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                                              MIDDLE SCHOOL

                           3741 Pulliam Drive
                        Louisville, Kentucky 40218
                            (phone) 485-8305
                              (fax) 485-8157

This School Agenda belongs to:

Address                       Telephone Number
Team                              Email Address
Grade/Section                           Bus No.

 Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer Offering Equal Educational
     MISSION STATEMENT:                                   ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF
                                                       Principal:        Mr. David Bennett
                                                       Asst. Principals: Mr. Greg Fehr
Myers Middle School’s mission is to
                                                                         Mrs. Melissa Watts
promote a positive atmosphere where                                      Ms.Cassandra Jackson
learning is possible for all students. We              Counselor:        Mrs. Erin Sherman
will do all that we can to help students               Youth Service Center Coordinator:
learn, and we will continue to expect                                    Mr. Steve Rickner
every student to perform at high levels in
academics and basic skills.                            Youth Service Mission Statement:
                                                       The mission of the Myers Youth Service
We will recognize and celebrate the                    Center is to connect students and families to
diverse backgrounds and needs of the                   resources and supportive services that will
students within our school. We believe it              enhance the growth and development of
is our responsibility to meet student                  Myers students and their family members.
                                                       The overall goal is to remove any barriers to
needs according to their capabilities, to
                                                       students being educated and to help ensure
promote self-esteem, and to build                      that their families have the resources to be
confidence in our students. We will                    successful in life.
involve all stakeholders in the decisions              Please contact Mr. Rickner at 458-2167 in
made about our school, and we will work                the Youth Service Center if assistance is
to create a safe and caring environment                needed in the following areas:
for all members of our school                          Referrals     to     health/social  services,
community.                                             employment counseling, training, and
                                                       placement, summer and part-time job
                                                       development, drug and alcohol abuse
    PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE                                counseling, and academic support services.
The policies and procedures contained in
this handbook have been carefully prepared
to help you understand the school’s                      SCHOOL SUPPORT STAFF
expectations for student behavior and to help          Secretary:      Ms. Lee Radford
you become an integral part of the school.             Bookkeeper:     Mrs. Gina Mercer
As a citizen of this school, you are expected          School Clerk, Records:
to follow the rules that are established for the                       Mrs. Stella Kavanaugh
welfare of the entire student body. Through            School Clerk, Registrar:
the cooperative efforts of students, teachers,                         Ms. Martha Craycroft
parents and administrators, the school year            School Clerk, Attendance:
will be a most productive one. We hope you                             Mrs. Robin Reid
will make new friendships and become                   Lunchroom Manager:
involved in helping to make Myers                                      Ms. Rita Lewis
Middle a GREAT school!                                 Plant Operator: Mr. Joey Jones

