II THE                                              GUI

    Vega Technology Ltd,                                       Vega Technology has been speciaii?ing in Ine 'hardware'                  Product range:
                                                               communication industry in HK and the PRC for over 10 years. We           » CRT/LCD/slide/overhead/direct/movie projectors
                                                               distribute, manufacture, design, install and repair audio-visual         • intelligent control systems/total AV environment
                                                               equipment lor various industries such as business, education,            « visuailzers/ciesktop presenters/data monitors
                                                               government, social services and public utilities. We are professional    * projection screens/lecterns
                                                               in providing conference technology, computer networking and a               language laboratories/headphone systems
                                                               custom mads total presentation environment.                              « AV furniture/presentation board systems

    Helping Hand                                               Helping Hand was established in 1978 to rehouse the homeless,
    1/F,12BorrettRoad, Hong Kong                               destitute elderly. To date over 6, GOO elders have been helped by this
    Tel: 2522 4494 or 2526 3233                                charity, in addition to operating homes for those needing minimal
    fax: 28401278                                              assistance, Helping Hand also provides nursing care lor ths more
    Contact Person: Ms Yvonne Tong                             frail elderly. A Holiday Centre in Sai Kung also offers recreational
                                                               and respite care to Hongkong's senior citizens.                                                                                              6/98

    The Hong Kong Association for the                                                                                                   donation every month by Autopay or by sending a special donation
    Mentally Handicapped                                                                                                                today. Gifts oi time and talents are also very welcome. Please .
    Pinehill Village, Chung Nga Road                                                                                                    recommend us to your clients when they are considering bequests'
    Nam Hang, Tai Po, New Territories                                                                                                   in their wills.                              •     .       ';.•;'
    Contact: Mrs. S.Y, Li                                                                                                                                                                       :. -10/98
    Tel: 2664 5107 Fax: 2861 4620
    AIDS CONCERN                                               Office hours: Monday io Friday, 9:30 a.m. lo 6:00 p.m.                   funded by public donations, grants and fundraising events. Please •
    Suite 17B, Block F                                         Helpline: 28984422 (Thur. S Sat, 7:00pm to IftOOpm)                      help us or suggest that your clients help us to' continue to provide the-•
    3 Lok Man Road                                             Established in 1990, AIDS Concern was the iirst non-governmental         following services:                           • ' . • • • . , :•..
    Chai Wan, Hong Kong                                        volunteer organisation to offer AIDS support and prevention              • Helpline
    Tel:. (852) 2898 4411 Fax: (852) 25051682                  programmes to the Hong Kong community. We offer both preventive          • Support Services                                  . ^       :
    E-mai!: staff@aidscon.org.!ik                              education programmes and support services for people living with         • Outreach Education                                              . : ';.'.
    Website: http;/www.aidseon.org.t*                          AIDS/HIV, their families and friends. The organisation is mainly
    Gxfam Hong Kong                                            Oxfam Hong Kong fights poverty. We work for the basic right to           Oxfam Hong Kong believes that POVERTY IS WRONG. • .
                                                               enough food, clean water, a home, education, health care, a job, i       Please DO THE RIGHT THINS. Support Oxfam. .
                                                               safe environment, no war, no discrimination and a say in the future      " Donate: Cheques payable to Oxfarm Hong Kong. , ' .". ;. '"<•
                                                                                                                                        1) Donat
                                                               Founded in 1976, we help poor people bring about lasting change ii       2) Volun Volunteer:.            Email kitty@oxfam.org.hk Give your fax number,.,.';
                                                               their lives. Our anti-poverty projects are in Hong Kong, China           3) Use o brary: Make an appointment with Sandy at 2821 SZfe
                                                               Indochina, South Asia and Africa,                                        4) Join c paigns: Contact mabel@oxfarn,brg.hk • \ /••.'/.:

