The Magic of Effective Marketing by liuqingyan


									                                                                                          Summer 2011 • Vol. 4, #3

The Magic of
Effective Marketing
All successful businesses have one           number, address, website url or social
important element in common: they            media links. These items remind people
know how to effectively market their         who you are, what you do and how
business to potential customers.             they can contact you. They are usually
                                             inexpensive and easy to implement
For a business owner to market their         into your marketing strategy.
business well, they need to be like a good
fisherman and cast many nets. This “cast     Coupons, press releases, print ads,
many nets” marketing strategy is used        decorated store windows and doors,
by many successful businesses, small         outdoor signs, direct mail campaigns
and large, to get the most attention         and e-mail marketing add an additional
from as many people as possible.             layer of publicity. These are effective     Along with a website (with mobile capabilities),
                                             ways to spread the news about special       Every Blooming Thing in Akron, OH uses
 Effective “Nets” of Marketing:              offers, giving your audience incentive      their delivery van as a traveling billboard.
                                             to purchase from your shop.
    ӹ Online
      ■   Websites (with mobile access)      Blogs, social media, websites and
      ■   E-mail marketing                   mobile exposure broaden your
      ■   Social media                       audience and pull even more potential
      ■   Blogs                              customers to your marketing messages.
    ӹ Print                                  Engaging customers online will
      ■   Direct mail campaigns              appeal to them on a deeper level
      ■   Print ads                          than other forms of marketing.
      ■   Business cards
      ■   Enclosure cards                    How can florists become successful
      ■   Coupons                            marketers? Be like the fisherman
      ■   Press releases                     and cast as many nets as possible
    ӹ In-Store                               based on the types of customers
      ■   Delivery vehicles                  that the business needs to grow.            Along with a website (with mobile capabilities)
      ■   Surveys                                                                        and branded e-mail campaign, Bloomin Bee
      ■   Store windows and doors            For some florists, marketing may             in Aurora, CO utilizes Facebook, Linked-In,
      ■   Outdoor signs                      seem like a daunting task, but              Twitter and Yelp as effective ways
      ■   Shop apparel                       others have embraced the many               to market to their customers.
      ■   Customer statements                platforms to launch their marketing
                                             strategies and their business.
Some forms of marketing are subtle
and serve as an introduction to your
business. For example, business cards,
enclosure cards, delivery vehicles, shop     For more ways to market your flower shop, log into, where you will find
apparel and customer statements may          actionable marketing plans for your shop in the FSN Florist Marketing Guide.
contain your business’s name, phone

                                                                              • 1.800.858.9925
 Get Online or Get Out of the Game
 Choosing not to have a website is            Follow these simple strategies to
 like doing business without a phone          drive customers to your website:
 number. According to the Pew
 Internet & American Life Project,            •	 Add your website url to business
 71% of all adults shop online.                  cards, enclosure cards, customer
                                                 statements, delivery vehicles and
 A website is the best way to capture            shop apparel; it is just as important
 that finicky, internet-savvy customer           as your phone number.
 with 24/7 shopping options. A strong
 website marketing strategy can increase      •	 Make sure your website url is present
 a flower shop’s business exponentially.         on every social media platform that       Dietz Flower Shop’s premium website design.
                                                 you use to market your website.
                                                                                           Do you need a website? FSN provides
                                              •	 Network with trade associations,          easy to use, search-engine-optimized
                                                 your local chamber of commerce and        websites for florists. Contact your
                                                 other local businesses. Ask them to       FSN representative today for more
                                                 add links to your website on their        information about our standard and
                                                 websites, blogs and social networks.      premium websites at 800.858.9925.

                                              •	 Check online services such as
                                                 Google Places, Bing Local and             Your website allows
                                                 Yahoo Local to see if they list the       customers to shop
                                                 correct url to your website.              from anywhere,
                                                                                           any time.
                                              •	 Make sure all ads in newspapers or
  Monroe Florist’s standard website design.      magazines include your correct url.

