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Texas A_M University-Commerce


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									Texas A&M University-Commerce

       Larry F. Lemanski, Ph.D.
  University Provost and Vice President for
              Academic Affairs
History of
Texas A&M University-Commerce

             • Founded in 1889 by Professor
               William L. Mayo as a teacher
               training school
             • Originally named East Texas
               Normal College
             • University became East Texas
               State University in 1962
             • Joined the Texas A&M University
               System in 1996
         Location of
         Texas A&M University-Commerce

Close to diverse, urban Dallas-Fort Worth
• Dallas-Fort Worth is a quick, hour drive from campus
• Home to five professional sports teams
• Headquarters to 24 Fortune 500 companies including Exxon
  Mobile, AT&T and Texas Instruments
Texas A&M University-Commerce

               • 2nd-largest member of
                 the Texas A&M
                 University System
               • More than 100
                 undergraduate, master’s
                 and doctoral programs
               • 5th oldest university in
                 Texas (Founded in 1889)
               • Prestigious accreditations
     Student Profile
• 10,647 Students registered
  for Fall 2010
   6,282 undergraduates
   4,365 graduate students
• 60 % are first-generation
  college students
• Students from 48 different
  countries (45% of the
  international students are
  from India)
Texas A&M University-Commerce

             • Texas A&M University
               Commerce, Texas
             • 4 branch centers throughout the
                –   Downtown Dallas
                –   Mesquite
                –   Midlothian
                –   Corsicana
             • Articulation agreements with
               community colleges throughout
               Texas to ease student transfer to a
               four-year university
      Proposed Colleges (4th added)
      Texas A&M University-Commerce
                        • Accounting Economics & Finance; Applied Science;
 College of Business      Business Administration & Management Information
                          Systems; Marketing & Management

                        • Counseling; Curriculum & Instruction; Educational Leadership;
College of Education      Health & Human Performance; Psychology & Special
                          Education; Social Work; Nursing (pending – to be approved by
and Human Services       82nd Legislature with the caveat it would become a free standing
                         college in 3-5 years)

College of Humanities   • Art; History; Liberal Studies (program); Literature &
 Social Sciences and      Languages; Mass Media-Communication & Theatre;
         Arts             Music; Political Science; Sociology & Criminal Justice

 College of Science,    • Agricultural Sciences; Biology & Environmental
                          Sciences; Chemistry; Computer Science & Information
  Engineering, and        Systems; Industrial Engineering & Technology;
     Agriculture          Mathematics; Physics & Astronomy
Texas A&M University-Commerce

    • 11 NCAA Division II Athletic Teams
    • 5 USA National Championships
    • 58 Conference Titles
Main Campus Construction
            • Modern Science Building
              with Planetarium
            • Recently completed:
              – $29 million Music Building
              – $25 million Sam Rayburn
                Student Center
            • Under construction:
              – $14 million, 238-bed
                Residence Hall scheduled
                for completion July 2011
      Texas A&M University-Commerce
• SACS accredited (Texas A&M-Commerce)
• AACSB accredited (College of Business)
• NAIT & ABET accreditations (Department of
  Industrial and Engineering Technology)
• 100% online MBA program
  – Ranked #2 Best Buy for online
    MBA’s by geteducated.com
        New Programs
        Texas A&M University-Commerce

•   Construction Engineering
•   Applied Criminology (M.S.)
•   Political Science (M.S./M.A.)
•   Nursing (B.S.N./M.S.N. Fall 2011)
•   Computational Science (Ph.D., Fall 2011)
•   Teaching (M.A.)
•   Accounting (M.A.)
•   General Studies (B.S.)
          Grants / Research
          Texas A&M University-Commerce

Grants received since September 1, 2010:
•   U.S. Department of Justice
•   U.S. Department of Education
•   U.S. Department of Energy
•   U.S. Department of Agriculture
•   Walmart SEMILLAS
       • Excelencia in Education & the Walmart
       Cardiac Tissue Research

Dr. Larry F. Lemanski
• Initial work using salamanders with genetic mutations show
   promise to turn damaged heart tissue into healthy cardiac
   tissue in humans.
• Funded by the United States National Institutes of Health and
   the National American Heart Association
• Awarded a US/International Patent to turn non-muscle cells
   into cardiac muscle cells.
      Texas A&M University-Commerce
International Studies
• London, England
• Spain-Madrid and Valladolid
• Jamaica
• Mexico-Guadalajara, Cuernavaca and Puebla
• American Institute for Foreign Study Programs –
  Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Czech
  Republic, Egypt, England, France, Hungary, Ireland,
  Italy, Morocco, Peru, Russia, South Africa, and Spain
• India would be an extremely desirable and significant
  addition to our globalization efforts
       International Programs
       Texas A&M University-Commerce

