The Grapes of Wrath Chapter 25 by liuqingyan


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                                    The Grapes of Wrath: A look at the title

               So the angel swung his sickle to the earth and gathered the clusters from the vine of
                     the earth, and threw them into the great wine press of the wrath of God.
                                          (Book of Revelation, passage 14:19-20)

               Steinbeck's first wife, Carol, suggested The Grapes of Wrath as a title, and he took her advice.
First, please read the entire text of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” by Julia Ward Howe.

1. What is the warning in this religious hymn?

2. What are the connections, religious or otherwise, between the title and the novel itself?

Intercalary Chapter 21: Please review
3. How did the movement change the migrants?

4. How did the movement of the migrants change the local townspeople?

5. How did the big owners take over and make the small farms die out? (It has to do with canneries.)

6. According to the last line of the chapter, what is happening to the anger? (Quote the line.) What does this mean?
(Use a dictionary to make sure you understand. Don’t just guess. There is a reason Steinbeck chooses the words he
Intercalary Chapter 25

7. Steinbeck writes, “these are the great men.” Who is included in this? Why are they “great”?

8. Why “must” the food be “forced to rot”?

9. “There is a failure here that topples all our successes.” What is that failure?

10. Select two passages from the chapter or song which you find particularly powerful for different reasons. Quote
them here and explain why you chose each. Discuss your feelings.

11. Now, discuss what John Steinbeck emphasizes through his title The Grapes of Wrath. Consider the ideas in chapters
21 and 25 and the lyrics to “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

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