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									hoover voice senior issue
                                            Meet Your
                                                                Ryan Serrano
                                            How did you feel when
                                                                           What is your cumulative GPA?
                                            you were told you were
                                            the Valedictorian of the       What advice would you give to the underclassmen?
                                            class of 2008?                 One of my biggest beliefs is that you should ALWAYS be respectful of
                                            Well, I had kind of antici-    others (some of you underclassmen trumpets in band know this al-
                                            pating it, since I have been   ready). Regardless of whether you like someone or whether they are
                                            #1 for the past couple of      being total jerks, be classy. It makes a big difference in who you are and
                                            years when report cards        how others see you. Also guys: the girl is always right.
                                            came out, but it was still
                                            exciting when it finally       How would you describe your high school experience?
became official. Of course, I then realized that I had to add “writing a   Eventful. I mean, the class of 2008 has had some pretty cool (and some
speech” to my already long list of things to do this spring.               not so cool) times: MTV, 4 different principals, Rose Bowl Parade, and
                                                                           Scholars Bowl State Championship just to name a few.
Do you enjoy being in the IB program here at Hoover?
I really have loved the IB program. I think the focus on connecting        Where are you planning on attending college?
multiple disciplines and the level of teaching are both practically        Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey
made for me. Also, the IB seniors are some of the coolest people on
campus. You guys rock. IB08.                                               Do you have a major planned?
                                                                           I currently plan to major in Mathematics, but knowing me, that is open
What is your favorite subject(s)?                                          to change. Whatever I end up pursuing, I want to go to graduate school
I really like all the subjects I study, so I cannot say I have a “favor-   and the highest degree in my field.
ite,” necessarily. This year I have really enjoyed Theory of Knowledge
(TOK) because I have not had a chance to be exposed to philosophy          What are your plans after college?
before, and it is very interesting stuff.                                  I really am not looking that far into the future at this point. We will see
                                                                           where I am in a couple of years, and I will get back to you.
What other activities are you involved with at Hoover?
Way too many…Marching Band, Scholars Bowl, Math Team, Hoover               What are your feelings about graduation and leaving
Ambassadors, National Honor Society, and who can forget Chess              Hoover?
Club (apparently a lot of people you SAID they would show up).             I am going to miss everyone for sure, but I am a traveler at heart and I
                                                                           am really excited about moving to a completely new place and getting
What do you do in your free time?                                          to know completely new people.
Contrary to popular belief, IB does leave you free time, which I pro-
ceed to waste as good portion of online. I also hang out with friends,     What do you hope to accomplish in the world?
play tennis and chess, work on my webcomic (still in an early stage of     Well, I would not mind wielding a ridiculous amount of influence and
development), practice trumpet and piano, go hiking in Moss Rock           power, but mainly, in whatever I do, I want to say that I have repre-
Preserve, and watch lots of old movies, all of which I apparently “have    sented God and my family to the best of my ability.
to watch before graduating high school.”

