JULY 2007 – JUNE 2010

June 2007
Dragon Boating WA Inc                  Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

This strategic plan for Dragon Boating WA (DBWA) covers the
period 2007 to 2010. It will provide direction for the dragon boating
community in Western Australia and has been developed in
consultation with key stakeholders.
There is a huge potential for dragon boating to take off in Western
Australia, as it has in other parts of Australia and the world, but it
will not happen automatically, IMPLEMENTATION is the key to
making it happen. If we, the dragon boating community, are to
attempt it and do it well we must have a strategy backed by a
comprehensive set of plans and, most importantly, a DEDICATED
and COMPETENT group of PEOPLE to carry the plans forward.
This is a three (3) year strategy, tactical and operational document
(updated from the 2005-2008 strategic plan) for the growth of the
sport of dragon boating in Western Australia. It is wide in scope and
very ambitious and will full test your capabilities but with the
support and assistance of all members, clubs and paddlers we will
be successful.
Our plan provides an integrated framework for DBWA in the
development of dragon boating and associated activities during the
next three years.
Our plan builds on the earlier vision and performs a number of key
functions: -
      communicating to all stakeholders the future plans of DBWA;
      ensuring our success by targeting specific areas for priority
       attention during the planning phase;
      developing leadership in the dragon boating community;
      guiding club management and operational planning activities
       and providing a framework for decision making and
       prioritising; and
      the development of strong public and private sector
       partnerships with respect to facility development and planning
       and funding.

Vic Fazakerley
President DBWA

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Dragon Boating WA Inc                  Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

                    TABLE OF CONTENTS

FORWARD                                                            2
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                                                  4
INTRODUCTION                                                       5
VISION, MISSION                                                    7
STRATEGIC INTENTIONS                                               8
STRATEGIC OUTCOMES                                                10
SWOT ANALYSIS                                                     11
ABREVIATIONS                                                      15
KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS                                             16
JULY 2007- JUNE 2010                            17
Key performance area:          ADMINISTRATION                     17
Key performance area:          ADMINISTRATION Error! Bookmark
not defined.21
Key performance area:          ADMINISTRATION                     19
Key performance area:          FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT               21
Key performance area:          COMMUNICATION                      23
Key performance area:          MARKETING                          26
Key performance area:          COACHING and DEVELOPMENT 29
Key performance area:          COACHING and DEVELOPMENT 34
Key performance area:          EVENTS and PARTICPATION            36
FINANCIAL PLAN                                                    40
REVIEW OF THE STRATEGIC PLAN                                      41

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Dragon Boating WA Inc                  Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

A workshop was held on 24 June 2007. The aim of the workshop
was to review the existing strategic plan and provide input to
update the strategic plan for the next three years. All member clubs
were invited to attend.
The existing strategic plan was briefly reviewed in terms of
achievements and key performance areas that continue to require
attention. Participants were invited to review key areas of strategic
importance from which the most important strategic issues were
selected, these were: -
               Administration
               Events/Participation
               Coaching/Development
               Marketing
               Communication
               Financial planning
A gap analysis was conducted on each of the six key performance
areas to form the basis for this plan.

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Dragon Boating WA Inc                  Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Dragon boating has a proud history steeped in tradition, culture and
competition paddling, having extensive national and international
In Western Australia DBWA evolved from its predecessors with
beginnings in the 1980’s. In 2005 membership stood at 189
paddlers and volunteers by 2007 this had grown to 310. However,
we have a long way to go to equal the participation rate attained by
the generally more successful Eastern States associations.
This strategic plan plays an integral role in managing the future
direction of DBWA and achieving its goals over the next three (3)
years. The Board and clubs will use it extensively. When necessary,
it will be modified to reflect the ongoing development and needs of
the sport and DBWA.
Management Structure
The DBWA Board consists of ten members, seven office bearers
with key portfolios and three elected members. The seven office
bearers consist of the President, Deputy President and five Directors
to fill the key portfolio areas of: -
      Administration
      Finance
      Marketing and communication
      Coaching and development
      Operations, events and participation
Each of the portfolios has a number of key tasks, as outlined in this
strategic plan to be completed over the next three years.
Role of the Dragon Boating WA Inc.
      Co-ordinate communications between Member Clubs and
      Co-ordinate participation of state teams at AusDBF and other
       relevant events.
      Develop standards and practises for use of Members Clubs.
      Develop corporate and commercial sponsors and income
      Develop new clubs.
      Coordinate  Grand      Prix   Regatta   Series    and   State

