 1976                                • Morgan family memorabilia, i.e. WWII
• Sioux City map, 1941                          • Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox church         medals for Jim Morgan
• Sioux City souvenir handkerchief              book, 1974                                   • George Montfort land grant document,
                                                • Chuck Raymond painting, 1983               1859
Political Politics/Government/Labor             • Sioux City Centennial parade photographs   • Spats for shoes
• Perry Creek Flood Project mug                 • Telephone Pioneers newsletter booklet,     • Sewing Machine
• Sioux City Directories                        1951                                         • Booklet and print of Tommy Bolin
• Sioux City Water Works book                   • Sioux City Schools resource booklets       • Charles and Margaret Lindsay letters
• Garment Workers Local truck in a parade,      • YMCA photo and insurance papers            • Nanek and Wiggins family memorabilia
1935                                            • Trinity College brochures                  • Wutkin family memorabilia
• Loyal Lodge, B. R. C. of A., ribbon           • Morningside Centennial Book and but-       • Clifford family quilt, ca. 1840s
• City Manager Cornelius ‘Conny’ Bodine,        tons, 1964                                   • Howe family furniture, i.e. rocker, sewing
Jr. papers                                      • St. Thomas Episcopal church DVD            machine, butter churn, etc.
• Sioux City Fire Department annual re-         • S.C. High School 1910 yearbook and “The    • Hoskins family manuscript
ports                                           Record” newspapers 1907-1913                 • Mildred Johnson Wells wedding dress
• Voting Booth bags for Willow and Mor-         • Municipal Auditorium Square Dance Fes-     • Cox family photos
gan Townships in Woodbury County                tival, 1951                                  • W. A. and Edna Dutton book, “We
• Poll tax notice from street commissioner,     • Sioux City Community Schools directory,    Climbed the Hill Together: An Iowa Love
1891                                            2008-09                                      Story”
• Sioux City logo on ceramic tile               • Catholic Globe newspaper issues            • Dineen family photos
                                                • Sorosis Study Club papers                  • Marjorie Fallon Bosco’s military uniforms
Sports & Recreation                             • Our Savior’s Lutheran church statues and   • Heldt family memorabilia
• Ticket for Park Jefferson horse race track,   wooden cross                                 • Henry Walker family genealogy, includes
1963                                            • Photograph of circus wagon in East Bot-    Diment family
• Interstate Live Stock Fair badge, 1906        toms                                         • Alvern Molskow’s fire chief uniform and
• Sioux City Soos baseballs, 1940s-1950s        • Chuck Raymond art on Christmas cards       eulogy read by Doug Johnson
• Programs: 1963 Heelan vs. Central, S.C.       • Sgt. Floyd Riverboat museum slides         • Burke family toys, books and furniture
Kids Baseball Association, Midwest Roller       • Metropolitan Business College ruler        • Van Dyke family wedding dress and his-
Derby Tournament                                • YMCA program                               tory of Toy Family
• S.C. Women’s Bowling Association pen          • Boy Scout Troop #104 newsletter            • Dwight Hauff memorabilia includes pho-
• NAIA Division II Women’s Basketball           • Abu-Bekr White Horse Mounted Patrol        tographs, letters, sweaters, sports memora-
National Championship pass                      booklet                                      bilia
• Sioux City’s Penn Corps Softball team         • Sioux City Schools papers and photo-       • Krigsten family memorabilia
uniforms                                        graphs                                       • Leo Kucinski briefcase, music stand and
• Morningside letter sweaters                   • Women’s Relief Corp ribbons                other memorabilia
                                                • Mondamin Carnival souvenir pin             • Judge John M. Fachman memorabilia,
