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RECIPES by wuxiangyu


CAMP b0W-i                                       SNAKES ON A S-RCK
    114 cup margarine or butter
    l                                                1 clump of camp dough, about the

    2 cups all-purpose flour
    l                                                size of a child’s fist
    3 Tablespoons buttermilk powder
                                                 Begin with a green stick about 2-feet
    11/Z teaspoons cream of tartar
                                                 long and l/2 inch in diameter. Peel the
    l/2 teaspoon baking soda
                                                 bark off one end and briefly heat that
    3/4 cup water
                                                 end over the fire. Roll the dough into a
In a large bowl, rub the margarine or            long, thin snake shape (thin dough cooks
butter into the dry ingredients until the        easiest). Carefully twist and wrap it
mixture resembles a coarse meal. Store           around the peeled end of the stick and
in a sealable plastic bag labeled *Camp          pinch the dough ends so the snake
Dough.“ Write “Add 3/4 cup water” on             doesn’t fall off the stick. Turn it over
the bag. When you are ready to mix up            the fire until the dough is brown and
the dough, put the water into the bag
                                                 cooked through, then slip it off the
and stir. (Be sure you do not add too
                                                 stick to eat. This is delicious topped
much or over mix.) The dry mix travels
                                                 with butter and jam. Serves one.
well for about three days unless you are
in a very hot climate. Makes 2 l/2 cups.     6RIUEb       Lo65
Use the dough to make biscuits, pizza            1 small clump of camp dough about

dough or one of the following recipes.           the size of a child’s fist
PUPSIN A BlANKEl-                            l   1 piece of string cheese
l   1 hot dog                                Flatten the dough into a rectangle that
l   1 clump of camp dough, about the         is large enough to cover the cheese and
    size of a child’s fist                   about l/4-inch thick. Roll the dough
l   1 slice of American cheese (optional)    around the cheese and seal tightly.
For best results, cook the hot dog           Wrap the log in a buttered, double
slightly before you wrap it with dough.      thickness of aluminum foil and place it
You can heat it either over the grill or     on the coals or grill. Using a pair of
in a piece of foil on the coals for two to   tongs, turn the package until the dough
four minutes. Let cool while you pat the     is cooked on all sides (about twelve to
dough flat into a thin rectangle that is     eighteen minutes). The log lends itself
long and wide enough to cover the hot        well to dipping in mustard or catsup.
dog. Wrap up the cooled dogs. For            Serves one.
*cheese pups” first wrap the dog with a
slice of American cheese. If you are         POCKET STEW
cooking on a grill, brush the wrapped        For each serving, make patty of l/4
dogs with oil and place them about 2         pound ground beef. Place patty on 12-
inches above the coals, rotating them        inch square of double thickness heavy-
until the dough is browned and cooked        duty aluminum foil. Top with a slice of
through. To cook in the coals, wrap the      onion and a slice of potato. Add 2 carrot
dogs in a double thickness of aluminum       sticks, Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
foil that has been buttered on the           Seal foil securely. Cook directly on hot
inside and rotate the package until the      coals 25 minutes, turning once. Eat stew
dough is cooked completely.                  from foil packet.
                                      MORE RECIPES
DINNER-IN-A               CAN                       60RP
l  1 pound ground beef                              An acronym for “good old raisins and
l  4 tomatoes, sliced                               peanuts,” gorp is a camping trip
l  1 can (1 pound 1 ounce) Whole kernel             essential. Offer the boys a sealable
   corn, drained                                    plastic bag and let him fill it with a
l  Butter or margarine                              handful of peanuts, raisins and M&MS.
   Salt and pepper
                                                    Seal the bag and let him shake away.
   1 cup Bisquick

    l/3 cup milk
    l                                               RAIN FOREST MUNCH
Season meat as desired; shape into 4                Mix the fruits of the rain forest in a
patties. Grease four Z-pound coffee                 sealable, plastic bag; dried pineapple
cans. Place a meat patty in each can. Top           and papaya pieces, unsweetened coconut
each patty with 3 tomato slices and l/4             flakes, macadamia nuts, cashews and
of the corn. Dot with butter. Season                chocolate chunks.
with salt and pepper. Cover each can
securely with heavy-duty aluminum foil.             BIRDSEED
Place on grill 3 to 4 inches from hot               This bird food for humans includes
coals; cook 20 to 30 minutes. Mix                   hulled sunflower seeds, raisins, peanuts
Bisquick and milk thoroughly with fork              and dried dates (the pellet-shape ones,
for dumpling batter. Remove foil lids               rolled in dried milk.)
and drop small spoonfuls of batter into             Morning Sunburst
each can. Sprinkle with parsley, if                 Mix up an all-fruit body fuel with dried
desired, or with garlic or onion salt.              apples, pineapples, cranberries and
Cook uncovered 10 minutes: cover and                cherries, as well as banana chips and
continue cooking 10 minutes longer. Eat
dinner directly from the can.
        UNBAKEb P’NUT 6UTTER COOKIES                HAU=l-IMf     CORP
        l  1 cup sugar                              l   1 cup Rice Chex
        l  1 cup white corn syrup.                  l   1 cup Corn Chex
        l  2 cups peanut butter.                    l   1 cup mini pretzels
        l  4 cups Special K cereal                  l   1 cup oyster crackers
        Combine sugar and syrup. Boil for one       l   1 cup orange cheese puffballs
        minute. Add peanut butter. Add cereal.      l   1 cup chocolate chips or M&M’s
        Drop from a teaspoon onto waxed paper.      Mix all the ingredients together and
        Let cool.                                   store in an airtight container. Makes 6
        TRAIL MIX                                   cups.
        Whether you call it gorp, birdseed or
        trail munchies, it’s all the same--high
                                                    TRAIL MIX      EXTRAS
                                                    In addition to raisins and peanuts, try
                                                    sweet banana chips, dried apricots or
        go. Offer each boy a sealable plastic
        bag and let him fill it with a handful of   apples, corn nuts, mini-pretzels, cereal,
        his favorite dried fruits and nuts.         pumpkin seeds, walnuts and
        Figure that you will need l/2 to 1 cup of   butterscotch or carob chips.
        trail mix per person, per day. Here are a
        few favorites.
              S’MORES                    SHA66Y DO65
Smores are a tradition with young            1 marshmallow

