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									                                                                                                                   SPRING 2005

W Insi
• Doris Watts Honored
• Program News
• In Memory
• Registration Info
                        Rena Robinson, Gloria Jones, and Vivien Duncan visit the Technology Lab with their “Passport” as they
• Community Lecture     journey through EIS at their 40th Anniversary Celebration.
• Volunteer Thanks
                          40 Years of Science Celebrated
                              with Lifetime of Friends
• Donor Thanks
• How You Can Help
                        T   he Elementary Institute of Science
                        (EIS) hosted a lifetime of friends,
                                                                                his insistence that they are capable
                                                                                of accomplishing great things, is
• Nature Walk           supporters, and former students at                      with us still.
  Finished              its 40th Anniversary Celebration on                         As we celebrate our 40 years
                                 Oct. 28, 2004. A commemorative                 and look to the years ahead, we
                                 “Passport” chronicled the                      thank each of you for your role in
                                 amazing journey through the                    helping the Elementary Institute of
                                  Institute’s 40 years. Guests                  Science reach more children, inspire
                                   used the book to guide them                  more minds, and create leaders who
                                   through the labs, classrooms,                can be entrusted with our future.
                                    and more, receiving a                       Over 40 volunteers organized this
                                    destination stamp at                        celebration and helped make it a
                                     each stop.                                 success. Special thanks to the Jacobs
                                         It was 1964 when an                    Center for Neighborhood Innovation,
                                     elementary school teacher                  Wells Fargo Bank, and CP Kelco for
                                      named Tom Watts took a                    underwriting our 40th Anniversary
                              few curious children and a beat-                  Celebration.
                        up, 10-gallon aquarium and developed
                        a “hands-on” approach to teaching
                        science. This informal science club was
                        the beginning of what would become
                        the Elemen-
                        tary Institute
                        of Science.
                        Mr. Watts’
                        to children,
                        along with
                                                      Salk Institute Visits EIS
                                       T   he EIS students started the year with a wonderful visit from The Salk
                                       Institute Mobile Lab, learning about fruit flies and DNA. KC Jones, lead
                                       instructor with the Salk Institute, led teams of scientists working with EIS
                                       students on two exciting experiments. At the end of the visit, the children
                                       returned home with a strand of DNA.