Religion/Culture/Education                      • Grace United Methodist Church DVD          paintings, chair
• Book by Ruth Bluford Anderson, Sioux          • Book containing information about the      • Waitt family memorabilia including photo-
City native                                     Sisters of Mercy at St. Joseph Hospital      graphs, spittoon, ash tray, boots
• Portrait of Dr. W. R. Moore, pastor of        • Sioux City Garden Club scrapbooks, pro-    • Bishop Wilson Seeley Lewis book
Morningside Presbyterian Church                 grams, articles                              • Whitehill family dentist drill

                                                        Annual Report - Page 6
• Waffle maker, radio, phonograph and         • 1898 IA State National bank postcard           Miscellaneous
cameras                                       • Little Gem Gallery photographs                 • An inflatable Santa Claus used in David-
• Carpet beater, women’s clothing, table      • Lone Star Co. images on a CD                   son’s Dept. Store
runner, place mats, children’s clothes        • J. M. Pinckney & Co. receipt, 1871             • Bell & Howell, Kodak and Polaroid cam-
                                              • Stoney Creek Inn koozie, 2010                  eras
Business Papers/Equipment/Tools               • Kern Advertising Co. neon sign and office      • Abstract for SE corner of W. 3rd and
• Photos of the demolition of the Salvation   documents and blueprints                         Perry
Army building                                 • Albertson & Co. drills                         • Standard time clock used in Milwaukee
• Blades from Wincharger generator            • Zenith Corp. papers and photos                 Depot and Leeds Nursing home
• Sioux City Seed Co. seed packet rack        • West Side Pharmacy trade coin                  • Rocks, fossils and minerals and 1920
• Federal Building construction photos        • E. T. Peckham trade coin                       color map of land formations in Woodbury
• Hat box from T. S. Martin Dept. Store       • Midwest Energy Co. book about IPS and          County
• Ruler from Sol Frank, tailor                Mid-American companies                           • Folding table and chairs
• Sioux City Lines, bus ticket                • Boulevard Food photo/news article              • Painting, “Westward” that hung in West
• First National Bank envelope                                                                 High School
• National industries ash tray                Stockyards/Meat Industry/                        • Telephone books, 1970s to 1990s
• W. P. Grant co. can opener                  Agriculture                                      • Architectural drawings of 2524 E. Solway
• D. S. Anthony Trunk factory trunk           • Stockyards printing plates/belt buckle         • Streetcar ticket, 1948
• Sew Vac sewing machines/artifacts           • Livestock National Bank ‘Federal Reserve       • Street Guide, 1958
• Toy National Bank sign on green marble      Board’ certification, 1927                       • Transit System map, 1971
and metal                                     • Wagner, Garrison & Abbott Live Stock           • Nebraska and South Dakota history books
• Greater Sioux City Board of Realtors        notebook                                         • “Sioux City Sue” poster
advertising magnets and ink blotters          • M & R Cattle Co. (Burwell, NE ink pen          • Leg brace worn by polio victim in the late
• Hanford Dairy & Produce Co. postcards       • Swift & Co. artifacts(bricks, meat hook)       1940s and 1950s
• E. T. Ellis Mfg. co. gym uniform            • Sioux City Live Stock Commission Co.           • Architectural drawings by Beuttler &
• Gateway computer and Gateway laptop         notebook                                         Arnold of buildings and homes
• Hansen Glass & Paint Co. kitchen scoop      • Steele & Siman Producers Co. pencils           • Cole Directory of Sioux City people and
• Simmons Hardware Co. wooden box             • Peirce & Gamet live Stock Commission           businesses
• China Buffet restaurant calendar            Merchants notebook                               • Civil Defense survival crackers made by
• Woodbury County Bank book, 1950s            • IBP artifacts and documents                    Sunshine Biscuits
• Peete Hardware photos on a CD               • Double ox yoke                                 • Sioux City maps