and old campers alike. Here is an            A small bowl of chocolate syrup

adaptation of the original recipe, as        2-3 teaspoons shredded coconut

well as a few variations. Challenge      Spear the marshmallow on a stick and
your boys to invent their own            roast until golden. Carefully dip it
s ’ mores.                               into the chocolate syrup to cover and
THE CLASSIC S’MORE                       then roll it inthecoconut.Eatthe
                                         sweet off the roasting stick. Makes
The basic s‘more method is to toast
1 marshmallow over the coals until       one serving.
it’s brown, then sandwich it between     SOPHISTICATES
4 squares of chocolate and 2 graham      For a jazzy s’more, sandwich the
crackers.                                toasted marshmallow between 2
ROBINSON CRWOES                          chocolate-covered biscuits or
True peanut butter lovers can spread     cookies.
1 tablespoon of peanut butter onto 2                    PRETZELS
graham crackers, then sandwich 1             1 packet dry yeast

toasted marshmallow between them.        l   l-114 cupsof warm water
For a peanut butter and chocolate        l  1 tablespoon sugar
combo, add 4 thin squares of             l  1 teaspoon salt
chocolate.                               l  4 cups flour
CHOCOLATE DREAM                          l  1 egg, beaten
The only way to make this s’more         l  kosher salt (optional)
                                         Preheat overt to 450 degrees (F)
more chocolaty would be to dip the
entire treat in chocolate sauce.         Combine all ingredients except egg
Sandwich a toasted marshmallow           and salt. Knead batter until smooth.
                                         Break dough into small pieces and roll
between 4 thin squares of chocolate
and 2 chocolate-covered graham           theminarope. Nowthefunpart!
                                         Shape into any latter, number, cat,
                                         car, etc.! Place pretzels on foil-lined
MIGHTY MINTS                             cookie sheet. Brush egg over
These s’mores have an added zing         pretzels and sprinkle with kosher
from the mint. Chocolate mints tend      salt. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until
to be thin, so they melt exceptionally   golden brown.
well. Toast the marshmallow, then        Remove
sandwich it between 2 thin chocolate     pretzels and let
mints and 2 graham crackers.             cool on baking
                                                           Beef’n’Cheese          Tortilla    Roll-ups
                                                           Makes 4 sandwiches.
                                                                     Reynolds Plastic Wrap
              ---                        4---
                                                                     4 (1 O-inch) flour tortillas
                                                                     Light mayonnaise
                                                                     Dijon mustard
Easy outdoor cooking for Cub Scouts with                             8 thin slices (1 oz. each) deli-style roast beef
imagination!   Foil dinners can be a simple as                       4 thin slices (1 oz. each) light Swiss cheese
a hamburger     stew--a hamburger   patty,                           1 cup shredded carrots
sliced potatoes and carrots, onion and                               112 cup (2 114 oz. can) sliced black olives,
seasoning all wrapped up in a foil pocket.
                                                                     Alfalfa sprouts (optional)
Sprinkle a little water over it all before                  Spread one side of each tortilla generously with
you seal it, and cook on the coals, turning                mayonnaise and mustard to within l/2-inch of tortilla
frequently   with long tongs, for 25-30                    edges. On each tortilla, arrange 2 slices of roast beef;
minutes.                                                   sprinkle with salt and pepper. Top each with cheese,
                                                           carrots, olives and alfalfa sprouts. Roll up tortillas. Wrap
       A great source for foil dinner ideas is
                                                           in Reynolds Plastic Wrap.
the Reynolds Kitchen on the Internet at
httv://www.rmc.corn/wra~/~ood food/recipe box/             Campfire       Meatball      Sandwiches
indexhtml Use the following recipes from
                                                           Makes 4 servings.
there for a great Cub Scout meal, or as a basis
                                                                      Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
for your own special cookouts!                                        1 pound lean ground beef
                                                                      114 cup dry bread crumbs
Texicana     Meat Loaves
                                                                      1 egg
    4 sheets (12x18-inches) Heavy Duty Aluminum                       l/4 cup water
    Foil.                                                             314 teaspoon garlic salt
    Nonstick cooking spray                                            114 teaspoon pepper
    1 pound extra lean ground beef                                    2 medium zucchini
    114 cup finely crushed tortilla chips                             2 cups prepared spaghetti sauce
    l/4 cup finely chopped onion                                      Shredded mozzarella or grated Parmesan
    2 teaspoons chili powder                                          cheese
    2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce                                  Prepared garlic bread or sandwich rolls,
    l/2 teaspoon garlic salt                                          warmed
    314 cup barbecue sauce, divided                        Tear off four 18x12-inch long sheets of heavy duty
    1 package frozen (10 oz.) or 1 can drained (15 l/4     aluminum foil; set aside. In medium bowl, combine
    oz.) whole kernel corn                                 ground beef, bread crumbs, egg, water, garlic salt and
PREHEAT oven to 450°F or preheat grill to medium-          pepper, mixing lightly butthoroughly. Shape into 16 (l-
high. Spray foil with nonstick cooking spray. Combine      3/4-inch) meatballs. Cut each zucchini in half
next 6 ingredients and 114 cup barbecue sauce. Shape       lengthwise; slice l/2-inch thick. Place equal amounts of
