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Product Photography: RICK SZCZECHOWSKI
W H AT I S I T ?

La Bella Donna is a revolutionar y, pioneering concept in cosmetics: minerals that

behave like makeup. It is a complete collection of mineral-based formulas that are

actually healthy for the skin because they are made from natural elements — min-

eral-based pigments for natural-looking colour and micronized titanium dioxide

for environmental protection. La Bella Donna products balance the moisture con-

tent of the skin, allowing it to breathe while blocking out the sun’s harmful, dam-

aging rays. They provide excellent coverage in a wide range of shades.


Loose Mineral Foundation feels like a cream upon application and can be used wet

(with a sponge) or dr y (with mineral Makeup Brush). Compressed Foundation,

Blush and Eye Shadow can be applied wet or dr y. La Bella Donna products are

interchangeable—blush can be used as a shadow; shadow as liquid eyeliner—all

with the change of a brush.


The pioneer of mineral-based cosmetics in the United States, La Bella Donna was

introduced in premier destination and day spas in 1994. Dermatologists and

plastic surgeons recommend it for laser post-op coverage and for women with

sensitive, problem or allergy-prone skin. Today, the products are also available

nationwide at the finest spas, resor ts and specialty stores, including Bergdorf

Goodman in New York.

          For more information on where to purchase La Bella Donna,
  call 1-800-74-BELLA. Visit La Bella Donna online at
           M I N E R A L M A K E OV E R

W H AT A R E M I N E R A L S ?
Mineral pigments are derived from rock, micro-pulverized and jet milled for an incredibly
smooth consistency. La Bella Donna Loose Mineral Foundation, for example, is in a completely
inorganic state and cannot conduct bacteria (this means it has an endless shelf life); yet it applies
with the flawless finish of a cream base. Mineral pigments are a natural alternative to chemical
makeup. They offer improved matching of skin tone and a nearly zero allergy rate.

W H AT A R E L A B E L L A D O N N A M I N E R A L S ?
       ❙     Micronized Titanium Dioxide – non-chemical sun block (SPF 20)
       ❙     Iron Oxides – the source of colour
       ❙     Bismuth Oxychloride – anti-inflammatory properties
       ❙     Zinc Oxide – anti-inflammatory properties (soothing to the skin)
Plus, La Bella Donna minerals contain no FD&C dyes, oil, talc, alcohol or fragrance.

W H AT A R E T H E B E N E F I T S O F M I N E R A L S ?
Minerals are natural, yet they cover, colour, correct and beautify better than chemical, dye-
based cosmetics. Ideal for all skin types and ages, they provide:
       ❙     Long-lasting colour that doesn’t crease, fade or wear away
       ❙     Lightweight feel that makes it seem like you’re not wearing makeup at all
       ❙     Light-refractive quality that diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
       ❙     Superior yet natural-looking coverage that allows skin to breathe
       ❙     Waterproof application
       ❙     Natural sun protection
…All without clogging pores or promoting acne.

Micronized titanium dioxide is the key. It is found naturally in minerals and does not clog pores
or dr y out the skin. Basically, it allows the light necessar y for healthy development of skin to
pass through the visible ray region while blocking harmful ultraviolet rays. Research shows that
micronized titanium dioxide provides a natural barrier to UVA and UVB radiation without irri-
tation, burning or stinging.

A P P L I C AT I O N T I P S :
For Light to Normal Coverage—Apply with specially designed La Bella Donna mineral brush,
using top of jar as your palette. Open the jar and puncture about 5-6 openings in the protec-
tive seal. Screw the lid back on and turn the jar upside down to shake the mineral pigments
through the screen into the lid. Work the mineral pigments into the brush evenly and apply
lightly and evenly all over the face. Repeat as often as necessar y to obtain the desired amount
of coverage.

For More Matte Coverage or an Evening Look—Apply Compressed Mineral Foundation over
Loose Mineral Foundation.

To Create a Liquid Eyeliner—Dip wet eyeliner brush into La Bella Donna Eye Shadow.