                                            Meet Your
                                                         Zachary Diggins    What advice would you give to the underclassmen?
                                            How did you feel when           Find an activity you enjoy and really get involved in it. Not only will
                                            you were told you were          you enjoy yourself, you will also have something to look forwards to
                                            the Salutatorian of the         on a tough week.
                                            class of 2008?
                                            I was excited                   How would you describe your high school experience?
                                                                            My high school experience has been very fun but very busy. I’ve en-
                                           Do you enjoy being in            joyed most all my classes and activities, but I’m looking forwards to
                                           the IB program here at           catching up on some sleep this summer
                                           I have truly enjoyed the         Where are you planning on attending college?
                                           program, especially the          Vanderbilt University
                                           excellent teachers and how
I have been challenged in subjects such as Spanish and history that I       Do you have a major planned?
otherwise might not have pursued.                                           I currently plan on majoring in engineering, probably electrical.
What is your favorite subject(s)?                                           What are your plans after college?
Math                                                                        I plan to continue my education until I earn my PhD. Then I plan to
                                                                            work in industry with the eventual goal of starting my own business.
What other activities are you involved with at Hoover?
I’m involved in Engineering Academy, Math Team, Flag Football, and          What are your feelings about graduation and leaving
Heritage Panel.                                                             Hoover?
                                                                            I have mixed feelings. On one hand I am incredibly excited about col-
What do you do in your free time?                                           lege (and summer), while on the other hand I will miss the wonderful
I like to play video games, watch movies, play sports with my friends,      teachers and friends I have met over the last four years.
and play cards.
                                                                            What do you hope to accomplish in the world?
What is your cumulative GPA?                                                I hope to do my best at everything I do, whether it’s a new invention
                                                                            for my business or caring for my family.
Name		          	       College/Plans	after	High	School                                      Where	do	you	see	yourself	in	10	years?
Agras, Katie             University of Alabama at Birmingham                                  Teaching elementry school, married with a family
Aguirre, Angre           Tuscaloosa                                                           At six flags with Andres
Ainsworth, Sarah         University of Alabama                                                getting married with one kid and be a personal designer
Alexander, Domonique     University of North Alabama                                          I see myself just starting out in my career in the city- not in Alabama
Ali, Amani               University of Alabama at Birmingham                                  I will be back home in Yemen, my county
Allen, Kaitlin           University of Alabama                                                My optometry career taking off as well as a family
An, Tae                  UCF                                                                  married, successful, happy
Applebaum, Jake          The University of Alabama                                            Backup shooting guard for the Toronto Raptors with 10 Jewish Kids
Applegate, Spencer       Georgia Tech                                                         Playing golf and making money
Armstrong, Chase         Belmont University                                                   Married
Armstrong, Garret        University of Alabama at Birmingham                                  Being Rich
Azbik, Tony              University of Alabama                                                Sitting on a beanbag chair eating cheetos
Baggett, Ashlee          University of Alabama                                                Happily married with one kid
Bagley, Neil             Jacksonville State University                                        Sitting in my apartment reading screenplays
Baker, Katie             Auburn University                                                    married with kids, being a successful lawyer
Ballard, Maggie          Jefferson State Community College                                    On Comedy Central, Married
Barber, Brock            Covanant College                                                     8’5”
Barnett, Ashley          Get into College                                                     Doing some awesome hairstyles
Baugh, Kelsey            University of Alabama                                                Successful at an engineering firm
Baxter, Joshua Thomas    University of Tennessee                                              married and being a sucessful lawyer in Nashville
Benson, Scott            University of Alabama at Birmingham                                  in the doctorfield and married
Bentley, Breanna         University of Alabama                                                I see myself married , teaching 3rd grade, and hopefully with one kid
Boliek, Josh             College or military                                                  Very successful as a writer
Bond, Lori               University of Alabama at Birmingham                                  Living in Florida by the beach
Bonds, Shea              UAB Airforce ROTC                                                    A medic in the Airforce, possibly married
Bonk, Amanda             Going to the University of Alabama                                   Hustlin’ and stiill living on my dad’s cash… and maybe married
Box, Jordan              Brevard College                                                      Teaching high school math and coaching soccer
Bradshaw, Megan          Alabama University                                                   Graphic designer, married and living da life
Brimer, Kelli            Mississippi College                                                  With a family and a nursing degree
Brock, Allison           Troy University                                                      As Donald Trump’s 4th Wife
Brown, Amber             University of Alabama at Birmingham                                  Being a dentist, married, with two gold fish
Brown, Chase             Undecided, playing basketball                                        Playing ball overseas and married to the money
Brown, Lauren            University of Alabama                                                Possibly teaching, hopefully still dancing, married
Brown, William           Montevallo                                                           Probably at my 10 year high school reunion
Cain, Katie              Jefferson State then UAB                                             Getting married, doing really well with my career and working a lot
Callahan, Kari           University of Alabama                                                Married with a kid or two and maybe working some
Campbell, Megan          University of Alabama                                                Hopefully married with kids.I will be working at a hospital
Campbell, Tyler          University of Alabama                                                Probably still in a mirror or some other reflective surface
Cardara, Aracely         Jefferson State Community College                                    Married and being a nurse
Carter, Charlsie         Army                                                                 Married and Wealthy
Cassidy, Cori            Faulkner University, majoring in Criminology
Castillo, Maria          Major in Business                                                    Traveling around the world
Chandler, Ryan           Montevallo                                                           Drawing comics in my mother’s basement
Clay, Jackie             attend auburn university                                             hopefully not here
Coggins, Hunter          Auburn University                                                    Taking my two boys and wife to Talladega
Cole, Justin             Jacksonville State                                                   Drinking Juice!
Cole, Rosalia            AIU for Criminal Justice                                             Working and married
Coleman, Laura Anne      University of Alabama                                                Settled in my career, married and starting a family
Collins, Harold          Wallace Hanceville and then hopefully play in the SEC for 2 years    Settling down and making some babies.
Collins, Rachael         Union University                                                     Working in a church, happily married and living next door to Kendall!
Collins, Shawna          Ohio State University majoring in Biomedical Science                 In ten years I see myself doing a career at the OSU Medical Center
Connell, Savannah        Alabama or UAB                                                       With an established career.. Maybe married. No kids!
Conway, Conor            Alabama                                                              Ruler of the world
Cook, Sarah              Auburn University                                                    Still figuring out what I want to do
Cooper, Kat              UAB                                                                  Psychologist
Cox, Caitlin             Auburn                                                               Out of school, starting a familiy, working a great job
Crane, Kevin             Auburn University                                                    chilling
Crumpton, Tyler          Auburn Univerity                                                     Making some useless contraption, but it’s cooler than nothing!
Crutchfiels, Holly       University of Alabama                                                Married and starting a family; established in a successful career
Cummings, Hayley         Southern Union                                                       Teaching
Curry, Terra             University of Alabama at Birmingham                                  Married with kids in Tampa
Dailey, Shayla           Southern University                                                  Married and having a teaching job at an elementary school
Dandridge, Jonetha       Jacksonville AL                                                      An RN at UAB
Daughreay, Duston        Montevallo                                                           I’m not sure
Davidson, Jordan         United States Naval academy                                          On the Beach
Davila, Matt             Attending Police Academy                                             Working for DEA, Narcotics Division
Davis, Brent             Auburn University                                                    Backup center for the Toronto Raptos with 12 kids and an iCar
Davis, Courtney          University of Alabama                                                Owning a public relations firm
Davis, Janescia          JSU and take up business                                             Having my own hair salon and my own clothing line
Defnall, Katie           Auburn University                                                    Married and having a successful job
Del Rosal, Stephanie     Ohio University                                                      Married, living and working in Spain with a big family
Despain, Brendon         University of Alabama                                                Working for a graphic design firm in New York or L.A.
Doss, Faye               Samford University                                                   Content and holding a successful job that makes me excited
Douglas, Andrew          UAB                                                                  In my cute little doctor’s office with my cute little scrubs
Drace, Stephanie         University of Alabama                                        married with 2 kids and a good job, living in Florida
Duarte, Paul             UAB                                                          Thinking about memories from back in the day, which was Wednesday by the
Duffey, Trey             College                                                      I don’t know
Duke, Kristen            Jeff State                                                   In FL being a marine biologist and rich!
Eagen, Katie             University of Alabama                                        In the second year of my residency at St. Vincent’s Hospital. I will be a neurolo-
                                                                                      gist there.
Earnest, Sarah           University of Alabama                                        Fulfilling my life-long dreams of becoming an elephant farmer
Eaves, Ryan              Shelton State                                                Getting a job
Edge, Mitchell           Auburn University                                            Hopefully successful businessman with a bunch of money
Edwards, Erica           Jacksonville State University for real estate                married, two kids, business woman
Egan, Caroline           University of Alabama                                        Living in New York, married, with two dogs and an iguana
El Sherbini, Heba        UAB or American University in Cairo                          Married with 2 children and a job in clinical psychology, living in Dubai or Egypt
Elizando, Jeannette      Try to go to California for college                          Working for a dentist and married
Fargason, Luke           Auburn University                                            Athletic equipment manager for the Toronto Raptors