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Dragon Boating WA Inc                  Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Role of the Board of Dragon Boating WA Inc.
      Provide strategic direction, in consultation with stakeholders,
       for the development of dragon boating in Western Australia.
      Undertake the day-to-day management of the Association.
Role of Member Clubs of Dragon Boating WA Inc.
      Organise dragon boat races.
      Disseminate and implement DBWA policies and programs.
      Keep members up-to-date with activities.
      Develop local sponsors and income streams.
      Co-ordinate boats and training venues.
Standing Committees
      Nil at present.

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Dragon Boating WA Inc                  Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Our Vision:
            Dragon Boating – Fire on Water
Our Mission:
Dragon Boating WA Inc. (DBWA) is the State body responsible for
the management, co-ordination, development and promotion of
dragon boat racing in Western Australia. To represent the interest
of its members to the public, media, sponsors, government and
national and international dragon boat organisations.

Our Guiding Principles
      Teamwork – the process of working as a team (The
       Everyone’s Achievement Measure) for the benefit of the
       Association and of dragon boating.
      Client Focus – to provide superior service in its management
       of state issues and national agenda with access and equity for
       all communities, clubs and members.
      Leadership – to demonstrate appropriate behaviour in
       communication, integrity, competence.
      Professionalism – professional in conduct, management
       systems and processes.
      Culture – to participate in dragon boating while maintaining
       its tradition and core values.

Our Market
      Western Australian dragon       boating   community   and   the
       community in general.
      Our clubs, members, staff and volunteers.
      Schools and universities.
      Western Australian Government.
      Local Government Authorities.
      Corporate and commercial organisations.

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Dragon Boating WA Inc                  Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

To achieve our vision our service and programs are underpinned by
the following strategic intentions: -
      To manage our financial, human and physical resources in a
       competent and accountable manner.
      To succeed the Board needs to be portfolio driven. To this
       end, we will recruit directors to the Board who have the skills
       and expertise required by the strategic plan.
Financial Management
      Ensure and maintain the long-term financial viability of
       Dragon Boating WA.
      To be an organisation that is recognised for its strong
       leadership and it’s organisational governance and best
       practice, specifically in the areas of financial and risk
       management, organizational culture and professional practice.
Marketing & Communication
      To develop strategic partnerships with other water sports, as
       well as the corporate and public sectors in order to raise and
       manage developmental funds.
      To raise the profile of dragon boating through promotion,
       marketing and develop the cultural aspects, as increasingly
       dragon boating becomes a sport, with both internal and
       external stakeholders.
Coaching & Development
      To develop and provide comprehensive coaching and
       development programs for our members to gain personal
       growth and develop skills, with a special emphasis on our
       youth    (paddlers, youth    development,   officials and
High Performance
      The opportunity to develop to elite performance levels.
Events & Participation
      To offer broad-based participation, equity and access to
       involvement and competition.

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Dragon Boating WA Inc                  Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Facility Provision
      To develop and maintain facilities for both competition and
       clubhouse at Champion Lakes.

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Dragon Boating WA Inc                   Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

The following OUTCOMES reflect what the sport wants to achieve
over the next three (3) years.
To: -
       have a three year plan supported by all members; be
        financially self-sufficient and financially viable;
       be viable as a state sporting body and to be responsible,
        transparent, credible and well lead in the area of
        organizational governance;
       increase membership, reduced the average age, retain new
        paddlers and increased the number of clubs;
       have a junior racing division at regattas;
       have a corporate regatta series;
       have a marketing, communication and long term financial
       market DBWA and achieved broad levels of sponsorship within
        the sport;
       be highly rated by our customers after providing members
        with valued services for fees levied;
       uphold and protect the 'cultural' aspects of dragon boating;
       develop state of the art facilities and equipment for both
        competitions and administration at the Champion Lakes site in
        Armadale; and
       provide a high standard of communication to members.