mixture into 4 meat loaves, flattening slightly.           meatballs and zucchini in center of each foil sheet. Top
           CENTER one meat loaf on each sheet of           each with 112 cup spaghetti sauce. Bring shorter edges
Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil. Top with corn. Spoon             of foil together over the center; fold down loosely to
remaining barbecue sauceover meat loaf and corn.           seal, allowing room for heat expansion and circulation.
           BRING up foil sides. Double fold top and ends   Fold in open ends to seal. Grill packets over medium
to seal making one large foil packet, leaving room for     heat 20 to 25 minutes or until meatballs are no longer
heat circulation inside. Repeat to make four packets.      pink and zucchini is tender, turning packets once. To
           BAKE 18 to 20 minutes on a cookie sheet in      serve, carefully open packets; sprinkle cheese over
oven OR GRILL 12 to 14 minutes in covered grill.           meatballs. Serve with garlic bread or place in sandwich
           Makes 4 servings.                               rolls.
Turkey Burritos                                                           BRING . Double fold top and ends to seal
            4 sheets (12x18-inches each) Aluminum Foil         making one large foil packet, leaving room for heat
            Nonstick cooking spray                             circulation inside.
            4 (8-inch) flour tortillas                                    BAKE 30 to 35 minutes on a cookie sheet in
            l/2 pound ground turkey                            oven OR GRILL 15 to 18 minutes in covered grill. .
            1 can (9 oz.) bean dip                             Sprinkle potatoes with cheese. Let stand about 2
            1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese                      minutes until cheese melts. Serve with salsa, chopped
            114 cup chopped onion                              fresh cilantro and sour cream.
            114cup chunky salsa
            Sour cream, chopped cilantro                       Savory Corn-on-the-Cob              Packet
                      PREHEAT oven to 450°F or preheat                   1 sheet (18x24-inches) Aluminum Foil
grill to medium-high indirect heat. For indirect heat, the               4 ears fresh corn-on-the-cob, husked
heat source (coals or gas burner) is on one side of the                  114 cup margarine or butter, softened
grill only.                                                              1 tablespoon minced fresh parsley or 2
             CENTER one tortilla on each sheet of                        teaspoons dried parsley flakes
Reynolds Wrap Everyday Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil.                         1 teaspoon dried thyme leaves
Combine turkey, bean dip, cheese, onion and salsa.                       l/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper (optional)
Spoon mixture onto tortillas. Wrap filling in each tortilla,             PREHEAT oven to 450°F or preheat grill to
bunko-style; place seam-side down.                             medium-high.
             BRING up sides of foil and double fold.                      PLACE corn on sheet of Reynolds Wrap
Double fold ends to form a packet, leaving room for            Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil; set aside.
heat circulation inside packet. Repeat to make four                       COMBINE margarine, parsley, thyme and
packets.                                                       cayenne pepper; spread over corn.
             BAKE 20 to 24 minutes on a cookie sheet in                   BRING up sides of foil and double fold.
oven OR                                                        Double fold ends to form one foil packet, leaving room
             GRILL 18 to 20 minutes in covered grill. For      for heat circulation inside packet.
indirect heat, place the foil packets on the opposite side                BAKE 35 to 40 minutes on cookie sheet in
of grill with no coals or flame underneath. Serve with         oven OR
sour cream and cilantro.                                                  GRILL 15 to 20 minutes on medium-high in
             Makes 4 servings.                                 covered grill, turning once.
                                                                          Makes 4 servings.
Southwestern          Potato Packet
          1 sheet (18x24-inches each) Heavy Duty               Easy Grilled S’mores
          Aluminum Foil                                                  4 sheets (8x12-inches each) Aluminum Foil
          1 medium onion, thinly sliced                                  4 graham crackers, broken into halves
          1 113 pounds (4 medium) potatoes, cut in l/2-                  2 (1.55 oz. each) milk chocolate candy bars,
          inch cubes                                                     divided in half crosswise
          1 teaspoon seasoned salt                                       4 marshmallows
          112 teaspoon chili powder                            PREHEAT grill to medium or preheat oven to 450°F.
          114 teaspoon ground cumin                            For each S’more, top one graham cracker square with
          1 can (4.5 oz.) chopped green chiles,                one candy bar half, one marshmallow and another
          undrained                                            graham cracker square. Repeat with remaining graham
          1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese Salsa,                 crackers, candy and marshmallows.
          chopped fresh cilantro, sour cream                              CENTER one S’more on each sheet of
PREHEAT oven to 450°F or preheat grill to medium-              Aluminum Foil. BRING up sides of foil and double fold.
high.. Spray foil with nonstick cooking spray.                 Double fold ends to form a packet, leaving room for
           CENTER onions on sheet of Reynolds Wrap             heat circulation inside packet. Repeat to make four
Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil. Top with potatoes.                   packets.
Combine seasoned salt, chili powder and cumin;                           GRILL 4 to 5 minutes in covered grill OR
sprinkle over potatoes. Top with green chilies.                BAKE 4 to 5 minutes on a cookie sheet in oven.
Grand Canyon Council - Great Southwest Pow Wow 2001                      page 122