    Doris Watts Honored
    EIS honored Doris Watts at
the 15th Annual Breakfast for
MiLady “Tribute to Mothers” on
May 8, 2004. Doris supported all of
founder Tom Watts’ efforts that led
to the success of EIS.
    Doris Ruth Watts was born and
raised in Nebraska. She earned a
bachelor’s degree in English at the
University of Redlands, California,
where she also met her future                   My Summer in Grand Teton
husband. Doris and Tom came                                   By Brittany A. Robinson
to San Diego in 1959 after Tom
accepted a teaching position with
                                       B    rittany Robinson, a ninth grader at Midway Baptist and past EIS student, won
                                       a scholarship to attend the Teton Science School’s Field Natural History: Discover the
San Diego City Schools. Just four
                                       Arts in Science course in Jackson Hole,Wyoming.The fantastic 20-day experience
years later, Tom launched the after-
                                       was made possible by a generous grant to EIS.
school science program that would
become EIS.                                This summer I was
                                       fortunate enough to be
    Doris served as a member of
                                       selected to represent the
the founding committee and as
                                       Elementary Institute of
volunteer secretary. She played
                                       Science at Teton Science
an essential role in the growth
                                       School in Wyoming. I spent
of EIS, also teaching electronics,
                                       three amazing weeks at Grand
photography, and chemistry.
                                       Teton and Yellowstone
She earned her master’s degree
                                       National Park. I saw many
in technical communication at
                                       beautiful sights and had                        Brittany Robinson (circled), her classmates, and
SDSU in 1994, where she later                                                               instructors at Cobble Ridge in Grand Teton.
                                       awesome encounters with
taught freshman composition and
                                       nature that I never dreamed possible.
tech writing. Today, Doris lives in
Temecula close to her children and         I saw black bears, grizzly bears, elk, moose, snakes, bison, birds and other
grandchildren and remains an active    animals roaming free in their natural environment. I was lucky enough to see
supporter of the Institute.            three of the remaining few endangered black wolves in Yellowstone. I learned
                                       to canoe in a beautiful lake. I also backpacked for over five miles and saw snowy
    Thank you Doris, for the
                                       mountains. I participated in bird banding and studied biology and geology.
essential role you’ve played in the
EIS journey!                               All in all, I had a wonderful experience that I will never forget. I learned
                                       many new scientific procedures. I met people from all over the U.S. I am now
                                       more globally aware and environmentally conscious thanks to my experience
                                       at the Teton Science School. Thank you EIS and all of your supporters for the
                                       opportunity to represent EIS in Wyoming.
                                   IN MEMORY
               Chemistry Set Brought
                  Joe to Science
T   he Elementary Institute of Science lost a good friend on Oct. 23, 2004
with the death of Joseph John Jacobs, Jr. Ph.D. “Dr. Joe” was a risk-taking
businessman, philanthropist, and founder of the Jacobs Family Foundation and
Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation (JCNI). His belief in the mission
of EIS and his love for young scientific discoverers created a unique partner-
ship that helped us build our new home.
   Both personally and through the family’s foundations, Dr. Joe invested
almost $40 million in projects in this community, the largest of which are
Market Creek Plaza and EIS. JCNI jump-started the EIS capital campaign with         Sign Up for EIS
a $1-million challenge grant to build our new 15,000-square-foot, state-of-        Summer Program
the-art facility.                                                               Our 2005 Summer Science
    “Dr. Joe frequently told a story from childhood about the influence          Program is jam-packed with
of a chemistry set on his passion for science,” said Donald R. Short, Ph.D.,    new and exciting learning
president of the EIS board. “This experience was the basis for his strong       opportunities. Students ages
support for EIS. From his own experience, he could relate directly to           7 – 13 enroll by the week
our students.”                                                                  for a maximum of three weeks.
    Doris Anderson, executive director of EIS, added: “Nothing delighted him
more than when he would sit there and watch all the different groups of
people coming together and sharing their stories, their ideas, and their           June 20 - August 19, 2005
cultures. He taught us this lesson on how we can come together, and that           Monday to Friday
is the best legacy that we can have for him.”                                      9:00 am – 2:30 pm and
    To EIS, Dr. Joe was more than a supporter and contributor of the               10:00 am – 3:30 pm
Institute. He was a man who shared our fascination with science,
motivating the children to continue their
quest for knowledge through curiosity                                           Registration begins in April.
and the scientific method. The memory                                            If you would like to be added
of Dr. Joe will always be treasured in                                          to the mailing list to receive
the hearts of EIS members, supporters,                                          a registration form, please
and scientists young and old.                                                   contact us at eis@eisca.org
                                                                                or (619) 263-2302.

          Joe Jacobs’ personal connection
       to EIS goes all the way back to his
             first chemistry set as a child.

Thanks to EIS Volunteers
Octavia Burchard      Latricia Muhammad
Rashmi Bhargava       Safiyyah Muhammad
Dr.Valmik Bhargava    Siddiqueka Muhammad
Kelly Dryden          Elizabeth Murry
Dr. Blanca Fresno     Jasmarie Murry
Kim Hawkins           Emil Nevarez
Leonard Hawkins       Jose Nevarez
Talyn Hawkins         Natalie Osborn
Martha Juarez         Sharon Quinn
Susan Kelly           Kyra Randall
Dr. Leon Kelley       Gerry Williams
Jacques Lord          Noni Yeldell
Jean Meagher          Jim Yoke
Miguel Miller         Carole Ziegler

            Special Thanks
Dean Frieder Seible-
 UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering
Professor Scott Ashford-
 UCSD Department of Structural Engineering

