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					Below is the list of the 2010 INCITS Award Recipients with a brief summary of their contributions.

      INCITS Service Award

      Description: This is an honorary award normally presented to no more than four participants
      who have provided outstanding service to the INCITS organization through committee work
      or duties.

      Criteria: Provided outstanding service to the INCITS organization through committee work
      or duties during the past year.

         -   Richard (Rick) Pearsall

      The work of INCITS L1, Geographic Information Systems, (international counterpart, ISO
      TC211), depends upon the work of its members, but members depend on quality guidance
      and leadership. In his work as the Chair of INCITS L1, he works on key geographic data
      standards for ISO, the Open Geospatial Consortium, and the Defense Geospatial-
      Intelligence Standards Working Group.

      For the past 33 years, Rick has been heavily involved in both leadership and technical roles
      in standards development and maintenance. While at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS),
      Rick helped lead the development of several prominent geographic information/geospatial
      standards, notably the USGS Digital Line Graph (DLG) Standard, Digital Elevation Standard,
      and the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Spatial Data Transfer Standard
      (FIPS 173), which has become INCITS 320:1998[R2008] Information technology - Spatial
      Data Transfer.

      As Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Metadata Coordinator, Rick provided
      leadership on international and national metadata standards development. He served as the
      U.S. subject matter expert on the initial ISO 19115 Geographic Information- Metadata
      standard development.

      As a member of the U.S. TAG to ISO TC 211, he has brought his skills to serve as the US
      Head of Delegation for several ISO TC 211 Plenaries and a subject matter expert on several
      ISO TC 211 Projects.

      In 2009, Rick helped INCITS L1 coordinate, with the Canadian General Standards Board, the
      successful development of INCITS 453, North American Profile (NAP) of ISO 19115, for the
      United States and Canada. He also helped lead the final coordination of several FIPS to
      ANSI Standards conversions.

         -   Claudio DeSanti

      Mr. DeSanti has been a long time member (nine years) of the INCITS/T11 TC has made
      significant contributions to the development of the Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
      portion of the FC-BB-5 standard.

      His contributions include the FCoE models, protocols, and management of FCoE networks.
      Claudio has been a major contributor to other Fibre Channel projects such as FC-SCM and
      FC-FS-3. In addition, his committee management skills and willingness to accept
      responsibilities, such as Vice Chairman, are a contributing reason for the successful and

timely development of standards nationally and internationally within ISO/IEC JTC

Past recipient of the following awards:
       2008 Technical Excellence Award,
       2007 T11 Officers Team,
       2006 Gene Milligan Award for Effective Committee Management

INCITS Merit Award

This is an honorary award normally presented to no more than four participants who have
demonstrated continuous support for the work of INCITS.

• Long-standing (10+ years) member of INCITS and/or INCITS Subgroup;
• Made a significant contribution to at least two international SCs or WGs in a technical
  contributor or leadership role.
• demonstrated continuous support for the work goals, principles, policies and procedures of
• provided support to the Secretariat in progressing the administrative work of INCITS;

   -   Norman Andersen

As the past Chair of INCITS L1, Mr. Andersen has a long term dedication and continuous
service to the work of INCITS. Mr. Andersen served as Chair of the INCITS L1 Committee
for 6 years in addition to over 14 years as an L1 Committee Member and support to L1
Member organizations.

Norm’s work on standards for the federal government, in both the civilian and defense sector,
and his work on key geographic data standards for ISO and the Defense Geospatial
Intelligence Standards Working Group only begin to express the leadership, technical, and
administrative skills of Mr. Andersen and his value to the United State’s geographic
standards activities.

Mr. Andersen was instrumental in guiding the ongoing activities of the L1 TC during times
when there was significant upheaval in the geospatial standards community. Standards for
geospatial metadata were emerging and being recognized as critical to effectively function
Spatial Data Infrastructures. Organizations were beginning to understand that geospatial
interoperability for data and systems could actually become a reality and the international
community was beginning to address more and more requirements for ISO conceptual

Mr. Andersen was quick to grasp this rapidly changing and increasingly complex
environment and to position the INCITS L1 to play an appropriate and effective role as the
US National Committee and as the Technical Advisory Group which represented US
interests and official positions to ISO TC211.

- Richard Maine
Richard served on the PL22.3 (formerly J3) Fortran committee for about 15 years. He was
  project editor for the 1995 edition of the Fortran standard. While he has retired from the
 NASA Dryden Flight Research Center and officially withdrawn from Fortran committee
 work, he continues to be an active participant in e-mail discussions.

- Robert Nixon

Mr. Nixon has made considerable contributions to the Fibre Channel standards. His work
 integrating 16GFC into FC-FS-3 allowed the 16GFC standards to be completed in a timely
 manner thus serving the Fibre Channel industry. Bob has also contributed to other Fibre
 Channel projects such as FC-SCM and FC-GS-6.

In addition, Mr. Nixon has demonstrated his committee management skills by serving as
  secretary of the TC T11 committee. Bob has 10 years of experience in T11 matters.