                                  Musical Snacks
Singin' for S'more Gorp                    "Knick Knack Paddy Whack" -
Ingredients:                               Shake a Sack Cracker Snack
• 2 cups honey graham cereal               Ingredients:
• 1 cup tiny marshmallows                  • 3 cups small square cheese crackers-
• 1 cup peanuts                               (like cheese-its)
• 1/2 cup semisweet chocolate pieces       • 3 cups oyster crackers
• 1/2 cup raisins                          • 2 cups bite-size pretzel nuggets
Instructions:                              • 1 small package buttermilk salad
1. In medium paper sack or a large            dressing mix
   plastic bag combine the cereal,         • 1/4 cup cooking oil
   marshmallows, peanuts, chocolate        Instructions:
   pieces, and raisins.                    1. In a medium paper sack combine the
2. Close the end of the bag and shake          cheese crackers, oyster crackers,
   well.                                       pretzel nuggets, and the dry salad
3. Store the mixture in a closed plastic       dressing mix.
   bag or a tightly covered container.     2. Close the end of the bag and shake
   (Makes about 5 cups.)                       till everything is mixed together.
                                           3. Pour the oil into the paper sack and
Two Tone Juice                                 shake again.
Ingredients:                               4. Store in covered container. (Makes
• 1/4 cup chilled peach                        8 cups.)
• 1/4 cup chilled red
   Hawaiian punch drink
   or cherry flavored drink
1. Pour peach nectar into a small glass.
2. Tilt the glass and slowly add the red
   fruit drink.
3. Do not stir. (Makes one serving.)
4. Repeat for each glass desired.
 This drink stays in two layers
 because the juice on the bottom is
 heavier than the juice on the top.
Grand Canyon Council - Great Southwest Pow Wow 2001     page 123
Singin' Smoothies                  "Symphonic" Soda Pop Pops
Ingredients:                              Ingredients:
• 1/2 cup sugar                           • Two 12 oz. cans lemon lime soda
• 1 envelope unsweetened                  • One 14 oz sweetened condensed milk
   soft drink mix                         • 1/4 cup lemon juice
   (kool-aid, flavor-aid)                 • 10 wooden sticks
   (Any flavor is fine)                   Instructions:
• Milk                                    1. In a bowl stir together soda,
• Vanilla Ice cream                          condensed milk, and lemon juice.
Instructions:                             2. Pour into 10- 5 oz. Paper cups.
1. Stir together sugar and fruit drink    3. Cover each cup with foil.
    mix                                   4. Make a small hole in the foil with a
2. For each serving do the following:        knife,
   ‡ In a blender combine                 5. Insert a wooden stick into the cup
      1 cup milk, 1 scoop vanilla ice        through the hole.
      cream, and 2 tbls. drink mix.       6. Freeze 4-6 hours.
   ‡ Cover and blend until smooth pour    7. To serve, remove foil and tear off
      into a glass.                          paper cup. (Makes 10.)
      (Makes one 12 oz. serving.)
3. Can be doubled in blender.