La Bella Donna products are interchangeable—pencils, too! Apply Blush with a different brush,
and you can turn it into eye shadow. Loose Mineral Foundation applied to eyelids also makes
an excellent eye shadow base.

 Formulated with pure minerals without FD&C dyes, oils, preser vatives, fragrances or talc, this sig-
 nature product allows skin to breathe while blocking out the sun’s damaging rays (SPF 20). Ideal
 for all skin types, it offers complete coverage with a natural-looking finish. A favorite of makeup
 ar tists and celebrities, including Brooke Shields and Debra Messing.
                          Available in 12 shades. $50, suggested retail

 Highlighted by Elle magazine as one of the three unique foundations for sensitive skin, this oil-
 and fragrance-free formula contains nothing but natural minerals and is safe for post-laser or
 cosmetic surger y use. The sleek, silver y compact is perfect for travel and touch-ups. Can be
 used wet (for maximum coverage) or dr y.
                          Available in 9 shades. $50, suggested retail

 M I N E R A L C R E A M - TO - B L U S H
 The newest La Bella Donna product is a luminous cream blush that adds a hint of glowing colour
 to cheeks. Exclusively formulated with nourishing, hydrating ingredients, including Vitamin E, as
 well as the line’s signature pure mineral pigments (micro-pulverized from rock and jet-milled for
 incredibly smooth consistency), the gentle, lightweight, silky mineral cream actually soothes the
 skin as its light-refracting proper ties reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
                          Available in 3 shades. $30, suggested retail

 A lightweight, mineral-based blush that provides cheeks with an all-natural, glow- from-within
 appearance. Featured in Allure and worn by celebrities Bridget Fonda and Christina Applegate.
                          Available in 12 shades. $25, suggested retail

 A revolutionar y concealer designed to simultaneously erase discolorations as it enhances the
 skin’s natural vibrancy. Exclusively formulated with Vitamin K, an essential vitamin known to help
 repair blood vessel damage. May be applied with finger tips or special La Bella Donna wet appli-
 cator brush.
                          Available in 4 shades. $30, suggested retail

                                             con tinued...

  C O M P R E S S E D M I N E R A L E Y E S H A D OW
  Praised by Redbook as eyeshadow that provides “mineral pigments and
  Titanium Dioxide. . .to soothe skin and prevent irritation,” this shadow protects as it colours.
                           Available in 23 shades. $19, suggested retail

  Luxurious, rich creamy formula, nourishing and conditioning elements combined with our signa-
  ture minerals. Key ingredient, Ceramide 2, provides the perfect protection for lips.
                           Available in 17 shades. $22.50, suggested retail

  These exclusive compact colour folio’s give the skin a natural warm glow. Choose from
  Candlelight, Moonlight or Vision of Mineral Lights.
                           $30-$65, suggested retail

  High-shine lip glosses designed to be worn alone or to enhance any lipstick with a gleam of
                           Available in 19 shades. $22, suggested retail

  Formulated with naturally-derived mineral pigments (no FD&C dyes), these handy pencils are
  perfectly coordinated with the La Bella Donna lipstick and eye shadow collections.
                           Available in 9 shades. $20, suggested retail

  Ingenious combination of silk, Ceramide 2 and mineral pigments. Memor y technology holds
  each lash in tact while curl enhancers bestow a remarkably flir ty, professional fringe of lashes
  to the eye.
                           Available in Black and Brown, $22.50 suggested retail

      C U S TO M M I N E R A L B R U S H C O L L E C T I O N
      A complete line of professional makeup brushes specifically designed for use with mineral
      makeup. Dr y application brushes are crafted of hand-tied goat and pony hair for optimum
      blending and smooth coverage.
                         $16-$50, suggested retail

                     Cosmetic Product Photography & Executive Head Shots Available in All Formats
                                          ❙ La Bella Donna Loose Mineral Foundation
                                          ❙ Compressed Mineral Foundation
                                          ❙ Mineral Eraser (concealer)
                                          ❙ Compressed Blush
                                          ❙ Mineral Cream-to-Blush (cream blush)
                                          ❙ Compressed Eye Shadow
                                          ❙ Compact Colour Folio
  PRODUCTS:                               ❙ Lipstick
                                          ❙ Lip Sheers
                                          ❙ Lip Pencil
                                          ❙ Eyeliner
                                          ❙ Eye Pencil
                                          ❙ Mascara
                                          ❙ Brush Collection
                                          ❙                    Gel Crème