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Dragon Boating WA Inc                  Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

The SWOT analysis has two objectives: -
1. To help identify where the sport and Dragon Boating WA is NOW.
2. To prepare Dragon Boating WA to develop a strategy that will
utilise the organisations strengths, manage its weaknesses, take
advantage of opportunities, and minimise the impact of threats that
become real.

Our STRENGTHS in the internal environment: -
      People - the quality of volunteers working for DBWA and
       expertise in the membership.
      States - the majority of clubs presently supporting DBWA.
      Team Sport – it has passion, excitement, demands effort and
       great for team building.
      A sport for all – caters for everybody.
      World class venue – Champion Lakes is a world class
      Depth of experience – DBWA and its members have a depth
       of experience in dragon boating.
      Variety of racing – exposure to national and international
      Corporate opportunities – offer opportunities for corporate
       training and teambuilding.
      Equipment – new IDBF specification boats are available for
       training and racing.
      Procedure driven. DBWA is procedure driven to ensure
       events are conducted fairly.
      Professional – DBWA conducts its affairs in a professional
      Risk Management – DBWA has a risk management plan.
      Training    opportunities     –   DBWA    provides      training
       opportunities for coaching sweeping and race officials.
      All year round sport – especially with Champion Lakes being
      Communication – with member clubs is considered to be

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Dragon Boating WA Inc                      Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

      Race performance and standard – this has increased to
       provide opportunities to reach elite levels.
      Spectator Sport      –   it   has     a   very   colourful   carnival
      Social Sport – it provides a link between people and families.
      Seven (7) Clubs - survived 22 years with a possibility of
       more with the Champion Lakes project in Armadale.
      DBWA Constitution – it provides an excellent governing
       instrument for rules and regulations.
      Structure - the present constitution is democratic and
      Corporate involvement – with race exposure sponsorship
       and team building.
      Family involvement – results in automatic recruitment of

Our WEAKNESSES in the internal environment: -
      Distance - between clubs and members.
      Communication – is not clear and concise.
      Website – requires more input to increase vibrancy.
      Recruitment & Retention - lack of                     research   and
       development, losing member participation.
      Risk management – is very reactive and considered an
       umbrella issue?
      Sponsorship – lack of sponsorship at all levels.
      Socialising – is not integrated between clubs.
      Volunteers – are great value but lack the professional
      Staff – need paid professional staff.
      No    Marketing     Director    –         hampering     sponsorship
       opportunities and image building.
      Low profile in the community – lack of expertise and time
       to promote sport.
      Involvement in DBWA affairs – lack of people to run
      Support for DBWA events – poor support for events.
      Lack of Commitment – requires people to be committed to
       the sport and DBWA.

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Dragon Boating WA Inc                  Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

      Lack of Communication – requires a DBWA newsletter.
      Inexperience – lack of experience to run DBWA.
      Focus on negatives – often tends to be a focus on negative
      Aging participation – average age of participants high.
      Disconnect between DBWA and Club Leadership.

Our OPPORTUNITIES in the external environment: -
      Increase participation - grow numbers.
      History and Culture – of dragon boating is a very colourful
      Marketing - promotion of the sport to segmented markets
       e.g. local, regional, national, international.
      Global connections – especially for sponsorship.
      Fast growing sport – opportunities to increase participation,
      Booming economy – WA has a fast growing economy with
       more people from overseas.
      Social sport – fosters friendship.
      Promote fitness – opportunities for cross training with other
      Funding, grants program – for Government both State and
      Youth market       –   potential     for   involvement,   explore
      Learn form others – what have other States/Countries done
      Cheap sport – compared to other sporting involvement.
      WADBA – develop a plan to have a central focus for the sport
       and the two bodies seen as working together for the
       betterment of the whole. Trust, key issue to ensure harmony
       and joint projects (e.g. events calendar, invitation to
       competition/s,    insurance,    coaching     seminars   and
      Strategic alliances - with other associations, corporations,
       entrepreneurs, government.
      Funding – from Department of Sport & Recognition, Health-
       ways, Lotteries Commission.