Apple Smiles
• 1 red medium
   apple, cored                           "Knap Sack On My Back" Snack
   and sliced                             Ingredients:
• Peanut butter                           • 2 cups peanuts or cashews
• Tiny                                    • 2 cups raisins
   marshmallows                           • 1 cup whole almonds, toasted
Instructions:                             • One 8 oz. Package dried apricots
    • Spread one side of each apple       • One 8 oz. Package dried apples
      slice with peanut butter.           • 2 cups candy-coated milk chocolate
4. Place three or four tiny                  pieces (M&M's)
    marshmallows on top of the peanut     Instructions:
    butter on one apple slice.            1. In a mixing bowl combine nuts,
5. Top with another apple slice, peanut      raisins, and almonds.
    butter side down. So it looks like    2. Snip apricots and apples into 1/2
    smiling lips with teeth showing.         inch pieces.
6. Squeeze gently. Eat right away.        3. Add to nut mixture along with
    (Makes 8-10)                             Chocolate candy pieces.
                                          4. Mix well. (Makes 8 cups.)
Grand Canyon Council - Great Southwest Pow Wow 2001     page 124
Conductor's Batons                 Tune-a-Piano Sandwiches
(Ready in 30 minutes or less)              (Taste of Home's Quick Cooking Recipe)
Instructions:                              Using slices of white and pumpernickel
1. Make your favorite chocolate            bread are the key to creating a fun
   chip-cookie dough recipe.               piano shaped sandwich for your den or
   (or buy the convenient tubs of dough    pack meeting snack.
   in the refrigerator section)
2. Flatten all dough onto greased          Instructions:
   baking sheets.                          1. Make your favorite tuna salad
   (Extra chocolate chips or candy            recipe.
   sprinkles of your choice can be         2. Spread on white bread slices.
   patted into the dough at this point.    3. Remove crusts from bread.
3. Bake at 375 degrees until lightly       4. Cut white
   brown                                      sandwiches into
4. Cool for about 5 minutes.                  1-inch strips.
5. Cut with a serrated knife into 1-inch   5. Cut pumpernickel pieces into 1/2
   thick strips.                              inch strips.
   (cut down the shortest length of the    6. Lay white pieces side by side on a
   pan)                                       3 foot board.
6. Cool well before serving.               7. Spread mayonnaise on pumpernickel
7. Direct the music then eat the baton!       pieces and lay on top of white "Keys"
                                              in a Keyboard fashion.

                                               Don’t Forget to Cleanup
Land of Pharaohs - Grand Canyon Council - Pow Wow 2003                        page 97

Foil Dinner
1.   Lay a large cabbage leaf on a sheet of heavy-duty aluminum foil.
2.   Cover with large flat hamburger.
3.   Add slices of raw potato, onion and carrots.
4.   Season with butter, salt and pepper.
5.   Top with another large cabbage leaf.
6.   Wrap the foil around the food with a "drug store" fold.
7.   Cook for 20 minutes over hot coals, turning twice.
8.   Another method is to bury the package in hot coals, being careful not to poke a
     hole in the foil.

Twixter Biscuits
1. Open a Bisquick box and make a depression in the contents so that you can pour a
   little water into the hole.
2. Stir it gently with a "twixer" (a clean pronged stick) until it forms an egg-sized
3. Remove it from the twixer, flatten it, and wrap it around a clean preheated stick
   to bake as a twist over the coals.
4. If you prefer, you may form it into a biscuit and bake it in aluminum foil.

Marshmallow Treats
1. Toast chocolate-flavored marshmallows and place between chocolate chip cookies.
2. Place a piece of chocolate candy bar and slice marshmallow between 2 graham
   crackers, wrap in foil and warm until melted.
page 98         Land of Pharaohs - Grand Canyon Council - Pow Wow 2003
Egg or Meat Inside Onion or Orange Peel
Cook an egg either inside an orange peel or an onion.
1. Cut a lid off the orange or the onion and take out the
   center part, but do not remove the lid meat because it will
   add flavor.
2. Break the egg into the peel.
3. Set the lid on.
4. If foil is available, wrap it in that.
5. Or place it directly on the coals.
6. Cook hamburger or other meats inside the onion by cutting the onion in half and
   removing about half of the inside.

Cake or Muffin Inside Orange
1. Pour cake or muffin batter into a hollowed-out orange until it is about half full.
2. Replace the lid of the orange, wrap it in foil and bake it on the
3. The cake will have an orange flavor.

Sweet Corn
1. Season, add plenty of butter, sprinkle with water.
2. Wrap and roast or pull back husks, remove silk, season, cover with
   husk, soak in water about 5 minutes, drain and wrap in foil.
3. Water forms steam in both methods and makes corn juicy and
4. Turn often.

A Favorite Pow Wow Recipe From 20 Years (or more?) Ago
                   Use one elephant medium size, 2 rabbits
                   (optional), salt and pepper. Cut the elephant into
                   bite size pieces and freeze. (You freeze the
                   pieces cut in order to preserve them until the
                   entire task gets done.) This will take about 2
                   months so plan ahead. Thaw and brown; add
                   enough brown gravy stock to cover meat. Cook
                   uncovered at 465 degrees for about 4 weeks,
                   adding more liquid if necessary. This recipe serves 38,000 people. If
more are expected, add the two rabbits, but only if necessary because more people
don't like to find a hare in their stew.
page 140        Land of Pharaohs - Grand Canyon Council - Pow Wow 2003

                   Food For Campfire Fun - Remember KISMIF
                          Keep It Simple. Make It Fun!

Cub scout boys are not skilled campers yet and fires can be very dangerous. Their
attention span will shift quickly from cooking the food to playing in the fire. Plan ahead
to bring correct cooking utensils and stress safety both in starting the fire, stoking
it, cooking over it and putting it out.