Fatima, Mehmooda         UAB or India                                                 Married with 4 children, having a successful job, living in Los Angeles
Fields, Taylor           University of Alabama                                        Still in medical school approaching my degree
Fikes, Trent             Alabama University                                           Africa
Finley, Christine        University of Southern Mississippi                           I don’t know
Floyd, Katie             University of Alabama to attend Capstone College of Nursing Will be a labor and delivery nurse, married to Daniel Clements with kids
Fogleman, Caroline       University of Alabama                                        Working as a social worker in a children’s hospital
Foote, Jonathan          Auburn                                                       Trickin’
Foster, Jennifer          Jefferson State then transferring to Troy University or JSU Getting my degree in medicine, married with probably 1 child
Freer, Brandy            University of Alabama                                         just know I want to have a great job and be married with kids before I’m 30.
Frost, David             Undecided                                                    Somewhere, but not here
Frost, Kent              The University of Alabama                                    Owning my own law firm and breaking into politics
Gander, Sally            Military
Gann, Hayden             Troy University                                              hopefully a successful with lots of money
Gillikin, Jake           Auburn                                                       Still in the south, livin the good life
Glass, Courtney           Jefferson State, then transferring to UAB.                  I’ll probably be married and still living here in Alabama somewhere!
Glass, Elizabeth         Shelton State                                                Successful, have kids, married
Godwin, Amber            University of Alabama                                        Med School
Gonzalez, Luis           Shelton State or University of North Alabama                 Married with kids in Spain
Goodwin, Stephanie       University of Alabama                                        elementary school teacher who is married and starting a family
Graham, Jonathan         University of Alabama                                        Married to Cameron Diaz with 12 children
Guanche, Ricardo         Croatia                                                      very successful dictator
Guy, Steven              Vanderbilt or Univeristy of Alabama                          Backup Point Guard for the Toronto Raptors with 10 Aryan children
Hall, Alex               Bama                                                         being lazy
Hall, Christina          Major in CIS at UAB                                          Married and working as a CPA for Paramount
Hamilton, Alexis         Aubrurn / Pharmacy School                                    I see myself as a pharmacist and starting a family
Hamm, Alec               Troy University, running cross country                       Somewhere in the world. I want to get married and have a nice life.
Han, Emily               Nova Southeastern University in Florida                      Married with a stable career
Hanks, Allyn             University of Alabama                                        Poor and living on the streets of France
Hanzalik, Ryan           University of Alabama                                        working, married, house, bills, taxes
Hardin, Kristin          UAB for BME                                                  holding a job in engineering
Hardin, Matt             Haven’t decided exactly what college                         Married with a kid living a happy life
Hardy, Allison           University of Alabama                                        Married and working on my graduate degree
Harmirani, Reeyaz        University of Miama…                                         wealthy and sitting in the first row at the Grammy Awards or working at ESPN
Harris, Lawrence         University of Georgia                                        Owning my own practice
Harris, Lydia            UAB                                                          Married, business career, maybe children
Harris, Lyndsay          Arkansas                                                     WNBA or a Pediatrician
Harrison, Kimi           I am going to Jeff State then UAB                            Pursuing a career in nursing
Hayes, Nick              Undecided
Hayes, Robby             Jeff State then UAB                                          In business
He, Haiyang              Teaching the next generation of high school students         In the Olympics
Headley, Cove            Auburn University                                            As an unscrupulous businessman
Hendrix, Ryan            Auburn for computer engineering                              With a good job, a good family, and a good life
Henley, CJ               Auburn University                                            Married with kids and flying for the Navy
Henopp, Julie            UAB                                                          Married
Hester, Kyle             University of Alabama                                        Backup small forward for the Toronto Raptors with a family and a big house
Hill, Cortez             University of Alabama                                        in Atlanta working in Pharmacy
Holcombe, Thomas         Covenant College                                             Making political deals
Holladay, Katie          Lipscomb University                                          Successful and married, maybe with kids!
Hornsby, Maegan          Umiversity of Alabama at Birmingham                          Married and hopefully working in the forensics field.
Howell, Josh             ASE Master Certified Tech                                    Not here!
Howell, Mary Katherine   University of Alabama                                        Back in kindergarden
Hubbell, Mike            Shelton State and then somewhere else                        In another state or country doing something to make money
Huckeba, Austin          USNA                                                         On the open seas
Humphrey, Nikki          Community College; then Hawaii Pacific                       Hawiia
Huntley, Ashley          University of Alabama                                        Hope to be married and well established in my career
Husicic, Aldin           UAB                                                          Living in Germany with a family and a great job
Ingrum, Cameron          Auburn University                                            Finishing medical school and traveling the world
Izor, Chris              University of Alabama for English                            Youth minister somewhere in the world
Jackson, Lindsey         Southern Union for 2 years than transfer to Auburn           Married with a family
Jaramillo, Katy          Vanderbilt                                                   Traveling through Europe
Jerrod Waddel            Shelton State                                                Unemployed
Johnson, Kendall          University of Alabama                                           Little blonde headed kids running around me
Johnson, Rebecca          Attending Auburn                                                No idea
Jones, Camden             Shelton St. Community College                                   On my yacht, living the high life
Jones, Shaquetta          Going to college                                                Have my own place
Kang, Josh                Auburn University                                               In residency
Kapidya, Sunya            University of Alabama                                           Married and graduated from Law School
Karamicheal, Nicole       Lousiana State University                                       I plan on entering either med or vet school
Kashaa, Faith             Auburn University for pharmacy                                  Graduated, married, kids?, and still looking good!
Katchur, Alex             Auburn University                                               Team Liason for the Toronoto Raptors
Kelly, Ashley             Going to LSU!                                                   married with one kid and owning my own photography shop in New Orleans
Kennedy, Kelly            University of Alabama                                           Successful, with an accounting firm and married
Kennedy, Vincent          University of West Florida, playing soccer                      happy with a couple of kids and I will be a wife
Khan, Sami                Alabama                                                         Detective work or psychologist
Kim, Mike                 Georgia Tech                                                    As a Dentist
King, Brandi              University of Alabama                                           Married with 2 kids and on ESPN
King, Bridgette           University of North Alabama                                     Happily married with a successful career in communications
King, Brittnie            Troy University                                                 Working and starting my family
 Kitching, Kelsey         Playing soccer at Mississippi State                             Married with kids living in Austrailia
Kirkland, Grant           Auburn University                                               Owner of a small engineering business
Kovacik, Eddie            Shelton State                                                   Being married with some kids and having a great time
Lathem, Lauren            Auburn University                                               Working as a dentist or pharmacist
Leader, Jenny             Shelton State Community College                                 Who knows?!
Lee, Tamara               Going to UNA                                                    Married NOT WORKING living in Atlanta and one kid (maybe)
Leon, Sarah               University of Illinois                                          Somewhere cool
Lewellyn, Walter          Birmingham Southern College                                     Teaching and writing
Lewis, Donica             I’m going to JSU to major in forensic investigation             Married with kids, very successful, a nice home and possibly my own business
Lin, Ting Xing            UAB
Lindley, Erik             University of Alabama                                           Rich and Happy
Linton, Nichole           University of Alabama                                           Traveling the world with a job I love
Little, Turner            Jefferson State                                                 with a good job that I enjoy
Lucero-Sanchez, Liliana   Stanford University                                             Working as a psychologist after having traveled the world
Magnuson, Drew            Auburn/Architecture                                             Working towards starting my own architecture firm
Marks, Rachel             Shelton State Community College                                 Chilling
Marsh, Lauren             University of Georgia-Athens                                    Crusing in my cherry red ‘69 Mustang on my way to my house which I bought
Martin, Taylor            University of Alabama                                           hopefully married and starting a family
Massey, McKenna           Study music and percussion at the University of Alabama         Traveling the world as a performing percussionist/musician
Massuleh, Cyrus           University of Alabama                                           More successful than Rickey Guanche or medical school
Matalka, Luay             UAB                                                             A millionaire
Matthews, Morgan          Hampton University                                              Married, successful and making lots of money
Maxwell, Angela           University of Alabama                                           With a successful job, marries, and possibly children
Mayson, Elliot            University of Alabama                                           Married and getting ready for children
McCullough, Mason         University of Alabama                                           Still living in Tuscaloosa
McDonald, Amber           UCF major in hospitality management and start my own            Married and established my career
McIrlwain, Staley         Samford University                                              Successful, doing something with the environment
McLeod, Mary              University of Alabama                                           Just living life, you never know what the future may bring
Meinberg, Melissa         Samford University                                              Having a job as a pharmacist, married and thinking about children
Mekonen, Meteor           UAB                                                             Being a meteorologist
Menendez, Kristina        Playing soccer at the University of West Florida                I see myself married and starting a family
Meyer, Micheal            Job Corps                                                       Alive and well
Middlebrooks, Jessica     The University of Alabama                                       graduated from medical school and doing my residency at UAB
Miles, Hilary             University of Alabama                                           Working as a pharmacist; married !
Miller, Mitchell          Southern Union                                                  Doing Something
Miller, Rachel            Auburn University                                               Teaching kindergarten, married and starting a family
Mims, Mic                 Montevallo                                                      On a farm plowing
Mitchum, Lana             Jeff State for 2 years then Auburn for 2 years                  Married with Kids
Moore, Christa            Auburn University                                               Working as an engineer or far away from Alabama
Moose, Peyton             Auburn University                                               Married with kids and working part time as a pharmacist
Morgan, Pauli             University of Alabama                                           Happily married and starting a family
Mosley, Sam               Jefferson State                                                 Working in a Hospital
Moss, Paul                Montevallo                                                      In a Lotus on Palm Beach Drive
