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					                SHEPHERD GLEN K9

 Dogs/puppies purchased are guaranteed until age 8, on a prorated
  scale as follows. Up to age 4-100% up to age 6-50% and up to age
 Guarantee is replacement only, of similar age, and training.
 Guarantee is for genetic defects in structure, health, or
 Includes things such as hip/elbow dysplasia.
 The condition must be severe enough that there is an inability to
  perform reasonable work that is age appropriate, due to
  insufficient structure, confidence, nerve, drive, health, etc.
 Covers genetic illnesses or shortcomings.
 All cases must be diagnosed and have conclusive results proved by
  a Vet. All conditions must be discussed with Rick before any
  action is taken on the part of the purchaser if the guarantee is to
  be valid.
 Does not cover items like bloat, stomach twist, cancer, panis(eye
  disease) these are largely caused by environmental factors or can
  be treated. If your Vet and my Vet agree on a genetic link to a
  similar condition, the dog will be replaced.
 Guarantee for temperament requires reasonable effort on the
  part of the dog owner. You must enroll and participate in training
  classes and if the dog is unable to perform after reasonable effort
  on your part and agreed upon by an instructor of a club or
  organization then the dog will be replaced.
 Guarantee for replacement of a breeding dog or service dog
  requires X-rays at 2 years of age. If you are a pet owner I do not
  require X-rays at 2 years for the guarantee to be effective. If later
  the dog develops a limp or immobility I do require an X-ray to
  rule out the evidence of injury as a source of the problem.
 Hip dysplasia is proven to be a 50/50 genetic and environmental
  disease, I require that you give the pup 500 mg of vitamin C for
  the first year, feed the dog a high quality meat base dog food with
  a ration of 75% of maximum growth quantity. Follow a
  reasonable exercise program, one that is not too intense, but not
    sedentary. If you choose not to follow these guidelines then I will
    still honor the replacement if the dog develops displasia but only
    50% value as your half has not been met.
   Ear faults- should an ear not stand fully by 6 months then taping
    is required to assist the proper development, I can provide
    instructions should this happen. The Vitamin C also aids in the
    ears standing. Should an ear not fully stand after reasonable
    effort then a refund of $100 per ear will be awarded to the owner.
   From time to time a personality mismatch occurs or family needs
    change that no longer allow you to keep a dog. I will do my best
    to help you, this is a service of good will. I will help you find a new
    home for your dog, I charge a 10% fee for finding a buyer, or I
    will take the dog back and find a new home and keep the money
    from its sale to cover my expenses.
   I attempt to provide a very thorough guarantee for you and your
    pet at a very reasonable purchase price if I can improve please
    make a request.
   We want your dog ownership to be a happy and rewarding
   We feed our pups and adults Purina Proplan Lamb and Rice
    formula Adult. This matches a balanced growth rate with quality
    and health, along with ease of availability for purchasers. We soak
    the pups food till they are 6 months of age and feed them twice a
    day. Have fresh water available at all times.

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