• Sunset Plaza Shopping Center blueprints     • Agricultural equipment, i.e. saw, hay knife,   • Oneota pottery sherds, fossils and miner-
• West Hotel light globes                     calf weaners                                     als from Little Sioux River valley
• Katz Drug So. photo albums                                                                   • Larsen’s Printing Co. calendar
• Tolerton & Warfield Co. letter from com-    Media                                            • Little Yellow Dog trophies
pany president Grindberg                      • DVD, crash footage of United Airlines          • Dakota County Missouri River Bridge
• National Auto Exchange photograph            flight 232                                      ticket book
• Lindholm Furniture tin box                  • Magazines and newspapers from 1945             • Archaeology article about the site at the
• Warfield, Pratt & Howell photograph         • Photograph collection of city views from       Siouxland Sand & Gravel pit
• Sioux Quality Packers, Inc. and IBP docu-    Siouxland Chamber of Commerce                   • Book on poliomyelitis
ments                                         • Magazines and annual reports from              • Paving bricks from street at Fifth and Jen-
• Perkins hatchery calendar                    Chamber of Commerce                             nings
• Soo Plumbing & Heating keychain             • Magazine showing Woodbury County               • Moon globe showing geologic features on
• Haskins Bros. & Co. notebook                 Courthouse, 1930                                the moon
• Ray Johnston & Sons invoice                 • Sioux City Tribune newspaper of 1930           • Primitive rolling pin
• Wetmore tractor article in magazine
• Sioux City Tent & Awning Co. invoice        Military/Disasters/Fire Department               Other Donations
• S.C. Flying Service matchbook cover         • Overnight bag used by soldier in the New       Grants -
• Security National Bank money bag            Hebrides during WWII                             Cultural Leadership Partnership (CLP)
• Nelson-Berger Funeral Home fan              • Missouri River Flood booklet, 1952
• Westcott’s Undertaking Co. booklet          • Floyd River Flood booklet, 1953                Peirce Mansion Preservation -
• Cohen’s Cash & Carry advertisements         • A.O.U.W. bulletin about War Bonds, 1943        Kathy Fliginger
• Casler Electric flyer                       • Ruff Disaster and Pelletier Fire articles
                                                                                               In-kind Donation -
• E & W Clothing House button hooks           • American Legion event ribbon and pin,
                                                                                               Palmer Candy Company
• Albertson & Co. sanding disk                1947
• Williges Women’s Store newspaper ads        • WWI book, “For God and Country”                These lists reflect memberships and donations
• Woodbury House hotel key                    • Book, “Patrick Connor’s War…” about            received between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010.
• Sioux City Service Co. tokens               the Powder River Indian Expedition               We apologize for any omissions or errors.

                                                      Annual Report - Page 7
Sioux City Museum & Historical Association Members
Jack & Barbara Aalfs, Elaine E. Ahlwardt,       Thomas & Jody Graham, Gay Gray, Great             Larry H. Nysveen, Claire E. O’Brien, Jim &
American Pop Corn Co., Wayne & Adeline          West Casualty, Emilie Grendler, Alice Gross,      Kathy O’Brien, Dr. Sharon Ocker, LeRoy
Anderl, Craig & Nancy Anderson, Matt &          Greg & Yumiko Guelcher, Marilyn Hackett,          A. Olsen, Palmer Candy Co., David & Joan
Amy Anderson, Lt. Col. Robert W. & Joyce        H. T. (Ted) Hampe, Cliff & Janet Hansen,          Paulsrud, E. John Pendleton, James D. Pend-
D. Andrews, Bryan & Wini Arneson, Boyd          Marilyn Hansen, Lois Joan Hanson, Beth            leton, Roberta Pendleton, Chuck & Marti
& Cheryl Bahney, Dr. Darrel & Jacqueleen        Harms & Chris Jensen, Douglas Harrold,            Peterson, Scott & Janet Plathe, Maynard &
Baker, Arlene Baldes, Alison & Aaron Bal-       Daniel J. & Sally E. Hartley, Ronald & Rima       Brenda Porter, Daniel Pottebaum, Joy Y.