Muldouney, Nicole         Belmont University                                              Married with kids and hopefully doing something that I love
Mullins, Bo               Auburn University                                               Getting Money
Mullins, Kris             Attending Samford University for prepharmacy                    Hopefully, happily married and working in a privately owned pharmacy
Mullins, Octavia          UTA (Hopefully to play basketball)                              Married with a lot of money
Murray, Justin            Eastern Kentucky University (criminal justice-police studies)   Police officer, living back in New York
Musselwhite, Jana         Auburn University                                               Married and opening my private practice as a psychiatrist
Muzaffar, Tausif          Auburn                                                          Fat
Myers, Jamie              Auburn                                                          Working as an accountant, and happy
Name                      College/Plans after high school                                 Where do you see yourself in 10 years
Nance, Kim                University of Alabama                                           I will hopefully be married with a family
Newhouse, David           NYU or USC                                                      Doing something that makes me happy
O’Brien, Megan            Rhodes College or Auburn                                        Completing Dermatology School
Okoh, Christina           University of Alabama in Birmingham                             Med school and married
Owens, Heather            Go to college                                                   family and kids; working
Parker, Melissa           Troy University                                            Married, kids, and being a teacher
Parmley, Jesslyn          Alabama                                                    Out of state
Parrish, Richie           Southern Union Community College                           Somewhere living the dream
Parten, Danielle          University of Alabama                                      Fashion Designer
Patel, Niki               University of Alababama at Birmingham                      Pharmacist
Patel, Nikita             UAB                                                        Working at a hospital in California as a clinical pharmacist
Patel, Saurabh            UAB                                                        Business
Patel, Snehal             Going to UAB and majoring in chemistry to do nursing       Married and established my career
Peak, Krystine            Ruinng track at UAH                                        married with at least one child and a sucessful layer
Peak, Krystine            Running track at UAH                                       Married with at least one child and a success lawyer
Peña, Haley               Auburn University, nursing major                           Married with a family and a successful career
Phillips, Micah           University of Alabama                                      Hopefully married with one kid
Pierce, Paul              Auburn University to major in business                     having my own business and lots of money
Pigg, Maggie              Hendrix                                                    Working in my own non-profit organization
Polinski, Alexis          Culinary in Jeff State                                     a notorious chef
Porter, William           Shelton State Community College                            Stting on the beach
Prichard, Bradley         Auburn University                                          Married with children, still cooking as I do now
Pruitt, Kendra            Jacksonville State University for communication / public   Unfortunately I will be 27 and hopefully married with kids
Rait, John                UAB                                                        no clue
Ramsay, Artley            Mississippi College, becoming an anesthesiologist          I see myself married with kids and living in Falmouth, Massachuesetts
Randall, Zack             Tech. School                                               Financially stable with a family
Ray, Tyler                Troy University                                            Hopefully still playing baseball
Rhodes, Kelsey            Becoming a vet                                             Living in New York
Richards, Jennifer        Auburn University                                          Just out of vet school
Richards, Kandace         Montevallo                                                 Married, in love, kids of my own, a fabulous career and very healthy
Richards, Liz             Shelton State                                              Hopefully marries with a kid and living at the beach
Riegel, Natalie           University of Alabama                                      A happy, successful actress in New York City
Rittedge, Micheal         Califonia’s Culinary Institure of America                  Owning my own resteraunt
Roberts, Ashely           University of Alabama                                      As a Dentist
Roberts, Kyle             Make Money                                                 Makin’ more money
Robertson, Caleb          Univerity of Alabama                                       owning my own club
Robison, Andrew           University of Alabama                                      living in the moutains with my beautiful wide and twin boys
Rodgers, Jordan           Troy Stae University                                       Graphic Designer/High School art teacher
Rodgers, Jordan           Troy University                                            Alone with 10 cats
Rogers, Kristin           University of Alabama                                      Living in NY and being a detective for the Manhattan NYPD
Rogers, Scotty            Auburn                                                     Married, doctor or physical therapist
Rowe, Apryl               UAB                                                        on MTV most likely
Rubin, Braden             Jacksonville State                                         Raising horses
Russel, Rachel            College Tech, Jefferson State                              Being a mom and an author
Samuels, Erica            Jacksonville State University                              Married with a kid, happy, and working on my doctrine degree
Sapp, Micheal             University of Alabama                                      An athletic trainer at a high school in California
Schoenherr, Jenna         Jeff State then UAB for Psychology                         Married with children and a steady job
Sears, Taylor             University of Alabama                                      No clue
Shedlarski, Alyssa        UAB                                                        Working as a physical therapist
Sherrell, Lauren-Taylor   University of Alabama- Tuscaloosa                          Digital privacy rights attorney, owner of gift shop/bakery
Shultz, Blake             Auburn University                                          Team manager for the Toronto Raptors
Siles, Estefany           Jefferson State Community College                          Devoted to my career and traveling
Simkanich, Bryan          University of Central Florida                              Being a Pilot with money
Simkanich, Bryan          University of Central Florida                              Being a pilot with money!
Simril, Ashley            University of Alabama                                      Working, possibly married with a family
Skinner, Devona           Jeff. State 2 years and then transfer                      married to Kyvari Bolden with two kids. Being an NFL wife..
Sly, Grant                Cantonsville Community College                             Flying my helicopter
Sly, Tyler                Shellron State                                             Rock Stardom
Smith Jr., Victor         Montevallo                                                 Delving into the World of Law
Smith, Chelsea            Arizona State University                                   Traveling the world, writing for fashion magazines
Smith, Helen              Auburn University                                          Operating on your brain!
Smith, Jaime              University of Alabama in Huntsville (Basketball scholar-   playing basketballprofessionaly either overseas or in the U.S.
Smith, Jason              Auburn University                                          Asking my boss for a raise
Snyder, Adam              University of South Carolina                               Old, fed, and happy in New Orleans
Soto, Gia                 UAB                                                        away from home =P, living on the beach
Spain, Colin              Auburn University                                          Pursuing a career in graphic design
Spainhour, Kristy         Univeristy of Alabama                                      Married and maybe settling down
Spires, Stephanie         The American Musical and Dramatic Academy                  Traveling around the world with a career in the film industry
Stephens, Blake           Jefferson State                                            As a mechanical engineer
Stevenson, Elizabeth      UNA                                                        Being a lobbyist
Sudderth, Danielle        Auburn University                                          I don’t even know
Sun, Jennifer             LSU                                                        Finishing my residency after medical school,
Swanson, Brett            Army ROTC at the University of Alabama.                    Serving my country on the battlefield, where ever we may be
Taylor Kristen            Auburn University                                          married to the man of my dreams and starting my own family
Taylor, Ryan              University of Alabama                                      Six feet under
Thomas, Stephen           Auburn University                                          Living on the beach
Tillman, Krystal          UAB major nursing- Pediatrics
Tortorice, Daniel         Coast Guard                                                With family or working for Black Water
Tron, José             Going to Med School at UAB                            Living in Cancun
Tucker, Claire         Auburn University                                     arried, starting my pediatric optometry practice, and being a MOM
Tucker, David          UAB, Chemistry major                                  As a pharacist with my own business
Turner, Jasmine        Birmingham Southern College                           Hopefully with a PhD in Nursing
Turner, Michael        Alabama State then Huntington College                 Somewhere making money
Vest, Jack             Montevallo                                            Probably doing something with art involved
Vishani, Aashana       Auburn University- School of Music                    Not making much money being a teahcer, but at least I’ll be doing something I love
Vitta, Swaroop         Indian Institute of Technology                        Residence for Med School
Waddel, Jerrod         Shelton State                                         Unemployed
Wairegi, Miriam        Daystar University, Athiriver, Kenya, Africa          Accountant, married with 1 child and living in Kasaranr, Kenya
Wallington, Jeff       Auburn University or Indiana University               Teaching high school math
Walton, Erin           Harding University                                    Being a nurse with a family
Ward, Arian            University of Alabama at Birmingham                   Finishing all of my school to be an anesthesiologist
Washer, Robbie         Auburn                                                Pharmacist, maybe married, lot of money
Watson, Stephanie      University of Alabama                                 A married child psychologist who does art and stuff on the side
Weatherspoon, Elecia   University of North Alabama                           Rich, dancing, or over sears trading, married to a NFL football player
Weaver, Steven         Birmingham Southern                                   Accountant, Married
Webster, Ma’Bric       Georgia Military, playing football                    I see myself married with kids and being a cob or in rehab
Wehrman, Anna          University of Alabama                                 at a steady job and married
Welbourn, Brain        UA                                                    No idea
Whitehead, Karis       Jacksonville State University                         Living the life!
Whitehead, Micah       Auburn                                                Married and starting a family while having a successful career
Wiesneth, Nicole       Auburn
Williams, Audrey       Montevallo, music major                               Teaching kids in choir
Willis Masdon          Alabama University                                    Eating lunch
Willis, Ben            Auburn University                                     Doing Stuff
Wilson, Deloris        Spelman College                                       enetertainment lawyer in LA
Wilson,Bailey          University of Mobile                                  Married with kids and teaching kindergarten
Windsor, Jack          IUPUI College                                         Being a surgeon at a small hospital
Wise, Jeff             Attending UNA                                         Working in a Hospital
Wise, Katherine        University of Alabama                                 Teaching englisih and married to a doctor of course
Woodall, Clay          University of Alabama                                 Billionaire Astronaut who is married and starting a family
Wright, Nichole        Wallace State- Forensic Science                       Forebsucs Field
Wroclawski, Matthew    Major in automotive engineering                       Working for a major car company
Xia, Mae Lin           UAB then Alabama                                      At 28 I hope to be married with one child with a vacation in England and a
                                                                             beachhouse in Destin!
Xiao, Joycelyn         Universtiy of Alabama                                 Have a good job to work, and do it well
Young, Kara Marie      Jacksonville State University                         Working at an accounting firm and happily married with kids
Zekoff, Mark           Auburn University                                     Backup Power Forward for Toronto Raptors
Zuckerman Haley        UAB- Theatre Major                                    Being an actress and living in a very comfortable box with a few cats