Past recipient of the following awards:
 2007 T11 Officers Team
 2007 Technical Excellence Award

INCITS Gene Milligan Award for Effective Committee Management

This is an honorary award normally presented to no more than two INCITS members holding
an officer position within an INCITS Subgroup. It recognizes individuals who, as officers,
have provided outstanding leadership to the subgroup in its national and/ or international
work, have demonstrated proficiency in achieving consensus in the national and/or
international arenas and have followed the approved procedures in an exemplary fashion.

• Provided leadership to the subgroup in its national and/or international activities;
• Demonstrated skill in achieving consensus in the national and/or international arenas.
• Followed the approved procedures in an exemplary fashion.

   -   Dwight Lewis

   Dwight has been a member of INCITS/W1 for 6 years and for the past 4 years he has
   served as Vice Chair. He is also the convener of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC28/WG3 and has
   performed those duties for the past 2 years.

   Internationally, Dwight has participated in or led several discussions that resulted in the
   publication of standards related to the measure of printer and copier throughput. In many
   cases, Dwight’s leadership and ability to build consensus both within the US and
   internationally kept the standards development process on track.

   This proven track record, along with Dwight’s diplomacy and knowledge of the standards
   process, make him a go to person for assistance or leadership on a variety of projects
   within SC28.

   Domestically Dwight has facilitated discussions on all manner of topics in W1 from US
   positions internationally to matters of planning and preparation US hosting of events.

   During his membership in W1 Dwight has organized two SC28 plenary events for the US
   and several working group meetings. Overall he has greatly improved the effectiveness
   and efficiency of W1.

Past recipient of the following awards:
   2008 INCITS/W1 Productivity Team Award

   -   Tom Rutt

Tom Rutt has served INCITS for over two decades in different roles as a Technical
Committee officer as well as a member of the former INCITS/JTC1 TAG Executive Board.

Through his impressive 5 three-year terms, both then and currently, as the International
Representative (IR) for INCITS/T3, Open Distributed Processing (ODP), Tom has served not
only as the T3 IR but also as the U.S. Head of Delegation at the SC level including being
liaison to many other international standards development organizations (SDOs) and major
industry consortia.

In addition to his formal officer roles, he is a widely-known internationally-recognized industry
manager and expert. Substantiating his recognition, he has made and continues to make
significant contributions to a very broad class of international standards and while through his
leadership, building consensus for these standards across national bodies through INCITS in
combination with many different organizations.

In addition to Tom’s INCITS service, below are some of Tom roles and positions in other
standards related activities:
Chair for OMG Liaison SC,
Chair for OASIS WS-Reliable Messaging TC,
Chair for OMG Interop Revision Task Force,
Rapporteur for ITU-T X.700 series,
Chair for IEEE P1157 Medical Data Interchange,

   -   Teresa Schwarzhoff

For over six years, Mrs. Schwarzhoff has provided exemplary leadership as the Chair of
B10.12 and its predecessor, B10.9. Nationally, B10.12 is working on INCITS Project #2094,
Generic Identity Command Set (GICS). The goal of this project is a multi-part American
National Standard.

Her exceptional leadership in the national and international development of standards for
integrated circuit cards also includes serving as the Convener of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 17
WG4/Task Force 9. Over the course of seventeen Task Force 9 meetings from July 2004 to
September 2008, Task Force 9 successfully developed a groundbreaking, multi-part
international standard for the standardization of secure and interoperable interfaces for
identification, signature, and authentication services for identity credentials and applications,
ISO/IEC 24727 Identification cards – Integrated circuit cards programming interfaces.

This standard allows conformant interfaces devices, such as reader devices, and
applications to read and interact with most if not all identity cards.

It should be noted that this standard has been adopted: for the development of the European
Union Citizen Card; by Germany for the Health Services identity card and provider card; and
by Queensland for the next generation driver's license with potential for Australian wide

In recognition of Teresa’s leadership, the October 2008 JTC 1/SC 17 Plenary unanimously
passed resolution 602/08:

“ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17 thanks the TF 9 convenor Teresa Schwarzhoff, for her excellent
direction of TF 9 and the successful completion of work on the ISO/IEC 24727 series.”

As a long time participant in many fora developing IT standards, B10.12 is operating in an
exceptionally efficient and successful mode. Mrs. Schwarzhoff has been a catalyst for this
success by her exceptionally competent leadership and skillful mastery of the procedures.

Past recipient of the following awards:
       2003 Service Award

INCITS Technical Excellence Award

Description: This is an honorary award normally presented to no more than four
participants to recognize their technical contributions and dedication to the technical program
of work. This award is presented with the concurrence of the TC officers.


• Minimum of 3 years of participation in a TC;
• Visible significant technical contributions to the work of the TC, nationally or internationally;
• Concurrence of the TC officers.

