The Connected World by wuxiangyu


									                 CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW
The Connected World
This year’s Consumer Electronics Show ushered in a world where everything
is connected – at very high speeds.
A BBP Staff Report

        he International Consumer Elec-
        tronics Show (CES), traditionally
        the biggest technology fest of
                                                                        Home networking, online
them all, bounced back to prerecession                                  entertainment, smart homes and
attendance levels in 2011. More than
140,000 attendees (including 30,000                                     more will be discussed at the
international attendees from 80 coun-
tries) and 2,700 exhibitors traveled to
                                                                        Broadband Properties Summit.
Las Vegas in January to see or demon-
strate more than 20,000 new products.
The event generated so much buzz – in-      egories will blur. A tablet is essentially   their cellular networks (4G as well as
cluding an astonishing 158,000 tweets –     a large smart phone (or, conversely, a       3G), homes may become the preferred
that the convention center’s technology     smart phone is a small tablet).              locations for users to use apps and down-
                                                This magazine has not devoted much       load content to their mobile devices.
provider, Smart City Networks, had to
                                            coverage to mobile devices, not because          Sales of smart phones and tablets are
up the bandwidth at the center from 1
                                            they aren’t important, but because they      slated to skyrocket in the next few years;
Gbps to 4 Gbps.
                                                                                         Yankee Group forecasts 168 million tab-
    For Broadband Properties readers,       weren’t particularly relevant to property
                                                                                         lets sold in 2014, and In-Stat forecasts
we will zoom past the electric cars and     networks. After all, they were for mobil-
                                                                                         850 million smart phones sold in 2015.
                                                                                         These devices are now poised to become
                                                                                         a drain on home wireline bandwidth.
More and more mobile devices access the Internet                                         TVs GeT smarT
 via wireline connections. Soon, every home will                                         Consumers want choice. Specifically,
                                                                                         they want whatever isn’t on the menu
 have a smart phone or tablet – or a few of each.                                        of programming choices presented by
                                                                                         their video providers. Despite many un-
                                                                                         certainties about connected TVs – can
the guitar-training software to zero in     ity – they were taken out of properties.     they keep up with technology changes,
on the trends that affect demand for        Even used inside buildings, they de-         will they support new apps, will Inter-
broadband and video services in homes       pended largely on the cellular network       net content continue to be available and
and businesses.                             for signals.                                 affordable – consumers seem to like the
                                                All that has changed. The power,         additional choices they offer.
Wireless is The NeW Wired                                                                    The NPD Group, a market research
                                            ease of use and sheer attractiveness of
Even though the first and leading tablet                                                 firm, surveyed owners of connected TVs
                                            today’s mobile devices tempt consumers
computer, the iPad, was absent from the                                                  and found that nearly half accessed Net-
show – Apple never attends CES – more       to use them at home as much as on the
                                                                                         flix, YouTube, Hulu and other Internet
than 80 other tablets were demonstrated     go – and to rely on them for far more
                                                                                         services. Of that group, more than half
there, as were many LTE smart phones.       than voice calling.                          called themselves very satisfied with the
    Most new smart phones now have              Inside the home (and outside, too –      products. The NPD Group thinks even
Wi-Fi connectivity, just as many new        but that’s another story), mobile devices    more consumers would be satisfied if
tablets have cellular connectivity. As      increasingly communicate via Wi-Fi or        manufacturers integrated Wi-Fi into
tablets and smart phones run the same       femtocell connections to wireline broad-     their televisions.
apps over the same networks, the dis-       band. And as wireless providers impose           According to the NPD Group,
tinction between these two device cat-      ever more stringent caps on the use of       connected TVs account for nearly 12

48   | BROADBAND PROPERTIES | www.broadbandproper | January/February 2011
                                                                                             LG Electronics showcased Smart
           CES Sighting: SpEakal hybrid                                                  TV products featuring a simplified
                                                                                         home dashboard in addition to the
                 phonE/ComputEr                                                          “magic motion” remote control. Its
  It’s a phone. It’s a PC. It’s … a speakal. The                                         Smart TV has apps (of course) but also
  new Speakal BTS8 is an office phone sys-                                               includes a full Web browser – no walled
  tem that doubles as a notebook com-                                                    garden for LG, apparently.
  puter. Users can manage and record                                                         VIZIO will integrate cloud-based
  phone calls, answer e-mails, video                                                     gaming services from OnLive directly
  chat, fax, text message, manage con-                                                   into its HDTVs, tablets, phones and Blu-
  tacts and calendar, play media and                                                     ray players. New games will be available
  surf the Web. Best of all, it uses only                                                for instant play with the flick of a remote,
  about 10 percent of the power a PC does.                                               with no console, discs or downloads re-
                                                                                         quired; a gamer can transfer a game from