Mr. David Bennett, Principal
Faculty and Staff

   REGULAR SCHOOL DAY                                            TEXTBOOKS
     CLASS SCHEDULE                                 Parents/Guardians must sign a textbook
Students who arrive at school before 7:32am         form which lists the student’s book titles and
must report to the media center, cafeteria or       have it returned to school via the student.
gymnasium.                                          Each subject teacher will then record the
WARNING BELL:                   7:35 AM             book’s number and issue the book to the
FINAL BELL:                     7:40 AM             student. The same books must be turned in
DISMISSAL for 1 RUN BUS: 2:20 PM                    at the end of the school year or upon the
DISMISSAL FOR CAR RIDER/WALKERS:                    student’s withdrawal from school. Lost or
                                2:27 PM             damaged books must be paid for by the
                                                    parent or guardian of the student to whom
                                                    the books were issued. Failure to comply
DETERMINED BY EACH TEAM.                            with the above regulation results in losing
                                                    entitlement to free textbooks.
SIMPLE RULES OF BEHAVIOR TO MAKE                                   LOCKERS
LUNCH    PERIOD   PLEASANT    AND                   Students may rent lockers at the beginning
RELAXED:                                            of the year for $5.00: lockers are for storing
                                                    books and personal belongings. Students
1. Observing good dining room standards at          are reminded to keep their combinations
the table.                                          confidential and to use the lockers assigned
2. Leaving the table and the surrounding            to them. The school administrative staff
area clean and orderly.                             retains the right for periodic locker checks as
3. Putting trash in proper containers.              the need arises. Students are not allowed to
4. Remaining in your seat after going               share lockers with other students from
through the lunch line.                             another team.
5. Talking quietly to your neighbor.
6. Walking to and from lunch quietly.                           HALL PASSES
                                                    Hall passes are contained in this booklet. It
                                                    is important to keep this School Agenda with
                                                    you at all times. Students must have a hall
                                                    pass to be out of class during class time. It is
                                                    the student’s responsibility to keep up with
Student Breakfast Paid: $1.35
                                                    their School Agenda and to fill out
Student Breakfast Reduced: $0.30
                                                    information on the hall pass.
Student Lunch Paid: $2.35
Student Lunch Reduced: $0.40
                                                    No hall passes are to be issued during
Adult Breakfast and Lunch: ala carte
                                                    the first ten minutes or the last ten
                                                    minutes of a class period.
The library is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
You are invited to come in to read,                             SCHOOL BUS
study, or do research. Library passes               The office of transportation provides school
from your teachers are required during              bus service to all students who reside at a
class time.                                         distance of one mile or more from the
                                                    school. Students are encouraged to use this
                                                    free service. Students must load, ride, and
                                                    unload school buses in an orderly fashion,
follow instructions given to them by the bus            *A minimum of 80% of all eighth grade
driver, and obey the regulations approved by            courses taken.
the Jefferson County Board of Education.
Myers Middle School students are expected               EMERGENCY DATA/ILLNESS
to abide by the same high standards of
behavior on the school bus as in the                       AT SCHOOL/EARLY
classroom. Misbehavior on the bus may                          DISMISSAL
result in a student being suspended from                MYERS DOES NOT HAVE A HEALTH
riding the bus. Students who are                        ROOM. Students who are too ill to remain in
suspended from the bus do not have an                   class are to be sent to the office with a note
excused reason to miss school.                          from      the    teacher.     The      student’s
Students must ride their bus.                           parent/guardian will be notified. If the student
IF STUDENTS PLAN TO RIDE ANOTHER                        can not be picked up by a parent/guardian or
BUS, THEY NEED A NOTE SIGNED FROM                       sent home, they will be returned to class. We
THEIR PARENT/GUARDIAN GIVING THEM                       do not dispense medicine without prior
PERMISSION. A PHONE NUMBER MUST                         written approval. All forms of medication,
BE LISTED WHERE THEY CAN BE                             both prescription and over-the-counter,
REACHED DURING THE DAY FOR                              will only be distributed if the proper JCPS
VERIFICATION. THESE NOTES NEED TO                       medication form is on file in the front
BE GIVEN TO A SCHOOL CLERK IN THE                       office. Students coming to the office should
FRONT OFFICE BEFORE 8:00 AM AND                         have a note or school agenda signed from
CAN BE PICKED UP BY THE STUDENT                         the teacher of that period unless the injury
AT 2:00 PM.                                             prevents this. If it is necessary for the
                   TARC                                 student to go home, they will be excused
Buses are available for students needing                through the office and their parent/guardian
transportation. Extreme caution is advised              notified. NO STUDENT should ever leave
when students wait for the bus. A current               the building during the school day without
bus schedule is posted in the front office.             FIRST following the proper procedures.

