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									                           Los Gatos Ballet
                    Production Handbook 2011
Dear Parents and Students,

We are excited about performing Auroraʼs Wedding in this yearʼs spring production.
This opportunity offers our students a professionally directed performance that allows
them to present the results of a year's hard work, dedication and progress. A big part of
the dance training process includes learning through performance. This experience
helps build self-esteem and confidence. Although performance opportunities can help
prepare students for a possible career in dance, they also contribute to every childʼs
success in non-dance activities. Onstage experience results in better in-school
presentations, improved social skills, and strong interview skills for future college or job

The rehearsal process is a tremendous learning experience as well. It helps the children
develop retention skills, and by working with their classmates on a group performance,
they learn the positive aspects of working as a team to create the best end result.
Dedication to performance commitments is the responsibility of both students and their

Thank you!

Marcie Ryken, Director
Christine Herrera, Assistant Director
Kate Mashburn, Assistant Director

March 5!         Youth Choreography Project - West Valley College, 7:30pm
May 1"        " DancinʼDowntown – National Dance Week
May 7!        ! Patrons en Pointe Reception – Art Museum of Los Gatos 5pm to 7pm
May 14 & 21 " Mandatory Rehearsal for All Levels at the LGB studio
May 25 & 26 " Dress Rehearsal at West Valley College
May 27 !         10:30am & 7:30pm Performances at West Valley College
May 28!          2pm & 7:30pm Performances at West Valley College
May 30!          Memorial Day
June 27-July 22!     LGB Summer Intensive!

   For any questions regarding your child's ballet experience, supplies or resources,
        contact our Ballet Parent Advisor Julie Collier at collier@stanford.edu

1) Casting
    Because Ballet is a performing art, it is vital for students to participate in
      performances to continue their growth as artists. All full-time Los Gatos Ballet
      students, who are currently enrolled and are attending all of their required
      classes will be eligible to perform in the Spring Performance.
      Students who are not enrolled full-time or who enroll late in the quarter, may not
       be eligible to perform. This guideline has been established to ensure the safety,
       progress and quality of Los Gatos Ballet, its dancers and its performances.
       Students attending less than full time may be invited by directors or
       choreographers to participate in the performances. This is at the discretion of the
       Los Gatos Ballet Faculty.
      All casting is at the discretion of the directors. We reserve the right to select or
       dismiss dancers at any time from any rehearsal and/or performance based on
       conduct, attendance, attitude or ability.

2) Rehearsals/Attendance
    Most rehearsals will take place in class to limit the amount of rehearsals required
      outside of class. Along with general instruction, dancers not participating in the
      performance will have the opportunity to work in class on the choreography. It is
      a great way to learn and work on dance skills even if they are not in the
      Dancers are required to attend all scheduled classes in which they are enrolled.
       rehearsals and performances. Some students may be required to attend
       additional classes. Any absences or tardiness could result in dismissal from the
       production at the discretion of the directors. Any conflicts must be reported
      Dancers will be required to miss school the morning of Friday, May 27 for the
       student matinee. This is an Outreach performance from 10:30am to 12:30pm.
   •   In order to be efficient with time in rehearsal, it is important to maintain focus.
       There should be no talking or socializing during rehearsal.
   •   Dancers should arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled rehearsal to allow time
       for preparation.
   •   Please follow the dress code outlined online. Hair must be pulled back securely
       away from the face and tidy. Ballet shoes may not be worn outside.
   •   It is the dancerʼs responsibility to remember the choreography from week to
       week. Bring a notebook to record corrections and choreography. Practice the
       choreography outside of rehearsal.
   •   All corrections apply to all dancers. Dancers should not correct each other.
   •   For the full run rehearsals, bring quiet, constructive things to do while waiting:
       homework, reading, coloring, puzzles and quite games are encouraged.
   •   Rehearsals are closed to observation.
   •   Every effort is made to end rehearsals on time. Please be prompt for both drop
       off and pick up of your dancer.
    •    There will be a sign in/out sheet for the full run through rehearsals in the studio.
         Be sure to call the studio if there are any problems: 399-7577.
3) Studio Conduct
   • No food or drinks, other than water, are allowed inside the dance studio or liquids
      are allowed around or near the Pilates equipment.
    •    Dancers are responsible for bringing their own water. Make sure to bring enough
         water to stay hydrated throughout the rehearsal period.
    •    Each person is responsible for cleaning up after him/herself.
    •    LGB is not responsible for lost or stolen items. The Lost and Found items are
         stored in the first bench by the front door. These are only kept for 30 days.
    •    Please label your dancerʼs belongings. Write the name on the inside of the ballet
         shoes. Itʼs best to label everything.
    •    Please do not sit on or use the Pilates equipment. It should not serve as a
         dressing table or bench. This is very expensive equipment, only to be used by
         certified instructors and clients.
    •    Please silence all cell phones and other electronic devices.
4) Termination of Agreement
     Dancers must provide, in writing, the cause for terminating participation in the
      production at least one full month prior to any scheduled performances. The
      Production Fee is non-refundable.
        Failure to abide by any of the rules stated above will limit studentʼs involvement
         in future Los Gatos Ballet productions.