                                          ❙ Micronized Titanium Dioxide - non-chemical sun block (SPF 20)
         KEY                              ❙ Iron Oxides - the source of colour
INGREDIENTS:                              ❙ Bismuth Oxychloride - anti-inflammator y proper ties
                                          ❙ Zinc Oxide - anti-inflammator y proper ties (soothing to the skin)

                                          ❙ Ideal for all skin types and ages
                                          ❙ No oils, talc, alcohol or fragrance
                                          ❙ No FD&C dyes
                                          ❙ Non-comedogenic
                                          ❙ Light-diffusing to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
            KEY                           ❙ Natural sun protection with full spectrum sun block (SPF 20)
   F E AT U R E S :                       ❙ Long-lasting, waterproof protection
                                          ❙ Superior coverage with a natural look and feel
                                          ❙ Lightweight texture feels like you have nothing on
                                          ❙ Colour stays true
                                          ❙ Washes off easily
                                          ❙ Nearly zero allergy rate
                                          ❙ No animal testing

             Cosmetic Product Photography & Executive Head Shots Available in All Formats
Linea Naturale Beaute
     gel creme
                      CO-EXIST GEL CRÈME
                      Linea Naturale Beaute
     Co-exist Defined: To exist together ; At the same time; Or in the same place;
     Living together peacefully, despite differences; Exist together ; Synchronize

A multi-faceted and distinctive product formulated to fight the effects of biological aging and
combat skin damaging and environmental aggressions while enhancing the oxygenation and
metabolic activity of the skin. CO-EXIST is a preventive and restorative cosmeceutical skin
care product.

     •    CO-EXIST will enhance the personal comfor t of the skin
     •    Contains high levels of bioactive ingredients to achieve maximum effect
     •    The product colour is natural
     •    Detoxifies and rejuvenates the texture of the skin
     •    Improves luminosity & clarity
     •    Provides intense elasticity repair
     •    Surface of the skin will appear firm and toned
     •    The remarkable gel crème works beautifully around the eye area
     •    A mega-dose of CO-EXIST immediately brightens the skin
     •    Fine lines will appear diminished from within
     •    All skin types may benefit from this innovative cosmeceutical
     •    Creates a moisture barrier promoting skin’s volume
     •    Natural ingredients promote a naturally hydrated skin
     •    Dermatologic natural ingredients increase cellular metabolism by blending
          bioactives from marine, herbal and botanical sources
     •    Modern science discovers the powerful anti-aging potential in oceanic botanicals
          and sea proteins; sea-born energy is a treasure
     •    Nourishing nutrients, vitamins and liposomes in their purest forms deliver more
          effective results in a shor ter period of time
     •    Contains rejuvenation and repair ingredients essential for beautiful skin
     •    Replaces lost moisture and gives the skin energy
     •    Appropriate for all skin types
     •    The perfect complement to the high quality of La Bella Donna’s Mineral Collection
     •    Fragrance free
     •    A fusion of technology and nature
     •    Nutrients and botanicals create building blocks for
          your skin
A spatula has been provided for ease of application and to avoid placing your fingers into
the product.
After cleansing and toning the skin, apply the CO-EXIST GEL CRÈME, using the amount of a
large cultured pearl, to the forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. Use sparingly, the formulation is
highly concentrated. After smoothing the Gel Crème over the face and neck, vigorously mas-
sage using a circular motion and micro-massage technique to distribute the product over the
face. A mega-dose of Gel Crème may be a second application to the eye area, expression
lines and mouth to reduce fine lines and signs of aging. Repeat this hydrating process twice
daily. As you travel, always bring your CO-EXIST for an in-flight hydrating treatment. The
cool, gel texture will calm a ver y tired face. Discover its secrets. A robust fusion of technol-
ogy and nature, CO-EXIST GEL CRÈME is a powerful anti-oxidant containing the highest
quality of ingredients available in the market today. The anti-aging proper ties dramatically
enhance new cellular growth and production of collagen. CO-EXIST GEL CRÈME contains a
special complex of Mineralex nutrients exclusively developed for the prestige La Bella Donna
Mineral Collection.