    The Spastics Association of Hong Kong                      The Spastics Association of Hong Kong is a non-government                                other supportive services to more than 3,500:
 Room 603, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building             organisation providing a full range of rehabilitation services for the                   ersons aged from birth to adulthoad;^"1 ;." •/.
 No.15 Hennessy Road                                           neurologically impaired persons in Kong Kong. The Association was                        urgently required, to support pioneer projects of the'
 Wanchai. Hong Kong                                            founded in 1963 and was incorporated In 1976.                                             up-grade the life quality of multiple hendicapped;:
tel: 2527-8978 Fax: 2866-3727                                  The Association currently runs 32 unitsproviding pre-school training,                     assist their family members. ' ""•.-••/X.':-'X-.
  Chairman: Rev. Dr. Erik Kvan, MBE .                          special education, sheltered and supported employment, residential
 General Secretary: Mrs, C.S. Chong, JP.
                           COMPUTERS-CONSULTING SERVICES
    Expert Legal Systems Limited                                          TECHSOLOSY FOR LAWYERS
:   .Room 3701, Far East Finance Centre                        « WEB PUBLISHING • INTERNET MARKETING •
    16 Harcourt Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong                     • IT CONSULTANCY « DOCUMENT AUTOMATION •
    Tel: (852) 28621019 Fax: {852} 2865 7360                   • CONVEYANCING SOFTWARE • FORMS AND PRECE
    E-rnail: expert@expertlegal.com or expert@ibrn.net
    internet: http://www.expertlegal.com'' . . •
                           COURT REPORTERS
                           Ltd                                 Contact: Mrs. Elizabeth Tam
 '.195-6;ISt, George's Building.                               Since 1976,LindyWilliams Ltd. has provi        legal fraternit;
:l)c:ettouse Street, Central '                                 government departments with verbatim transcripts
                                                               examinations, depositions, hearings and tribunals.
                                                               AH assignments undertaken by a team of trained and higl
                                                               native English speaking court reporters.

    Hong Kong Lawyer September 1997,
                         COURT                                      fcont) •
Smith Bernal International (Asia) Ltd                                      Smith Bernal international is the world's leading court reporting
                                                                           company. Transcripls of court proceedings, arbitrations,
.Our new address is:                                                       depositions, examinations and tribunals can be produced and
,26/F Bank of China Tower
 1 Garden Road                                                             delivered:
 jHong Kong                                                                    Sane day
Tel: 25221998        Fax: 25221575                                             Next day
 IContact: Ms joy Tacon                                                        Expedited or delayed
                                                                                                                                                    Established in 1979 Verbatim Reporters are the oldest firm of Court
 Verbatim Reporters                                                                                                                                 Reporters in Hong Kong, We have undertaken assipnrnents both
6B The Crescent:                                                                                                                                    locally and throughout South East Asia, and have experience in every
.BIockB, 13 Homantin Hill Road         Kowloon                                                                                                      type oi court proceedings both large and small, (Including cases
                                                                                                                                                    which have lasted more than two years!) Our rates are based on a 24
•Tel: 2760 8066     fax: 2760 8789                                                                                                                  hour turnaround, a three day rate, and a deposition rate,      9/97
Contact: Mrs, Lynn D'Souza

                        DEBT RECOVERY
                                                                                                                                                    Established in 1988, we are one of Hong Kong:s largest credit
Credit Base (HK) Ltd.                                                                                                                               information and debt-collection companies. We have gained a
7/F Blk. B1 & B3 Han Kow Centre,                                                                                                                    reputation for offering high quality, professional services catering to
4A Ashley Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon.                                                                                                               financial, banking, manufacturing, servicing and trading sectors, as
 Tel: 23688826 Fax: 23167504                                                                                                                        well as public listed companies. Our receivable-management service,
•Contact: Mr. Marco C.H. Yu                                                                                                                         will enable you to swiftly settle unlocated accounts or accounts
Mr. Lawrence PL. Chiu                                                                                                                               which have not settled through formal litigation. Please contact us
Mr; Joe. S.N.Chan         :                                                                                                                         for further information.

                         FINANCIAL SERVICES
 ORIX Asia Limited                                                         Services:
a Restricted Lience.Bank),                                                 « Shipping finance
..30/f, United .Centre, 95 Queensway, Hong Kong                            • Project finance
Tel: 2862 9268        Fax: 2527 9688
                                                                           • Cross-border finance
                                                                           • Syndicate loan