    40th Anniversary Committee

Stephanie Bass          Joyce Kercheval
Barbara Boucher         Ardelle Matthews
Stephanie Bremond Mary McClain                   lementary Institute of Science launched its new Science Discovery
Marquetta Brown         Gerald McFadden      Series for the community on Sept. 11, 2004. The first lecture, “Cultural
Theresa Brown           Virgel Montgomery    Astronomy of Africa: Where Anthropology and Astronomy Intersect,”
Lola Buie               Juel Moore           was presented by Jarita Holbrook, Ph.D., who explained how African
Ingrid Chapman          Joan Pitts
Elizabeth J. Cook       Inez Roberson
                                             people relate to, artistically represent, and communicate about the sky.
Brenda Crawford         Rena Robinson        Chuck Ambers’ Casa del Rey Moro African Museum provided exhibits
Marjorie Curry          Muriel Sadler        and the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center partnered with EIS to provide
Vivien Duncan           Joylyn Keil          relative-distance and relative-size models of the solar system to
Monzella Goodwin        Dorothy Smith        demonstrate how the planets compare to each other.
Billie Greene           Evelyn Smith
Euzelia Griffith         Clarissa St. Hill       On Feb. 26, 2005, Paradise Valley Hospital partnered with EIS for its
Mable Henderson         Elizabeth Thompson   second Science Discovery Series: “Get in the Habit of Healthy Eating.”
Marie Hill              Sherry Thompson      The panel of experts (pictured below) included Sharon Quinn, RD;
Helena Hyman            Judith A. Wenker     Leon Kelley, MD; and Blanca Fresno, MD and was moderated by
Freddie Jackson         Kimberly White
Viola Jackson           Mable Wigfall        Al McClain, Jr., MD. These community doctors and dietitians led a
Jewel Kelley            Vira Williams        mind-grabbing and compelling discussion about the importance of
        Chairs: Ingrid Chapman &             proper nutrition. Participants gained several tools to help their families
            Monzella Goodwin                 make better food choices without sacrificing taste.

           Nature Walk
Neil Angeles         Brad Lewis
Amelia Cortina       Caitlin Lewis
James Durfey         Shannon Lewis
Greg Faulk           Paula Taylor
Mick Hager           Joe Vasquez
Jennifer Hsien       Judy Wenker
Daniel Korntved      Christie Zink

                 Top 10 Accomplishments
                  in California Education
                  State Superintendent of Public Instruction
              Jack O’Connell held a press conference at
              EIS in December to announce his top-10
              2004 accomplishments in education for
              the State of California and his resolutions
              for 2005.
                  “In the coming year, I hope we will all
              rededicate ourselves to work even harder to
              improve student test scores, so our children
              will have even more options for success,”
              said O’Connell. His top 10 resolutions
              for 2005 are:
              1. Work to close the achievement gap.
              2. Increase student achievement.
              3. Increase the rigor and relevance of
                 coursework in high schools so that
                 graduates are better prepared
                 for college.
              4. Increase the number of students passing
                 the California High School Exit Exam.
              5. Develop pre-K quality standards in
                 preparation for universal preschool.
              6. Improve student health, fitness,
                 and nutrition.
              7. Provide more funding for education.
              8. Encourage more student reading and
                 parents reading to children.
              9. Further reduce the burden of data
                 collection for schools and districts.
              10. Encourage more students to go
                  to college.
              For more information, go to

      Mark Your Cale
                     ndars for
      Upcoming Serie
                     s Events:
May 21, 2005 — “In
                       dian Ocean Tsunam
  December 2004 —                           i of
                       Lessons Learned” pr
  by Dr. Pat Abbott, “M                       esented
                        r. Earthquake.”
Fall 2005 — “Und
                   erstanding Childho
 and Diseases” pres                     od Illnesses
                     ented by a panel of
 in partnership with                     specialists
                      Paradise Valley Hos