liet, A. Frank & Sandra Baron, Gerald &         Hartman, Dr. Susan Hatfield, Richard Hayes,       Presnick, Joyce A. Randall, Khalid, Terrie
Shirley Barth, Jean E. Bartholomew, Matt        Heidman Law Firm, Shirley Heinke, Dr.             & Sam Rasheed, Dr. John & Barbara Red-
& Theresa Basye, Ken Beekley, Virginia Y.       Phil E. Held, Dr. Vernon G. & Evelyn Helt,        wine, Scott Reed, Richard & Jean Rhinehart,
Behrens, Earl L. & Helen Belt, Joyce Mills      Marvis Hendrickson, Carol Hewett, Ann Hill,       Rogers Electric Supplies Co., Gloria & Allan
Beumler, Dwight Birkley, Edwin C. Black-        Thomas D. Hillman, Beverly Hinds, Gretchen        Rovner, Dr. Rex & Maria Rundquist, Stanley
burn, Dr. William & Dianne Blankenship,         Hirschbach, Pamla K. Hoadley, Greg & Mary         & Karen Rupiper, Joyce W. Ruys, Suzanne
Patricia A. Bortscheller, Tim & Kathy Bot-      Jo Hoffman, Phyllis Holzrichter, Eugenia          C. Ryan, Raymond Rye, Bob & Sandy Sabel,
taro, Randy W. Bradley & LaVone Sopher,         Howard, Iowa-Nebraska State Bank, Roger           Sanford Museum, Donald D. Sappingfield,
Patt Brenden, Karen Brennan, Lee Brennan        & Ona Iverson, Lea Ann Jefferson, Irving          Patrick & Catherine Saulsbury, William &
& Darline Ross, Loal J. Broulette, George       & Tigger Jensen, Mark & Kay Jensen, Jan &         Michelle K. Schmidt, Carolyn D. Schmith,
& Myrna A. Burg, Bernardine Burke, Pat          Lin Johansen, Harland & Jeannette Johnson,        Mrs. Forest W. Schoeneman Sr., Peggy Schol-
Burroughs, Marie T. Byrne, Harold Canny,        Dr. Paul & Patrice Johnson, Ronald Johnson,       ten, Eldon Schroder, Clay & Helen Schuck,
Carolyn Carpenter, Dr. Dan & Coleen             Larry & Margee Joines, Mary M. Julius, Jim        Ronald Schuetz, Patricia Ann Schwinn,
Chapman, Rosie Chicoine, George Thorpe          Jung, Paul & Suzi Kaiman, J. Ellsworth &          Darold & Alice Sea, Robert & Molly Seff,
Clark, Susan Linder Clavin, Bob & Jean          Janet Kalas, Dr. Daniel & Stacey Kaler, San-      Larry & Pauline Sensenig, Marilyn Setzler,
Clem, Lee & Gladys Close, Ronald & Katie        dra L. Shattuck Kangal, Mina Karcher, Alvin       Elaine M. Seubert, Lowell & Karen Shaw,
Colling, Mrs. Sally E. Conner, Sue Conner,      & Donna Kay, Joan D. Kelly, Diane Kidd,           Clara M. Sibley, William & Cora Howard
Ardis Cord, K. Anne Cowley, Rich & Sara         Don & Ruth Kingery, Geraldine M. Klas,            Sibley, Bill & Mary Sievers family, Francis
Crawford, Paul Culbertson, Marjorie Dan-        Roy L. Kline, Barbara Knoepfler, Hillard E.       & Clarice Speck, John & Dorothy Stanek,
ielson, Lawrence & Eleanor Darrell, Sam         & Ann Knutson, Kathie Kobernus, Sonya             Steven & Lisa Steele, Tom & Gertrude Ste-
& Mickey Darrough, Gracia A. Davenport,         Kostan, Herb & Rosie Kuehne, Col. James           vens, Tom & Mary Stock, Ray & Marlene
Joan M. Davenport, Robert C. & Helen            E. Lalley, Ret., Margaret Lamkin, Richard M.      Sturdevant, Wilma J. Sylvester, Eleanor S. Til-
Davenport, Pat Day, Richard E. & Joyce          Levich, Grace E. Linden, Ed & Eileen Lord,        ton, Lois Travis, Edward & Lucinda Tryon,
Deighton, Richard, Susan & Mary Delfs,          Barry & Sue Loughridge, Jerrine M. Lucas,         Larry Twait, Tom & Roxie Ullrich, Greg & Jill
Janice Deuhr, Janice Elsner, David Ream         Camille Lydon, Beverly Lyle, Carmen Major,        Van Buskirk, Dr. Jim & Karen Van Delden,
Engelman, Richard & Marilyn Engle, the          Patricia Martin, F. Alois Maxeiner, Dr. Earl E.   Dr. Lee & Ruth VanVoorhis, James & Kath-
Valerie Espinoza family, C. Arlene Everton,     & Helen Maxwell, Deanna Mayo, Harry S.            leen Verschoor, Albert P. Vets, Dr. Richard &
FEH Associates, Inc., Gordon & Carol Run-       McDuff, Alan & Terri McGaffin, Paul &             Dorothy Wagner, Joan Waitt, Steve & Mary
nels Faerber, Adam & Alyssa Feiges, Kathy       Mary Ellen McGuirk, Bob & Nancy McIn-             Waller, Mary Walsh, Steve Warnstadt & Mary
Fliginger, Dorothy Foix, Dorothy Gedwillo,      tosh, Jane Bekins Meginnis, Don & Kathy           Green-Warnstadt, Steve & Jackie Warnstadt,
Galen & Carlene Gehrts, James E. & Kather-      Meisner, Eleanor M. Moline, Joy Momsen,           Roger & Anita Wendt, Bonnie West, Mark
yn Giasafakis, Nancy S. Giles, John & Karen     John Moos, Bernice Moritz, Russell Mov-           Wetmore, Margaret J. White, Dr. & Mrs. J. L.