As the season progresses, we will post additional information on the Green Bulletin
Board at the studio and online, as well as by weekly e-mail. If you do not receive e-mail,
please check the bulletin board. Please make it your responsibility to keep abreast of
this information.

We recommend that your child's name be written on the inside of their tights and shoes.
Please check for holes or runs. Shoes must be clean, all elastics sewn, drawstring
knotted & trimmed and no holes. No safety pins in any attire please!
Approved Performance Tights (sample sizes available at studio):
•   Capezio® Adult Mesh Convertible Mock Seamed Tights #9 Classical Pink
•       Premiere totalSTRETCH by Bodywrappers A45 Ballet Pink (tights run long)
•       Childrenʼs totalSTRETCH by Bodywrappers C31 TKP Theatrical pink
Suggested Dancewear Suppliers:
Bravi Dance Boutique is located downtown Los Gatos and offers the students of Los
Gatos Ballet a 10% discount on purchases.
155 N. Santa Cruz Ave, Suite E , Los Gatos, CA 95030
(408) 578-1005
Discount Dance – use the following code when purchasing: TP30769
MAKE-UP REQUIREMENTS- Volunteers will be on hand to assist. Everyone must
have their own make up for hygienic purposes.
  • Powder, Blush, True Red Lipstick
  Middle Division students (Level 1 to 3)
  •Foundation (1 to 2 shades darker than skin if fair complexion)
  •Translucent powder
  •Neutral/Brown eye shadow (or contour makeup for a “natural look”)
  •Eye pencil (to coordinate with eye shadow)
  •Eyebrow pencil to match hair color (blonds use brown pencil)
  •Mascara (black)
  •True Red lipstick (no blue undertone)
  Upper Division female students (Level 4 to 6)
  •Add false eyelashes and eye liner
  Ben Nye is a good brand of Theatrical Make-up to purchase. They sell starter kits,
  which costs about $17 and can be purchased at the following stores:
  Aladdinʼs Lamp: 2090 Lincoln Ave, San Jose 445-0800
  Natashaʼs Attic: 427 S Bascom Ave, San Jose 286-6058
  Victoriaʼs Dance & Costume: 1921 W. San Carlos, San Jose 295-9316

 • Q-tips
 • Wedge style makeup sponges for applying foundation
 • Makeup remover (Olay daily Facial wipes are nice), Wash cloth
 • Quality make up Brushes
 • Eye pencil sharpener

  •Supplies: Hairpins, bobby pins that match your hair color, hairnets, hairbrush, hair
    spray or gel. Label your hairbrush and do not share.
  •Style: High classical bun, unless otherwise specified by the role.

  • Baby wipes to fix makeup mistakes or wash hands
  • Safety pins for emergency only!
  • Clear nail polish to repair emergency runs in tights. Extra pair of tights.
  • Please do not wear colored nail polish or jewelry on stage.
  • Invisible band-aids
  • Blanket for sitting on the floor
  • Quiet activities for the dressing room wait time: please do not bring anything that
    may mark a child's costume.
 • Bring snack that are not messy or sticky
 • Please refrain from sugary snacks
 • Provide plenty of water to avoid dehydration
 • Food must remain in the dressing rooms
The dress rehearsal allows the students to become familiar with the auditorium
surroundings and feel comfortable with their performance, costumes, lighting, being
onstage, interacting with all the other classes, music cues, set changes and all other
logistics for a professional performance. Participation is mandatory for all students.
Please check the schedule carefully and arrive early.

  • Every child Pre-Ballet through Middle Division must be checked in and out through
     Security, which will be located at the Stage Door.
  • For dancers in Pre-Ballet and Middle Division, please escort your child to their
     assigned dressing rooms before leaving. There will be chaperones assigned to
     these dressing rooms.
  • During performances, parents are not allowed backstage or in dressing rooms,
     unless fulfilling volunteer duties.
  • Men (including fathers) may not enter any dressing room at any time.
  • Dressing rooms are assigned by roles. Assignments will be posted at the theater.
    Please allow extra time to familiarize yourself with your surroundings at the theatre
    before the dress rehearsal begins. Dressing rooms are available to all dancers
    during theatre week and performances.
  • Do NOT eat or drink while in your costumes.
  • Make sure to clean up after yourselves. We must leave the area clean.

Please alert Directors ASAP. The quality of the performance may require participation of
an ill dancer. LGB will make every effort to limit the time the dancer will have to spend in
the theatre. We will make every attempt to let the ill dancer rest away from the other
cast members. Parents may be asked to remain backstage with the ill dancer until they
are dismissed.

 • NO FLASH PHOTO OR VIDEO is allowed during performances.
 • DVDʼs of the performance will be available for purchase. The forms will be online.

  • Pre-Ballet Division – Pre-Ballet 1 through 3
  • Middle Division – Levels 1 through 3
  • Upper Division – Levels 4 through 6 (Company Dancers)
  • Company – Levels 5 and 6 dancers
  • Load In – Transportation of production items to the theatre
  • Strike – Tear down and clean up after the final show
  • Dancer Call – Dictates the time that your dancer must arrive
  • Spacing – Spacing choreography on stage; Dancer must be dressed in
    appropriate dance attire, shoes and hair.


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