percent of all flat-panel TVs sold today.
Another research firm, Parks Associates,
forecasts enormous growth in this mar-
                                             Smart TVs are getting smarter. Some have giant
ket, with about 180 million connected         Netflix buttons on their remote controls, while
TVs sold in 2015.
    Buoyed by such findings, CE manu-         others integrate gaming or full Web browsers.
facturers showed many connected TVs
with bells and whistles that promise to
redefine, reinvent or re-create the tele-   interfaces. Content options are finally      one device to the next. Games will be
vision experience. Remote controls for      catching up to the hardware innovations,     available at up to full 1080p HDTV in
many will feature a prominent Netflix       and growing libraries of on-demand           3D with 5.1 surround sound.
button, some with the iconic red Netflix    movies and TV ... are starting to unlock
logo. Motion-sensing remote controls        the potential of connected TV devices as     PlaTforms for CoNNeCTed TVs
are also being touted as the solution to    multifunction online entertainment and       What makes a TV smart? Primarily, the
TV information overload. For example,       communications platforms.”                   software platform that integrates Inter-
Hillcrest Labs showed the Freespace             Scherf adds, “Today’s pay-TV pro-        net-based services with traditional TV
MotionEngine, a low-cost, embedded          viders will embrace the delivery of man-     services. Platform developers are still
motion-control system, and LG Elec-         aged video services to connected-TV de-      trying to find the right balance between
tronics showed a “magic motion” re-         vices to differentiate, increase customer    ease of use and content choice. Google
mote control that lets users wave, click,   satisfaction, lower capital expenditures     TV, the platform that has received the
drag and drop.                              by deploying fewer set-top boxes and         most attention in recent months, failed
    Kurt Scherf, VP and principal ana-      reach new bases of customers.”               to appear at CES – Google decided it
lyst at Parks Associates, was impressed         Sony showed 22 new BRAVIA                wasn’t ready for prime time – although
by the new crop of televisions, saying,     models that feature “seamless Internet       a number of vendors showed products
“The market has reached the fourth gen-     connectivity” to more than 40 Internet-      designed for Google TV, including
eration of connected TVs, and all major     based video and music services (the          mSpot’s movie and music services.
manufacturers are debuting new models       walled garden is still with us, evidently,       New or upgraded platforms seen at
at CES with innovations in content ag-      though there’s evidence to show that’s       the show included Yahoo!’s widely used
gregation, apps development and user        what consumers want on TV).                  Connected TV, which has been en-
                                                Samsung is working with service          hanced to allow interactive apps – click
                                            providers Time Warner Cable and              to purchase, click to vote a character off
                                            Comcast to add TV applications that          a show, click to find a dealer list for an
                                            connect directly to their services from      advertised product. Yahoo! is collaborat-
                                            smart TVs and tablets, facilitating their    ing on a pilot program with major con-
                                            TV Everywhere–type offerings. Sam-           tent providers and advertisers.
                                            sung also announced that its connected-          Cisco entered the market with Vid-
                                            TV app store has exceeded 2 million          eoscape, a platform marketed to ser-
                                            downloads. The store, available in 120       vice providers. In addition to software
                                            countries, features nearly 400 apps,         designed to run on in-home media
                                            about two-thirds of them free.               gateways, TVs, set-top boxes and other

                               January/February 2011 | www.broadbandproper | BROADBAND PROPERTIES |                    49
                                                                                            streaming infrastructure at a fraction
                                                                                            of the cost of traditional infrastructure.
 Octoshape’s cloud solution lets service providers                                          The company said Cloudmass “rewrites
  deliver Internet content economically without                                             the economics for traditional streaming
                                                                                            infrastructure for which the capacity
           bringing down their networks.                                                    needs to be negotiated, planned and re-
                                                                                            served in advance.”

                                                                                            CoNNeCTed seT-ToP
consumer devices, Videoscape includes             Ajax-CE middleware used on its VI-
                                                                                            Boxes aNd oTher deViCes
a cloud-based content management suite            ERA Cast/VIERA Connect Internet
                                                                                            Because set-top boxes and stand-alone
and subscriber management software for            TV service, and ACCESS will extend        “companion boxes” can be replaced or
service providers. It also integrates Cis-        the middleware to provide a platform      upgraded less expensively than high-end
co’s Umi home telepresence technology.            for TV and set-top box manufacturers      televisions, they may be more appropri-
    Cisco said Videoscape will allow              and content providers.                    ate than televisions as locations for the
service providers to guarantee quality                Can service providers continue        smarts in smart TV.
of service; create new revenue streams            to deliver Internet video and gaming          Research firm Strategy Analytics
based on application delivery, home               economically without bringing down        found that, in evaluating such devices
telepresence and in-video e-commerce;             their networks? Copenhagen-based          today, consumers are most concerned
and offer services outside their own net-         Octoshape ApS has an answer: Cloud-       with high-quality streaming capabili-
works. (See TV Untethered: Is the Ser-            mass, a cloud-based content delivery      ties and with the amount of content and
vice Area Obsolete? in the November-              service that can auto-provision network   number of services available. However,
December 2010 issue of BBP.)                      resources based on audience demand.       many of the devices shown at CES offer
    Panasonic is collaborating with AC-               Cloudmass aggregates the resources    new capabilities, and users’ criteria may
                                                                                            change by next year.
CESS on an open platform for Internet             of cloud service providers to dynami-
                                                                                                Stand-alone devices, now mostly
TV services. Panasonic will provide the           cally create an enormous, global cloud
                                                                                            priced in the $100 to $200 range, are
                                                                                            popular with consumers who don’t want
                                                                                            to wait for service providers’ connected
                                    April 26 – 28, 2011                                     set-top boxes – and with service provid-
                                                                                            ers that want to add connectivity with-
                                      InterContinental                                      out replacing their set-top boxes.
                                        Hotel – Dallas                                          For example, Amino Communica-
                                                                                            tions launched a companion box that
                                       Addison, Texas                                       lets cable and satellite operators add
                                                                                            over-the-top functionality to established
  The Leading Conference on Broadband Technologies and Services
                                                                                            offerings. The new device, called the

     Broadband Properties                                                                   Freedom Jump, connects to a primary
             the newest sponsors and exhibitors joining the
                                                                                            set-top box via HDMI and complements
                                                                                            it by offering access to Internet content
                                                                                            and services. A wireless option enables
                                                                                            connectivity to content from other net-
                2011 Broadband Properties Summit.                                           worked devices in the home, and game
                                                                                            controllers can be added via Bluetooth.
  Access Media 3                 Mesh Networks                   Sonora Design
                                                                   Associates                   Amino CEO Andrew Burke said,
  Allied Telesis                 OHIvey                                                     “Initial feedback from operators has been
  Connexion                                                      Televes USA Ltd.
                                 Primex                                                     very positive. They want OTT function-
    Technologies                                                 Transparent Video
                                 Radiant                                                    ality to meet changing viewing habits –
  COS Systems                      Communications                  Systems
                                                                                            and counter cord-cutting – but also a
  Ericsson                       RL Drake                        VideoPropulsion            companion device that blends seamlessly
  G4S Technology                                                 Walker & Associates        with their own user interface and branded
                                                                                            customer experience. The Freedom Jump
     TAKE ACTION today and secure your participation!                                       minimizes costly product change-outs,
               To Exhibit or Sponsor, contact: Irene Prescott at
                                                                                            whilst at the same time offering a new
 , or call 505-867-2668.                             layer of content to customers.”
       For other inquiries, call 877-588-1649, or visit                         Samsung also unveiled a compan-
                                                                                            ion box as well as a new Blu-ray player