Gleeson, Jerald & Donna (Link) Goehring,        all, Michael Mullen, Dorothy Myers, Nancy         Wiedemeier, Mardella Wilson, Barbara Lip-
James L. Goff, Terry & Lisa Gottburg,           Neumann, Neumann-Monson-Wictor Arch.,             schutz Wynn, and Mrs. Mose Yanney
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  makes a great gift!                         	 Participation in the Historic Traveler Program, including free admission and
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   Name(s)                                                                                  Individual:    $20/year
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                                                                                            Patron:        $100/year
                                                                                            Benefactor:    $250+/year
   City                                State                Zip                             Business:      $100+/year
                                                                                           Amount Enclosed: $___________
   Telephone Number
                                                                                                      Make checks payable to:
                                                                                           Sioux City Museum and Historical Association

                                                        Annual Report - Page 8
                 (continued from inside front cover)   Germaine O’Donnell, Dr. Sharon & Donna           Corey Vondrak, Dr. Richard & Dorothy
Siouxland Heritage Foundation donors                   Ocker, Office Systems Co., LeRoy A. Olsen,       Wagner, Jon & Gracie Wagoner, Waitt
Eugenia Howard, Jean Corporon Huff,                    Glenn & Patricia Olson, Mary Ellen Olson,        Foundation, Rich Waller, Jim & Lois Walsh,
Stewart & Maureen Huff, Iowa-Nebraska                  Doug & Cathy Palmer, Palmer Candy Com-           Mary Walsh, Dr. Patrick & Lori Walsh,
State Bank, Terry & Helen Isaacks, Jon R. &            pany, Thomas Patterson, Miles Patton Jr.,        Warner Group, Inc., Steve Warnstadt & Mary
Carolyn J. Iverson, Roger & Ona Iverson,               David & Joan Paulsrud, Roberta Pendleton,        Green-Warnstadt, Steve & Jackie Warnstadt,
Bill & Dorothy Jansen, Lee & Nancy Jarvis,             Skip & Cathy Perley, Gabrielle P. Perry,         Jeri Watkins, Weinberg Investments, Chleo &
Jebro, Inc., Colin & Pokey Jensen, Irving &            Chuck & Marti Peterson, Mark & Polly Pe-         Mary Jo Weins, Bill & Judy Welu, Roger &
Tigger Jensen, Gene & Leslie Johnson,                  terson, Bob & Ginny Peterson Foundation,         Anita Wendt, Rev. Harold E. Werley, James
Harland & Jeannette Johnson, Dr. Paul &                Pinnacle Bank Sioux City, Scott & Janet          & Beverly Wharton, Robert V. & HelenAnne
Patrice Johnson, Paul S. & Jeanette C. John-           Plathe, Maynard & Brenda Porter, Daniel          R. Williams, Larry & Becky Williams, Brad &
son, Ronald Johnson, Wayne C. Johnson                  Pottebaum, Robert & Phyllis Powell, The          Wanda Wilson, Angi Wittrock, Woodbury
Construction, Larry & Margee Joines, Mary              Powell Group Fund – Sioux City of the            County, James M. Yanney & Charese Yanney,
M. Julius, Jim Jung, Dr. Michael & Lynn Kaf-           Baton Rouge Area Foundation, Greg Pranke         Mose Yanney, Bonnie K. Zetterman, Dr.