Bread And Milk                                Old-Fashioned Taffy
Instructions:                                 This recipe will make about 1/2 lb. of
1. Break whole wheat bread into bowl of       taffy. Enough for each den member to
   milk.                                      have 3-4 pieces.
2. Stir in bits of crumbled cheese and        Instructions:
   cut green onions.                          1. First, butter a platter.
3. Pieces of apple or little green grapes     2. Then stir together in a saucepan:
   can be used instead of onions for              • 1 cup sugar
   variety.                                       • 1/4 cup light corn syrup
                                                  • 1/2 cup water
Johnnycake                                        • 1/8 t. salt.
Corn was the staple food for most
                                              3. Heat slowly until all sugar is dissolved.
pioneers. In many homes it was served
                                              4. Then bring to a boil, stirring
three times a day in various forms. At
breakfast, it might be made into
                                              5. Have a cup of ice water handy to test
johnnycake, which was made with a batter
of cornmeal, buttermilk, soda, salt and
                                              6. Candy is done when a small amount
                                                  forms a hard ball when dropped into
Ingredients:                                      ice water.
•   1 1/2 cups cornmeal                       7. Immediately pour candy onto buttered
•   1 tsp. soda                                   platter.
•   1 tsp. salt                               8. When it is cool enough to handle,
•   2 eggs, beaten                                gather it into a ball and pull until it is
•   1 Tbs. flour                                  white and firm.
•   1 1/2 cups milk                           9. Butter or oil hands lightly for this
•   2 Tbs. vegetable oil                          operation.
Instructions:                                 10. Pull taffy Into a rope, twist It, and
1. Mix all ingredients together with a            cut It into pieces with scissors.
   few swift strokes.                         11. The taffy can be flavored by adding
2. Drop the batter by spoonful on hot             any of the following just before you
   oiled griddle.                                 start to pull it.
                                                  • a few drops of peppermint
3. Fry until golden brown on both sides.
4. Good with syrup or jam.                        • or 1 teaspoon vanilla,
                                                  • or 2 tablespoons of cocoa
Land of Pharaohs - Grand Canyon Council - Pow Wow 2003                       page 141

Buttermilk Doughnuts                         Horseshoe Cookies
Ingredients:                                 Ingredients:
• 2 C. buttermilk                            • 1 C. butter or
• 1/2 C. sugar 2                               margarine
  eggs                                       • 1 C. shortening
• 3 T. butter                                • 4 C. flour
• 1/2 t. nutmeg                              • 1 3/4 C. sugar
                                             • 1 C finely
• 1/2 t. baking
  soda                                         almonds
  1/ t. baking
•   4                                        • 1 T. vanilla
  powder                                     Instructions:
  1/ t. salt flour
•   2                                        1. Combine all ingredients then knead
Instructions:                                   thoroughly.
1. Combine ingredients, kneading in          2. Form into horseshoe shapes and place
   enough flour to make soft dough              on ungreased cookie sheet.
   that's not too sticky.                    3. Bake at 400 degrees for 15 to 20
2. Roll and cut into doughnuts. Fry in          minutes.
   deep, hot oil.                            4. Roll in sugar.

Apple Candy                                  Old-Fashion Muffins
Ingredients:                                 Ingredients:
•   2 T. gelatin                             • 2 C. uncooked
•   1/ C. cold applesauce
•   2 C. sugar                               • 1 1/2 C. sour milk
•   1 C. chopped nuts                        • 1/3 C. sugar
•   1 T. vanilla
                                             • 1/4 C. melted
1. Soak gelatin in 1/2 C. cold applesauce    • 1 well-beaten egg
   for 10 minutes.                           • 1 t. baking soda
2. Combine remaining applesauce and          • 1 t. baking powder
   sugar and boil 10 minutes.                • 1/2 t. salt
3. Add gelatin and applesauce mixture        • 1 C. flour
   and boil 15 minutes longer, stirring      Instructions:
   constantly.                               1. Pour sour milk
4. Remove from hear, add nuts and               over oatmeal and allow to stand for a
   vanilla, and pour into slightly greased      few hours or overnight.
   pan.                                      2. Combine sugar, shortening, egg, and
5. Let set overnight in refrigerator.           stir in oatmeal mixture. sift together
6. Then cut into squares and roll in            remaining ingredients and blend.
   powdered sugar.                           3. Bake in greased muffin tins at 425
                                                degrees for 20 minutes.
page 142        Land of Pharaohs - Grand Canyon Council - Pow Wow 2003

Pineapple Bacon Wraps                      Football Meatloaf
Ingredients:                               Ingredients:
• Bacon                                    •   1
                                                   /2 cup chopped
• Pineapple chunks                           onion
• Toothpicks                               • 1 egg, beaten
Instructions:                              • 1/2 cup catsup
1. Cut bacon slices in half.               • 1 lb. lean ground
2. Wrap each piece of bacon around           beef
   pineapple chunk and secure with pick.   • cheese
3. Toast over fire until bacon is crisp.
                                           1. Combine all ingredients except cheese.
                                           2. Form into football shape and place in
Hot Dog Kabobs                                greased loaf pan.
                                           3. Bake at 400F for 1 hour.
• Onion
                                              OR, wrap in foil and put in fire.
• Pineapple
                                           4. To serve, decorate top with strips of
                                              cheese arranged like football lacing.
• Hot dogs
• Zucchini                                 Fruit Kabobs
• Green pepper                             Ingredients:
• Mushrooms                               • Bananas
• Tomatoes                                • Pineapple
• Canned potatoes                         • Apples
Instructions:                             • Maraschino cherries
1. Alternate small chunks of each item on • Marshmallows
   skewer or narrow stick.                Instructions:
                                          1. Alternate fruit chunks with large
2. Heat thoroughly over campfire.
                                             marshmallows on stick.
3. BBQ sauce or sweet and sour sauce is 2. Toast over fire until marshmallow melts
   great to serve with these.                and is golden.