               You are educated. Your certification is in your degree. You may think of it as the
             ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your
                                           ticket to change the world.
                                                   Tom Brokaw

    Advice to Upcoming Seniors
    Now is not the time to take it                                                               M     any juniors find it unbelievable that in the year
                                                                                                          2008-2009, they will be seniors! Some do not
                                                                                                  know what college they want to attend, major they to
     easy and slack off…tips on                                                                   pursue in college, what they want to be, how to man-
                                                                                                  age and maintain their grade point average after what

        avoiding senioritis!                                                                     some may say is the hardest year in high school, junior
                                                                                                  year. Many juniors tell themselves, “Hey! I’m almost
                                                                                                 done just one more year, I can take it easy and it will be
                                                                                                 a blast.” Well, not quite often should you slack off your
   -Buckle down with            Senior year:                                                      senior year. Below are some following advice tips to
class work; No need for                                                                                              upcoming seniors.
         slacking!                   colleges                    During the summer:
    -If not needed, do          -Gather your core
  not take classes that                                                                              -Start narrowing
                               classes together and                 -Build reading skills;
 will cause struggle in                                                                           colleges down to your              -Discuss plans for after
                              mentally prepare your-               read as many books as
 grades; this is the year                                                                                Top Five                       high school with
                                        self                        you can, whether it is
  you want to increase                                                                           -Have the best summer                         parents
                              -Save as much money                 fun, classical, newspa-
   GPA, not decrease.                                                                            trips with your friends             -Practice taking college
                                as possible for big                   per, or magazines.
 -Narrow your top five                                                                           before your last year in                  entrance tests
                                school events (i.e.                 -If not already, begin
 colleges down to two                                                                                  high school!                      (i.e.- ACT, SAT)
                              Homecoming, Dances,                    thinking about what
          or three                                                                                    -Find a fun and                  -Take many college
                                Spring Break, and                 your major in college is
  -Tour your top three                                                                                  exciting job                            visits
                              Prom, and senior trips)                     going to be
                 GueSS WHO
                      Check out these teachers senior pictures! Can you guess which
                     picture belongs to which teacher? Check the bottom for answers!