                                                                                                                           Special thanks to those w
                                          OUR DONORS                                                                       March 1, 2004 – March 1
Individuals                          Ed & Lee Wills Irvine           John & Barbara Ryan              US Bank                             In Honor of
Doris & Dr. Grady Anderson           Freddie Jackson                 Louis Sacco                      WD 40 Company                       Mrs. Pearlie Mae Davis
Les & Mary Anderson                  Paul & Wendy Jacob              Larry & Muriel Sadler            Wells Fargo                         Ray & Carla Jones
Karen Anisko                         Jaime Jamison                   Banasha Salehnejad               Organizations                       In Honor of
Carlean Arnold                       Norman & Brenda Jangaard        John Scherden                    CECO                                Mr. Sherman George
Louise & Dr. James R. Arnold         Calvin & Olena Jenkins          Patrick J. Sebrechts             The Century Club                    UCSD Media Center Employees
Greg Ausley                          Dr. S. Jenkins Phelps           Rafael Segura                    Christian Growth Ministries         In Honor of
Clara M. Baity                       Eric & Edith Juline             Dennis & Verena Seisun           Energy for Others                   Walter & Lola Green
Dr. Carol Barnett                    Joylyn Keil                     G. M. Self                       SD Firefighters, Local 145           Ms. Esther Nahama
Joseph & Karen Bonner                Inez Kuba & Louis Solomon       Ron & Carol Seymour              The Galinson Group
                                                                     Lu Jeu & Georgina Sham
                                                                                                                                          In Honor of
Susan & Dr. Richard Braun            Anne Lambert                                                     The Gold Diggers                    Cameron Hillman
Donald & Theresa Brown               Naomi Ray Lange                 Dr. Katharine Sheehan &          Jet Propulsion Laboratory           Mrs. Michele Hillman
Michael & Marquetta Brown            Earl & Pamela Lemar               Dr. Frederick D. Walker
                                                                                                      The Junior League of San Diego
Brian Buckner                        Roger & Carolyn Lilly           Charles & Evelyn Smith                                               In Honor of Mrs. Inez Kuba
                                                                                                      Las Muñecas Friends of              Katherine & Dr. John Zelko
Arthur & Lola Buie                   Judges Joe & Tina Littlejohn    Dean & Carol Smith                 Elementary Institute of Science
Lillian Burt                         Barbara Logan                   Kathin & Dr. Ned Smith           Lions Club of San Diego             In Honor of
Bob Cademy                           Carl & Claudia B. Lowenstein    Travis Smith                     San Diego City Schools/             Mr. Reginald Logan, III
                                                                     Maria Soto                         Community Service Association     Roy & Shirley Logan
Richard Casriel                      Rod Luck
                                                                     Larry & Judith Sowder            St. Paul’s United Methodist
Edwin & Annalisa Churchill           Steven Lyman
                                                                                                        Mens Club                         In Honor of
George & Ellen Coleman               Barney & Sandy Mann             Naomi Stephens-Shedrick                                              Dr. Gina Moore-Sanders
                                                                     Rev. George Stevens              Reuben H. Fleet Science Center      Drs.Gene & Juel Moore
Roy & Yvonne Collins                 Cornelius Marbury
                                                                     Don Stevenson                    Un-Bonita AM Lions
Carolyn & Steven Conner              Ardelle & Dr. Robert Matthews                                                                        In Honor of Andrew Shults
                                                                     Eddie & Deborah Stewart          United Nonprofit Operation, Inc.
Gordon & Susan Conway                Charles Mayernick                                                                                    Cliff Shults & Ellen Koutsky
                                                                     Dwight Streeter                  S.D.S.E. Women, Inc.
Rita Conway                          Gwendolyn Maze
                                                                     Dwight & Jacqueline Sykes                                            In Honor of Ms. Sharon
Michele Courtney                     Melvin Mazyck                                                                                        Strathman-Robinson
                                                                     Theodore & Therese Tanalski      City of San Diego
Scott Curriden                       Albert & Mary McClain                                                                                Donald & Linda Robinson
John & Elizabeth Cuthbertson         Marion & Frances McCord         Tammara N. Tassin
                                                                     Paula Taylor & Bernard Kulchin   Foundations                         In Honor of
Janet Davis                          Frank McFadden Family
                                                                     Jeri Tabares                     Thomas C. Ackerman Foundation       Mr. Joseph Vasquez
Lydia Dean                           Evelyn McKnight                                                                                      Cathleen Austin & Cathy Garcia
                                                                     Mary & Dr. Willie Thigpen        The Legler Benbough Foundation
G. Denny                             Carol A. McManus                                                                                     Vickie Hokenson
                                                                     Sherry Thompson                  Beyster Family Foundation           Kendall Long
L. Diaz                              James & Mary Lee McNaughton
                                                                     Walter & Karen Thorpe            Billingsley Foundation              Keith & Kathleen Messinger
Gina Dronet                          Ronald Miller                                                                                        Robert Newhouse
                                                                     Jose & Susi Torre Bueno          Biogen Idec Foundation