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Dragon Boating WA Inc                  Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

      Branding – to raise awareness and profile through brand
      Sponsorship – from corporations must reflect return on
       investment at all times.
      Partnering – with other sports, such as surf clubs and not
       necessarily water sports.
      Statewide affiliations – expansion to Broome (tourist) and

Our THREATS in the external environment: -
      WADBA – Miss-understanding of role.
      Change of environment - migration of youth drawn away to
       extreme sports.
      Funding – due to lack of strategy or structure or skill and
      Competition – from other sports.
      Credibility – is questioned because of poor delivery of
       message, representation, funding and management.
      Change not accepted by clubs – need to promote positive
       outcomes, marketing.

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Dragon Boating WA Inc                   Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

      DBWA             –   Dragon Boating WA Inc
      DSR              –   Department of Sport & Recreation
      AusDBF           –   Australia Dragon Boat Federation
      IDBF             –   International Dragon Boat Federation
      KPA's            –   Key Performance Areas
      Pres             –   President
      Dpt Pres         –   Deputy President
      Dir. Admin       –   Director of Administration
      Dir. Mktg        –   Director of Marketing
      Dir. Coach       –   Director of Coaching & Development
      Dir. Fin         –   Director of Finance
      Dir. Ops         –   Director of Operations
      TBD              –   To be determined
      WADBA            -   Western     Australian   Dragon    Boat

It is important that activities identified within the strategic plan be
broken down into: -
1. HIGH PRIORITY - must do now (urgent and important).
2. MEDIUM PRIORITY - must do at some time (important, but not
3. LOW PRIORITY - would like to do (may be urgent, but not
important, or perhaps neither urgent nor important).

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Dragon Boating WA Inc                  Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Key Performance Areas are those general areas of operation within
an organisation e.g. Marketing, where a desired outcome is required
over the period of the strategic plan and beyond.
Focus areas are those specific operational areas within a key
performance area. For example, a focus area within the KPA of
Marketing would be sponsorships.
Dragon Boating WA has identified the following Key Performance
Areas (KPA's) and focus areas as follows: -

KPA                              Focus areas
Administration                   Paid Administration Director and
                                 database administrator

Financial Management             Financial plan

Governance                       Risk management plan

High Performance                 Promote accreditation

Marketing/Communication Promotion = Sponsorship,
                        merchandising, member
                        communications, web site

Coaching & Development           New paddlers, mentoring clubs,
                                 junior/schools, coaching, officials
                                 accreditation and programs

Events & Participation           Event management delivery,
                                 structure to regattas, at local,
                                 regional, state and national events

Facility Provision               Visibility at Champion Lakes

The following tables were developed from the gap analysis
undertaken at the 24 June 2007 strategic planning day and analysis
of the previous strategic plan.

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Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                                      Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Key performance area:                                                        ADMINISTRATION
Focus area:                                                                  Paid Administration/data base Director
Goal: To have a paid executive officer to service DBWA clubs and marketing functions. To provide effective and
efficient administration in areas of organisational structure and professional conduct of Dragon Boating WA.
Objectives: To be viable transparent, credible and well managed as a sporting and cultural organisation.
To raise profile and establish credibility ensures opportunities for increased sponsorship and funding as well as
enabling DBWA to play an integral role in the governance and future direction of dragon boating in Western
Australia and Nationally, including strategic direction, facility provision and sporting governance.

Current                      Gap              Actions                            Action by   Cost   Time line      Priority   Performance
situation                                                                                                                     outcome

No administration director      Funds           Short term, pay expenses       Board       TBA    2007           High       Full administration to
                                                                                                                              service DBWA and
                                Skills gap      Advertise                                                                   clubs
                                                 Incentives
                                                 Split admin tasks
                                                 Discuss with DSR

Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                                            Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Membership database          Funds and personnel      As for administration director    Board   TBA     2007           High     Up to date
                                                                                                                                  membership list and
Membership cards
                                                                                                                                  ID cards
National data base

Policies and procedures      Time and personnel       Database development &            Board   Minor   2007           Medium   All clubs have a
manual                                                  management. On-line                                                       manual and informed
                                                        availability                                                              of DBWA position
                                                       Establish an operations manual
                                                        providing standards & practices
                                                        covering all aspects of our
                                                        operations e.g. financial
                                                        management, paddlers
                                                        registration, communications,
                                                        risk management, decision


Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                                                     Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Key performance area:                                                                   ADMINISTRATION
Focus Area:                                                                             Organisational Governance and Development
Goal: To ensure best practice in decision making management structure, processes and policies.
Objectives: To create the opportunity for all members to be involved in the decision making process.
To review the roles, responsibilities and ability of Directors of Board, Committee members, management and other

Current                        Gap                        Actions                               Action by   Cost   Time line      Priority   Performance
situation                                                                                                                                    outcome

Few officials with skills         Low level of skilled      Determine relevant courses,       Board       TBA    Ongoing        Medium     Skilled, competent
                                   officials                  timing and cost                                                                Board members and
                                                             Promote and support
                                                              attendance at relevant training
                                                              programs for Board members
                                                              and volunteers

Strategic plan reviewed           Lack of longer term       Conduct regular reviews of the    Board       Nil    Ongoing        High       Strategic plan
annually                           focus                      strategic plan                                                                 becomes a living
                                                                                                                                             document with regular

Lack of ability to deal with      No Risk management        Conduct risk audits               Board and   TBD    ASAP           High       Risk assessment for
insidents                          strategy                                                     Clubs                                        all clubs and DBWA

Governance                                                                                                                             

Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                                      Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Code of conduct             Time personnel          Research other clubs   Board/Coaching   NIL   2007           High     Clear lines of
                                                                             Director                                       responsibility and
                                                     Discuss with DSR                                                      expectations

Internal communication      Time and personnel                                                                        


Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                                       Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Key performance area:                                                      FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT
Focus Area:                                                                Financial Management Plan
Goal: For Dragon Boating WA to become a financially stable and viable organisation.
Objectives: To obtain an annual financial operating surplus, a substantial part of which can be invested to fulfil
the goals of DBWA.
To ensure that all financial management systems and policies and procedures are best practice.

Current                Gap                       Actions                         Action by   Cost    Time line   Priority   Performance
situation                                                                                                                   outcome

No financial              Don’t have a             Financial student to        Dir Fin     Minor   2008        High       Financial plan/budget
plan/budget                budget                    take this on as a project
                                                    Develop a budget

Very adept financial      Involvement of all       Build on financial          Board       Nil     2008        High          Maintain a process to
officer to manage          clubs on the              position                                                                   draw up a budget
budget                     management
                                                    All clubs need to be                                                      Membership aware of
                           board to facilitate
                                                     involved in the board in                                                   budget and financial
                           knowledge and
                                                     order to participate in                                                    issues
                                                     the process – done
                                                     through membership
                                                     on the Board

Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                                    Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Good financial    Nil                            Sponsorship                  Board   TBA     Ongoing      High     Maintain financial position
position                                         Develop sustainable income

Fees              Perception that not value      Promote value for            Board   Minor   2008         High     Perception of value for momey
                  for money                       money
                                                 Do a comparison with
                                                  other States and Sports
                                                 Review fee structure
                                                 Incentives - $, in-kind,

No sponsorship                                                                                                       Raise more funds for
                                                                                                                     future requirements


Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                                            Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Key performance area:                                                             COMMUNICATION
Focus Area:                                                                       Information and Communications Plan
Goal: To provide all stakeholders with best practice information and communication pathways.
Objectives: Establish reporting and communication systems between national & state bodies, clubs, members
and other stakeholders.

Current           Gap                    Actions                                      Action by   Cost    Time line   Priority   Performance
situation                                                                                                                        outcome

Circulation of         Lack of             Timely availability of information       All         Nil     ASAP        High       Infromed paddlers
information             infrastructure
                       DBWA

Lack of           Clubs are                 Communication between clubs              Al          Minor   ASAP        High          More communication
communication     keeping to                                                                                                         between clubs
                                         Clubs socialising after regattas, not
between clubs     themselves
                                         just within themselves                                                                  All members talking and
                                                                                                                                 sharing ideas

Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                                   Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Poor communication        No strategy      Develop a communication plan       Board      TBA   On going    High     Wider
externally                                                                                                            recognition/knowledge in
                          Human            Communication with other
                                                                                                                      the community about
                           resource          sporting bodies, particularly
                                                                                                                      dragon boating
                                             winter sports
                                                                                                                      Awareness of National,
                                            Maintain communication with
                                                                                                                      and International Issues
                                             DSR, AusDBF, IDBF
                                                                                                                      Awareness of funding