50   | BROADBAND PROPERTIES | www.broadbandproper | January/February 2011
that supports Google TV. A special
Google TV remote control provides a                          CES Sighting: nEttalk tV
full QWERTY keypad and a built-in
microphone for voice search.                                               netTalK.Com, a competitive local exchange
    Microsoft’s new operating system                                            carrier that specializes in selling low-cost
for connected media devices was fea-                                                telephone service, entered the low-
tured in products shown by companies                                                  cost television market with the net-
that included Haier, Reycom, Prime                                                    TALK TV. A sleek, Wi-Fi–enabled
Time, Acer Gateway and Evolve Me-                                                     digital video device, the netTALK TV
dia. Reycom presented a Windows-                                                      can be used to purchase à la carte TV
based, hybrid set-top box supporting                                               channels – both standard- and high-
time-shifting and Internet access, while                                       definition – from netTALK. The device is
U.K.-based Evolve announced a new                                      designed as a simple, plug-and-play solution with
embedded software platform, PRIME,             connectivity options that include HDMI Out, S Video Out, Composite Video,
built on Windows Embedded Standard             Ethernet and Wi-Fi.
7 technologies. PRIME powers a whole
range of devices made by Evolve.
    Microsoft also enhanced its Kinect           Panasonic’s VIERA Tablet, to be          simultaneously without adversely affect-
game controller to serve as a remote         launched later this year, reflects a dual-   ing performance. (With today’s proces-
control for entertainment delivered          screen approach similar to Technicol-        sors, running multiple applications at
through the Xbox 360 game console.           or’s. Panasonic says this tablet-type ter-   the same time can cause pixelation on
This spring, Xbox LIVE Gold subscrib-        minal with a small, touch-screen LCD         the screen.) Finally, the processor has
ers will be able to use Kinect for Netf-     display will create “a whole new viewing     full 3D capabilities – that is, it can run
lix and Hulu Plus – pausing, rewinding       style,” making it easy to use cloud-based    full HD 3D content for each eye – and it
and fast-forwarding movies with voice        video services. The tablet will also work    also supports earlier 3D formats.
commands or gestures.                        as a subscreen for displaying images and         Intel introduced new second-gener-
    Boxee, maker of the Boxee platform,      information related to the images shown      ation core processors designed to play
said it will be able to provide new and      on the connected television. Panasonic       content in full high definition and wire-
old CBS programs to its users starting       envisions users watching online video        lessly beam HD content to a TV.
later this year. (CBS and other major        on the tablet, using it as a TV remote           More important, the processors’ se-
                                             for the big screen, viewing sports scenes    curity features (not digital-rights man-
TV content providers have balked at al-
                                             from secondary angles, chatting with         agement, Intel says) may encourage
lowing Google TV to use their program-
                                             friends while watching TV, and shop-         earlier release of movies in full high-
ming.) Users of the Boxee Box, which is
                                             ping online for items shown on the TV.       definition format. Kevin Tsujihara,
made by D-Link, will also soon have
                                                                                          president of Warner Home Entertain-
access to the VUDU movie service; still      The NexT GeNeraTioN                          ment Group, explained, “Warner Bros.
in development, but available at CES         Chipsets for the future generation of        sees the PC as one of the most broadly
for “sneak peeks,” was a Boxee for iPad      connected media devices were also on         available and versatile platforms for de-
app that will allow a user to either watch   view at CES:                                 livering premium digital entertainment,
videos on an iPad or select videos on an         Sigma Designs’ new media proces-         and now that Intel has made it more se-
iPad and stream them to the Boxee box        sor, the SMP8910, includes postprocess-      cure, we’re able to provide new releases
to watch on TV.                              ing technology that has been used for        and popular catalog titles in full HD to
    Technicolor launched the Media-          several years in high-end applications       the PC through our WBShop storefront
Navi cloud-based, multiscreen content        such as Cisco TelePresence and digi-         and from partners like CinemaNow
platform for cable, telco, and satellite     tal cinemas. This technology cleans up       on the same day as DVD and Blu-ray
providers. MediaNavi operates on tab-        video images sufficiently to achieve high    releases.”
lets, set-top boxes and other devices,       resolution even on giant screens. Sigma          Chip-maker Broadcom announced
presenting search-related data on the        merged it into a standard media proces-      nine new set-top box solutions for the
smaller device and the programming           sor, which, in the words of marketing di-    next-generation 3DTV Internet-con-
itself on the TV. Technicolor is part-       rector Michael Weissman, will “deliver       nected home.
nering with British provider TalkTalk        the first studio-grade set-top box ever
to trial MediaNavi on tablets as a per-      built” – one that will make any video        is 3d Video a BaNdWidTh hoG?
sonalized, enriched second-screen video      image, at any resolution, look better.       CES 2010 was supposed to have
experience. The two companies are also           The SMP8910 has enough process-          ushered in the “Year of 3D Video.”
working together on integrating Media-       ing power to handle both set-top box ap-     The technology didn’t take off quite
Navi into TalkTalk’s set-top-boxes.          plications and over-the-top applications     as fast as enthusiasts had hoped it