Vivien Duncan                        Sheila Minick                                                                                        Kenneth & Karen Perry
                                                                     Annie Townsend                   Boys and Girls Foundation           C. A. Redding
James Durfey & Claudia Leonesio      P. Moore
                                                                     John & Vivian Traylor            Captain Planet Foundation           Sally Roush
Joniece Edwards                      Wanda & Paul Mosher                                                                                  San Diego State University/
                                                                     Jennifer Vanica & Ron Cummings   San Diego Delta Foundation
Robert & Juliet Ellery               Gwendolyn Murdock                                                                                      Business & Financial Affairs Dept.
                                                                     Joseph & Molly Vasquez           Dickinson Foundation
Gregory Faulk Sr. & Jennifer Woods   Frances & Dr. James Neel                                                                             Kirk & Linda Stewart
                                                                     Joseph & Deborah Verfaillie      Eugene & Joan Foster Fund
Danah Fayman                         Kristine Nellis
                                                                     Larry R. Waibel                  Samuel I. & Henry Fox Foundation    In Memory of
George & Elsa Feher                  Jose & Joyce Nevarez                                                                                 Mrs. Pearlen Denmon
                                                                     Gloria Walton                    Science Education Foundation/
Daphne Figueroa                      Virginia Oden                                                      General Atomics                   Mrs. Phillis Denmon
M. FullerFabien                      Helen A. Odom                   Alvin & Jackie Washignton
                                                                                                      Girard Foundation                   In Memory of
Delores & Capt. George Gaines        Dr. Petra Olesovsky             Mary & Dr. Joseph Watson
                                                                                                      Heller Foundation                   Mr. Serafino L. Giuliani
Yvonne Gentry                        Joan Olsen & Kari Newman        Doris Watts & Family
                                                                                                      The Hellman Family Fund             Alan & Margaret Giuliani
Huma & Soumitra Ghosh                Jeroen Olthof                   William H. Watts
                                                                                                      Jacobs Family Foundation
Stephanie C. Glenn                   Mary Otto                       Debbie Way                                                           In Memory of
                                                                                                      M.L. King, Jr. Foundation           Dr. Janis H. Jackson
Anthony Gomes                        Dr. Tom Packard                 Judith A. Wenker
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Tyrone & Linda Goodwin               C. Park                         Mark Whalen
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                                                                                                      The Parker Foundation               In Memory of
Penny Halgren                        Leonard & Elinor Perry                                           Reuben H. Fleet Fund/               Mr. George Lane
Norman & Valerie Jacobs -Hapke       Thu Pham                        Jennifer Wolff                     San Diego Foundation              Mrs. Marion Lane
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                                                                     Lucille Young                                                        In Memory of
E. Harris                            Denise A. Poleate                                                Takahashi Family Foundation/
                                                                     Halim & Leny Yudiono               The San Diego Foundation
                                                                                                                                          Mrs. Shelley Jo Llody
Helen Harris                         Cheryl Ponds                                                                                         Mrs. Zenobia Waller
Larry & Karen Harrison               Janice Pope                                                      Walton Family Foundation
William M. Hawkins, Jr.              Margo Powell Reid               Corporations                     Weingart Foundation                 In Memory of
                                                                     Albertsons                       Weingart Price Fund/                Mr. Curtis Moring, Sr.
Vernell & Pearline Hayes             Dr. Stephen Puentes                                                                                  Mr. Curtis Moring, Jr.
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Frances Heath                        F.S. Rawlingswyatt
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Mable Henderson                      Gwendolyn Reed
Kimberly & Dr. Alonzo Henry          Kitty Reed                      CP Kelco                         In Honor of                         In Memory of
                                                                     Cubic Corporation                Mrs. Doris Anderson                 Mr. Charles Rucker
Kenny & Rachel Henry                 Bill Reich                                                       Ms. Peggy Wallace
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Charles & Elizabeth Hill             Ernest & Inez Roberson
Marie Hill                           Melvin & Norma Roberts          Iomega Corporation               In Honor of                         In Memory of
Del & Sandra Hindle                  Stephen & Jelen Rodecker        Johnson & Johnson Pharm.         Dr. Carol Barnett                   Mrs. Phyllis Toliver
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Delia M. Holloway                    John & Myrtis M. Rose
Robert & Mary Holmes                 Donald & Nancy Ross             Minerals Technologies, Inc.      In Honor of Mrs. Ellen &            In Memory of
Marie Horn                           John & Jarvie Rowden            Nokia Mobile Phones, Inc.        Ms. Sharon Coleman                  Mr.Thomas Watts
                                                                     San Diego National Bank          Mrs. Edie Grice & Mrs. Loma
Patricia Huckle & Roy Miles          Doree L. Rucker                                                  Johnson                             Dr. Dorothy Smith
Virginia Hyde                        Julia Rucker                    Sony Electronics, Inc.
Sally & Dr. Dale Ingmanson           Craig M. Ruecker                Union Bank

