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   The definitive cross border healthcare news portal
   Powered by Initiare International

   Media Information 2010

   Initiate Health Dot Com delivers free, flexible and cutting edge information to allow you to keep up to date
   with all the cross border healthcare news and media. Delivered to your desktop 24/7, 365.
   Initiate Health Dot Com is an online news portal delivering the latest information on the cross border
   healthcare industry. Initiate Health Dot Com bridges a gap in cross border healthcare media and works as a
   central hub for up to date news, events, case studies and features. Initiate Health lays a foundation for
   dialogue and debate at an industry and government level by collecting and analysing data, industry trends and
   events. Our content is developed in conjuction with industry healthcare leaders and is complemented by our
   in-house researchers, writers, and an international network of correspondents. Initiate Health Dot Com is
   written by the industry and for the industry.

   As healthcare costs continue to rise, health providers and payors around the world are faced with the
   challenges of lowering costs, reducing medical errors, enhancing outcomes and spurring efficiency in an
   industry which is unfortunately known for its inefficiency. There is an urgent need to supply the correct
   information to the very foundation that this industry is based on - people. This demands clear, concise,
   educational information that may aid global cross border healthcare decision makers to carry out informed,
   educated decisions based on the most up to date data, stats and industry news. This is where Initiate Health
   Dot Com comes in.
   Our worldwide network of content providers and correspondents harness news and media channels like
   Associated Press, Reuters and China Radio International to ensure we present breaking news and features
   from the global cross border healthcare industry. Current, up to date and cutting edge information is delivered
   in a variety of formats including high resolution Flash video and animation and interactive, closed door, online
   forums. Content providers, partnered with our in house writers and editorial team, include leading health,
   travel and expatriate insurance companies, air ambulance organizations, worldwide travel, medical, technical
   and legal assistance networks and international hospitals that cater for tourists, expats, business travelers and
   corporate healthcare buyers.

   Key Contributors

                                                                                                                       Initiare International •

   Mr. Jeff Tolbert                 Mr. Sheldon Kenton                    Dr. Dimitris Kolianiatis
   CEO AirMed International         CEO EMEA Cigna International          CEO Athens assist
                                                                                                                            Initiate Healthcare dot com

   Dr. Mustafa Atac                 Mr. Shai Gold                         Mr. Thorkild Lykee
   CEO Redstar, Marm & SCA          CEO Global Triage                     GM Astrum assistance alliance
                                                                          Network manager SOS International
To complement our professional channels of established media, news features are also written directly by
leading cross border healthcare service providers. Initiate Health Dot Com delivers news from: ADAC Air
Ambulance, AIG , Air Ambulance Professionals, Airmed LLC, Allianz worldwide care, Assistance online, Athens
assistance, Astrum assistance alliance, Aviva, Augsburg Air Ambulance, AXA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bupa
International, Cigna International, DKV Globality, Europ Assist, GMMI, Healthcare International Global Net-
work, Hope Air Ambulance, IAG, IFRA assistance, International health Insurance, International SOS, Lloyds of
London, Marm assistance, Medic Assistance International, Munich Re, Mondial, National healthcare group,
Norwich Union, Parkway healthcare, PICC, Pru Health, SOS International, Saudi German Hospital Group,
Singapore health services, Sunway Medical Centre Malaysia, Swiss Re, Travel guard, Travel Underwriters, TU
Group, United Health, Verisafe Networks & WPA

Initiate Health Dot Com also provides up to minute data and news from Insurance, healthcare and travel
industry associations and accreditation programs including: IATA, Trent Accreditation, EURAMI, CAMTS,
Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia, China Hospital Association, JCIA, ABI Association of British Insurer
and AHIA Australian Health Insurance Association.

Educating at an industry and government level is a key ethos of the team behind Initiate Health Dot Com.
Information is provided with the agreement of government and non governmental organizations including:
WHO (World Health Organization), WTO (World Tourism Organization), International Red Cross and the
United Nations.

