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					Bronze Mythology Study
 Unit Ten
A legend is a story that

 often contains larger-than-life
 characters and fantastic details.
The action in “Popocatepetl and
Ixtlaccihuatl” takes place

 before the Spaniards arrived in Mexico.
The name Ixtlaccihuatl means

 the White Woman.
The Emperor’s prohibition of
marriage for Ixtla is a result of his

The Emperor changes his mind
about Ixtla’s marriage when he

 is besieged by his enemies.
Some of the warriors tell the
Emperor that Popo has been
killed in battle because

 they are jealous of Popo and want to
 spoil his triumphant return.
According to the legend, Ixtla
dies of

      a broken heart.
The legend says that Popo
punishes his enemies with the
army of warriors watching, and
no one tries to stop him. This
description reveals

the Aztec concept of justice.
The link between the two
pyramids and the two volcanoes
in the story is a detail that is
typical of

The character that says the
magic words in “The People
Could Fly” is

In “The People Could Fly” the
slaves flying away actually

            living a free life.
In “The People Could Fly” Sarah
wants to leave soon because

 she and her baby are being whipped.
In “All Stories Are Anansi’s,”
Anansi takes advantage of his

In “All Stories Are Anansi’s,”
Anansi captures Osebo, the
leapard, using

 a deep pit.
In trickster folk tales such as
“All Stories Are Anansi’s,” the
hero relies on

The high price for stories in All
Stories Are Anasasi’s”” suggests
that the Ashanti culture

  honors the practice of
The word that best describes the
character of the crow in “The Fox
and the Crow” is

Myths make sense to us because

 they explain the world in human terms.
In “Phaëthon, Son of Apollo,”
the quarrel between Phaëthon
and Epaphos results from

the two boys’ pride.
In Greek mythology, the god
Apollo was linked to

      poetry, music, and the sun.
In “Phaëthon, Son of Apollo,”
when Apollo urges Phaëthon to
be wise and make some other
choice, we can predict that

  the chariot ride will turn out badly.
When Pluto first sees Persephone
in “Demeter and Persephone,”
she is

      gathering flowers.
When Zeus intervenes in
“Demeter and Persephone,” his
actions show that he is

 concerned with the preservation of the
 human race.
The impact of the pomegranate in
“Demeter and Persephone” is

 Persephone tasted this food of the
 underworld, so she cannot stay on Earth
 all year.
In “Icarus and Daedalus,” the
relationship between the two
main characters is

             they are son and
In “Icarus and Daedalus,”
Daedalus associates sea gulls
with liberty because

 sea gulls are independent and can fly
 freely to and from the island.
From Daedalus’s reputation for
cunning in “Icarus and Daedalus,”
the reader can predict that after
he is shut up in the tower he will

             attempt to escape.
One lesson contained in
“Icarus and Daedalus” is that

       People should steer a
       middle course.
The cultural context of
“Popocatepetl and
Ixtlaccihuatl” is

In “The People Could Fly,”
Toby speaks words from

      ancient Africa.
A folk tale is a
story that

          was composed orally.
In “All Stories Are Anansi’s,” the
gourd, the calabash, the vines, the
bamboo pole, and the forest are
part of the tale’s

      cultural context.
The best explanation for the
fact that many folk tales are
very short is that

    short tales are more easily
In “All Stories Are
Anansi’s,” Nyame is

          the Sky God.
According to Aesop’s fable “The
Lion and the Statue,” the statue
was made by

 a man.
In order to trick the crow in
Aesop’s fable “The Fox and the
Crow,” the fox appeals to the

The myth of Phaethon helps to

 the sun’s daily travel across the sky.
A story such as “Demeter and
Persephone,” which contains
supernatural characters and
explains basic features of the
natural world, is best classified
          a myth.
The immediate cause for the
disaster that befalls Icarus is

 the heat of the sun.
When the titans ruled the world,
life for both the gods and human
beings was ______________________

  Simple and happy
 After Zeus became ruler of the
humans and the gods, what made
      life for human beings

  Harsh winters
 Why were the gods comfortable
on Mount Olympus? ______________

  They wore clothes and had fire
  Why did Prometheus choose to
   remain on Mount Olympus?

