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					              Leicester-Shire Youth Arts Wind Orchestra Tour
                 Lake Garda Italy - July 18th – 25th July 2011
Dear Students / Parents / Carers,

Please find enclosed information regarding our tour to Lake Garda Italy. Firstly, can we say how much we are
looking forward to our tour of Lake Garda, Italy and hopefully have planned an exciting itinerary of concert
venues and places to visit which include two of the most romantic cities in Europe, Venice and Verona. So we
are sure the experience will not only be a wonderful musical and cultural experience, but a most exciting and
memorable tour for all our members and staff. We will give you a complete itinerary at the pretour course.
Useful Link of Lake Garda and places we are going to visit:

Lake Garda is almost 52km long and 17km at the widest point in the south part of the lake. It's a 160km drive to
make the loop around Lake Garda. At its deepest point the Lake reaches 346m in depth. Lake Garda lies 65m
above sea level. The climate around Garda Lake supports both Alpine and Mediterranean environments.
Getting close to nature is part of the Garda experience, and there are many parks around Garda Lake, as well
as the "Giardino Botanico" found on Mount Baldo, at a height of over 1200 metres, accessible from the town of

4 Concerts

Part of quite a prestigious festival ( About 65km from Riva

BRENZONE (Exact location to be finalised at end of May) 21.00HRS



We have arranged day trips to Venice and Verona as well as visiting a number of touristic towns around the lake
and close proximately.

Please arrive prompt at 11.30am at Guthlaxton College, Station Road, Wigston, Leicester. LE18 2DS. As
we need to leave on time to make the ferry crossing please do not be late as instruments /luggage need
time to be loaded.
The staff for the course and tour will be Alan Holford and Patrick White (Tour Leaders), Su Robinson (Assistant
Leader), Jo Burgess, Michelle Gill, Julie Bassett, David Hartland and Les Piper. Tony Frearson and Karen
Robinson will be our van drivers from County Direct Services. He will help supervising the loading of the
percussion instruments at the end of the course and throughout the tour.

Details of the course as follows; (Schedule Attached)
Friday 15th July – Sunday 17th July ~ 10.00am – 4.00pm at KNIGHTON FIELDS CENTRE
Over this relatively short period of three days the band, consisting mainly of the Symphonic Wind Band and
Concert Band will have to piece together an extensive demanding programme. If we are to perform to the
highest standard we can achieve, it is important that you attend all three days of the course. Please note the
Thursday and Friday may be normal school days and you will need to request permission for absence from your
school to attend the course. Please can you let us know if you cannot attend any part of the course? In
addition, it will be an excellent opportunity to meet up before the tour and meet some new friends and get to
know the staff.

As luggage space is restricted on the Double Decker coach all medium and large instruments will have to be
loaded onto our County Direct Services Van at 4.00 pm on Sunday 17th July on the last day of the course.
These will include tubas, trombones, euphoniums, trumpets (hard cases, if possible), French horns,
saxophones, bassoons and bass and alto clarinets.
All other instruments to be loaded into the hold of the coach or secured as hand luggage in a safe place on
board. Please do not put large heavy items in the parcel rack above the seats in the coach and clearly label
your instrument. In addition, please check that your instrument insurance policies are up to date and cover
foreign travel.
VERY IMPORTANT – PASSPORT & European Health Cards (was E111) COPIES
Please remember that you need a European Health Card for medical treatment abroad and a valid
passport to travel. Please check that you have these vital documents and allow enough time if you
need new documents.
Forms for both can be collected at a Post Office or on line but you will
need to allow time for this to be processed.
You should have already provided Arts in Education with a copy of your Passport and European Health
Card so that the photo and numbers are visible in case of loss. PLEASE PHOTOCOPY BOTH OF THESE
ON ONE SHEET OF A4 and send it to us immediately.

