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Making great tasting and healthy smoothies is very simple and a fun
process. There are a few things to consider before you make any smoothie.
Smoothies have become the preferred way to increase the presence of a
high energy yet tasty and flavorful food source that is easily processed
in our bodies. Smoothies include many ingredients such as fruits,
vegetables, tofu, yogurt, fruit juice, milk, and pretty much anything
else that you want to add.

Over a period of time as you create and taste different smoothies, you
will be able to identify which ones are your favorites. When you need to
know how to make smoothies, simply understand the basic ingredients in
any perfect smoothie.

Using the right equipment to make the perfect smoothie

Most people prefer learning how to make smoothies with a good quality
smoothie blender. While there are cheaper ones available in the market,
they have limited functions. A marvelous blender will allow you to make
the best smoothies with just the right texture.

Ingredients to liquefy your smoothie

There are a few basic building blocks when it comes time to make a
smoothie. The first essential ingredient is the liquid or thinning agent.
Liquids like fresh milk, cow's milk, and soy milk are great options.
These will offer you a dose of calcium, protein, and contains flavones.
While fruit juice can also be used, they generally have a high sugar
content and if your intention is to learn how to make smoothies that are
nutritional, you would do better to skip the fruit juice and sticking to
soy milk instead.

Fresh Produce

To this liquid, you must add your choice of fruits and vegetables. These
change the taste as well as the texture of your smoothie. Pick tastes
that blend well together. You can keep mixing and matching to find the
smoothie that you like best. In your journey of how to make smoothies
that are delicious as well as healthy, feel free to use fruits like
strawberries, black berries, apples, kiwis, cherries, grapes, and
vegetables like pumpkin, and raw spinach! These ingredients pack a
powerful punch and are full of nutritional value.

Thickener Ingredient

The next step in learning how to make smoothies is to add a thickener to
the mixture. This can be added in the form of ice crushed, cubes, and
frozen fruit depending on the strength and capacity of your blender.
Frozen fruits can also be used as a thickening agent but again you will
need a powerful blender that will purify them. This ingredient adds to
the texture and consistency of the smoothie.

Make smoothies the way you like them!
While learning how to make smoothies, you need to realize that this is a
process that is flexible and depends entirely on your taste and
preferences. If you prefer your smoothies a little runny, consider using
less of the thickener and more of the milk or juice. If the smoothies
turn out to be too thin, simply add more frozen fruits or ice. If you
feel like your smoothie is too watered down, add some more fruit to it.
If you want to add a little more flavor to it, add some cinnamon or

To achieve the right consistency, most blenders take within 30 to 45
seconds to fully chop up or blend the ingredients. Allow your smoothie to
circulate freely without any lumps inside the blender for at least 5 to
10 seconds before you consider it ready. Now you've learnt how to make

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