                               January/February 2011 | www.broadbandproper | BROADBAND PROPERTIES |                   51
                                                                                           devices. “LG sees tremendous growth
    How much bandwidth does 3D programming                                                 potential in the 3D mobile display mar-
                                                                                           ket,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president
       require? Today, good 3D picture quality                                             and CEO of LG Mobile Communica-
                                                                                           tions. Making 3D glasses a thing of the
     takes a lot of bandwidth. In the future, that                                         past, LG’s display uses an applied paral-
              may no longer be the case.                                                   lax barrier technology, which delivers a
                                                                                           series of light-blocking slits attached to
                                                                                           the front of the LCD panel. The slits,
                                                                                           or barriers, ensure that each eye sees a
would, but it hasn’t fizzled out, either;     HD 3D and save considerable band-            different image, creating an illusion of
vendors returned in 2011 with plenty of       width over current frame-compatible,
                                                                                           depth and a convincing 3D effect.
new 3D offerings, all marketed with this      half-resolution solutions. We do this by
                                                                                               LG drastically reduced cross talk
year’s buzzword, “immersive.”                 providing a single, highly compressed
                                                                                           with straighter, more upright barriers
    A year ago, vendors and analysts          and correlated broadcast stream that can
                                                                                           that are precisely aligned to the LCD
were arguing about how much band-             serve both the rapidly growing number
                                                                                           panel. This means not only smoother,
width 3D programming would require.           of new 3D users in Full HD per view as
                                                                                           brighter, cross-talk-free images but also
For today, this seems to be the answer:       well as the current base of 2D legacy us-
                                                                                           a wider viewing angle than on previous
Good 3D picture quality requires a lot        ers. Our system provides higher quality
                                                                                           parallax displays.
of bandwidth.                                 and compatibility at a lower cost.”
                                                                                               Consumers purchasing Samsung
    Full HD 3D transmission – the                 TDVision’s encoding system takes
                                                                                           3DTVs this year will get a bonus: ex-
best picture quality available today –        advantage of the redundancies between
                                                                                           clusive access to two of DreamWorks
was demonstrated at CES on a Pana-            the two stereoscopic views. The similari-
                                                                                           Animation’s new 3D Blu-ray titles. The
sonic Blu-ray 3D player connected to          ties between the two views are removed,
Verizon’s FiOS TV service. Engineers                                                       two companies are teaming up for R&D
                                              and only the differences are compressed.
from the two companies developed the                                                       and for other, similar comarketing ini-
                                                  This compressed difference, or delta,
network, software and user-interface                                                       tiatives. The two companies are also
                                              is stored in the video stream along with
enhancements that made Full HD 3D                                                          working on a streaming 3D VoD service
                                              one of the views as the 2D version so
possible over the bandwidth-rich FiOS                                                      for DreamWorks Animation trailers and
                                              that the decoders can retrieve the 2D
service.                                                                                   promotions.
                                              version and the delta to reconstruct the
    Unlike some competing technolo-                                                            Subscription movie service VUDU
                                              full 3D stereoscopic video.
gies, Full HD 3D preserves the com-                                                        is now streaming 3D movies to new HD
                                                  This opens the door for a single
plete 1080p picture resolution. Other                                                      televisions and Blu-ray disc players made
                                              broadcast stream that can be seen by all
solutions degrade the 3D image, typi-                                                      by FUNAI (Magnavox, Sylvania), LG
                                              existing cable, satellite and over-the-air
cally reducing resolution by half. In a                                                    Electronics, Mitsubishi, Philips, Sam-
                                              users “in Full HD 3D where available.”
demonstration, FiOS engineers showed                                                       sung, Toshiba and VIZIO, as well as to
                                              TDVision Systems has partnered with
a selection of 3D content streaming to        chipset manufacturers to implement the       the PlayStation entertainment system
a Panasonic Full HD Blu-ray 3D Disc           2D+Delta encoding methodology.               and Boxee media software.
player at bit rates of up to 18 Mbps. Veri-                                                    “The biggest obstacle for the 3D
zon points out that it has the bandwidth      NeW 3d offeriNGs                             market in the home in the past was the
headroom to accommodate consumer              Toshiba showed 3D LED TVs featur-            lack of 3D content ... buyers just weren’t
demand for such new technologies.             ing several enhancements to picture          interested in a feature they couldn’t
    However, in the future, 3D video          quality. The product line includes both      use,” said Rob Enderle, principal analyst
may not require so much bandwidth.            active and passive 3D in a variety of        for Enderle Group. “VUDU’s delivering
Sigma Designs’ SMP8910 chipset, dis-          screen sizes.                                3D streaming content directly addresses
cussed in the previous section, supports          The televisions can convert 2D           this challenge.”
Full HD 3D at relatively low band-            programming (even home videos) and               SENSIO Technologies also ad-
widths, based on its decoding and post-       games to 3D, upgrade 3D sources that         dressed the shortage of 3D content by
processing algorithms.                        are not native full high definition and      re-encoding a collection of independent
    TDVision Systems is also working          mitigate cross-talk ghosting in active       movies, documentaries and blockbust-
on technologies that have the poten-          3D pictures. Toshiba also demonstrated       ers in its Hi-Fi 3D format. The content
tial to conserve bandwidth in deliver-        glasses-free 3DTV, although it has not       will be distributed through the popular
ing Full HD 3D. Manuel R. Gutierrez           yet announced any products using this        VoD platform RoxioNow. Manufactur-
Novelo, CEO of TDVision Systems,              technology.                                  ers of Internet-connected devices that
explained, “With our 2D+Delta Service             LG Electronics showcased a 4.3-          incorporate the Hi-Fi 3D decoder will
Compatible System, we provide Full            inch, glasses-free 3D display for mobile     be able to offer this 3D library.

52   | BROADBAND PROPERTIES | www.broadbandproper | January/February 2011
    SENSIO also unveiled the S2D
Switch, which enables a 3D video stream
to be displayed in 2D (left or right eye).
When there are more viewers than there
are 3D glasses, the S2D Switch allows
the entire group to enjoy watching 3D
content in HD 2D.