No newsletter             Lack of          Publish a newsletter on web site   Dir Mktg   TBA   ASAP        High        DBWA newsletter,
                           database         Appoint a newsletter editor                                                  monthly’ quarterly
                           resources                                                                                     Improved communication,
                                                                                                                          informed members

Poor communication-                         Need all emails sent as soon as    Clubs      Nil   ASAP        High        Good communication
Clubs, individuals -                         possible                                                                     to all individual
verbal                                                                                                                    members
                                            Need to share information and
                                             help each other more through                                                Effective distribution
                                             communication, focus on the                                                  of information
                                             wider task

Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                                   Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Web site               Personnel         SHOW WE ARE HAVING FUN          Board / Clubs   TBA   ASAP        High        Make more use of
                                                                                                                          continue to upgrade
                       Lack of           News flashes
                        contribution                                                                                     Exciting and interesting
                                          Stories                                                                        web site, raised profile
                        s from
                        members           Photos
                                          Club page
                                          Discussion comments page
                                          DVD
                                          Advertising opportunities
                                          Interactive
                                          Sponsors
                                          Real time
                                          Business
                                          Technical input from
                                           clubs/members – working group

NOTES: See marketing and coaching and development

Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                                            Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Key performance area:                                                  MARKETING
Focus Area:                                                            Sponsorship and promotion of sport
Goal: To develop a comprehensive strategic marketing plan.
Objectives: The Plan to identify existing and commercial opportunities that promotes a positive image of dragon
boating in the sporting and recreation market place and enhance the financial viability of Dragon Boating WA and
its stakeholders.

Current                Gap                 Actions                             Action by          Cost    Time       Priority   Performance
situation                                                                                                 line                  outcome

Web site revitalised      Lack of            Ability to view DVD on web      Board              Mionr   ASAP       High          Maintain vibrancy
                           contributions       site

Banner, flyer, DVD     Lack of public         Purchase flags                  Board              TBA     ASAP       Medium        Public awareness

Have a marketing       More helpers           Operationalise marketing plan   Board              Nil     ASAP       High          Plan to give direction for
plan                   required                                                                                                     marketing dragon

Little sponsorship        Low profile        Focus on sponsorship $100k           All          Minor   ASAP       High          Corporate
Skywest sponsorship        sport                                                                                                    sponsorship
                                              Apply for community grants           Marketin
                                                                                     g Director

No merchandise            Time               Quotes                          All                TBA     ASAP       High          Public awareness
                          Funds              Decide on format

Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                       Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

No Marketing           Skilled        Paid person                    Board   RBA   ASAP       High        MUST HAVE A
Director                personnel                                                                            MARKETING
                                       Channel 31
                       Funding                                                                              DIRECTOR
                                       Media contact
                                       Dissemination of information
                                       Club member skills
                                       Need to sell, raise profile
                                       Promote dragon boating in
                                        club catchment- coordinate
                                        with clubs
                                       Corporate regattas
                                       Advertise for marketing
                                       Join WA Sports Federation
                                       Chamber of Commerce
                                       Advertise to universities

Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                                 Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Little public           Person to do    Letter drop                     Marketing   TBA   Ongoing       High        Widespread media
awareness/exposure       media                                            Director                                     coverage
                                         Newspapers
communication,           communicatio
                                                                                                                      Structured plan
market awareness         n and           TV
                         expertise                                                                                    Lift the profile
                                         Schools
                        Cost
                                         Festival focus at regattas
                                         Displays
                                         Young people speak
                                         Improve signs and advertising
                                          of regattas
                                         Presentations, use DVD
                                         Yellow pages
                                         Web site awareness
                                         Awareness of DBWA at club
                                         Have a role model
                                         Media contacts

NOTES: See Coaching and development and communication

Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                                         Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Key performance area:                                                              COACHING and DEVELOPMENT
Focus Area:                                                                        Membership Development
Goal: To develop programs which will assist in the development of the sport and increase participation.
Objectives: To broaden and increase the participation base of Dragon Boating WA and its clubs particularly
through schools and junior paddlers.
To increase the number of teams by 25% each year for the next three years.
To foster the growth and development of new clubs.
To increase individual membership by 10% each year for the next three years.