                                                                                                                  Initiare International •
How it works

Advertising by your intended clients will always generate an increase in mind share and eventually lead to
increased market share. However, at Initiate Health Dot Com we are focused on delivery of return on
investment and understand that (especially within this complex, service based industry) the products are too
complex and the offerings too involved for your potential customers to start working with you immediately.
That is why we have developed a multi-faceted approach to promote your product within Initiate
Health Dot Com
                                                                                                                       Initiate Healthcare dot com

News and Press Releases
These are aimed to keep the industry up to date with our PR news service. This ensures that your PR is online
and ready within minutes of your releases to us. Our news desk is always open, and we welcome your PR
department to email us your press releases and associated images on a regular basis.
Suitable news material will then be hosted on Initiate Health Dot Com in a timely manner.
Add to your PR mailing list and we will do the rest.                      IBN
Case Studies

These allow you to demonstrate and prove your experience and knowledge of your sector of the industry
with a case studies or technical papers. It also illustrates how you have been able to deliver value to your
current clients with success stories. This is an educational platform to present an in depth, longitudinal
examination of a single case, instance, or event. By applying a systematic method of collecting and analysing
data, industry trends and events, our case study material is developed together with independents and
industry healthcare leaders. Complemented by our in house team and international network of
correspondents, Initiate Health Dot Com case studies are written by the industry and for the industry.
Key Contributors

Flash Audio Visual Presentations

Initiate Health Dot Com is the only business to business, cross border healthcare news portal that educates and
communicates with Flash audio visual. Flash video is the most effective and up to date method of presenting
rich multimedia audio visual content to our users. As technology andvances at pace, internet users demand the
satisfaction of all their senses when browsing the net as well as just reading content.

Key Contributors

Executive Interviews

Our C-level executive interviews give you further insight into the issues that your peers are facing, whilst
sharing with you their opinions and views on global healthcare issues, policies and frameworks. Conducted
with industry and governmental healthcare leaders, the interviews serve as an arena of education and focus on
the most important area in healthcare delivery - people.

Key Contributors

                                                                                                                    Initiare International •

International Network Directory and Buyers Guide
The Initiate Healthcare International network directory is the essential source of providers operating within the
cross border healthcare industry. Broken down into market sector, the directory represents the international
payors and service providers who offer a range of cross border healthcare products and services today.
                                                                                                                         Initiate Healthcare dot com

Meet The M.A.N Networking services (Money, authority, need)
The Initiare International executive management team hold strong relations with health and travel insurance
companies, multinationals, governments and trade development agencies, assistance networks, air
ambulance owners, operators and brokers and international hospital facilities. With a deeper understanding of
your needs, wants and desires we can introduce you to real decision makers who need your services and
products in the short, medium and long term. Sometimes it isn’t what you know, but who you know.
Readership by Industry
Industry – Primary Readership 91%
A typical user of Initiate Health Dot Com will be operating within and actively developing the following
industry sectors. Our core database of users are our primary readership and are fully qualified industry
professionals. They are involved in the purchase or recommendation process in the provision of cross
border healthcare products and services.
Our readership is constantly evolving and represents an eclectic mix of decision makers from the following
industry sectors:

     Air Ambulance Owners, operators and brokers             Medical Assistance Companies
                      Aviation (Private and Public)          Medical Tourism Operators and Agents
                                       Construction          Mining
                                 Cost containment            Ministry of Health, Tourism & Travel
                                         Education           Non Governmental organisations
                                         Embassies           Non medical assistance
           Emergency services (public and private)           PMI Underwriters
                                  Funeral Directors          Reinsurance
    Government Ministries of health, travel, tourism         Security assistance companies
                   Health Insurance Underwriters             Technical Assistance Companies
            Hospitals, Clinics and medical centres           Third Party Administrators
                         Humanitarian/AID NGO’s              Transportation & Logistics
                                 IPMI underwriters           Travel Insurance Underwriters
                                 Insurance brokers           Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Agents
                            Insurance underwriters           Oil and Gas
                                   Legal assistance
                                   Media and press

Industry ‐ Secondary readership 9%
We have a select number of users operating in the
following industry sectors of which we class a
secondary readership:

•   Automotive                       Readership by Job Title
•   Banking and Finance
•   Food and beverage
•   Information technology                                              Public Sector Job Title 5%
•   Legal and law                                                       Minister
•   Manufacturing                    Technical Management 31%           Under Secretary
•   Mining                                               Manager
•   Retail                                     Assistant Manager                Private Sector Job Title 64%
•   Shipping and Maritime                                Adjuster               Owner
•   Sports and leisure.                             Administrator               Chairman                       Initiare International •
                                                                                Department/Unit Chief/head

An example of a typical reader:
                                                                                                                    Initiate Healthcare dot com