      VISITOR PROCEDURE                                        TRANSFERS AND
All visitors must sign in at the front office and            WITHDRAWALS FROM
obtain a visitors pass from the office staff.                     SCHOOL
Students are not allowed to bring visitors to
                                                        Any student changing schools must apply to
school with them.
                                                        the GUIDANCE OFFICE for the necessary
                                                        transfer papers. A checkout sheet will be
      EXTRA CURRICULAR                                  given to the student and should be
                                                        completed before transcripts and records will
          ACTIVITIES                                    be forwarded to the next school.
Students must pass all subjects with at least
a C in all Core Subjects to participate in
Extra Curricular Activities.                                       STUDENT
           ADDITIONAL                                            AND CONDUCT
          REQUIREMENTS                                  1. Every student is responsible to all staff
For high school athletic eligibility, middle            members, including, but not limited to,
school students must pass:                              substitute teachers, clerks, custodians
*The sixth, seventh, & eighth grades as                 and secretaries.
2. Students should respect the rights and            best of their abilities. Your parents/guardians
property of others (e.g. teachers,                   can expect school staff to be available for
classmates, administrative office,                   appointments when they want to review your
custodial and lunchroom staff).                      progress or the information in your records.
3. Every student should be in his/her place          You can expect school staff to be serious
ready to work when each class begins.                about teaching; they expect you to be
4. Each student is responsible for each              serious about learning.
individual teacher’s set of rules.
5. Students are to walk in the hallways.                   STUDENT SEARCHES
6. Students are to avoid gathering in
                                                     Students have the protection, as do all
groups which blocks traffic flow in the halls.
                                                     citizens, against unreasonable search and
7. Students are to avoid shouting and
                                                     seizure of their property. School officials
                                                     have the right to search students or their
8. Students are to walk on the right side
                                                     property if the officials have a reasonable
of the hall.
                                                     suspicion that the student may be in
                                                     possession of something that violates school
                                                     rules or endangers others. Searches and
                                                     drug dogs may be used periodically.
DURING THE COURSE OF THE                                     CLOSED CAMPUS/
SCHOOL DAY UNLESS HE/SHE IS                                  OFF LIMIT AREAS
ACTING IN THE CAPACITY OF A                          Areas OFF LIMITS for students:
VOLUNTEER FIRE FIGHTER OR                            Certain areas are prohibited to students
EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE                            except by specific authorization. These are:
MP3 PLAYERS, IPODS, ELECTRONIC                       1. Faculty Lounge
GAMES, SKATE BOARDS, LASER                           2. Faculty Dining Area
POINTERS, ILLEGAL DEVICES AND                        3. Both front and side parking areas during
ANYTHING THAT IS DISRUPTIVE TO THE                   lunch and class time.
EDUCATIONAL PROCESS ARE NOT                          4. Gym locker room after class hours
PERMITTED ON SCHOOL GROUNDS                          5. Custodial service and supply room
WHILE SCHOOL IS IN SESSION. SUCH                     6. Band room except when scheduled for
ITEMS WILL BE CONFISCATED AND                        Band.
HELD UNTIL A PARENT/GUARDIAN                         7. Behind the counter in the main office
COMES TO SCHOOL TO PICK THEM UP.                     Any student found in any of these areas will
THE SCHOOL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE                        be subject to disciplinary action.
ITEMS.                                                              SMOKING
                                                     Smoking is prohibited in the school building
         STUDENT RIGHTS                              and/or on the school grounds. Tobacco is
As a student of Myers Middle School you              not allowed at school by students.
can expect to be treated fairly by all staff.
Your right to courtesy and respect will be
honored. Or course, you will be expected
to respect the same rights of others. You
can expect your teachers to explain their
methods of grading. You can expect your
school staff to help with problems, to the

        Myers Middle School                                   Uniform shirt must be        worn
                                                               underneath cardigans
        Dress Code 2010-2011
Students should come to school neat, clean,            Sweatshirts
and with clothing in good repair. Any items
                                                              Any solid color
that are considered disruptive, provocative,
attention-getting, or hazardous are not                       Must have a banded waist
allowed. Administration will determine what                   No hoods
is disruptive, provocative, attention-getting or              No logos, designs, or insignias
hazardous.                                                     except Myers’ logo

