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									About me.


I am Vhuadhi, student in Alazhar university at Cairo, Egypt. From
Indonesian, this Blog is mine, my hobby is cooking, I have cooking some
food from Chinese, Turkey, Italian and some countries.

I just want to give some information about cooking and some tips because
“experience is the best teacher”.

Cooking is not a duty. It is an art, and not coercive. Those who have
understood this have always cooked scrumptious food. Initially, I was
lazy and then, I had to cook! Finally, I decided to make cooking a
delight. I tried out various recipes and finally found that cooking is an

Why we cook?? It's interesting really, all the reasons I can come up with
as to why we cook. If you look back into ancient times, people cooked to
survive. How determined they were to create a fire by rubbing two sticks
together and then making contraptions to create a spit to roast the catch
of the day. Here's a basic reason why we cook, because we need to eat.
Another is that we want to be sure we know what our families are actually
eating and that they are eating healthy. Sure, we can go out a get a bite
to eat at a local fast-food establishment or take the time to be served
at a local restaurant, but do you really know what you are getting? Is it
really nutritious and healthy? Obesity is becoming one of the major
reasons for premature death. If cooking for ourselves to assure a
healthier life isn't reason enough to do it, then I don't know what is.

Although there are many more reasons why people cook I would like to
point out why I believe we "should" cook at home. Cooking is a great way
to demonstrate how much we care about those we serve and the great amount
of satisfaction it gives us when you know they appreciate your efforts.
There are also numerous side benefits to cooking at home two of which are
to eat healthier and to spend more time with the family around the dinner
table to talk about the day's events. Studies have shown that families
who regularly cook and eat together have happier marriages, improved
children's health, and stronger family ties. Taking time to plan, shop
and create a wellrounded, healthy meal is the greatest demonstration of
love and devotion. Although I find the unending list of tasks associated
with preparing daily meals somewhat daunting at times, I truly enjoy the
process. And, after that first taste, if I hear, "Gee Mom this is really
good!"...Wow, how great it feels to know the fruits (no pun intended) of
my labor are appreciated and that my family is gaining profound benefits.

No matter what the reason, learning to cook is one of the most beneficial
skills one could have as an adult.

So, give the best for our family.
Good Luck

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