Current               Gap                        Actions                            Action by   Cost   Time       Priority   Performance
situation                                                                                              line                  outcome

Grand Prix regattas      People to do it all       Make it competitive            Board       TBA    TBA        High          Bigger regattas
                         Small pool of              Invitations wider a field,                                                Proper State
                          resources                  send out invitations and                                                    selection
                                                                                                                                More exciting
                                                                                                                                 competition, larger pool
                                                                                                                                 of paddlers to select
                                                                                                                                 state team

Aging membership         Ability to appeal to      Marketing                      Board       TBA    ASAP       High          Reduce average
                          and attract all age                                                                                    age to <30
                          groups                    Junior program

                         Image

Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                                  Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

4 Sport Clubs          More exposure           Involvement in          Board             TBA   ASAP       High        More clubs
(competitive racing)                            Armadale area                                                          More teams in clubs
                                               Hillarys
                                               DAA
                                               Regional (eg.
                                           Contact local councils

Low membership,           Lack of exposure    Come and try days       Board and clubs   TBD   ASAP       High        Clear direction to
189, more +40, more        not hitting the                                                                              increased
                                               Target certain groups
female than male.          target groups                                                                                membership
Recruitment tends to                           Marketing to increase
                                                                                                                       One year – 400
be by word of mouth                             exposure
and through                                                                                                            Three years 500-
                                               Join with WADBA
workplace contacts                                                                                                      800
                                               Promotional flyer
                                               Talk fun
                                                companionship and
                                                team spirit
                                               Promote the fitness
                                                aspect and value for
                                               Target population in
                                                club catchment area
                                               Target sports clubs

Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                                     Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Inability to retain       Finding a way to      Variation of training,   Board and clubs   TBA   ASAP       High        At least 50%
paddlers, high churn       retain members         make it interesting                                                      retention of new
                          Lack of focus on      Follow up and
                           social and fun         feedback from                                                           More social
                           aspects                paddlers who have left
                          Family                Clubs to be more
                           orientation            welcoming to new
                           scarce                 members
                                                 Be flexible in payment
                                                  of membership fees
                                                 Welcome package
                                                  from DBWA to each
                                                 Use the web space for
                                                  advertising for club
                                                  members, services,
                                                  discounts for members
                                                 Program for new

Membership details        Someone to do it      Structured data base     Database          TBA   ASAP       High        Membership data
are loose                                                                  Manager                                         base
                                                 Membership

Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                          Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Hard to retain young      Keeping young         Target youth groups     Board   TBA   ASAP       High        Retention of
paddlers                   paddlers                                                                             younger members
                                                 Target high schools,
No Junior crews            interested
                                                  Uni’s                                                        Junior division at
                          Not appealing to                                                                     regattas
                                                 Make it fun and

Corporate teams           Resources for         Club reps to organise   All     TBA   ASAP       High        More corporate
                           advertising and        local advertising                                             teams
                                                 Contact organizations                                        3 corporate regattas per
                          Insurance                                                                            year, trophy, increased
                                                 3 Corporate/festival                                          exposure and
                          Little sense of        events per year                                               membership
                                                 Prize money/prize
                           between clubs
                                                 Corporate team
                                                  building exercises
                                                 Corporate team to
                                                  move into sport

Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                       Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Lack of focus on        Timeframe for           Training for ‘carers’   TBA   TBA   TBA       High        Increase participation
special needs groups     carers to train up       placement of carers
                         to assist their          and charge in boat
                         ‘charge’ within
                                                 Coordinate with DSR
                         the boat, need to
                         be able to train
                         during working

NOTES: See marketing and communication

Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                                       Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Key performance area:                                             COACHING and DEVELOPMENT
Focus Area:                                                       Accreditation and programs
Goal: To develop programs which will assist in the development of coaches and officials.
Objectives: To broaden and increase the participation base of Dragon Boating WA accredited coaches and officials

Current           Gap               Actions                           Action by           Cost    Time          Priority   Performance
situation                                                                                         line                     outcome