                         HANDWRITING AND                                                                                                            departments, financial institutions, insurance companies and
 forensic Document Services Pty Limited                                    Sydney laboratory:                                                       investigators both in Austraiiaand internationally. Our experts have
 Canberra laboratory: ; .                                     :            P.O. Box 167, Manly NSW 2095 Australia.                                  been drawn from the laboratories of the Australian Federal Police,
                                                                           Tel: 61-2-9977 0266 Fax: 61-2-9977 0402 DX: 9239 Manly                   Australian Department of Immigration, Londo Metroplitan Police
P.O.Box543,.Quea'nbeyan.NSW2620 Australia.             .' j                                                                                         Queensland Police and New Zealand Police, The cumulative
 Tel: 61-6-238:3443 Fax: 61-6-238 3407
DX: 24208 Queanbeyan .                 ' '.'             :'                Forensic Document Services Pty Limited provides a comprehensive          experience of these experts is considerable and ot the highest
                                                                           range of expertise in the field of handwriting identification and        standing. For further information and/or a free estimate please
                                                                           document examination to legal firms, corporate sector, government        contact our Canberra laboratory.                                 4/98

             WaiCheung, LL.M. (Lond.), FDlArb. Services of International Commercial Arbitrator, Negotiator and   courses, seminars and mode! design. English and Cantonese
Law.Societies of Englahd&Wales;Hong Kong and of the Ontario and                                                - spoken, some Mandarin. Read and write English and Chinese.
                                                                           Conflict Resolution and Management Consultant available from
•Manitoba Bars.'.•'' ; - .'",'; : •;• ' ;'".,      ;                       professional trained and qualified in multiple jurisdictions. Over       Will accept appointments, assignments, contracts and projects,
                                                                           27 years' experience as university professor, practising lawyer,         including course and seminar design and instruction.
                                                                           arbitrator, negotiator and conflict resolution/management,               Please contact for further information.
                                                                           consultant. Specialty in international commercial transactions,          Prompt, professional service with integrity and experience.
                                                                           taxation; conflict dispute and management projects, including

                                                         fmlted            GuafdlorceInvestigationServicesprovidescommercial Investigation               Fraud — corporate and internal
 Guardforce Centre 3 Hok Yuen.Street East .Hung Hom Kowloon,               and litigation support services not only throughout S.E. Asia, but            Asset Searches
             :Tel; 276K826: fax: 2766;13B5'                                world-wide. GIS also offers a wide range of security consultancy—             Marine/Non-Marine Insurance Claims
 Contant:Paul Taylor:' • • .;• I..-"' ' - . . . . •'.                      loss prevention/risk control services to ensure complete support by           Corporate Due Diligence
                                                                           meeting all requirements.                                                     Intellectual Property Infringements
                                                                                                                                                         Electronic Counter Measures                                 4/97

            Q'ReilleyVernler& Gurka Ltd,                           :       Our international .network provides, the business and financial           OVG SERVICES INCLUDE:
 9/F, Allied Capital Resources Building, .         . '.;                   community with worldwide access to vital, timely information upon         «   Due diligence analysis/background profiles
 32-38 ice:House Street, Central, Hong Kong,    ".! ';•                    which important business decisions are based or to fulfil other           •   Asset tracing and recovery
Tel:25301111 ;Fax:25371111,             •    .'•.•;!                       specific needs.                                                           •   Tracing missing persons
Contact: Murray Burton/tony Gurka /Paul Bromberg ;i                                                                                                  •   Extradition evidence support
                                                                                                                                                     •   Intellectual property protection and enforcement
OVG is a Pacific Rim corporate intelligence organisation with fully-.:     OV6 has worked successfully over the years with multi-national            •   Security and crisis management
stalled offices in Hong Kong;. Bangkok and Tokyo which, operates           corporations, private and .government institutions, financial             •   Fraud and insolvency issues
extensiverly throughout Asia. OVG is a group of highly specialised. organisations and many solicitors and professional firrns inthe                  •   Country market and feasibility studies
and experienced individuals with on-line access to hundreds of region, : ; ••••: • . , - ' - ; '           :'•'••' '•'•. " .-•.•'••'•' '•••''•' ;    •   Corporate contest
    tabases,worfdwfde,         :       . ; : • - . . • • , : .i,: : ,,   :                                                                           •   Litigation support

                                                                                                                                                                          Hong Kong Lawyer            September       1997
                            Kong/China) Ltd.                        reran Consul:          13