Please make sure that you have made us aware of any medical dietary needs or whether you are a
vegetarian the attached medical form

Pastoral Leader
Each section of the band will be allocated a Pastoral member of staff. You will be assigned this staff member at
the end of the course. When you arrive at Guthlaxton you must register with your Pastoral leader before you get
on the coach and show your Passport and European Health Card. These will need to be packed in your
hand luggage on the coach which will need to be produced at the customs post as required. Along with
your Passport and Health Cards please pack sufficient medication, packed meals/drinks and anything else you
require for the coach journey. During the journey and any further times during the week you must register with
your pastoral leader before boarding the coach. This assigned person is in addition your first point of contact
with any concerns.
Luggage etc.
As space is limited we will need to restrict luggage to one small sized suitcase. A soft holdall style bag is more
appropriate having more space and easier to pack. As all the seats on the coach are taken, if it cannot fit into
the hold may have to have it on your knee all the way to Lake Garda Italy.
We will give you address labels to attach to your luggage on the course, but you may wish to mark your
belongings in other ways. As the journey takes approximately 24 hours (including the ferry crossing) wear
comfortable clothing. Remember to bring a packed meal with you using disposable wrappings. To purchase a
hot meal on the ferry and for other light refreshments, please remember to bring enough money to cover these
costs on both the outward and return journeys – we would recommend £15 - £20 to cover both ways. It will be
important to keep the inside of the coach tidy and therefore large bin bags will be placed on board for this

Our Double Decker coach is fitted with seat belts for the safety of all concerned. All on board will be required to
wear seat belts at all times whilst the coach is in motion and students should not move around the vehicle when
it is in motion. There is a toilet on board but it should be used only in an emergency. Toilet stops are arranged
for the journey at appropriate intervals. We would also request that members do not talk to or distract the driver
whilst the vehicle is being driven and follow all procedures as requested by staff and the driver at all times.
Please make yourself aware of all exits on entering the coach.
N.B. In France the wearing of seat belts is compulsory with regard to all school groups. Anyone who is
caught not wearing a seat belt will face a fine of 140.00 Euros which you will have to pay immediately.

IMPORTANT ~ If any member of the party is being picked up at the hotel by parents at the end of the tour this
must be confirmed in writing outlining times/arrangements and also a contingency should arrangements go
wrong. Please rewrite your letter of confirmation if it does not comply with this request. Please note that
members of staff cannot wait behind if you are late picking up your child. Staff have to travel with the main group
to sustain the correct staff/pupil ratios as outlined in our guidelines.

Students will be issued with a card with Arts in Education emergency numbers listed below to contact tour staff,
the details of the accommodation address and the Spanish emergency services number. The emergency
numbers below are also for parents to use if they need to contact tour staff when the group are away.

Arts Tour Mobile:   079100 65670
Tour Company – OneStage Specialist Concert Tours Unit B, Innovation House, 292 Worton Road
Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 6EL, England

If students wish to take a mobile phone, please can you include the number on the parental /medical
consent forms so that we can make a record of it for emergency purposes? If your number changes,
please can you update us.


Hotel Bristol
Viale Trento 71
38066 Riva del Garda (TN) ITALY
Tel. 0464-521000

   •   Northern tip of the lake
   •   1 km from the centre of Riva Del Garda
   •   1.5 km to the Lake side
   •   Small family run hotel over 3 floors – We will be situated over 2 floors.
   •   Keys allocated at reception, 1 for each room – charge if lost!
   •   Manned from 7am – 12 midnight.
   •   Night telephone direct to hotel owner next door.
   •   Reception and rooms/balcony's lockable
   •   Standard fire and evacuation facilities, smoke detectors in each room and fire exits signs and
       escape routes on each floor

   •   Buffet breakfast in the ground floor dinning room / 3 course meal
   •   Meals half board at hotel so mix of packed lunch and/or meals in restaurants.
   •   All dietary needs catered for but you need to tell us in advance.
   •   2. 3 & 4 Bedded Rooms with En-suite
   •   Some have balconies!
   •   Air conditioned
   •   Spread over 2 floors – Beds on each floor 35 -39, mix of students and teachers!
   •   TVs, Telephone, Hair dryer.
   •   Towels and toiletries provided
   •   some have key lockable safe deposit boxes

   •   Close proximity In the Garden of the Hotel
   •   Free use of the pool ONLY when our swimming life guard is in attendance ( Su Robinson)
   •   Deepest point 1.60 metres, so no diving!
   •   Need to bring own towels etc
   •   Shower and toilet facilities close by
   •   Bring your suntan lotion and Hat!