Guidelines for         Skills         Organise and promote          Coaching Director   $2000   Ongoing       High          Ground rules
coaches                Time            courses                                                                               Accredited coaches and
                       Personnel      Community of
                                        Coaches – sub
                                       Race officials courses
                                       Develop guidelines.
                                        Establish a state coaching
                                        and officials accreditation
                                       Annual level 1 AusDBF
                                        coaching course leading to
                                        accredited coaches and

Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                                       Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Sweep accreditation           Look for people to       Training at clubs       Dir Coach   $1000   On going   High        Increase number of
                               take up the role of                                                                           sweeps
                               sweep acreditors         Continue with sweep
                                                         accreditation courses                                              Pool of accredited
                                                                                                                             sweeps at each club

Develop a stronger state      Time and place to        Promote importance of   Dir Coach   TBA     On going   Medium      Improved performance
team                           train                     state representation                                                at Nationals
                                                         amongst clubs
                              Resources


Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                                        Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Key performance area:                                                 EVENTS and PARTICPATION
Focus Area:                                                           Event management and delivery
Goal: To provide all Members’ Dragon Boat clubs with a structure for regattas.
Objectives: To ensure regular state and national competition and opportunities for all members.
To have fare racing and assist in the establishment of new clubs.

Current               Gap                   Actions                      Action by          Cost   Time line    Priority   Performance
situation                                                                                                                  outcome

Grand Prix regattas      Infrastructure       Regatta check list       President          TBA    Ongoing      Medium        Fully equipped venue
now at Champion          Funds                                          Operations                                           Well run efficient regattas
                                               Liaise with ARA
Lakes                                                                    Director
                                               Seek funding             Finance Director

Few Corporate            Lack of Corporate    Corporate regattas and   A///clubs          Nil    Ongoing      High          Full competition
regattas                  crews                 other regattas

Regional regattas        Time                 Support Club regattas    All                TBA    Ongoing      Medium        Regional regattas
                         Resources            Promote as a weekend                                                          Increased awareness of
                                                                                                                               dragon boating
                                               Structure of events
                                               October Club open

Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                     Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

AusDBF Rules of                        Requires motion at   Board/members   Nil   2007      Medium   Adopt IDBF rules of
Racing                                  AGM                                                           Racing


Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                                  Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Current                Gap                    Actions                        Action by   Cost   Time line   Priority   Performance
situation                                                                                                              outcome

2 associations, both      2 separate            More forward, open       DBWA/WADBA    Nil    2008        High          One plan working
groups are involved        organizations          communication. Join                                                      together to further the
in dragon boating                                 together, strengthen our                                                 development of
                          Past history and
                                                  sport                                                                    dragon boating in WA
                           past problems
                                                 Continued negotiations                                                  Merger of two would
                          What is stopping
                                                                                                                           be advantageous to
                           the unification       Offer support from
                                                  DBWA to WADBA re
                                                  community events eg.
                                                  Call for more to support
                                                  events in Exmouth and


Dragon Boating WA Inc                                                                                   Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

Current               Gap                      Actions                      Action by   Cost     Time line   Priority   Performance
situation                                                                                                               outcome

No boats to hire or      Money                   Sponsorship,             Board       54.000   2009        Low           Full fleet of boats (13)
rent                                               membership, donations
                         Storage, transport                                                                               Boats available for
                                                  Pay an organization to                                                   rent, training, PR
                                                   raise the funds                                                          exercises, corporate
                                                  Storage at Champion


Dragon Boating WA Inc                      Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

The Annual Program Budget Summary for 2007-2010 (to be inserted)

                        Estimated           Estimated
                        Expenditure ($)     Income ($)

Key Performance

   Administration

   Finance

   Marketing

   Development

   Coaching

   Events


    Surplus /

Dragon Boating WA Inc                         Dragon Boating – Fire on Water

The strategic plan will be monitored and reviewed on a monthly basis by the
Administration Director and on a half yearly basis by the DBWA Board.
Directors of the Board will be responsible for their designated portfolio and
must prepare a short written report on the activities of their Committees or
work groups for Board reviews.
The President and Administration Director, in accordance with the
Constitution, have overall responsibility to members for the implementation
and review of the strategic plan and other functions of DBWA.
The yearly review will take place annually after the end of each financial year
in time to set the direction and priorities for the next 12 months.


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