Shaggy Dogs                                Boiling Bag Omelets
Ingredients:                               Ingredients:
•   Marshmallows                           •   Eggs
•   Coconut                                •   Cheese
•   Chopped nuts                           •   Green Onion
•   Chocolate ice-cream topping            •   Mushrooms
Instructions:                              •   Whatever else you'd like...
1. Toast marshmallow, dip in chocolate     Instructions:
   syrup and roll in coconut and nuts.     1. Heat large pot of water over fire.
2. For variety, use caramel,               2. Put all desired ingredients in sealable
   strawberry or pineapple topping.           plastic bag.
                                           3. Seal and drop in boiling water.
                                           4. Cook until done, unseal, enjoy.
page 190      Cub Leaders in Wonderland - Grand Canyon Council - Pow Wow 2004

                   Treats to Share as Gifts or Eat with your Family

Spoon Fudge
• 1 pound powdered sugar                     • 3 oz package of cream cheese, softened
• 1/2 stick butter (1/4 cup)                 • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
                                             • 1/4 cup cocoa
1. Using a gallon-size Ziplock bag, add all ingredients.
2. Knead the bag until the mixture falls away from the sides of the bag and has a
   fudge-like consistency.
3. Pull out spoons and enjoy!

Personalized Pretzels
•   1 pound loaf frozen white bread dough
•   4 cups warm water
•   1 1/2 tablespoon baking soda
•   1 egg
•   1 tablespoon water
•   Course salt
•   2 tablespoons melted butter (optional)
1. Thaw the bread dough according to the package directions but do not let rise.
2. Heat the oven to 450 degrees.
    (The dough will be easier to roll if it is at or near room temperature.)
3. Using a sharp knife, divide the dough into 8 pieces.
4. Roll each piece into an 18-inch rope on a dry, unfloured surface.
5. If the dough is very elastic and difficult to shape, roll it as best you can, set it
    aside for 10 minutes, and then try again.
6. Shape the dough into letters, pinching seams tightly.
7. In a large bowl, mix together the 4 cups of warm water and the baking soda.
8. In a small bowl, whisk together the egg and 1 tablespoon of water.
9. Lightly spray a baking sheet (two if needed) with nonstick spray and set aside.
10. Carefully dip the dough letters into the baking soda and water mixture and place
    them on the prepared baking sheet(s).
11. Brush them with the whisked egg and sprinkle with salt.
12. Bake for 9 to 11 minutes or until dark brown.
13. Remove from oven and brush with melted butter. (Makes approximately 8 letters.)
page 296        Cub Leaders in Wonderland - Grand Canyon Council - Pow Wow 2004

       Outdoorsman Activity Badge
Simple Cooking Ideas
Chili Bag                                           Kabob
Instructions:                                       Instructions:
1.   Cook up a pot of chili                         1. Skewer meat, potatoes and another
     (homemade or canned).                             vegetable (tomato, zucchini, mushrooms)
2.   Buy individual size bags of Doritos or            on a stick.
     something similar.                             2. Cook over hot coals.
3.   Cut an X on front of bag and open.
4.   Put chili on top of the chips, and             Banana Hot Boat
     shredded cheese.                               Instructions:
5.   You have portable lunch time nachos.           1.   Cut a V-shaped wedge from the top of an
                                                         unpeeled banana.
Egg in Orange Peel                                  2. Fill wedge with pieces of chocolate and
Instructions:                                          marshmallow.
Scoop out the orange pulp and eat it, then          3. Wrap in foil and place on coals for 8-10
grease the inside of the peel, crack an egg            minutes.
into it, and set on coals to cook.
                                                    Onion Oven
Egg on Skewer                                       Instructions:
Instructions:                                       1. Cut an onion in half and scoop out all but
1.   Prick a tiny hole in both ends of an egg and      the two outside layers.
     skewer it, but be careful not to go through    2. Crack an egg into each half, or fill with
     the yolk.                                         chopped, seasoned meat, cap, and place
2. Place on a forked stick and hold over               directly on hot coals.
3. Or, coat the egg with a stiff mud paste          Potato 1
   and cook covered in coals for 20 minutes.        Instructions:
                                                    1. Cut out the center of a potato.
Eggs and Bacon in a Paper Bag                       2. Fill with hamburger and diced onion, or
Instructions:                                          with butter and cheese.
Put strips of bacon on the bottom of the            3. Plug the hole with some of the pieces
bag, crack an egg or two on top of the bacon,          you removed.
fold over the top of the bag and hang it on a       4. Coat potato with 2 inches of thick mud
stick over hot coals.                                  and place in coals.
Corn                                                5. Cook for about an hour.
Instructions:                                       Potato 2
1. Remove silk and soak ears in water.              Instructions:
2. Lay on hot coals for about 8 min. per            1. Slice off the top of a spud, hollow out a
   side.                                               tunnel, and crack an egg into the hollow.
Stick Bread                                         2. Rub a bit of the egg white around the
Instructions:                                          cut top, then put the “lid” back on the
1.   Press a wad of dough onto the end of a stick      potato.
     and bake over hot coals.                       3. Wrap in foil and bake in coals.
2. Try cinnamon twists.
3. Pat dough into a rectangle, spread with          Hot Rock Cooking
   butter, cinnamon and brown sugar, and            Instructions:
   cut into 2 inch strips.                          Lay a flat, hot rock on coals and use it as a
4. Wrap strip around a green stick and              griddle to cook hamburger, eggs, steak, fish,
   toast over the coals.                            bacon, or bread.
Cub Scouting’s 75th Celebration - Grand Canyon Council Pow Wow 2005 page           139