                                                                            4.              5.
1.                 2.                          3.

     6.                         7.                            8.                       9.


          5. Mr. Orphanos 6. Mrs. Brooks 7. Coach Martin 8. Coach Doyle9. Mrs. Stephens
                  1. Mr. Rutsky 2. Mrs. Campbell 3. Mrs. Mccarver 4. Mrs. McCann
The Power of Budgeting                                                     are: comparing prices, not falling for
By: Nabeela Washington                                                     those expensive name brand items,
                                                                           knowing what you want before you
Spending too much? Are you left with                                       get it, knowing how money you have
less money than expected? Can’t get                                        on your credit card, using credit in-
those things you really want? Well worry                                   stead of debit to increase your chanc-
no more because budgeting’s here to                                        es of not having a debt to pay back,
save the day. Budgeting is all about sav-                                  and taking a little extra cash with you
ing and controlling how much you spend.                                    if you happen to be a credit card user.
When you are shopping or when you’re                                       If you just budget you will end up
just out and about, always set a limit on                                  with more money in your pocket and
how much you are going to spend. One                                       a greater knowledge of spending it.
mistake in budgeting is going over your
limit and spending more money than you
planned. One trick is to round whatever
you buy up $1 or $2.This way you will at
least have a good guess at what your end
cost will be and what you will have left
over. Some everyday tips for budgeting

                       Dorm Decorating Tips
As we all know, dorm rooms aren’t exactly luxury living spaces. When you open the doors to what will be your first
independent “home,” all you will see is cement walls, two beds, two desks and maybe some bad curtains. Since you
will be spending your entire freshman year in this new home of yours, why not make it your own? When decorating
your dorm room, two of the most important factors are color and cleanliness. Buy things that are helpful for organiz-
ing, and things that add some life to those dull walls. All of this is possible even if you are on a budget. Here are some
helpful tips for decorating your dorm.

1.	    Photo	murals
 Pictures are cheap to print, and give a personal
touch to your space. Put up pictures of your
friends, family, pets, and places you’ve been. It’ll
make you feel right at home!
2.	    Throw	pillows
 There’s no better way to add a quick splash of
                                                                                                      To stay organized, keep things such as
color and comfort to your drab room. You can                                                          magazines, books, and other miscellaneous
spend a fortune on designer throw pillows, but                                                        items in colorful storage bins under your
don’t. Cheap ones are available just about anywhere.                                                  bed.
A big comfortable reading pillow will come in handy                                                   Bed Bath & Beyond- $7.99-$12.99 each
as well.
3.Window	decorations
 You probably don’t have much of a view, so why not
brighten up the window? Affix some simple suction
cup decorations, and if you’re crafty, make your own.
4.	Curtains
 Dorm room curtains are notoriously ugly, and every
room will probably have the same ones. Replace them
with some colorful curtains of your own and you’ll in-
stantly personalize the room. Just don’t lose the original

6.	Lamps
Fluorescent dorm lights are bad for the soul and not good
for your eyes either. Lamp light will make your room feel
much more like a home.

