What Do You Do in a Job Interview - 5 Winning Job Interview Strategies For Getting the Job You Want

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					Job Interview Know How - 7 Quick Steps to Ace Your Face to Face and Get a
Job Offer in 30 Days

Did you think you did well on your last job interview only to never receive a
call back or job offer? Are you thinking about what you said and how you
looked during your last face to face job interview and wish you had a second
chance to make a great impression? Here are 7 quick suggestions to help
you put your best foot forward and step way ahead of your competition for
the job you want:

     1. Research the company you will interview with. There is no longer a
      need to go into a job interview 'cold'. The internet is a vast resource of
      company information. From how the company started and who is the
      current head of the company to their latest products and company
      slogan, this information and more is just a click away. Doing your
      homework will make you feel more comfortable about your first
      "company meeting" because the company and its representative will
      not feel like total strangers.

     2. Practice your answers to common and not so common job interview
      questions. From "Why did you leave your last job?" and "Why should
      we hire you for this position?"to "How many gas stations are there in
      the US" and "What if I told you this interview is not going very well?",
      your response will tell the interviewer how well you think on your feet
      and how you handle pressure. Ask a friend to help you practice and to
      honestly let you know how you are doing. You will feel calmer when
      you mentally prepare yourself for almost any job interview question.

     3. Practice your entire job interview presentation. Beyond practice
      answers to questions, it is just as important to be aware of your voice
      and body language. Are you speaking clearly? Are your arms folded?
    Do you appear interested and eager or bored or afraid? Your body
    language could be betraying you. Again ask a friend to help you
    practice. Or use free mock job interview video clips to get honest
    feedback about your entire job interview presentation skills. It's best
    to identify, make and correct your mistakes before you're your next
    face to face job interview.

   4. Plan your job interview attire. It is recommended that men wear a
    conservative suit and women wear a conservative suit with minimal
    jewelry, makeup and accessories. Make sure clothing is in good
    condition, clean and pressed. Even if your research shows the work
    environment is pretty casual, at the very least, dress one step above
    the level of the job you are interviewing for.

   5. Bring only necessary take alongs to the job interview. Make sure
    you have specific directions about the location of the job interview. Ask
    for the name, title and a contact telephone number for the person who
    will conduct your job interview. Bring extra resumes with you. Also,
    bring questions you have about the company, and the job you are
    applying for. Note: Your job interview is not the time to ask questions
    about compensation, flex time and vacation days.

   6. Display good manners before, during and after your job interview.
    Your job interview begins the moment you arrive on the company's
    property. Be on time. In fact, arrive 15 minutes early. Greet and
    address the receptionist or the person that welcomes you with respect.
    Do not answer your cell phone or use a similar device while waiting, or
    during the interview. Just turn it off. If your culture allows, firmly
    shake the hand of the interviewer before the job interview begins and
    after the job interview ends. Thank the receptionist on your way out.

   7. Send a thank you letter. Use technology to send a hand written
    note. By using email, you'll be able to see that it was received by the
    person or persons you intended. Not only will the note make a great
    impression, but it will make a lasting impression long after the
    conclusion of your face to face interview.

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