  1808 lower I!, The Gateway,                                       ?.s;iga;ion support to the AsianLegoughtwelve offices in Asia, we cffer
  25 Canton Road, Tsim S'na Tsui, Hong Kong.
  Tel: (852) 2956 1888 Fax: (852) 2956 i; H                         Due diligence support for finance ar
  Contact: Raymond Chiu, Christopher P. Moore, Robert L.            Lirigation support
                                                                    Background investigation
                                                                    intellectual property investigations
  Rental Assosiates (Asia-Pacific) Limited.                      A professional security and investigation group with strong links in     Renful services include:
  G/F, Informtech Centre                                         the PRC which facilitate exceptional access to information and           « Asset Tracing/Person Location
  10 Yuen Shun Circuit                                           suppor; from all levels oi govenment and commerce enabling               » Intellectual Property Investigations
  Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin, NT                                       clients So make well-intormed, timely business decisions. Our staff      • Corporate Fraud
  Hong Kong                                                      are drawn from many professions inducing law, finance, trading and       • Due Diligence Enquiries
  Tei:26472628 Fax:26459311                                      shipping, giving us access to experts from many areas of business        • Competitive Intelligence
  E-mail: 100452.1472@Cornpuserve,com                                                                                                     » Employee Screening
  Contact: Coiin Hill, Tony Chiu, Scott Graham                                                                                            • Electronic Countermeasues
  Offices in New York, London, Frankfurt. Hong Kong, Beijing,                                                                             » Specialized Security Systems
  Shanghai & Jakarta                                                                                                                      • Executive Protection

 MACH                       Ltd.                                MACH Mandarin isHor.g Kong's premier Mandarin training institute.
 22/F, Hang Lung Centre                                         Established in 1993. it has trained over 3,500 expatriates to
 2 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay                                communicate in Mandarin, with emphasis on practical real-life and
 Hong Kong                                                      business/professional language skills. MACH Mandarin uses its
 Tel: 2890-7861 Fax: 2890-5681
                                                                own full-time, professionally trained teachers.

 Chinese Language Institute of Hong Kong                        Established in 1978, the Chinese Language Institute of H.K. is a              Professional in teaching Mandarin & Cantonese .to English
 (Professional in teaching Mandarin & Cantonese)                professional language institute specialising in the designand teaching        speakers.                                                " •:
 17/F,, Yue Shing Commercial Bldg.,                             oi Mandarin/Cantonese courses. The language courses offered by                Fully qualified native teachers guaranteed.
 15 Queen Victoria Street, Central Hong Kong                    the Institute range from short-term courses to long-term in-house             Lessons can be held at your office/home;               •
 Tel: 2523 6455 Fax: 2845 7196                                  training courses. Our client list is your best guarantee of Quality and       Competitive tuition fees. -              .. ^ .               .
                                                                satisfaction.                                                                                                                      :
                                                                                                                                              19 years' experience is your best guarantee. ... -. : . . • 8/97'

                        LAW COSTS DRAFTSMEN
 Alfonso Fung Oi Ip                                             Approved Law Costs Draftsman since 1984, experienced in amis
 Room 1805,18/F, Kai Tak Commercial Building,
 317-321 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong
 Tel: 2851 3298 Fax: 2581 4826                                                                                                                                                                           4/98;
 Contract: Mr Alfonso Fung
 E-mail:alfungso@dbsnetnet http://wvvw.3flcd.com

                        PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES
 FT Law & Tax Asia Pacific                                      FT Law & Tax, Asia Pacific is a leading publisher for legal practitione   China Law for Business, a monthly newsletter about developments
 Suite.1808, Asian House,                                       and professionals. It has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbour        in Chinese Law: and the Legal Practice Manuals.      . , :
 1 Hennessy'Road                                                and Sydney, and publishes ina range of formats including magazins         FT Law & Tax Asia Pacific is part of Pearson Professional, a-,
 Wanchai,.Hong. Kong                                            journals, newsletters, CD-Roms, looseleafs and bocks,                     subsidiary oi Pearson plc,which also owns The Financial Times,; ••;
 Tel: 2863 2655 Fax: 2520 6954                                  in Hong Kong, FT Law & Tax Asia Pacilic's leading publication is T        Penguin, Addison Wesley Longman and, in Hong Kong j.Q$-ef.
 E-maii:.agathal@pearson-pro.com.hk                             Authorised Hong Kong Law Report & Digest. In addition, it publish         TVB. For a FREE catalogue, please contact Ms AgathaL a u : " -v.".'
 Contact: Ms Agatha Lau                                         the Hong Kong Lawyer, the official magazine of the Law Socle