Aqueous Extract of Green Tea
  •   Strengthens skin cells
  •   Anti-irritant
  •   Anti-oxidant
  •   Anti-pollution agent
  •   Free radical trapping agent
Aqueous Sodium Hyaluronate
  •   Provides maximum hydration
  •   Most effective moisture binding ingredient
  •   A natural hydrator–purest hydrating ingredient available
  •   Used as a filler for lines/injections, the perfect supplement product
  •   Carrier for penetrating active ingredients
  •   $100,000 dollars a pound in its purest form
  •   Replenishes the skin’s volume
Palmitoyl Pentapetide-3
  •   Improves skin texture
  •   Reduces skin density by 68%
  •   Reduces skin’s roughness
  •   Reduce wrinkle depth by 50%
  •   Stimulates collagen and fibronectin synthesis
Marine Algae Extract Complex
  • A sea weed extract, healing, hydrating, cell energizing, and improves
    collagen formation
  • Revitalizing, nourishing, anti-flammator y, reduces wrinkles, softens skin
  • Anti-oxidant, rich in vitamins and minerals
Retinyl Palmitate
  •   An ester of vitamin A – anti-oxidant
  •   Reduces effects from sun damage
  •   Increases cell turnover
  •   Smoothes fine wrinkles
  •   Thickens epidermis
  •   Improves circulation
  •   Normalizes uneven cell growth
Sodium PCA
  • One of the most potent of hydrating ingredients
Ascorbyl Palmitate
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Ester of vitamin C
  • Contains skin bleaching qualities
Ubiquinone 50
  • Provides enzymatic activity against collagenase, elastase and oxidases
                  F O R I M M E D I AT E R E L E A S E

Offering this season’s mineral beauty and trend repor t, is La Bella Donna President and Co-
Founder, Nicole Tracy. Follow these simple and useful tips for a more beautiful you.

        • La Bella Donna products are versatile and interchangeable including our pen-
          cils. Mineral colour glides-on with ease, to line and define lips, creates a dra-
          matic accent when filling in the mouth entirely and then adding a dazzling Lip
          Sheer. Lip Pencils can even be used to define eyebrows or as an alternative
          cheek colour. Some Lip Sheers, like Bianca, may even be used on the brow
          bone, to add a unique sparkle of definition.

        • Apply your Mineral Blush with an Eye Shadow Brush, and now you have a
          new Mineral Eye Shadow.

        • Loose Minerals are the perfect alternative to eye shadow base. They offer a
          softer and more transparent appearance.

        • Tr y our Pure Gold Mineral Eye Shadow and apply a touch to the center of
          your bottom lip to create a gilded accent, for that all-impor tant perfect pout.

        • To create a superb dewy finish when using Loose Minerals, tap the end of an
          angle application sponge or desired brush, into a pearl size drop of mineral
          water. Blend the minerals as usual onto the face. The results will surprise

        • Lightly tap the tip of our Eye Liner Brush in your favorite mineral water and
          then apply the alluring Caviar Eye Shadow, perfectly defining your eyes
          smoothly and dramatically. For best results, use directly and only on the
          upper lid lash line.

        • La Bella Donna’s Forget-Me-Not - cleanse your brushes in a mild soft soap
          and leave to dr y on a cotton towel after ever y application. Remember, brush-
          es need to be replaced ever y six months for precision in application.