Fry Bread                                     Honey Taffy
Ingredients:                                  A favorite frontier treat was honey
• 1 1/
      2 -cup flour                            candy. Even today there is nothing more
• 1/4 -cup instant dry milk                   fun than getting your hands into hot,
                                              sticky taffy.
• 1/4 -tsp salt
• 1 1/2 -Tbs baking powder                    Ingredients:
                                              • 1-cup honey
Instructions:                                 • 1-cup sugar
1. Mix dry ingredients well.                  • 1-Tbs butter or butter
2. Add enough very warm water to form a         substitute
   soft dough.                                • a few grains of salt
3. Knead 30 times.                            Instructions:
4. Let set in greased bowl for at least       1. Boil to the hard ball stage
   30 minutes.                                   (265˚F - 270˚F).
5. Heat grease in a skillet to about 350˚F.   2. Pour onto buttered cookie sheet, let
6. Take balls of dough, flatten out to           cool a little, butter hands and start
   4-inch thickness and about                    pulling.
   5 to 6-inches in diameter.                 3. Pull with your fingertips, let it get
7. Fry until light brown, turn.                  really stringy, and let as many air
                                                 bubbles get in as possible.
Navajo Tacos                                  4. When it is really hard to pull any
                                                 longer, draw it into a long snake-like
1. Place one piece of fry
   bread on plate.                            5. Cut into pieces about 1-inch long.
2. Top with chili con came with beans,        6. Wrap in waxed paper.
   shredded cheese, chopped onion,               (A great den activity or for treats
   chopped tomatoes.                             for pack meeting.)

3. Serve with hot taco sauce.                 Fountain of Ute
Kiva Ice Cream Balls                          Instructions:
                                              For each package of Kool-Aid fruit punch
Instructions:                                 add:
1. Roll balls of ice cream in chopped nuts    • 1 can frozen orange juice
   or coconut.
                                              • 1 can lemonade
2. Place in freezer several hours in          • float 3 or 4 miniature marshmallows
   covered container.                            on top.
page 158 Cub Scouting’s 75th Celebration - Grand Canyon Council Pow Wow 2005

Route 66 Road Kill Stew                     Monkey Bread
Ingredients:                                Ingredients:
•   2-lbs beef, cubed                       •   2-cups milk
•   5 carrots, cut up                       •   2-tbs sugar
•   2 large onions, diced                   •   2-to-3-tsp salt
•   6 medium potatoes, not peeled, but      •   1-tbs shortening
    diced large                             •   2-packages dry yeast
•   1-cup mushroom soup                     •   1/2 cups hot water
•   1/2 cups teriyaki sauce                 •   6-to-7 cup flour
•   2-cups water                            •   melted margarine
•   2-tbs lemon juice                       Instructions:
•   3 cloves garlic, minced                 1. Scald milk and add sugar, salt, and
                                            2. Cool mixture to lukewarm.
                                            3. Sprinkle yeast into hot water and stir
                                                until dissolved.
                                            4. Stir yeast into milk mixture.
                                            5. Gradually add flour to milk mixture,
                                                mixing well.
                                            6. Add enough flour to make dough stiff
                                                enough to be handled easily.
                                            7. Turn onto lightly floured surface and
                                                knead until smooth.
Instructions:                               8. Shape dough into a 18-inch by 3-inch
1. Start this stew in the morning just          loaf.
   after breakfast cleanup.                 9. Oil surface lightly.
2. Put all ingredients except soup and      10. Cover and let rise until doubled
   lemon juice in Dutch oven and keep           (1-hour).
   heated to slow simmer.                   11. Place large pot lid on bottom of Dutch
3. Add water during day if needed.              oven, then line with foil.
4. About 30-minutes before serving,         12. Cut loaf crosswise into 32-slices and
   add soup and lemon juice.                    dip slices into melted margarine.
5. Thicken with 2-tbs cornstarch in         13. Place 8-slices to each layer in oven.
   2-tbs water if too thin.                 14. Let rise again until doubled (1-hour).
6. Serve with red chili biscuits.           15. Bake until golden and crusty

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