Uniform pants, shorts, skorts, skirts
or capris                                                     Closed toe, closed heel
        Tan, black, or navy
        Permanent press/cotton twill only
        No embellishments, corduroy,                         Must be worn
         denim or banded bottoms                              Tights and leggings must be a
        Shorts, skirts, and skorts must be                    solid color
         appropriate length
Uniform shirts (Must be tucked-in at all
                                                              Must be worn with bottoms that
                                                               are manufactured with belt loops
        Any solid color                                      No suspenders
        Oxford or polo-style
        Must have a collar                            Miscellaneous
        Must     have     standard-length
         sleeves (no cap sleeves)                             Undergarments must be covered
        Must be buttoned to provide                           at all times
         complete coverage                                    No hats, hoods, or caps are to be
        No logos, designs, or insignias                       worn in the school building
         except Myers’ logo                                   No grills or decorative mouth
Undershirts (Must be tucked-in at all                         No piercings except earrings; No
times)                                                         distracting jewelry or hair color
                                                              Tattoos that are disruptive must
        Any solid color                                       be covered
        No logos, designs, or insignias                      Myers spirit shirts, 8th grade t-
                                                               shirts, RACERS shirts, and team
Sweaters                                                       uniforms may be worn on
        Any solid color                                       designated days
        May be cardigan or pullover                          Book bags, backpacks, string
        No hoods                                              backpacks, and purses must be
        No logos, designs, or insignias                       left in lockers during school hours
         except Myers’ logo
Any manner or style that identifies or                Fifth Offense
promotes gang activity is strictly                           Referral to Assistant Principal
prohibited                                                   Call Home by Assistant Principal

                                                      Subsequent     offenses    will   result  in
     Consequences for                                 Administrative action, and failure to comply
                                                      with the Dress Code could result in loss of
  Dress Code Violations                               privileges.

Myers Middle School 2010-2011
                                                         ATTENDANCE POLICIES
        The following consequences                            ABSENCES:
will be given if a student is out of dress            Regular attendance is essential for the
code. Students must first be given                    promotion and success of a student at Myers
the opportunity to comply with the                    Middle School. In the event you are absent
uniform      dress       code      before             from school, you must do the following:
consequences are given. Teachers
                                                      1. A parent/guardian must call the school
should      only       reserve       these            at 485-8305 on the day you are absent.
consequences for students who are                     Failure to contact the school on the day of
missing uniform items. Students who                   absence will result in an automated call to
have the wrong uniform items should                   your home to determine the reason for your
be asked to remove them and replace                   absence.
them with uniform-compliant items
                                                      2. In addition to calling the school on the
from the Youth Services Center.                       day of absence, a note must be turned
                                                      into the front office upon the your return to
                                                      school with the following information:
CARE Teachers will survey students
                                                      a. Student’s FULL NAME (especially if
for dress code concerns and attempt                   different from parent/guardian)
to resolve them prior to first block.                 b. Date of absence
First Block teachers will check for                   c. Reason for absence
compliance and issue consequences.                    d. Parent/Guardian signature
                                                      e. Phone number where parent/guardian can
                                                      be reached.
First Offense
      Referral to Youth Services Center for          Only the following reasons are
       Uniform Compliant Item                         considered as acceptable reasons for an
Second Offense                                        absence/tardy. (Please note, any child
       Team Consequence- Teacher Discretion          leaving prior to 2:20pm falls under this
       Call Home by Teacher/Team Member              same policy.)
Third Offense
       Lunch Detention in Cafeteria- Assistant       1. Illness
        Principal Notified by E-mail                  2.Doctor, Dentist or Counseling appt.
       Call Home by Teacher/Team Member              3. Court Date
                                                      4. Religious Observance
Fourth Offense                                        5. Death in the immediate family (must
       Team Detention Assigned                       provide copy of obituary or notice of
       Call Home by Teacher/Team Member              attendance from the funeral home)