          For more information or where to purchase La Bella Donna, please call
               1 800 74 BELLA or visit us Online at

                         Beauty          ·     Minerals             ·     Colour
                              Cosmetic Product Photography & Executive Head Shots
                                            Available in All Formats
                     F O R I M M E D I AT E R E L E A S E

M i n e r a l - B a s e d M a k e u p C o l l e c t i o n B r i d g e s B e a u t y A n d We l l n e s s G a p

The first thing you notice about Kathy Tracy and Nicole Tracy is their skin. It glows. You want
skin like that. The good news is, that now, you too can have it, thanks to this mother-daughter
team and their mineral-based makeup collection, La Bella Donna.
It wasn’t always so. “La Bella Donna grew out of our own challenges with makeup,” says Kathy,
a former model and image consultant. “I have sensitive skin with an unusual skin tone and I got
tired of tr ying to deal with makeup that turned colour on me or faded within an hour. In des-
peration, I substituted a suntan for traditional makeup; my skin became hyperpigmented and
ver y dr y. The minerals totally reversed this.”
Daughter Nicole had different skin problems. “I had adult acne from makeup when I was still
in college. I was modeling and couldn’t go without foundation. It was Catch-22: if you have
bad skin, you want to cover it; but makeup usually makes it worse.”
The two women had drawers full of makeup they couldn’t wear because of potential allergens
and irritants: FD&C dyes, oil or alcohol, talc, fragrance and preser vatives. Their frustration led
to the creation of La Bella Donna, a makeup collection that works for all ages and skin types.
“The skin is the body’s largest breathing organ, and the one that is most exposed to the envi-
ronment. We wanted to create a makeup that would bridge the gap between wellness—
healthy skin—and beauty,” explains Nicole.
“We like to say that minerals take you from facial to face lift—Loose Mineral Foundation, our
signature product, is so healthy, you really can apply it right after a facial or any facial treat-
ment—including laser post-op or even a face lift—to cover and correct the redness,” says
“Glamour and sophistication had to be par t of the equation,” she continues. “Even though we
wanted a makeup that would look and feel natural, we were both in the public eye and involved
in fashion. Being able to create a sophisticated, glamorous look was an impor tant requirement.”
Minerals were the answer. “They’re micro-pulverized rock, so you know they have staying
power,” says Kathy. “They provide superior coverage. They won’t fade, crease or settle in lines.”
What’s more, they are pure—they contain no known irritants. And they’re waterproof. “You
can swim and work out with this makeup on. It won’t come off, and it won’t clog your pores;
yet it cleanses off easily.”
La Bella Donna Loose Mineral Foundation, the product that inspired the entire line, was intro-
duced in 1994 through destination and day spas, dermatologists and plastic surgeons, who rec-
ommended it (and still do) for women with sensitive, problem and allergy-prone skin, as well
as for laser post-op coverage. Available in 12 shades, it is based on four key ingredients:
Micronized Titanium Dioxide, a total physical sun block with natural UV protection (FDA-
approved SPF20); Iron Oxides, to provide the source of colour ; Bismuth Oxychloride, a natu-
ral anti-inflammator y agent; and Zinc Oxide, another anti-inflammator y agent which is sooth-
ing to the skin. All the minerals combined balance the moisture content of the skin.

                                                 con tinued...
G E T T I N G TO T H E C O R E / 2

After Loose Mineral Foundation, La Bella Donna introduced Compressed Mineral Foundation,
followed by Compressed Mineral Blush, Eye Shadow, Lipstick, Lip Sheers (gloss), Lip and Eye
Pencils, Eyeliner and Mascara. A new addition to the line, Protective Colour, is an innovative
product that behaves like a foundation which combines the minerals with a hydrating skincare
emulsion. In 2000, the company introduced the Mineral Eraser, an exclusive treatment con-
cealer that contains Vitamin K, known to help repair blood vessel damage. Spring 2001 saw the
launch of the latest La Bella Donna innovation, Mineral Cream-to-Blush, a luminous, feather-
weight cream blush.

Since its inception, La Bella Donna has received strong media attention in both print and broad-
cast outlets. Passionate about their subject, both Kathy and Nicole have made numerous tele-
vision appearances to educate viewers about the benefits of mineral makeup. Highlights
include The Style Channel’s “The Special on Skin,” which hailed the company as “the future of
cosmetics,” and E! Enter tainment Network’s “Fashion Emergency,” as well as nationally syndi-
cated talk shows and local news programs. The products have become favorites of makeup
ar tists and celebrities, including Cour teney Cox-Arquette, Brooke Shields, Bridget Fonda, Lucy
Liu and Debra Messing, among others.