   -   Mark Overby

   Mark Overby has served as the INCITS/T13 TC Secretary since 2003 and is currently the
   editor of the ATA Parallel Transport (APT) and ATA/ATAPI Host Adapter 2 (HBA-2)

   Since he began working with the T13 committee in 2000 Mark has made many significant
   proposals for new ATA disk drive interface standard features and functions. Mark has
   also been an active participate on the INICTS/T10 TC since 2004. There he has prepared
   83 proposals for. Additionally, Mark has served as the SCSI/ATA Translation - 2 (SAT-2)
   and SAT-3 project editor and also edited the international SAT project.

   -   Kevin Butt

Kevin Butt has been an active participant on the INCITS/T10 Technical Committee since
2001. During this time, Kevin submitted nearly 100.

While Kevin's focus is tape technology, he has been active across the spectrum of T10
standards. He is an active participant on T10's SCSI Primary Commands, SCSI Streaming
Commands, SCSI Medium Changer, Automation/Drive Interface, and Fibre Channel Protocol
families of standards.

He has been primarily responsible for introducing many concepts, including keyless copy of
encrypted data, persistent early warning, end-to-end data protection, and other concepts to
ensure the integrity of data stored by tape devices. One of the original members of the
Automation/Drive Interface working group, he has contributed to numerous features. Kevin
has always been focused on producing useful, unambiguous standards. He is well-respected
by other committee members for his knowledge and contributions.

   -   David Cunningham

Mr. Cunningham has made significant contributions to 8 Gigabit Fibre Channel (8GFC) and
16GFC link definitions in Fibre Channel FC-PI-4 and FC-PI-5.

David has excelled in fundamental research into fiber optic link properties to make cost-
effective links over a wide range of applications. Dr. Cunningham’s leadership skills and
diligent execution of important tasks lead to the successful definition of links to enable a new
generation of storage interconnects.

   -   Adam Healey

Mr. Healey was nominated for this award for his considerable efforts to effectively define 16
Gigabit/second Fibre Channel (16GFC) over the backplane in Fibre Channel- Physical
Interfaces -5 (FC-PI-5). He leveraged work that was done for Backplane Ethernet - 802.3ap –
and customized it to meet the needs of Fibre Channel implementations.

Mr. Healey also defined key aspects of the speed negotiation protocols for 16GFC and
developed extensive models of the links to ensure performance.

   -   Paul Scarponcini

Dr. Paul Scarponcini has provided and continues to provide guidance and leadership to the
INCITS L1. His work as the INCITS L1 lead representative to INCITS H2, and his work on
key geographic data standards for ISO, the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) only begin
to express the leadership, technical, and administrative skills of Dr. Paul Scarponcini.

Dr. Scarponcini has been an active participant in US Standards Development for over a
decade having participated in L1 for 10 years, H2 (now DM32.2) for 13 years, TC204 for 10
years and OGC for 13 years.

As a member of the US TAG to ISO TC211, Paul drafted the initial WD for ISO 19148 (Linear
referencing). Paul was later selected as Editor, leading to the successful development of CD
and DIS versions of the standard. Paul has also worked on ISO 19125 (Simple Features),
19133 (Tracking and Navigation), 19141 (Moving Features), and 19150 (Ontologies), and the
ISO TC211 Harmonized Model Maintenance Group.
In 2008, Paul was instrumental in recommending and coordinating the transfer of the TAG
responsibility for the spatial content of SQL/MM to L1, where US GIS experts reside.

As a member of INCITS/DM32.2 (formerly H2), Paul has contributed to all four editions of
SQL/MM Spatial, having written over 60 change proposals and discussion papers. These
contributions represent more than half of its 750-page length. Paul has also contributed to
ISO 9075 (SQL), being one of the few non-database vendors in H2, there to help articulate
the application viewpoint.

INCITS Exceptional International Leadership Award

Description: This is an honorary award normally presented to no more than two participants
for their exceptional leadership of an international committee.

• At least four years of continuous leadership of an international working group or
• Tangible results in the form of published International Standards or Technical Reports;
• Timely completion of projects;
• Chairing of meetings and in which the views of National Bodies and their experts are given
  due consideration.

   -   Paul Thorpe

Paul Thorpe has served INCITS for 13 years in different roles and with the last 3 years as the
Vice Chair for INCITS/T3, Open Distributed Processing (ODP). As a standards contributor,
Paul’s technical excellence, leadership and influence are well recognized both nationally and

Of particular note are his abilities to build consensus across major standards bodies on the
international scale. Although his widely known expertise is in ASN.1, Paul is a standards
leader in telecommunications and system interchange working closely with other major
consortia and national bodies to develop consensus over thousands of industry standards.

With over two decades of experience with ASN.1, including compiler design and
development as well as standards work, Paul’s world-class knowledge and standards
leadership began back in 1988. In 1999, Paul became the Editor of the ASN.1 multi-part
standards ISO/IEC 8824 and 8825.

Paul has been the U.S. Head of Delegation (HoD) for SC6 through the recent January 2010
meeting and is the current ISO/IEC and ITU-T Editor of the ASN.1 standards for the joint
program of work between ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6 and in ITU-T SG17, Paul has led these
committees through the publications of the 2002 and 2008 editions of the ASN.1 standards.


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