                       ORDINANCE UP-DATING SERVICES
 A-' Hong Kong Drdinance                                        We are a specialised company providing a package of Noter-ap
 Service Co.                                                    services for keeping your Laws of Hong Kong up-to-date. Now we
 5/F.', Duke Wellington House                                   are serving private law firms and we cars provide a package of Noter-
 14-24, Wellington Street                      ;                up services tor your professional needs every two weeks. The
 Central, Hong Kong         '        .              ...         monthly charge is only $1,500,
 Tef:2521 0743          Fax: 26371473          {
 Contact: Miss Iry or Mr. Anthony

                        RECORDS MANAGEMENT
 Records ' Management International                             RMI provides professional records managementand archives advice              record keeping systems design .••.;',,...•-...>•
            '     '          ' '                                and services to business, government and private organisations in            records appraisal and disposal scheduling .'.'••;
                                                                the Asia-Pacific region. RMI's expertise is directed at achieving the        vita! records and disaster recovery •programs-;.
  806Capitol Centre, 5-19 Jardine's Bazaar,                     maximum benefit to clients from existing and future investment in            records training - • ' . .'-;.„•.. • " . . ' { ,
I Causeway Bay Hong Kong                .                       records..                                                                   "archives policy and collection development. |
  tefc (852)29826953                .                           RUM'S services include:                                                      archivaldpcsjrnentafioB • . • ' • ; . ' • ^ . ..'.•'..--i
  Fax: {852J2'3B2 6954.     . : . - ,,:'.
 'Contact:Don Brech .        ...          .

            igLawyer September
                                                                                                                                                       i THE

    Kroll Associates (Asia) Ltd.                                              other business concerns.                                                   • Environmental Services
                                                                              Kroll's regional services include:                                         • Business Controls Consulting
.,936-911'Mount Parker House, 1111 King's Road, Hong Kong                                                                                                • Investment Monitoring Services
 •Tel         7788 Fax: 25688505                                              • Pre-transaction Due Diligence
                                                                              • Financial Investigations                                                 • Electronic Sweeping (Technical Surveiliance Counter
• Contact Stephen G Vickers
                                                                              • Fidelity investigations                                                    Measures)
    Since4972, Kroll Associates has been serving ieading corporations,
 :                                                                            • Corporate Investigations                                                 » I.P. Consulting
   .law firms, banks, professional firms and other clients, meeting their
 .increasing need for information. By combining sophisticated                 » Business intelligence & Analysis
                                                                              » Litigation Support                                                       Kroll's offices are located in Hong Kong (regional headquarters),
•Investigative techniques with state-of-the-art research methods,
                                                                              • Asset Searching                                                          Beijing, Manila, Tokyo. Singapore, New Delhi, Sydney. New York
 .Kroll provides a professional service with broad applicability to
 ; situations involving major financial transactions, litigation support,     « Internal investigations and Special Fact Finding                         (head office), Miami, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Santa Clara,
 •.•corporate takeovers, competitor aclions, bankruptcies, corporate          • Crisis Management Consulting                                             Moscow, London, Paris and Frankfurt.
   'fraud.-duedillgence assignments, environmental investigations and         • Risk Management & Technical Services

   MAN'S TAILOR £tt;¥                                                        (1) High Quality Menswear & Ladies Suits                                    - Collar & Tapes & Shirt Frontage              $250.00 (man)
•.Shop 139: Melbourne Plaza,                                                 (2) Court Attire: made to order; gowns on loan pending completion             (in one single piece)                        $260.00 (lady)
   33 Queen's Road, Central,                                                 of order                                                                    - Court shirt (in set) = White
 Hong Kong.                                                                                                                                                   Shirt plus 2 Interchangeable
Tel;2868 0150 Fax: 2524 6348                                                 Price list for court attire:                                                     Collars plus 1 Band                       $470.00
::                                                                                                                                                       - Collar & Band (in 2 pieces)                  $150.00
  Contact:Mr Albert Chung                                                    - gowns                              $950.00

                          TRANSLATION                             TERPRETATION
                                                                                                                                                             Professional PRC documentary translation
    Chinese Language Institute of Hong Kong                                   Our translators are well-trained professionals with over 20 years of
                                                                                                                                                             Speedy translation services
17|F,,Yue Shing Commercial Bldg.,.                 ' '. '    ;
                                                                              experience in translation. Feasibility study reports, joint venture
                                                                              agreements, Memorandum and Articles of Association, DMCs and                   Multi-lingual translation services
4iQueen Victoria Street,                                                                                                                                     Simultaneous interpreters/court interpreters
Centrel;            Hong. Kong: •'•''. v .                           .      : financial reports areourexpertise, Speed.accuracy and confidentiality          Reasonable rates                                        8/97
3lli25238455Faxr28457196                                                      are always our codes of practice.