who supported EIS
1, 2005!                                                   OPPORTUNITIES                                TO       HELP
    Gifts In-Kind
    Bel Art Products
    Briggs Tree Co.
                                          O    ur success would not be possible without your support.You are the
                                          catalyst that makes science come to life for the students at EIS. Today, we need
    Butler’s Mill Inc.
    The Century Club                      your financial assistance more than ever to continue our award-winning science
    Dr. Walter Desmond                    enrichment programs for the young people of San Diego. There are several
    Blue Pacific Landscape and Design
    Jeff Douglass
                                          ways you can invest in the children of EIS through tax-deductible contributions:
    James Durfey
    Edward & Leah Estrin                                 Cash Gifts                             Community Partners
    Evergreen Nursery
    Beverly J. Hudson
                                                         Matching Gifts                         United Way
    Hydro-Scape Products, Inc.
    Jodi Hyer
                                                         Planned Giving                         Gifts In-Kind
    Joylyn Keil
    H. William Kuni                       Please contact EIS at (619) 263-2302 or eis@eisca.org for more information
    Helen A. Odom
    Willa Ramsay                          or visit our website at www.eisca.org.
    Paula Taylor & Bernard Kulchin
    Paradise Valley Hospital
    Walter Anderson Nursery

    Nature Walk Plant Sponsors
    In honor of Nicole Baker
    by Frank Baker
    In honor of Evan Berg
    by Joan Bercoon
    Mexican Sunflower & Black-Eyed Susan
    In honor of Nathaniel
    & Nicholas Bolder
    by Zenobia Waller
    In honor of Rasheed
    & Nadia Caper
    by Heba Casper
    Kangaroo Paw
    In honor of Elijah Dunston
    by Rachel Hilliard
    In honor of Leigh Haynes
    by Ralph & Leigh Haynes
    Sky Flower & Kangaroo Paw
    In honor of                           EIS Board members joined volunteers to plant a garden of donated plants, flowers, and trees.
    Shahidah Salaam-Hazziez

                                          Nature Walk a Natural Laboratory
    by Haneef & Nena Salaam
    Bird of Paradise
    In honor of