ka, J. Ellsworth & Janet Kalas, Dr. Daniel &           & Julie Miller-Pranke, Patricia Privett, James   William & Joee Ziebell, Charles M. Zook,
Stacey Kaler, Sandra L. Shattuck Kangal,               W. & Daphne Redmond, Dr. John & Barbara          and Raleigh Zucker
Mina Karcher, Dorothy Hagen Kelly, Joan                Redwine, Richard & Jean Rhinehart,
                                                                                                        Endowment Donations
D. Kelly, Ramona Kelly, Diane Kidd, Sioux-             Douglas & Jane Rice, Elizabeth Rosenbaum,
                                                                                                        Anonymous, Matt & Theresa Basye, Gilchrist
land Communtiy Foundation – Kind World                 Rosenthal Foods, Stanley & Karen Rupiper,
                                                                                                        Foundation, Gretchen & Russ Gondek,
Foundation, King Reinsch Prosser & Co.,                Bob & Sandy Sabel, Sabre Industries, Maita
                                                                                                        Irving & Carolyn Jensen Jr., and Sioux City
Don & Ruth Kingery, Thomas Kinquist,                   Sadoff, Sam’s Club, Scott & Julie Sanford,
                                                                                                        Museum Trust Fund
Patricia Kirkegaard, David & Gloria Klein,             Donald D. Sappingfield, D.M. Schirck-
Dr. Bill Knepper, James & Barbara Knoep-               Bergeson, William & Michelle K. Schmidt,         SHF Memorial Donations
fler, Knoepfler Chevrolet, Robert Knowler,             Carolyn D. Schmith, Eldon & Beth Schroder,            Crary Huff Law Firm in memory
Hillard E. & Ann Knutson, Charlotte Kock,              Ronald Schuetz, Charles W. & Joyce M. Scott,                    of Robert J. Crary
Robert & Myrna Koeppe, Kollman Appli-                  Darold & Alice Sea, Security National Bank,               Virginia Forker in memory
ance, Joe & Shavonne Kopal, Sonya Kostan,              Robert & Molly Seff, Larry & Pauline                      of Wilford (Bill) M. Forker
Jo Ann Kots, Ray & Barbara Krigsten, Herb              Sensenig, John F. & Elaine M. Seubert, Gary               Jeffrey Gebauer in memory
& Rosie Kuehne, Sylvia Kuennen & John                  & Anne Shaner, Lowell & Karen Shaw, Bob                        of Jean Schoeneman
Cordoue, L & L Builders, L & L Distributing            Sheehan & Patricia Currans-Sheehan, Clara           Stewart & Maureen Huff in memory
Co., L.G. Everist, Inc., L.P. Gill, Inc., Col.         M. Sibley, William & Cora Howard Sibley,                        of Robert J. Crary
James E. Lalley, Ret., Margaret Lamkin,                Kathryn Weaver Simon, Marcia & Joe                      Wayne C. Johnson in memory
Phoenix Larned, Ira & Jessica Lebowitz,                Simon, Sioux City CIP Funds, Sioux City                        of Alvern Molskow
Lechner Lumber Co., Rudy & Flora Lee,                  Journal, Sioux City Museum & Historical                      Jim W. Jung in memory
Stuart & Dr. Delna Lee, Jerry & Vickie Lem-            Assn, Sioux City Museum Trust Fund, Sioux          of Wilford W. Jung & Dorothy L. Jung
ons, Steve Liebetrau, Grace E. Linden, Long            City Truck Sales, Sioux City Women’s Club,         Dr. Daniel & Stacey Kaler in memory
Lines, Barry & Sue Loughridge, Gene &                  Al & Peg Smith, Beverly Smith, Mrs. Patricia                   of Eugene M. Fugle
Camille Lydon, David & Mary Madsen,                    Smith, Dawn Snyder, William Austin Soiset,                   Diane Kidd in memory
Norman & Karen Mahoney, Mahoney-Hill                   Sooland Antique Cars, Inc., Jack A. & Sally J.              of Ronnie D. Newsome
Charitable Fund Trust, Carmen Major, Joe &             Sorensen, Wayne Sorenson, Sorosis Club,                       James Knoepfler and
Jenni Malsam, Don & Jane Marsh, Dr. Earl               South Side Reunion Committee, St. Luke’s           Byron & Constance Starns in memory
E. & Helen Maxwell, Tad Maxwell &                      Regional Medical Center, Howard & Delores                      of L. Norman Sloan
Jennifer Clabaugh, Deanna & Steve Mayo,                Staber, Byron & Constance Starns, State              Ira & Jessica Lebowitz in memory
Harry S. McDuff, Alan & Terri McGaffin,                Steel, Tom & Gertrude Stevens, Tom & Mary                          of Clair Blair
Dr. Gerald & Sheryl McGowan, Paul & Mary               Stock, Richard & Bonnie Storm, Ray &               Norman & Karen Mahoney in memory