    Diners Professional Translation Services                                  EXPERT IN LEGAL & FINANCIAL TRANSLATION                                    •   Top quality
 Sl3C;.Rlgft .EmperorCommercial Building,                                    Diners treats every translation job with the strictest confidence.          •   Reasonable rates
•322Hl26*IIingion Street, Central, Hong Kong                                 Chinese-foreign joint venture contracts, M&As, annual reports,              •   Speedy service
"; Jet: 2545 2227/2545 2229                                                  DMCs, prospectuses, and copywriting are our expertise. Our client           •   Strong computer support (modem, email).
                                                                             list is your best guarantee of quality and satisfaction. Call now for a     •   Free Chinese typing
    -E-mail; wiarn@l-wave.net .                                              written quotation in less than 30 minutes.
                                                                                                                                                         25 LANGUAGES UNDER DINERS' ROOF                            12/98

                                                                             We specialise in translation of legal documents from English into          Rapid, Accurate and Confidential Service
  Suite 1233; Wing On Life Building-.'                                       Chineseorviceversa. Ourtranslatorsareallwellqualified. Youcan
 '22 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong                                       count on us of efficient and reliable service. All documents will be
; Tel;2343.8559fax: 2111 0053 .        .                                     treated with strictest confidence.

                                                                             Oxford Translation (HK) Ltd is an international organization. We            Serving the legal profession with conviction.
.;;Sg,;Amtel Building: ", • . '„                                             offer a translation service by professionals who are dedicated to           ACCURATE, PUNCTUAL, CONFIDENTIAL!
144-148 Des Voeux Road Central                                               achieving the best rendition of the original text into the target
                                                                             languages using current idioms & figures of speech.

                                                                             We are professionals in translating all kinds of legal documents.                                                                        8/97

                                                                             Striving to meet its customers' needs through the delivery of quality       Room 2519, 25/F., Ho King Commercial Centre
                                                                             service at reasonable price, Yields is around to share with its valued      2-16 Fa Yuen Street (Junction with Dundas Street)
                                                                             customers their linguisticproblems with all preparedness, enthusiasm,       Mongkok, Kowloon
                                                                             expertise of its team .of competent translators of'various languages        Tel: 2388 5789 / 2374 1 028 Fax: 2782 5389
                                                                             and specialisms and the solid legal, commercial and translation             E-mail: yields@hkstar.com
                                                                             experiences of its founder.                                                                                                              7/98

                                       ITSINTELLECTUAL                                 TRANSLATION                       SERVICES (INTERNATIONAL)
                                                                            WE HAVE EXPERTISE IN                        OUR MISSION
                                                       -;- ; . . - • .      • Hong Kong iega! documents
•;Arabic .Chinese •.English • French ••• Russian « Spanish
  '                                                          '        '     • PRC laws, regulations, legal notices              Not just translation,...
                                                                            • Service of accredited interpreters
Dutch :German..« Hindi. • Italian'* Indonesian * Japanese                   • Language expert witnesses                                        ...Effective communication,
Korean. Malay .-:•'• Portuguese • Spanish » Tagalog ••.Thai                 • Handling disputed evidence
:';Mr|isr)''».y.i8tnarnes6*.ana'.moi'e '  . : ' • ' . ' . ' .;•••':.-!: • : • Expert legal advice .translation          call 2517 3225 for a quotation within 1/2 hr
                                                                            Free expert language consultancy
                                    Room 1727, Beverley CommCtr, 87-105 Chatham Rd, TST, Kln. Tel: 25173225 Fax: 2549 8553 e-mail: itsi@htetar.com                                                                       5/98

    '•Page BO                                                                                                                                                                 Hong Kong lawyer              September 1997

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