                                                             Take your homework anywhere with         Give your bed an extra lift with
                                                             this mobile workstation. Hook up         these 7 inch bed elevators. Bed
                                                             your iPod, and rock out while work-      Bath & Beyond- Set of 4: $12.99
                                                             ing on an assignment in your room.
Getting involved on Campus
      By: Nabeela Washington

                                                                                  that suits you, make         getting into clubs. You
                                                                                  yourself known. show         might have to buy t-
      etting involved on    es and sports so-                                     everyone what you’re         shirts or pay for trips,
campus doesn’t take         cials are other ways                                  about and what activity      and etc. Getting in-
a whole deal of time;       in getting involved                                   you’re associated with.      volved shouldn’t be the
you just have to put        as well as showing                                    As for colleges, getting     end of the world, but it
your effort into it. You    your school spirit.                                   involved may take a little   should be a step in the
can look for flyers that    Everyone should                                       more work depending on       process of growing
may tell about different    take notice of their                                  the size of the college.     and building yourself
events or clubs. Talking    interests because                                     College’s offer more         up for the road ahead.
to your peers can really    getting involved is                                   clubs and activities than
play a big part in being    centered around                                       a high school would and
involved, because the       what you want and                                     it would take more time
more people you know        what you want to                                      finding out which ones
the more you tend to get    participate in. After                                 are right for you. Money
involved. Attending danc-   finding something                                     may also be a factor in

         hoW To WriTE Your GrAduATioN ThANk You NoTEs
The pomp and circum-               note, you’re sending a mes-        gave me to buy computer
stance is over. The gifts are      sage that a gift or gesture was    supplies for college.
unwrapped. Graduation is           important to you. Transla-         The graduation party you           The When
beginning to feel like a fond      tion—the person is important       hosted meant so much to me.                If possible, make
memory.                            to you.                            To have all my friends and         sure your thank-you notes
        But before you start       It’s memorable. Your thank-        family in one place was an         are sent no later than one
that walk down memory              you note becomes your gift         experience I’ll never forget.      month after graduation.
lane, take a minute. Let’s go      back to those who shared           Here’s a picture of me with                Better late than nev-
back to the part about the         time or gifts with you. They’ll    my new briefcase—it’s perfect      er. If it’s more than a month
gifts. You’ve got one more         remember you for this.             for my new job.                    past graduation, begin with
assignment to finish...don’t       The What (to say)                          The end: Restate your      a brief apology. “Please for-
you?                                      The beginning: Start        appreciation with kind words       give my tardiness in getting
        You haven’t really         with a word of sincere, sin-       for the one you’re thanking.       this sent...”
graduated until you’ve writ-       cere, sincere thanks. And          Again, thank you for your          Have you already thanked
ten your thank-you notes. So       don’t forget the sincerity.        generosity. I’m so excited         them verbally? That’s nice.
pick up your pen. It’s time        Thank you so much for ...          about college—I’ll let you         But it’s not enough. It is
for Thank-You Notes 101—           It made my day when I              know all about it when I get       always good form to send a
your basic who, why, what,         opened...                          settled.                           written note in addition to
when, where, sort of course.       I appreciate the time you          I felt so honored that you         your verbal thanks.
The Who                            took to...                         made the trip to my gradua-        Oh, you sent an e-mail
        Make a list of those       I’m so grateful you were there     tion—and I can’t wait to see       thank-you note? Okay. Now
who did anything to help           when...                            you again soon!                    get out your pen. People like
celebrate your graduation.                The middle: Refer to        Your support has always            to keep handwritten notes.
That includes those who gave       the specific gift or event. Tell   meant so much to me. I know        So send the snail mail. You
gifts, planned parties, hosted     them what it meant to you or       I’m ready for the next step        won’t be sorry.
parties, etc. List every single    how you’ll use it.                 because of your encourage-
gift, whether it arrived by        I plan to use the money you        ment.
mail, e-mail or in person.
Make a list of special peo-        	      	         	   	     	       sample thank you note
ple who helped you along
the way. Thank the teach-          Dear (use the name they signed on the card, or address it to them
ers, coaches, relatives and        formally)
friends who were there when
you needed them through
                                   Thank you so much for the ________________________. It was very
the years.
The Why                            thoughtful. I’ll think of you every time I (see it/ use it/ wear it).
        It’s the right thing to
do. (Duh.) It’s never wrong        It will really come in handy when I go to college. I’ll be mov-
to say thank you. And what         ing to _____________________ on (put date here). (Include address if
an easy way to make a great        known).
impression—or to strengthen
your relationships. Sends          It was so nice of you to come to my party. Having the support of
you right to the top of the        family and friends is very important to me. It was a special day
class.                             and you are a special friend. Keep in touch!
It’s thoughtful. By taking
time to write a thank-you          Warmest wishes.
                            CLASS OF 2008
                                           TOP SONGS OF 2007:
Come Sail Away – Styx                      Billboard top of 2007
Schools Out – Alice Cooper                 Umbrella – Rhianna
Graduation (friends forever) – Vitamin C   Hey There Delilah - Plain White T’s
Good Riddance – Green Day                  Glamorous – Fergie
Lean on Me – Ben E King                    Say it Right – Nelly Fertado
Heres to the Night – Eve 6                 Buy U A Drank - T-Pain
Soco Amaretto Lime – Brand New             Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood
I Don’t Want to Wait – Paula Cole          I Wanna Love You - Akon ft. Snoop Dog
The Scientist – Coldplay                   OTHER SONGS TO REMEMBER:
The Middle – Jimmy Eat World
Save Tonight – Eagle Eye Cherry            Graduation Day – The Beach Boys
                                           Rock n Roll High School – The Ramones
                                           It’s the End of the World as we Know it – REM
                                           Aint No Mountain High Enough–Marvin Gaye
                                           What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
                                           Fly Away From Here (Graduation Day) -
                                           Don’t You Forget About Me – Simple Minds
                                           Right Here Waiting – Richard Marx
                                           We Are the Champions – Queen
                                           Somewhere Only We Know – Keane
                                           Always Something There to Remind Me – Na-
                                           ked Eyes
                                           Changes – David Bowie
                                           I’m Not Gonna Cry- Corey Smith
                                                                                                                    MEMORIES          There have been so many experi-