To guide Zeus and control his anger
 According to “The Origin of the
Seasons,” the people who would
   be most likely to worship
         Demeter were

 Persephone’s duty or role was
that of a_________________________

  Spring maiden
    The only person who knew
 immediately what had happened
to Persephone was _______________

 During the seven months each
year that Persephone must return
 to her husband, the weather is

   Cold and bleak
Arachne’s skill brings with it
   something dangerous--

Too-great pride
Minerva disguises herself as an
old woman and calls of Arachne
   to __________________________

  Overhear Arachne’s boasting
In striking Arachne over the head,
    Minerva is _________________

    Punishing her insolence
Why does Arachne hang herself?

    Because of her injured pride
 In “The Reward of Baucis and
Philemon,” Jupiter and Mercury
 journey to the land of Phrygia.
  What is the purpose of their
journey? ________________________

  We are not told
The pair disguise themselves in
order to better ___________________

    Hide their divinity
The Phrygians refuse the two
hospitality because they are

   Unfriendly and indifferent
In deciding to punish the village,
  the gods view its inhabitants’
lack of hospitality as ____________

    A major crime
In his life, Hercules was opposed
       by ____________________

    His father’s wife
  Why did Hercules undertake the
   twelve labors? ______________

As a slave, he did what he was told
Hercules served as a slave for
one year to Queen Omphale?

  As a punishment by his father
What is Hercules said to be doing
 now? ____________________________

    He is enjoying peace and rest
       Short Answer
What natural phenomenon does
Popocatepetl’s torch attempt to explain?
In “The People Could Fly,” the reader
learns that after Toby flies off, the
Overseer tells the story. The Master
says it was a trick of the light and the
Driver keeps his mouth shut. Why does
the Driver do that?
In “All Stories are Anansi’f,” what is the
meaning of this statement?
   Anasi, the spider, yearned to be the owner
    of all the stories in the world…”
In “The Fox and the Crow,” why does
the Fox want to hear the Crow’s voice?
How does the myth of Phaethon explain
the origin of the Sahara desert in North
What conflict does Zeus face in
“Demeter and Persephone”? How does
he resolve the conflict?
Identify two clues in “Icarus and
Daedalus” that help the reader predict
what will happen to Icarus.
What explanation is given in “Phaethon,
Son of Apollo” for the movement of the
In “Icarus and Daedalus,” what does the
myth convey to readers?
    Important Names in Greek Mythology

Aphrodite-- Greek goddess of love and beauty

 Apollo-- Greek and Roman god of the sun

 Arachne-- An arrogant young woman who
           boasted of her skill in weaving to
  Athena-- Greek goddess of wisdom, arts, crafts,
           and war
  Atlas-- Titan whom Zeus punished by making
          Him hold up the sky on his shoulders

Bacchus-- Greek god of wine, fertility, and
  Cronus-- The Titan who ruled the universe until
           he was overthrown by Zeus, his son.
Daedalus-- An Athenian inventor and architect who
           built the Labyrinth for King Minos of
 Demeter-- Greek goddess of agriculture and
  Eros-- Greek god of love, Aphrodite’s son.

Fates-- Three goddesses who controlled human
        destiny and life

Hades-- Greek god of the underworld

Hera-- Zeus’ wife and queen of the gods
  Hercules--A Greek hero, the son of Zeus and
Hermes-- Messenger of the gods

 Icarus--   The son of Daedalus
Persephone-- Greek goddess of spring and the
             underworld. Demeter’s daughter

Phaethon-- Helios’ son. He was killed when he
           tried to drive the chariot of the Sun.

 Poseidon-- Greek god of the sea

 Prometheus-- The Titan who gave fire to mortals
              against the wishes of Zeus
Titans-- A family of gods who ruled the
         universe before the Olympians

Zeus-- Greek god of the sky and the weather,
       and king Of the gods of Olympus.

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