 Did you know?                                You’ve Got Business!
 You can create direct mail marketing         “E-mail is the ‘original social media’       4. Send customers on your mailing
 pieces for free. FSN makes this easy.        and it is the one platform that, pretty         list a postcard asking for the e-mail
                                              much, everyone still uses today,” explains      addresses of family or friends.
                                              Dan Zarrella, marketing specialist.

                                              E-mail marketing was listed as one of
                                              the top three most effective marketing
                                              methods. Without a good e-mail address
                                              list, e-mail marketing can fall short.

                                              Collect more e-mail addresses
                                              using these methods:

                                              1. Simply ask every person placing
                                                 an order for their e-mail address.

                                              2. Hold a weekly or biweekly contest
                                                 where the only requirement to
  A sample direct mail template.                 enter is an e-mail address.
                                                                                           For more information about making
 To print your direct marketing               3. Ask customers to refer family             the best of your e-mail marketing, visit:
 pieces, go to and                    and friends in exchange for a   
 click on Marketing Services.                    percentage off or a special gift. • 1.800.858.9925
 Creative Concepts                                                                                      Maintain a
 Create Customers                                                                                       Facebook
 Heath Florist in Salem, OR has a
 unique marketing strategy. On the
 wall in a local restaurant’s bathroom,
 are two restroom-themed flower                                                                         Follow these three tips to make
 containers. Owners Debra and Michael                                                                   your Facebook marketing
 Wallig place fresh stems in these                                                                      efforts more effective:
 containers with their business cards.
 This creative concept reaches both              Heath Florist places business cards in the bathroom.
 visitors and residents in their town.

         Creative marketing strategies ensure that
         customers stay interested in your service.
                                                 Heath’s isn’t the only florist with a                  Organize Your Albums
                                                 novel approach to marketing. Lazy
                                                 Acres Décor & Floral in Wakefield, NE                  Make it easy for customers to find
                                                 attracts Mother’s Day customers with                   the pictures they’re looking for. Keep
                                                 their Build A Bouquet event. The store                 arrangements grouped logically.
                                                 helps kids create a bouquet prior to
                                                 Mother’s Day. According to owner Sarah                 Friend & Comment
                                                 Ekberg, the response to this marketing
                                                 approach has been phenomenal.                          Facebook now allows you to interact as
                                                                                                        your flower shop. Communicate with
                                                 Marketing strategies that include                      other local Facebook pages to spread
                                                 participation will lure customers to                   the word about your flower shop.
                                                 your shop. They also have the added
                                                 benefit of changing new customers                      Stay On Topic
                                                 into loyal ones. Flowers On Main in
                                                 Placerville, CA holds hands-on flower                  Your shop’s page is an extension
                                                 workshops. Many of the participants                    of your store. Keep personal
                                                 have become regular customers                          information, political opinions, and
  A novel advertising idea from Heath Florist.   and evangelists for the business.                      unrelated topics off of your wall.
                                                                                                        Keep the focus on current specials
                                                                                                        and events going on in your store.

 ¿Hablas Español?
 Do you market to the Hispanic                   FSN offers several ways in which you can               Come See Us!
 community? Maybe you should.                    more easily market to Latino customers:
                                                                                                        Texas State Florist Association
 Hispanic buyers are one of the youngest         •	 Spanish-speakers can find florists                  Convention July 15th – 17th
 and largest trend-setting markets in the           using FSN ’s Spanish website,
 U.S. In a survey, 70% of Hispanics found                             Arkansas State Florist Association
 English ads less effective than Spanish                                                                Convention August 18th – 21st
 ads in persuading potential customers.          •	 Websites hosted through FSN can
                                                    have Spanish pages added to them.                   Ozark Florist Association Convention
 Also, 56% of Latino adults                                                                             September 24th – 25th
 responded better to Spanish ads.
                                                                                                        For more info
 For more information on marketing to the Spanish-speaking community, go to:                            scan this QR Code. • 1.800.858.9925

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