    Brook Zahara Henderson
    by Robert & Frances Henderson
    Australian Fuchsia                        he long-awaited EIS Nature Walk was completed on Oct. 9, 2004. A team of
    In honor of Kira Hunter
    by Gerald & Allison Hunter            volunteers worked to create the trail to provide a “natural laboratory” for our
    Pansy                                 budding young scientists. The Nature
    In honor of Paul &
    Richard Johnson
                                          Walk provides an opportunity for EIS
    by Juliana Castille
                                          students to observe plants, insects,
    In honor of Jahmani, Rahim,
                                          and birds.
    & Khaalid Lockett
    by Iris Gibson                            Many thanks to our creative and
                                          hard-working Nature Walk Committee
    In honor of Andrei Lucas
    by Edgar & Anna Lucas                 members who made this possible:
                                          Paula Taylor, Brad Lewis, James Durfey,
    In honor of Brianna Ruiz
    by Ed Ruiz and Val DeWitt-Ruiz        Karen Anisko, and Amelia Cortina.
    Pineapple Guava Tree
                                          Special thanks to all the volunteers and
    In honor of Jelani Shegog
    by Sonda Shegog                       donors. Lots of love, care, and plenty of
                                          green thumbs created a wonderful trail
                                          that everyone can appreciate. Thanks
                                          for making EIS beautiful!
Calling All Junior Assistants!
                                                       EIS Board of Directors
                                                       President, Donald R. Short, Ph.D.   David Raney
                                                       San Diego State University          American Honda Motor Company

Eight former EIS students served as 2004 Junior        Vice President, Rene P. Matison,
                                                       CP Kelco
                                                                                           Paula A. Taylor
                                                                                           Community Volunteer
Assistants in support of the EIS Summer Program,       Second Vice President,              Joseph Vasquez
lending their hands to instructors in their labs       Carol Barnett, Ph.D.
                                                       San Diego State University, Ret.
                                                                                           San Diego State University, Ret.

— chemistry, computer science, engineering, health,    Secretary, Gregory Faulk, Sr.
                                                                                           Judith Wenker
                                                                                           Majors & Fox, LLP
natural science, and photography. They also helped     CP Kelco
                                                                                           Kimberly White
supervise 7 to 13 year olds during lunch, recess,      Treasurer, Penny Halgren
                                                       Online Business Owner
                                                                                           Las Muñecas, Friends of EIS

presentations, and field trips. We appreciate our       Robert Cademy                       Welcome to new board
Junior Assistants’ contribution of their time to our   San Diego State University          members Ryan Davis, Nicholas
                                                                                           R.J. Gascoigne, Ph.D., Joylyn M.
summer program. They are key to making the             Ryan Davis
                                                       EIS Alumni                          Keil, Albert McClain, Jr., M.D.,
program flow so smoothly.                                                                   and Paula A.Taylor.
                                                       James Durfey
                                                       James Durfey Architect
The 2004 Junior Assistants were:                                                           Thanks to departing board
                                                       Capt. George L. Gaines
James Banks, Jovanni Carter-Davis, Ryan Davis,         United States Navy, ret.            members Michael W. Hager,
Nia Gipson, Allison May, Esteban Torres,               Nicholas R.J. Gascoigne, Ph.D.
                                                                                           Ph.D., Kyra Randall, and Maya
                                                       The Scripps Research Institute      Solomon for all their efforts,
Kelsey White, and Denise Wright.                                                           contributions, and dedication
                                                       Joylyn M. Keil                      to EIS.
If you are 16 or older and attended EIS as a child,    San Diego National Bank

we invite you to apply for the Junior Assistant        Daniel Korntved                     EIS Staff
                                                       Stedman & Dyson
program. Please call (619) 263-2302 for more                                               Doris Anderson, Executive Director
                                                       Inez Kuba                           Amelia Cortina, Education Director
information.                                           EIS Parent
                                                                                           Gloria Robinson, Secretary
                                                       Robert Matthews, Ph.D.              Veronica Valdez, Administrative Assistant
                                                       Mt. Erie Academy
                                                       Albert McClain, Jr., M.D.           Welcome to Veronica Valdez,
                                                       Paradise Valley Hospital            the newest member of our team!

                                                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                         OF SCIENCE

          608 51st Street
     San Diego, CA 92114-2205

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