home NeTWorKiNG: The searCh
for a UNiVersal sTaNdard
Some of the hardest-fought and most
confusing standards wars center on
home networking. Even though home
networks aren’t part of access networks,
they are critical to delivering the services
provided over access networks; service
providers can’t sell advanced services to
subscribers unless they can deliver the
services to subscribers’ devices.
     The huge disparity in conditions and
types of home wiring, along with the ex-
pense of installing home networks, has
led to a proliferation of home network-
ing standards and methods.                         Chano Gomez, director of business          Wireless sTreamiNG
     Service providers have several goals      development for home networking at             Consumers have been setting up in-
for home networking beyond ensuring            Lantiq North America, said that,          home wireless networks ever since lap-
they can deliver their services: avoid-        somewhat surprisingly, has attracted in-       top computers became popular. How-
ing installing new wiring, minimizing          terest from smaller providers for use in       ever, early wireless technologies had
(or even eliminating) service installa-        in-building networks.                          limited capabilities, and the primary use
tion time, minimizing ongoing support              In a fiber-connected MDU where             for in-home wireless networks was shar-
costs, minimizing the number of tech-          today an optical aggregation switch, a         ing broadband modems.
nologies supported and avoiding reli-          VRAD or a similar device distributes               Today, faster and more robust wire-
ance on a single vendor. Although the          signals to individual units over copper,       less technologies, the proliferation of
relative importance of these goals can         a provider might install a gateway        wireless devices and the growing interest
vary, the ideal home networking tech-          instead – exactly the same device used         in sharing content among devices have
nology is one that supports every kind         in a living unit. Because of competition       transformed the in-home wireless land-
of physical medium, delivers flawless          among vendors and economies of            scape. To the extent that wireless can
service at infinitely high speeds, is sim-     scale due to adoption by large telcos, a       handle multimedia content streaming in
ple to install and is supported by many gateway is likely to cost far less than   the home, it is the lowest-cost solution
silicon vendors.                               these alternative devices while providing      in many cases.
     To date, the closest approximation        bandwidth of up to 1 Gbps to each unit.            A sampling of how wireless is being
to this holy grail is, a standard
                                                   The Institute of Electrical and Elec-      used to transfer content inside the home
adopted last year by the International
                                               tronics Engineers (IEEE) recently began        includes the following:
Telecommunication Union (ITU), a
                                               work on an alternative approach – IEEE             Chip-maker Ralink showcased peer-
U.N. agency. Major telcos around the
                                               P1905.1, Convergent Digital Home               to-peer wireless connectivity and video
world, including AT&T in the United
States, plan to use technology.           Network for Heterogeneous Technolo-            streaming technologies, including Wi-
The first home networking chips,          gies. The IEEE’s approach is less ambi-        Di (which can push content from PCs
which support networking over copper,          tious than the ITU’s; P1905.1 won’t            to TVs), PC-centric 1x1 802.11n Wi-Fi
coax and powerline at very high speeds,        provide integration at the physical level.     combined with Bluetooth 3.0+HS on a
were shown at CES by Sigma Designs             Rather, operating at a higher network          single chip, and 3x3 MIMO solutions
and Lantiq; at least six other vendors         layer, it will provide a common software       with OptiLink technology for transmit-
are working on chips.          interface to multiple home networking          ting high-definition video throughout
devices could be available as early as the     technologies. It promises to simplify          the home.
second quarter of 2011, although they          configuration and security for home                Cavium Networks showed its
will probably take longer to be officially     networking, but it will not provide            PureVu video processors, which enable
certified as compliant.              ’s other advantages.                       wireless transmission of full HD video

                                 January/February 2011 | www.broadbandproper | BROADBAND PROPERTIES |                    53
              SErViCE proVidErS adopt rEmotE-managEmEnt
                    tEChnology for homE nEtworkS
  As service providers become responsible for more de-            Devices can be configured to check for updates, or HDM
  vices in customers’ homes – residential gateways, set-          can push updates to managed devices.
  top boxes, VoIP adapters, femtocell access points and               For troubleshooting, help desk technicians no longer
  others – they need to manage and troubleshoot home              ask users to log onto malfunctioning devices and report
  networks without sending technicians out into the field.        their settings; technicians can see the settings them-
  The Broadband Forum TR-069 protocol is now widely               selves and correct them remotely. Help desk training is
  used for remote configuration and management, and               reduced because all devices are addressed through a
  several vendors have built tool kits based on that proto-       common interface.
  col to help service providers.
                                                                      Active management really shines in the most dif-
      One of those vendors, Alcatel-Lucent subsidiary
                                                                  ficult situations. Geller cited instances in which service
  motive, ended 2010 with more than 50 million devices
  under management by its Home Device Manager (HDM),              providers discovered glitches in the firmware of installed
  up from just 10 million two years earlier. Eighty-five ser-     CPE devices. To avoid security risks, they might have dis-
  vice providers worldwide have deployed HDM; one of              patched a technician to every subscriber or asked sub-
  them reported savings of $10 million through reduced            scribers to install the firmware patch themselves. With
  customer support calls and technician costs.                    HDM, they downloaded the security patch automati-
      Simplifying remote device management doesn’t                cally – and quickly.
  just save support costs; it also allows service providers           Though TR-069 was originally developed for tele-
  to deploy new services faster and increases customers’          phone companies (cable companies use DOCSIS for con-
  uptake of services by increasing their confidence about         figuration), Geller said cable companies were also begin-
  them.                                                           ning to demonstrate interest in it. “As cable companies
      In the last few years, according to Ben Geller, senior      get to all-IP networks, they’re seeing a greater need to
  director of product marketing at Motive, most large             bring devices under active management,” he said.
  service providers have stopped purchasing customer-                 Geller also said new uses for remote management
  premises equipment (CPE) that does not interoperate             were appearing on the horizon. One is configuration
  with a device management product. He said, “We’ve
                                                                  of devices owned by consumers – for example, setting
  gotten to the stage where it’s part of the bill of materials
                                                                  up connected TVs to access Netflix. A second new use is
  for CPE. When we get into new areas such as femtocells,
                                                                  managing applications on connected consumer devices
  the manufacturers recognize that device management
  is table stakes. They want to walk in the door before           throughout their life cycles – for example, downloading
  meeting with the service providers and say that their           and troubleshooting new versions of platform software.
  devices are manageable.”                                        Geller said, “We’re talking to our customers about home
      When a technician connects a managed device such            management, energy management, home monitoring
  as a residential gateway to power and data networks,            and security, partnerships with electronic health, trans-
  the device self-installs and connects to HDM, which             porting vital health statistics. … We definitely see the
  configures it. “The user doesn’t do anything,” Geller ex-       [service provider–owned] CPE as a logical place to run
  plained. “It’s zero-touch. The user is ready to go online.”     applications from.”