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 “Winning State In-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 door” Cleasha Burks
                                                                                                             “Everyone gath-
                                                                                                                                      ences in high school that I can nev-
 “Senior Tailgate, Spain Park Game, and Pep “My favorite senior memories were basketball season and spring

                                                                                                             ering at Kristen
                                            break ‘06. I also liked hanging out with my neighbor Kim Mays”

                                                                                                             Richards house           er forget. I loved hanging out with
                                                                                                             and going out to a       my friends and all the pep ralleys. I
                                                                                                             party. We all know loved going to the football games in
                                                                                                             what happened.           my orange and black. I love spring                                                                                  Homecoming court!
                                                                                                             Saciest experience break ‘07 the best out of all. Me and
                                                                                                             ever but the most        my friends had so much fun, and I
                                                                                                             exciting” - Jolisa       can truly never forget it. I’m going
                                                                                                             Evans                    to miss everyone so much!! -Mehm-
                                                                                                             “Coming in               ooda Fatima

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Bryan Simkcnich
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           “Mrs. Ort’s Class”
                                                                                                             late during
                                                                                                                                       “Oh man there has been a lot... hanging out with
                                                                                                             graduation State Champi- my friends, going to math tournaments at six
                                                                                                             exams and onship” - Grif- flags.. haha I can’t think of any in particuluar but
                                                                                                             spending                  it has been a good overall four year experience”
                                                                                                                           fin Burns   - Tausif Muzaffar
                                                                                                             all of math                                  “Nease Game/ pep rally,
                                                                                                             class in the “Spending time Homecoming week, beau-
                                                                                                             courtyard” with friends and
                                                                                                                                                          ty walk” - Caitlin Oliver                                                                       Go BUCS!
                                                                                                             -Lauren Da-
                                                                                                                           family” - Ming-
                                                                                            -Kyle Peterson

                                                                                                             “SPRING BREAK!!!” - Ben G. wei Gui            “Powderpuff Football”                                    - Al-
                                                                                                             “Being able to eat outside with lison O’Brien
                                                                                                             the other senior class members” Brennan Bell                                “ Thomp-
                                                                                                             Andrew V.                          son Game”
                                                                                                             “Going to Destin, FL in the mid-
                                                                                                             dle of the night on a MOnday                         “WHEN MY FRIENDS
                                                                                                             with my three best friends. We                       kRYSTAL tILLMAN
                                                                                                             were just living the dream one                       SHAVED HER EY-
                                                                                                             minute at a time.”
                                                                                                                               -Vince McLead
                                                                                                                                                                  BROWS OFF!” -                                                                            PEP RALLY!
                                                                                                                                                                  SHAYLA DAILEY
 Rallies” - Melissa Joseph

                                                                                                             “Hanging out in                       “Sitting through extememly cold
                                                                                                                                                                          “Dressing up dur-
                                                                                                             SGA and hanging                       wind and rain to watch the band
                                                                                                                                                                          ing homecoming
                                                                                                             out with my neigh-                    march in the Rose Parade in Pasa-
                                                                                                                                                                          week.” Jessica
                                                                                                             bor Kyle Peterson”                    dena, California.” - Ashley Brinton
                                                                                                             - Kim Mays                            “Beauty Walk and finish-
                                                                                                                                                                                         “Twirling at every football game” - Allison “Just all the good

                                                                                                                                                   ing all of my college
                                                                                                                                                                                           “The Who’s Who Pep Rally” -Leen with my friends” -

                                                                                                             “Prom ‘08, watch-                     applications.” - Shruti
                                                                                                             ing youtube videos                    Puri
                                                                                                             on the big screen at
                                                                                                                                                   “Attending prom
“Going to Gulf Shores to see my aunt”

                                                                                                             J-Mo’s house, awe-
                                                                                                             some dinner at Leon-                  with my friends
                                                                                                             ardo’s, and singing                   junior year.”
                                                                                                             ‘Living on a Prayer’                                                                                                                            William Brown
                                                                                                             and ‘Don’t stop be-
                                                                                                                                                   - Liliana Lucero-
                                                                                                             lievin’ at the top of                 Sanchez
                                                                                                             our lungs!” - Lauren
                                                                                                                                                   “My favorite
                                                                                                              “Prom ‘08 and                        memory would
- Josh Boliek

                                                                                                              having lunch   “Nease                be my Sweet 16th
                                                                                                              with my best                         birthday!”
                                                                                                                             game pep              - Danielle Parton
                                                                                                              friend!” - Es-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Laura Anne Coleman

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     times hanging out

                                                     “Hoover vs. Vestavia game                                tefany Siles   rally and
          “Eating lunch with beauty                  2006 when we scored in the
          Thomas” - Jordan walk” Kris- last minute to win the game.
                                                     There was so much spirit
          Davidson                ten Boyle
                                                     and intensity in the crowd,
          “Making friends “Falling                   and that’s what Hoover High
          with so many                off the bal- School Football is all about”                                                                                                                                                                             Go Cheerleaders!
          new people”                 cony” - Jenny- Peyton Moose
          - Terra Curry               Leader                 “Game winning shot
                                          “Spring Break
           “Hanging out iwth friends and                     against Thompson”
                                          ‘06!” - Haley Wil-
           going out.” - Caoline Egan                        - Micheal Turner
                   2008 Senior Trips!
National Parks

                                                              Port Caravel Cruise

                                                                                    Six Flags Over                  Golfing
                                             Cocoa Beach

                                                               White Waters

                                                                                                            ESPN Fun Zone

                                                Ski Resorts

                                                               Chattahoochee National Park

                                                                                                     Disney world

Tour the Ellis Island             Statue of Liberty

                                                                                     Bike Tour in
                                                                                     Palm Springs

                                          San Diego Zoo

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