If an absence/tardy is due to personal               reached his or her eighteenth birthday, who
business, travel or some other reason not            has been absent without a valid excuse
listed above, a parent/guardian should               for three or more days, or [who has been]
notify the school prior to the absence/              tardy without a valid excuse on three or
tardy. The principal or his/her designee             more days is a truant. Any student enrolled
will then decide if the absence/ tardy is            in a public school who has attained the age
excused.                                             of eighteen years but has not reached his or
The following are NOT acceptable                     her twenty-first birthday, who has been
reasons for missing or being late to                 absent from school without a valid excuse for
school and will result in an Unexcused               three or more days, or [who has been] tardy
Absence/Tardy being recorded.                        on three or more days is a truant." The law
                                                     defines a habitual truant as "any student who
1. Oversleeping                                      has been reported as truant two or more
2. Babysitting                                       times."
3. Missing the bus/other transportation
issues                                                              TARDINESS:
4. Lack of uniform clothing                          Being on time is important. It prevents
5. Moving / Travel / Vacation                        wasted class time spent correcting
                                                     attendance      records      and      repeating
The student will be given 3 school days              assignments. Students who arrive late for
from the day they return to school after             school should go directly to the front office
an absence to turn in their notes, after the 3       for a pass to class. If the student had a
school days, no note will be accepted and            doctor or dental appointment, they should
the absence will remain unexcused.                   bring a note from the doctor. Tardiness will
Once a student reaches 3 unexcused                   be excused for the same reasons an
absences, they will be entered in our                absence will be excused. Students who are
Truancy Diversion Program and an official            tardy to school must sign in at the front
letter will be mailed home. If the student           office before they will be admitted to
continues to obtain unexcused absences,              class. Habitual tardiness will result in
the following will occur:                            disciplinary action. Office passes are not
1. At 5 unexcused absences the student               issued for students who are late from one
will be required to take 2 Saturday                  class to the next. This will be dealt with by
classes                                              the teachers. Reasons for tardiness fall
for every 1 day absent.                              under the same guidelines as absences.
2. At 6 unexcused absences, it will be               Please refer to that section for further details.
turned over to PUPIL PERSONNEL. This
person      will    then   investigate     the
absences.                                                      EARLY DISMISSAL:
Additionally, no student will be allowed to          The Kentucky Department of Education does
make up work from an unexcused                       not recognize an early dismissal. Any
absence. A student will only be able to              student who leaves school early and
request make-up work once they have                  properly signs out, as required by state law,
turned in their absence note.                        will be marked tardy or absent for the
All students are required by law to attend           percentage of the school day missed.
school every day and to be on time for               An early dismissal will be treated the same
school and all classes. The district records         as an absence or tardy. Reasons for early
excused and unexcused absences daily to              dismissals fall under the same procedure as
comply with Kentucky School Law, KRS                 absences and tardiness. If the reason for
159.50, which states, "Any child who has             an early dismissal is left blank on the Exit
attained the age of six years but has not            Log, it will remain Unexcused until a note
is turned in to the front office explaining             conditions of suspension shall cause further
why the student needed to leave early.                  disciplinary action to be taken.
Only those reasons previously listed will be
accepted. Students who must leave early                  PROCEDURES FOR MIDDLE
due to discipline issues will not be
excused for their time missed.                             SCHOOL GRADES 6-8
                                                             MAKE-UP WORK
         DISCIPLINE CODE                                A student returning to school after an
Our goal is to help students learn to live              absence may request make-up work once
within guidelines, which lead to their own              they have turned in a note to the front office
improvement. Self-discipline is our goal;               explaining the reason for their
however, discipline from the school may be              absence. This must be done within three
necessary. We will abide by the Jefferson               (3) days of their return to school. If they
County Public Schools Uniform Code of                   have not turned in a note for their absence,
Student Conduct, which every student will               they will not be allowed to request their
receive.                                                makeup work. The make-up work will include
The following acts will not be                          only written daily work, tests and major
tolerated and will result in disciplinary action:       projects. Some class work cannot be
                                                        reasonably duplicated and cannot be made
1. Cutting school or class                              up.