from gaming consoles, Blu-ray play-         box that can wirelessly bridge home gate-   all-in-one digital home platform. This
ers and other CE devices to HDTV            ways and access points to gaming con-       will enable wireless multimedia appli-
displays in real time. These processors     soles, set-top boxes, media streamers and   cations such as HD pay-IPTV content
can also transmit data and video from       digital TVs, enabling wireless, whole-      streaming, OTT video distribution,
PCs to external displays, monitors and      home HD entertainment networking.           VoIP, multiplayer gaming and Internet
projectors.                                     Celeno’s OptimizAIR technol-
                                                                                        surfing by using 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz
    Blackfire Research will use Cavium      ogy achieves consistent throughput
                                                                                        frequencies concurrently.
processors to deliver its SuperStreamHD     throughout the house and through mul-
technology, which lets computers and        tiple walls for the simultaneous stream-        BridgeCo announced that its Juke-
smart phones deliver music to the stereo    ing of up to eight flicker-free 1080p HD    Blox streaming music platform would
via Wi-Fi.                                  resolution video streams.                   now be available on a Wi-Fi media mod-
    ZyXEL is using Celeno’s Wi-Fi tech-         Technicolor will also use Celeno        ule, which will lower its bill-of-material
nology to power a new media streaming       Wi-Fi technology for its MediaEncore        costs by 25 percent and reduce its size by

54   | BROADBAND PROPERTIES | www.broadbandproper | January/February 2011
50 percent. BridgeCo says virtually ev-
ery major home audio brand is “looking
to bring these improvements and price
                                                   With the new Panasonic Blu-ray Disc player,
points to the market in 2011.”                      a user can make a Skype high-definition
    Altec Lansing introduced a Blue-
tooth wireless speaker, the inMotion Air,               video call from almost any HDTV.
which will allow consumers to stream
music wirelessly from their iPhones,
iPads, or other Bluetooth A2DP–com-           consumers don’t have to manage all the        entertainment on tablets, handheld de-
patible media devices in full hi-fi sound     cabling and communication and storage         vices, TVs, set-top boxes and Blu-ray
quality. The inMotion Air comes with a        devices.                                      players connected via Wi-Fi.
remote that controls the main functions           Entropic Communications and
of iTunes, Windows Media Player and           Actiontec Electronics are partner-            VideoCoNfereNCiNG
many other popular music players and          ing to develop new broadband routers          Last year, Skype made headlines with
delivers up to seven hours of playing         based on Entropic’s Multimedia over           its introduction of high-definition,
time across a range of up to 100 meters.      Coax (MoCA) 2.0 solution. The two             large-screen video calls – a feature that
    DisplayLink launched an appli-            companies previously delivered MoCA           is now supported on some Panasonic
cation for Windows PC users to wire-          1.0/1.1–enabled broadband routers,            and Samsung televisions. At CES 2011,
lessly connect an iPad to a PC and use        which distribute broadband data over          Panasonic said it would also support
the iPad screen as a secondary display.       home networks and enable multiroom            Skype voice and video calling on its new
Leveraging the idle screen of the iPad        DVR/VoD service. MoCA 2.0-enabled             VIERA Cast–enabled Blu-ray Disc
while computing lets PC users avoid           broadband routers will deliver faster tiers   players. Callers can even leave video
having to constantly switch views.            of Internet access speeds, support more       messages on the Blu-ray players. Add-
    Samsung introduced the Mobile-            simultaneous HD and 3D video streams          ing Skype to these Blu-ray players will
Print app, its first application for print-   and deploy new network architectures.         increase the market for the video calling
ing from Android and iOS mobile de-               Cavium showed ECONA dual-core             service by allowing consumers to make
vices to Samsung wireless printers. The       ARM11 processors for fiber-to-the-home        Skype calls on nearly any HDTV.
app detects and connects to nearby            broadband gateways. ECONA proces-                 Skype also launched group video
Samsung wireless printers via Wi-Fi or        sors support content inspection applica-      calling for both consumers and enter-
a network link. Ken Colby, director of        tions and dual-band, high-performance         prises as part of its new premium pack-
printer marketing at Samsung Electron-        802.11n radios and can provide qual-          age. The feature, which connects groups
ics Enterprise Business Division, said        ity of service for voice, video, data and     of up to 10 people, is available as a day
the app answered “a very real need for        mobility.                                     pass or a monthly subscription. The
today’s smart-phone-centric lifestyle.”           Ubicom announced the general              benefits for businesses are evident, but
                                              availability of its StreamEngine auto-        Skype cited interesting consumer uses as
resideNTial GaTeWays                          matic quality of service (QoS) tech-          well: A Spanish family was reunited after
Service providers rely on residential         nology, which has been enhanced for           six years apart, and the Global Learning
gateways – the links between home net-        streaming video and other media.              Exchange brought together classrooms
works and access networks – to support        Streaming video, audio and online gam-        from Singapore and Bakersfield, Calif.
home networks. New residential gate-          ing have special requirements for latency         Vidyo demonstrated its high-defini-
ways shown at CES have more intelli-          and real-time bandwidth. Though most          tion, multipoint videoconferencing so-
gence built in than ever before.              Internet traffic is bursty, streaming         lution, VidyoConferencing, which con-
    Alcatel-Lucent won a CES 2011             media requires consistent bandwidth.          nects consumer devices, such as laptops,
Innovations Design and Engineering            StreamEngine prioritizes streaming            tablets and smart phones, with enterprise
Award for products that combine a resi-       video, audio, VoIP and gaming traf-           room systems. Vidyo has marketed the
dential gateway, application module and       fic and deprioritizes applications, such      service for two years as a telecommut-
activation/auto configuration/manage-         as BitTorrent, that tend to consume all       ing tool “that extends work productiv-
ment device. These products make the          available bandwidth.                          ity tools into the home.” However, Ofer
rollout of connected-home services such           StreamEngine adapts to available          Shapiro, cofounder and CEO of Vidyo,
as home media sharing, smart metering         bandwidth, the devices in the home            said VidyoConferencing was evolving
and home automation easier, more flex-        network and the types of traffic going        into a consumer service: “Today, Vidyo’s
ible and more cost-effective. Operators       through the network – all without user        users are also connecting their PCs and
no longer have to ship, deploy and man-       input or configuration. This intelligent      Macs to TVs in their living rooms and
age multiple devices for every subscriber     network and traffic management also           kitchens to gather the family and inter-
(a costly and error-prone process), and       works on Wi-Fi networks for wireless          act with multiple friends and relatives