• CEO of a global travel and medical assistance company searching for one web site where he may read the
  weeks breaking news, on all sectors of industry.
• Network director from a major PMI Underwriter looking for new service providers that may add value to the
  payors network.
• CEO of a major expat health insurance company keeping up to date on what the competition is doing.
• Provider relations head from a US based health insurance Company searching for new air ambulance
  companies who may provide medivac in South America.
• Senior insurance manager from a major multinational sports brand who wants to keep up to date with
  cross border healthcare news and events.
Readership by Country                                          Readership by Department

                                                                        •   Board of directors
                                                                        •   Business continuity
                                                                        •   Business Development
                                                                        •   Corporate executive
              Asia Pacific 27%         Amercias 31%                     •   International Network
                                                                        •   Human Resources
                                                                        •   Marketing
                                                                        •   Operations
                                                                        •   Provider Relations
                            EMEA 42%                                    •   Sales

Bonus circulation

Initiate Health Dot Com understands the importance of networking and real life, face to face, meetings. These
meetings still remain the number one choice for any dynamic company executive and demonstrate further on
the Initiare International mission of “…helping cross border healthcare C-level executives achieve in days what
traditionally takes months and miles”

                                             Initiate Health Dot Com is a proud media sponsor and partner of
                                             the following healthcare events and conferences:

                                             •   Association of Private Hospitals Annual Conference
                                             •   China Hospital Association conferences, meetings and summits
                                             •   TEMOS conferences (1st one November 2009)
                                             •   Association Improving Health Tourism Conferences Turkey
                                             •   Medica Germany
                                             •   HIMMS technology conferences

Initiate Health Dot Com reports on healthcare conferences, summits and events, whilst accessing and
maintaining a high level of brand exposure and visibility before, during and after the event. Initiate Health Dot
Com online marketing and telesales teams are employed and trusted by worldwide conference and event
organizers, to reach out to industry professionals and to promote healthcare events and conferences on the
Initiate Health Dot Com database.

                                                                                                                      Initiare International •

Advertising opportunities

Advertising cement the identity of your company brand, products and services in the hearts and minds of your
clients and makes your branding synonymous with the products you offer.
Drive specific targeted web traffic to your web site, whilst gaining market and mind share. Put your company’s
corporate ID and contact details right in front of your current and future clients. By using a fully animated Flash
                                                                                                                           Initiate Healthcare dot com

banner advert to catch the eye at point of view, or through Initiate Health Dot Com’s Provider Directory which
is the definitive online buyers guide for cross border healthcare. Initiate Health Dot Com will aid your
company’s development and mind share from the moment you join us.

We believe that to provide true return on investment, we provide bespoke packages to meet our clients needs.
From press release to final advert concept and design, Initiate Health Dot Com will aid your companies media
exposure, brand awareness and market share.
 • Large Banner Flash animated advertisement that hyperlinks directly to your web site. Place your corporate
   ID and message in the right place at the right time, in eye catching style.
 • Flash box advertisement with hyper link to your web site in all relevant provider directory sectors and
   geographies. The Initiate Health Dot Com network directory is the ultimate source of information and data
   on who’s in the industry, and who’s not.
 • Meet the Man networking services – source new providers, clients and access priority high quality sales leads
   on a case by case basis
 • Round table positions. Show the industry your knowledge, passion and service offerings
 • Case studies and One to One interviews. Tell them how you do it!
 • Press releases online, ontime and on point.

                                                           Networker Plus

                                                                                                 Developer Plus

                                                                                                                                    Executive Plus



 • Banner Advert                                                                                                    25 Sec        40 Sec

 • Provider Directory Advert               Yes            Yes                6 Sec            14 Sec                 6 Sec         14 Sec

 • Meet the M.A.N.                                                            Yes               Yes                  Yes            Yes

 • Round Table Positions                                   2                   4                 6                Unlimited Unlimited

 • Case Studies                                                                4                 6                Unlimited Unlimited

 • Interviews                                              2                   4                 6                 Unlimited Unlimited

 • Complete design included
   editorial services
                      and                  Yes            Yes                 Yes               Yes                  Yes            Yes

 • From only:                           € 8oo           € 1,2oo             € 1,9oo           € 2,4oo               € 3,6oo       € 4,4oo

 • Duration can be adapted to suit; 6,12 and 18 Month packages available                                                                             Initiare International •
 • Press Releases are Unlimited to all packages.

   To arrange your bespoke advertisement package please contact Initiate Health Sales on: +356 213 767 20
                                                                                                                                                          Initiate Healthcare dot com

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