The Hotel has been recommended as fit for purpose by our Travel Advisors ‘OneStage’ who hold appropriate
Risk Assessments as supplied by the hotel and themselves. The hotel has made us aware of regulations for
both our safety and that of other guests in the hotel. Staff rooms will be situated amongst the students and
clearly marked. We have requested that we are allocated two floors and where possible split males and
females. If we use other rooms in the hotel a member of staff will be in close proximately to other guests,
although on different floors will appreciate your consideration for their presence.
On arrival at the Hotel members should make themselves aware of the safety procedures and exits. These
are clearly marked in the hotel corridors. As soon as you have been allocated a room check the nearest exits to
your room.
Soap and towels will be provided but bring extras for use around the swimming pool. A key will be allocated to
each room, which if mislaid, will be charged for. Therefore, keys should be left at the hotel reception every time
we leave the hotel.

 Security includes:
 Lockable rooms
 If your room has a safety deposit box for any valuables a deposit for the locking device may be required
  from reception.
 Appropriate fire regulations and safety equipment
 Security shutters on every window
 Reception manned as above
 Master keys available via reception in cases of emergency.
All members are expected to stay within the hotel grounds at all times and within their rooms/hotel building in
the evenings. Staff will register all members into their rooms in the evening at a designated time and the
expectation is that members will stay within their own rooms until breakfast.
There is a busy road in front of the hotel but as the coach will be parked within the perimeter of the hotel there
will be no reason for anyone to leave the grounds of the hotel.
Although the party will be self-contained being a large hotel other quests and families will be in residence and
therefore we need to be considerate and respectful. All rooms are lockable from the inside. As the rooms are
air-conditioned and therefore shutters should be securely locked from the inside at night.
Remember to leave the key at reception when out for the day. The reception is contactable 24hrs and a master
key can be used in case of emergency.
Each room is also connected by an internal phone system and the reception can be contacted in emergency.
Please do not abuse this system. Pay phones are available in the hotel, phoning home from your room is very
expensive and students will be personally liable for any costs incurred through use of hotel room
Staff rooms will be clearly marked with staff names.
Do not bring any valuable or sentimental items with you, the staff will not be held responsible for any
loss or damage. Although Lake Garda is considered to be very safe in large towns such as Venice and
Verona pick pockets are notorious, so please be aware of your belongings and do not carry anything of
value on you.

Arts in Education have an annual school journey/off-site activity, personal accident and travel insurance policy
including medical insurance, arranged with Groupama Insurance Company arranged through Leicestershire
County Council. A copy of the policy specification has been sent to you previously - please read the policy
carefully. The policy covers reasonable reasons for a student withdrawing from a tour such as illness
covered by a medical certificate
N.B. If a student has to withdraw from the tour for reasons of ill health parents/carers must notify Arts in Arts in
Education immediately and provide a doctor’s certificate within 14 days of the cancellation. If you do not
provide a certificate within this timescale, we are not able to further your claim. Please also note that if
a Doctor makes a charge for this service we are not able to refund this. European Health Cards must be
presented to the doctor etc to be able to make any claims. As most of the doctors are private treatment
can be very expensive.
Instrument insurance is the responsibility of the members and parents. Please ensure that you check the
details in your insurance policy and check that you have ‘All Risks’ cover.


If staff need to hold or administer any prescribed drugs, parents/carers must confirm this in writing on their
completed medical form. Members, who need medication, including inhalers, epipen/anapen, etc, should bring
adequate supplies with them. Epipen/Anapen and Inhaler users should carry their medication with them at all
times and a back -up supply should be given to the Tour leaders – please see below. It is essential to clearly
mark these with the student’s name, dosage and what the inhaler etc contains.

Please note that although all staff are trained First Aiders, they are acting in a voluntary capacity and are unable
to dispense tablets, plasters etc. unless specifically requested by parents/carers. This also includes basic
remedies for headaches, tummy upsets, travel sickness etc, which must be self-administered. Therefore, you
may wish to include these in what you pack.
If your child’s medical needs change from the time you complete and return the medical form, please
note that it is your responsibility to inform us of any changes in writing prior to departure.