                                January/February 2011 | www.broadbandproper | BROADBAND PROPERTIES |                   55
                                                                                            actual revenues,” said Ben Piper, direc-
                     CES Sighting:                                                          tor in the Strategy Analytics digital
                                                                                            consumer practice. “‘Wow’ factor is one
                Virtual pErSonal StyliSt                                                    thing; willingness to pay is a completely
   The ng Connect Program – a multi-industry consortium working on                          different matter.”
   next-generation network applications – showcased Virtual Personal Styl-                      “Even with a slowly improving econ-
   ist, which it called a new concept in shopping. Customers can use Vidyo’s                omy, subscribers are wary of increas-
   HD videoconferencing technology to consult in-store personal shoppers                    ing their monthly spend to the telco
                                                                                            or cable company,” said David Mercer,
   and then use TelePresence Tech’s 3D visualization technology to dress up
                                                                                            vice president of the Strategy Analytics
   their avatars in a full-size, networked “mirror” and see how they will look
                                                                                            digital consumer practice. “We think
   in selected clothes or makeup. Other technology participants included Vi-
                                                                                            the pricing approach to smart-home ap-
   sionMAX, [TC]2 and Samsung. Through the auspices of fashion magazine
                                                                                            plications needs to focus much more on
   ELLE, L’Oreal USA and Bloomingdale’s contributed cosmetics, skin care
                                                                                            demonstrable return on investment to
   products and AQUA apparel for the demonstration.
                                                                                            the end user.”

                                                                                            Telehealth, one of the most widely an-
                                                                                            ticipated smart-home applications, was
                                                                                            well represented at CES. The Continua
                                                                                            Health Alliance demonstrated applica-
                                                                                            tions from a number of its member com-
                                                                                            panies, including
                                                                                            • A Bluetooth blood pressure cuff and
                                                                                              weight scale from A&D
                                                                                            • A Bluetooth pulse oximeter from
                                                                                              Nonin Medical
                                                                                            • A Cypak USB converter cable de-
                                                                                              signed to connect legacy devices to
                                                                                              the Continua ecosystem
                                                                                            • HealthLink PC managers from
                                                                                              companies such as Intel and Lam-
                                                                                              prey Networks that turn PCs into
                                                                                              home health gateways
                                                                                            • Andago’s complete monitoring so-
                                                                                              lution, which collects patient data
                                                                                              from a Continua device, sends it to
around the world in an HD, highly reli-        smarT-home aPPliCaTioNs                        a Linux mobile phone via Bluetooth
able personal telepresence experience. …       The coming year will be critical for the       and forwards it through the mobile
                                                                                              network for analysis by Open Health
Vidyo’s solution on mobile devices is cur-     development of smart-home applica-
                                                                                              Assistant, Andago’s care manage-
rently being piloted by a telecom carrier      tions in the United States, according to
                                                                                              ment platform
in Europe, and we believe these services       analyst firm Strategy Analytics.
                                                                                            • ZyXEL’s Smart Home Gateway
will be broadly available to consumers             Though fewer than 200,000 Ameri-           (SHG), a battery-powered, wire-
around the world in 2011.”                     can households subscribed to smart-            less 3G/802.11n platform for health
    Vidyo’s solution, which is software-       home services in 2010, Strategy Ana-           monitoring and assisted-living so-
based, eliminates the need for a central       lytics – drawing on nationwide survey          lutions. (An SHG-powered blood
multipoint control unit. It adapts easily      research and proprietary demand mod-           glucose monitoring solution was dis-
to nearly any hardware platform, oper-         eling – forecasts 3 million U.S. subscrib-     played.)
ating system or network. The company           ers by the end of 2011.                      • Texas Instruments solutions for
said this combination of performance,              Strategy Analytics found both high         telehealth and telehealth aggregation
flexibility and price has led telecom carri-   consumer interest in smart-home ap-            managers.
ers and other partners to deliver new ser-     plications and significant barriers to          In addition, the largest telehealth
vice offerings that weren’t previously pos-    their widespread adoption. “For service      company, IDEAL LIFE, introduced its
sible. The technology is licensed by HP,       providers, the most daunting task will       Health Tablet, which automatically syncs
Hitachi, Teliris, ShoreTel and others.         be converting customer excitement into       data between health care provider infor-