2. Smoking                                              The make-up work will be provided to the
3. Disrespect, abusive language, profanity,             student as arranged with the teacher. The
or willful disobedience.                                student will have the number of days absent
4. Class disturbances and disruption                    or suspended plus one day from the time
5. Threats towards others                               he/she receives the make-up work to turn it
6. Possession or use of tobacco, drugs and              in to the teacher. Teacher discretion can be
or alcohol.                                             used to handle a special situation. No
7. Assault (may lead to legal action)                   student will be allowed to make up work
8. Truancy (continual unexcused absences                from an unexcused absence.
and tardiness)                                          When an absence or suspension occurs, the
9. Thefts, vandalism, or damage to property.            student or parent/guardian can make
10. Fighting                                            arrangements with the school administrator
11. Horseplay or roughhousing in the halls              to take tests and turn in major projects. All
or classrooms.                                          possible efforts should be made to plan
12. Possession of weapons                               any family trips or activities during times
13. Leaving school grounds without                      when school is not in session.
permission while school is in session
14. Misbehavior while under supervision                  EXPLANATION OF GRADES
of a substitute teacher or classroom guest.             The Jefferson County Board of Education
15. Misbehavior during assembly programs.               has approved the following guidelines for
                                                        assessing and reporting to parents the
A student placed on suspension is prohibited            achievement of middle school students.
from entering the school or school grounds
(except for a prearranged conference with an                      COMPONENTS OF
administrator), attending any day or night
school function of the Jefferson County
Public Schools, or riding a school bus during           The academic grade reflects what students
the term of suspension. Violations of the               know and are able to do. The academic
                                                        grade is based on student performance and
                                                        may include:
PARTICIPATION/ATTENDANCE,                                       PROGRESSION
HOMEWORK, CLASS ASSIGNMENTS,                          New minimum promotion standards went
DISCUSSIONS/PROBLEM SOLVING,                          into effect for all Jefferson County Public
QUIZZES/TESTS, ASSESSMENT,                            Schools at the start of the 2005-2006 school
STUDENT SELF-EVALUATION, SPECIAL                      year. In order to be promoted to the next
PROJECTS/ PERFORMANCE,                                grade, all middle school students must pass
PORTFOLIOS, EXHIBITIONS,                              two-thirds of their courses, including
INDIVIDUAL AND/OR GROUP WORK,                         language arts and math. Students must also
TEACHER OBSERVATION.                                  complete a writing portfolio/folder at each
                                                      grade level.
           LETTER GRADES
A: 93 . 100 %
B: 86 . 92%
                                                        SCHOOL CANCELLATION
C: 79 . 85%                                           In the event that school is not in session
D: 70 . 78%                                           because of an emergency or bad weather,
U: Below 70% - Unsatisfactory Performance             radio and TV stations will broadcast the
I: Incomplete (Incomplete work due to                 information. Further information can be
excused absence must be completed and                 obtained by tuning in Channel 15 or calling
the grade recorded within two weeks of the            the Public Information Office at 485-3357.
end of the course. If work is not completed in
that time, the grade will be recorded as a U.           TO SEE THE COUNSELOR
                                                      1. Fill out a request form obtained in your
Report cards will be brought home by the              homeroom or in one of your classes.
students once each six weeks. Progress                2. Leave the request with one of your
cards will be sent home at the three week             teachers and they will leave the request with
period when necessary. Report cards are to            your counselor.
be signed by the                                      3. You must have a pass to enter the
parent/guardian and returned to the school            counselor’s office during the school day.
*The Grading Period will end on the                   There will be a $1.00 fee to copy a student’s
following dates:                                      transcript. Students will need to complete a
9/23/10, 11/5/10, 12/17/10, 2/11/11, 3/25/11,         transcript request form (located in the front
5/26/11                                               office) and turn it in to one of the office
*Dates subject to change due to weather
conditions.                                           Please allow a two-day processing period
                                                      for the copying of transcripts.
Teacher judgment of student conduct in                       SCHOOL CONTACT
individual classrooms will be assigned                         INFORMATION
according to the following scale:
S: Satisfactory                                       Myers Middle School
NI: Needs Improvement                                 3741 Pulliam Dr.
U: Unsatisfactory                                     Louisville, KY 40218-1632
Conduct shall not determine academic grades.
                                                      Phone #: 502-485-8305
                                                      Fax : 502-485-8157


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