Ellen McGuirk, Rebecca & Charles McKen-                Marlene Sturdevant, Al Sturgeon, Richard &                       of John Seubert
ny, Jane Bekins Meginnis, Don & Kathy Mei-             Frances Sulzbach, Robert & Margaret Swan-         Mark J. Nixa in memory of Norbert Nixa
sner, Mercy Medical Center – Sioux City,               son, Stanley Swanson, Wilma J. Sylvester,                  Larry Nysveen in memory
Meyer Brothers Funeral Home, MidAmeri-                 Bert & Shirley Tagg, Lucia S. Tasker, Sadie               of Harold & Ruth Nysveen
can Energy, Frances Mikkelsen, Missouri                Taxer, Terra Industries, Inc., Betsy & Bob           Glenn & Patricia Olson in memory
River Historical Development, Dianne                   Thompson, Thompson Electric Company,                               of Cal Olson
Mohrhouser, Joy Momsen, John Moos,                     Peter Thoreen & Jan Marshall-Thoreen,                    Elaine M. Seubert in memory
Russell Movall, Marc & Julie Mozak, Rick &             Thorpe & Co. Jewelers, Eleanor S. Tilton,                      of Parnell Mahoney
Sue Mullin, Tom Munson, Museum Building                Tires Tires Tires, Edward & Lucinda Tryon,        Lucia S. Tasker in memory of Del Gracia
Property, Inc., Dorothy Myers, NAACP –                 Margaret & Henry Trysla, Eric & Denise                Cleghorn, the E.E. Lewis Family,
Sioux City Chapter, Nancy Neumann, Roger               Turner, Tom & Roxie Ullrich, Shane &             Gertrude Bennett Staniels, and Adele P. Lee
& Glendy Nichols, Nichols Rise & Co., Mark             Karen Van De Steeg, Dr. Lee & Ruth Van            Reflects commitments as of October 20, 2010.
J. Nixa, Nutra-Flo, Larry H. Nysveen,                  Voorhis, James & Kathleen Verschoor,                 We apologize for any omissions or errors.
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                                                                                                          Sioux City, IA

 Upcoming Events
November 23 – December 24
A Patchwork of Quilts
The final exhibit at the Peirce Mansion
features a variety of quilts.
Sunday, December 5
Sioux City Museum & Historical
Association’s 29th Annual Holiday
Open House – 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Festive holiday music, decorations,
and refreshments will be featured.
Visit for
detailed exhibit/event information.

                 For the latest programming and exhibit information,
      Help us make history at the new site of the Sioux City Public Museum!
A variety of volunteer opportunities       Gallery Guide                         Archival Assistant
and projects will be available when       Do you like to learn about regional    A variety of projects are available in
the new Sioux City Public Museum          history and share that knowledge       our archives such as organizing and
site opens. Volunteer training, learn-    with others? Gallery Guides must       updating our collections of photo-
ing about local history and exploring     enjoy working with the public and      graphs, manuscripts, clippings, and
the Museum “behind the scenes” are        will lead school and adult groups      oral histories. Organizational skills
all part of the volunteer experience.     through the Museum.                    are helpful in this position.
Please get involved!
                                           Special Event Support                 Oral History Assistant
 Greeter                                 Help set up, serve refreshments,       Training is provided to help with
Like meeting new people? Greeters         greet visitors and assist staff at     research and conduct oral history
will assist at the front desk/gift shop   special events throughout the year.    interviews.
as visitors enter the Museum. Be an
integral part of the visitors’ overall     Children’s Program Assistant          Sgt. Floyd River Museum and
experience by answering questions         Volunteers will help with crafts and   Welcome Center Greeter
and providing information about           games while introducing children to    See Greeter description, with an
Sioux City and our facility.              the world of history and culture.      emphasis on assisting tourists.
Name                                                            Email

Address                                                         Home/Cell Phone
   To learn more about opportunities at the Sioux City Public Museum, return this form or call (712) 279-6174.
 You can expect to hear from a staff member in late 2010 regarding volunteer training at the new site. Thank You!

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