It’s no wonder. Once you get over the fact that Kathy and Nicole are not sisters, but a gener-
ation apar t, you realize they are living proof that La Bella Donna mineral-based makeup is
ever ything it claims to be. Their skin—one fair, the other a more medium complexion—radi-
ates luminosity and good health. Their big, beautifully made-up eyes are perfect showcases for
La Bella Donna shadows, liners and mascara; and their lips…well, you want to ask what shade
of lipstick, so you can run out and buy it. And you should.

La Bella Donna products are available nationwide at the finest spas, resor ts and specialty stores,
including Bergdorf Goodman in New York or by calling 1-800-74-BELLA.
 Visit La Bella Donna online at

                  C o s m e t i c P r o d u c t P h o t o g r a p hy & E xe c u t i v e H e a d S h o t s A v a i l a b l e i n A l l F o r m a t s
                    C O - F O U N D E R S A N D OW N E R S
     La Bella Donna Cosmetics co-founder Kathy Tracy, who runs the company’s Los Angeles office, is a walk-
     ing testimonial for her products. She credits La Bella Donna’s signature product, Loose Mineral
     Foundation. “I never go out without my minerals,” explains Kathy, who has always been in the public eye.
     The New York native, a former model, continued to work sporadically while raising her two children
     (son; David and daughter, La Bella Donna co-founder Nicole Tracy) in Los Angeles.

                “I’ve always been involved in fashion. After David was born, I wanted to have flexibility, so I
                made the transition from modeling to wardrobe consulting, which evolved into image con-
                sulting. I worked for private clients and for corporations and I needed to look good — it was
                my business. But I star ted to have trouble with makeup. I have sensitive skin and I’m of Italian
                descent, which means that I have an unusual skin tone. Unfor tunately, makeup would turn
                colours on me within an hour — it required constant touching up. Either it looked mask-like
                or it would fade away. I gave up on traditional foundations and became a sun-worshipper
                because I looked better with a suntan — it looked like makeup. Well, now we know what
                that does to the skin. I developed hyperpigmentation and excessive dr yness, and because of
     my colouring was not a good candidate for a peel. I was ver y frustrated.”

     At the same time, Nicole, who was in college, was modeling and developed adult acne. Their personal
     makeup challenges led the mother-daughter team to develop a foundation to meet their own high stan-
     dards: no known irritants; superior, long-lasting coverage; colour that stays true; appropriate and benefi-
     cial for all ages and skin types (Kathy and Nicole have ver y different skin complexions). The result, La
     Bella Donna Loose Mineral Foundation, launched in 1994, has made them pioneers in the mineral make-
     up movement.

     Nicole Tracy doesn’t have to worr y about acne any more. Although the co-founder of La
     Bella Donna Cosmetics currently spends more time behind a desk running a national cos-
     metics company than in front of a camera, she and her mother, Kathy, remain La Bella
     Donna’s best adver tisements.

     “Between my mother — who had her own problems with makeup — and me, we had draw-
     ers full of makeup we couldn’t wear because of all the FD&C dyes, oil or alcohol, talc, fra-
     grance and preser vatives,” says Nicole, who joined forces with Kathy in 1994 to develop a makeup for-
     mula that worked for both of them. “We especially wanted to bridge the gap between wellness and
     beauty; we didn’t set out to create a ‘natural’ makeup, because those don’t necessarily give you the cov-
     erage you need in shades close to your own skin tone,” she explains.

     A savvy businesswoman, Nicole, who grew up in Los Angeles, relocated to her native New York in 1998
     to establish an East Coast presence for La Bella Donna. She developed the line while completing her
     studies at the University of Southern California, from which she received a B.S. degree in
     Communications and Business.

            BROOKE SHIELDS
                    BRIDGET FONDA

            DEBRA MESSING
                    FARAH FAWCETT

            LISA RINNA

            LUCY LIU

                    BRITNEY SPEARS

            PARIS HILTON

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