56    | BROADBAND PROPERTIES | www.broadbandproper | January/February 2011
mation systems and the health records          dow locks, motion sensors, an advanced          storage device that provides secure infor-
of the patients who use its remote health      pan-and-tilt camera and a fixed indoor          mation about total household electricity
monitoring devices. The tablet also incor-     and outdoor camera.                             use and estimated costs. Nucleus, which
porates a secure video communications              “What we’ll be testing in these homes       is about the size of a phone charger, re-
link that lets users connect from home         is just the beginning,” said Eric Bruno,        lays information from utility smart me-
with health coaches and providers. The         vice president of product management            ters to consumers’ PCs or smart phones.
IDEAL LIFE Health Tablet will work on          for Verizon. “We’re giving customers a              “Currently, consumers have little
any cellular network.                          remote control for their homes that they        more than a monthly utility bill to deter-
                                               can use to cut CO2 emissions and their          mine what they’re using and spending,”
eNerGy aNd home moNiToriNG
                                               energy bills and give them anytime, any-        said Dave McCalpin, general manager,
Verizon showcased its new home moni-
                                               where access and control of their homes.        Home Energy Management, GE Appli-
toring and control service, which is ex-
pected to be available in the first half       The concept of the connected home has           ances & Lighting.
of 2011. Subscribers to this service will      been discussed for many years, and now              He added, “GE’s Nucleus energy
be able to lock their doors remotely; see      Verizon’s high-IQ networks are mak-             manager with Brillion technology was
what’s going on at home via networked          ing that concept a reality by converting        developed to provide near real-time in-
cameras; and set, adjust and control           customers’ homes into bandwidth-rich            formation for more control over house-
lights, smart thermostats and appli-           ecosystems that enable a wide variety of        hold energy costs and consumption. It
ances, all by using a smart phone or           customizable options.”                          serves as the command center for energy-
computer or through FiOS TV.                       Sigma Designs partners 4Home and            and cost-conscious homeowners to make
    Verizon is conducting a pilot pro-         Mios demonstrated the ability to run            smarter, more informed decisions.”
gram for the new service in New Jersey.        home control and energy management                  Texas electric utility Reliant Energy
Each home selected for the program will        applications from a TV screen, using            demonstrated its e-Sense smart energy
be outfitted with an energy reader, smart      Sigma’s Z-Wave technology.                      solutions, a suite of new and existing
appliance switches and thermostats, a              GE introduced its Nucleus energy            tools that 175,000 customers now use
smart power strip, smart door and win-         manager, a communications and data              for detailed information about how

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                                January/February 2011 | www.broadbandproper | BROADBAND PROPERTIES |                          57
                                                                                           rectly with service teams. Some laundry
  The connected home isn’t just about consumer                                             appliances and refrigerators will also
                                                                                           monitor their own energy use. Consum-
 electronics gadgets. Every appliance and service                                          ers will be able to control their Kenmore
                                                                                           appliances via iPads and smart phones
 should be easily accessed and managed through                                             and receive alerts when their appliances
           any touch point in the house.                                                   reach certain states – say, when an oven
                                                                                           finishes preheating or self-cleaning.
                                                                                               LG Electronics’ smart appliances
                                                                                           have a number of interesting capabilities:
they use electricity at home, for timely      through the Control4 system directly to
insights about their power use and cost,      Sub-Zero and Wolf.                           • Smart Grid uses a smart meter
and to change how they buy and use                With the Control4 platform, home-          to ensure that appliances use the
power. E-Sense is available today to          owners will be able to set ice-making          minimum amount of energy at the
the more than 2.4 million Texans with         and other energy-intensive functions to        least expensive rates possible, giving
smart meters.                                 lower levels at different times of day, be     consumers options to balance rates
    The newest e-Sense product is On-         notified when oven preheating is com-          against waiting time.
line Account Management, which lets           plete, view the current oven temperature,    • Smart Diagnosis helps customer ser-
customers view their usage history by         receive alerts when the timer is almost        vice representatives troubleshoot me-
hour, week and year and compare cur-          finished and access meat temperature           chanical issues. For minor problems,
rent to previous usage. It also projects      from the internal meat thermometer.            an appliance alerts its owner on the
billing amounts for customers and lets            Wine storage unit owners will be           display panel or, for future models,
customers set monthly budgets and re-         able to monitor door status and even re-       on the owner’s smart phone or tablet
ceive weekly alerts.                          ceive e-mail or text message alerts when       PC.
    E-Sense also includes a time-of-use       doors open or close.                         • Smart Access lets owners monitor
plan to help customers shift their usage          A number of other appliance manu-          and control home appliances from
to lower-priced, off-peak times. Later        facturers have announced devices with          a smart phone or tablet. Consumers
this year, Reliant will begin offering the    similar functions. For example, GE             will soon be able to order HOM-
Home Energy Monitor, a portable, wire-                                                       BOT robotic vacuum cleaners to
                                              introduced a line of appliances that re-
less in-home display that will give cus-                                                     tidy their homes or even feed their
                                              act to utility price signals from a smart
tomers real-time information about their                                                     pets while they’re out.
                                              meter and delay or reduce usage until
electricity use and cost.                                                                  • Smart Adapt lets consumers upgrade
                                              lower-cost, off-peak periods.
    Swann Security debuted its Home                                                          appliances via Wi-Fi connections.
                                                  GE said that because home appli-
Wireless Alarm System, an all-in-one kit                                                   • The Food Management Solution
                                              ances, including heating and cooling,
that incorporates motion sensors, door-                                                      helps consumers inventory what’s in
way sensors, a siren and several controls.    account for about 75 percent of total
                                              home energy consumption, they are              the fridge – even when they’re out
“Installation is a breeze,” according to                                                     shopping.
Swann. The system can be activated and        attractive targets for improved energy
deactivated remotely, and it gives home-      management.                                     HCL Technologies unveiled a plat-
owners 30 seconds to get out of the               Samsung’s new Wi-Fi–enabled re-          form-agnostic home automation gateway
house before the alarm goes off.              frigerators have LCD screens for easy        that allows users to control home appli-
                                              access to recipes, weather, calendars,       ances from mobile devices. The platform,
CoNTrolliNG home aPPliaNCes                   family messages, news headlines, photos      Aegis, enables interconnectivity between
“The connected home isn’t just about          and everything else households used to       multiple devices linked via Wi-Fi, Zig-
consumer electronics gadgets – every ap-      use refrigerator magnets for.                Bee, DLNA and HomePlug networks,
pliance and service should be easily ac-          Kenmore’s Connect service will let       and HCL said it promises to significantly
cessed and managed through any touch          washers and dryers communicate di-           reduce the price of such systems. BBP
point in the house,” said Will West,
CEO of Control4.
    His company announced partner-
ships with Sub-Zero and Wolf Appli-           Home appliances, including heating and cooling,
ance to design refrigerators, ovens and
wine storage units that integrate with the
                                              account for about 75 percent of total home energy
Control4 platform. Users of these appli-         consumption – which makes them attractive
ances will be able to manage and monitor
their energy usage and send energy de-            targets for improved energy management.
ferral requests or general service requests

58   | BROADBAND PROPERTIES | www.broadbandproper | January/February 2011

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