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					Telescope Kit

When you decide that want to undertake making your own telescope, you
could try to amass all the supplies you need separately, or you could
simply buy a telescope kit and get everything you need in one fell swoop.
Telescope kits come with step-by-step instructions along with all the
supplies to make an effective telescope made especially for star gazing.

Many kits are available for making a Dobsonian type telescope. They
usually come with a primary as well as a secondary mirror, a spider which
is the secondary mirror’s support system, a focuser, an eyepiece and a
finder scope. They generally do not come with the tube that will hold
the whole thing, the base the telescope sits on or the mirror cell.

Making your own telescope from a kit can save you a lot of money if you
are interested in astronomy. Some telescopes are available for sale that
can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Telescope kits run in the
$200 to $300 range and are readily available in hobby stores as well as

Telescope kits are great for teachers who want to show their students the
power of the stars as well as the power of themselves. Basic telescope
kits can be purchased so that each student can make his or her own
telescope and then use it to look skyward at night. It’s a great
teaching tool and a great learning opportunity for kids of all ages!

The best part about telescope kits is that they are aimed at absolute
beginners. You don’t have to have any special skills or know how and
they can easily be put together by almost anyone. The telescope kits are
really designed to give amateur astronomers a finished product that will
produce a decent image at moderate power.

Someone using a telescope kit to assemble their own telescope can
probably complete the building process in about 15 to 20 hours which
would be about two or three days – easily done over the weekend! You
don’t have to worry about missing pieces or missing components – well
unless the kit is faulty in which case, you just contact the company and
either ask for the missing pieces or ask for a new kit.

Of course, you could option to make or amass the parts for your own
telescope yourself – as we said before. But if you want a time-saving,
less expensive way to make your own telescope, a telescope kit is really
the way to go!

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