• Signed agreements for joint
   – Sarajevo, Bosnia (EMBA)
   – Rabat, Morocco (MS in finance,
     MS in marketing)
   – Riga, Latvia (EMBA)
   – Belgrade, Serbia (MBA)
   – Mansoura, Egypt (BSA & MBA)
                                      • In development:
                                         – Shanghai, China
                                         – Taiwan
Industrial Engineering & Technology
Texas A&M University-Commerce

            •Construction Engineering
            •Industrial Engineering
            •Technology Management
        Computational Science Ph.D. Program
        Texas A&M University-Commerce
• Bioinformatics
• Computational Mathematics and
  Computer Science
• Computational Physics and
• Computational
  Linguistics and
  Cognitive Modeling
• Partnership with industry (L-3)
• Unique in the World
        Physics & Astronomy
        Texas A&M University-Commerce
• Undergraduate Programs
   – Physics
   – Applied Physics
   – Industrial Engineering & Technology
• Graduate Programs
   – Master of Science, Broadfield Science Major
   – Ph.D. Computational Science in Physics & Astronomy (Fall 2011)
• Research Programs
   –   Surface Science Research Lab
   –   Nuclear Theory & Nuclear Astrophysics
   –   Astronomy
   –   Physics Humor
Texas A&M University-Commerce
                   • Undergraduate
                     – BS in Chemistry
                     – BA in Chemistry
                   • Graduate Programs
                     – MS in Chemistry
                     – Professional MS Degree
                       in Chemistry
                     – Ph.D. Computational
                       Science in Chemistry
                       (Fall 2011)
                   • American Chemical
                     Society - Student
                     Affiliates (ACS-SA)
      Agricultural Sciences
      Texas A&M University-Commerce

•Agricultural Education
•Agricultural Science
•Agricultural Science Technology
•Animal Science
•Broadfield in Agriculture Science
•Equine Science training and research program
•1500+ acre farm
      Department of Nursing
      Texas A&M University-Commerce

  Hospitals Work to Address Nurse Shortage
“The state is facing a
  shortage of 71,000 nurses
  by 2020 as demand
  continues to outpace
  supply” says the Texas
  Department of State Health
  Services.                    DallasNews.com
                                July 13, 2010
     Department of Nursing
     Texas A&M University-Commerce
• Bachelor in Science in Nursing
• Master’s in Science in Nursing
  – Nursing Education
  – Nursing Administration
Generic Student
Traditional four year program.                        RN to Baccalaureate
                                                      ADN to Bachelor Degree

  Master of
  Graduate Degree
                                                             RN to Master
                                                             ADN to Master Entry

 Master of Administration        Administration
 Graduate Degree

                                                  School of Nursing
             Community                                          Submit proposal to                              National League of

                                       Texas Board of Nursing

                                                                                        Accreditation Process
             description                                        BON one year prior to                           Nursing Accreditation
                                                                anticipated start                               Commission (NLNAC)
             Characteristics of                                                                                 • Master’s, Baccalaureate,
             academic setting                                   Existing approved                                 Associate, Diploma
                                                                academic entities
             Political climate                                  must be approved
                                                                                                                Commission on
                                                                before enrolling
                                                                                                                Collegiate Nursing
                                                                                                                Education (CCNE)
             Healthcare system and
                                                                                                                • Master, Baccalaureate
             area needs                                         New Texas Higher
             Nursing profession                                 Coordinating Board                              American College of
             needs (such as                                     rules streamline                                Nurse Midwives
             faculty/leadership)                                approval process
                                                                (September 1, 2009)
             Regulations and
                                      A&M System

                                                                Submit to
                                                                Chancellor’s Office
             Financial support                                                                                  Southern Association
             system - startup costs                             Present for approval                            of Colleges and
                                                                to the Board of                                 Schools Commission
                                                                Trustees                                        on Colleges (SACS-
Globalization of Higher
Challenges and Opportunities
       Globalization of Higher Education:
       Challenges and Opportunities

        Opportunities                            Challenges
                                     • Global economy – impact of
• Global partnerships and              economic downturn
  strategic alliances                    – Budgets
• Mutual and individual                  – Uncertainties
  commitments to excellence          • Time differences
• Internet (online) courses and      • Cultural realities
  degrees                            • Accreditation standards
• Potential of synergistic results   • Different educational systems
• Sharing of resources               • Private versus public
  (including teachers)                 universities
• Knowledge sharing                  • Pre-college school
• Research partners                    requirements (12 or 10 years)
       Potential for Partnerships
       Texas A&M University-Commerce

A&M-Commerce is interested in potential partnerships
 with universities in India for several reasons:
  – We have had very positive experiences with students from
    India who enroll in our University;
  –45% of our international students are from India (majority
    are graduate students)
  – India and the U.S. are on very good terms;
  – Students from India speak excellent English as well as their
    national and regional languages.
  – People in India have made extremely positive commitments
    to success in education and business.
            Larry F. Lemanski, Ph.D.
      University Provost and Vice President for
                  Academic Affairs


Texas A&M University-Commerce

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