Arts in Education staff are not able to administer an inhaler but are able to help a child locate the inhaler and
place it in their hand to self-administer. Staff would also follow standard First Aid procedures and in the event of
an emergency would alert the emergency services.
Tour Staff are also able to administer epipen or anapen. Parents/carers who have already requested that Arts
in Education staff administer epipen or anapen this academic year and have completed and returned the County
Council Agreement Form do not need to complete any further paperwork.
Any new requests should be indicated on the Tour medical form and you will be sent an additional document to
complete in order to comply with County Council guidelines.

If you are an epipen / anapen user please remember to bring two up to date pens with you, as one will need to
be kept in the first aid box. Please can parents of these students put in writing clear instructions about the use
of the epipen and your prescribed dosage etc? If your medical needs have changed since you filled in the
medical form please let us know.

If a member is leaving the main party for any reason can parents make us aware of it in writing as soon as

Please read all previous information that we have sent you regarding expectations of pupils’ behaviour abroad,
including the Code of Conduct. You have signed this agreement and therefore you have stated your
understanding of the contents. Please remember that staff have given their time freely to allow us all to enjoy
the tour in a spirit of mutual respect and enjoyment.

On the Ferry
On the outward and return crossings you will need to purchase a meal – approx. £15 -£20. (Both £s and Euro
can be spent on the ferry). As the coach will travel through France, Belgium and Germany, students are advised
to bring some Euros in order to purchase meals – 40 Euros should be enough for two meals. It is suggested that
as the journey will take approx. 24 hours you need to dress in a comfortable manner. In addition you need to
keep the inside of the coach tidy and therefore only take on board basic requirements of toiletries and
Please check that student passports are valid. You will need to keep it on board the coach for customs and
look after it at all times. In the event of you requiring medical treatment you will need to show your passport and
European Health Card.

The Italian currency is the EURO. As you will only need spending money we suggest no more than £50-£70.
Apart from meals on the outward and return journeys all other meals and some excursions are included in the
tour cost.

The following are optional excursions that students may visit if they wish – prices are shown below and are NOT
included in the tour cost.

St Marks
The visit inside the Basilica lasts about 10 minutes.
Basilica: 9.45 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. - Sunday and holidays: 2.00 p.m. - 5.00 p.m. (entrance free)
Visitors are recommended to respect the sacred place, in particular:
- Clothes be appropriate for a place of worship: no shoulders or knees should be exposed
- You cannot enter the basilica with luggage. Luggage must be deposited in Ateneo San Basso (Piazzetta dei
Leoncini - in front of the Gate of Flowers, north façade);
- Photos and filming are forbidden;
- Loud explanations are not allowed, the use of earphones is permitted.

St Marks Bell Tower
July - September: 9.00 a.m. - 9.00 p.m. (entrance: ticket €8, reduced €4 only for groups with more than 15

Doges Palace (Palazzo Ducale) Groups must pre-book, School group price with headed paper €5.50 per person
adults and students. Individual visitors’ price €14,00

   Instrument, mouthpieces, reeds, mutes, screwdrivers and any other repair equipment.
   Swimming Costume, suntan lotion, sun hat and sun glasses.
   CDs/Videos for use in the hotel and coach
   Electric continental adapter plug
   Small travel alarm clock
   Towel for swimming
   Personal toiletries. (Remember that you may need to take some of these on the coach with a small hand
   Camera - Please not an expensive one.
   A body belt is a useful way to keep all your personal possessions safe and at hand. As in most major
     cities there can be a problem with pickpockets.
   A good book or magazines
Please remember that Lake Garda Italy is very hot at this time of year. Remember to bring a sun hat and
sun cream. Try to stay in the shade as much as possible and drink plenty of water.
There will be 4 out door concerts, so please bring sufficient items. Gents – DJs, black socks, black shoes, white
shirt. Bow tie. Ladies – Black dresses or trousers and black tops.

If this letter is accompanied by a Medical / Dietary requirements form and Code of Conduct form, it is
because we have not yet received completed forms. Please complete and return these AS SOON AS

If you have any concerns regarding any information in this letter please contact us.

Patrick White
Tour Leader

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