Eureko Expands to Scandinavia

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					Press Release 22 January 2007

                      Eureko Expands to Scandinavia

Health Insurance for Expats in Danish and Swedish market

Eureko is expanding its insurance activities to Denmark and Sweden, and has
concluded a contract through its Dutch subsidiary, Zilveren Kruis Achmea,
with Topdanmark, one of the largest insurers in Denmark and
Länsförsäkringar, its major Swedish Alliance partner. The XHI is a project of
Eurapco, an Alliance of European Insurance companies, of which Eureko and
Länsförsäkringar are partners.

Expatriate Health Insurance

The Expatriate Health Insurance will cater to the particular needs of expatriate employees
most of whom are working with multinational companies. After a successful introduction into
the Dutch market, Eureko sees a number of possibilities for co-operation with other
European insurers such as Topdanmark. “The launch of this product on the Danish market
will cater to the needs of the growing 'expat' community. About five million ‘expats’ arrive in
EU countries annually. There is a growing need for good health insurance for those who
work abroad for extended periods”, says Michael Dubelaar, Manager, International Care at

Three levels of insurance

Employees and employers can choose from three levels of insurance packages: ‘Excellent’,
‘Comfort’ or ‘Standard’. The internet provides the capability to submit on-line insurance
registration, on-line claims submission and the updating of personal details. Topdanmark is
to launch a special website.

EuroCross: 24 hours per day

 EuroCross International, the largest medical emergency centre in The Netherlands, is
available to companies to provide assistance 24 hours per day. EuroCross, which works
closely with Zilveren Kruis Achmea, has a vast network of hospitals and specialists world-
wide, and their expert knowledge, also in the ‘expat’ field, is used to provide assistance,
advice and support.
Ends, 22 January 2007

For further information, please contact :

Michael Isaac
Media Relations
Tel: +41 44 2879504
Mobile: +41 79 2299938

About Eureko
Eureko B.V. is a privately-owned financial services group, registered in The Netherlands,
whose core business is insurance. It has operations in 10 countries and has more than
20.000 employees.

The Group offers a full range of insurance – Life and Non-Life and pension products, health
insurance and services, asset management and banking.

Eureko’s philosophy is to create an integrated, pan-European group consisting of market
leaders in the territories in which its companies operate, providing, ‘local solutions, shared
goals’. It is this local expertise, with the backing of a strong European Group and the sharing
of skills and experience throughout the Group, which is the corner-stone of Eureko’s values.
The Operating Companies retain their own names, as brand recognition in their territories is
very strong.

The group now comprises

•   Achmea: offers businesses, institutions and consumers in the Benelux a wide range of
    insurance, banking, mortgage products and accompanying services. It holds the No 1
    position in the Non-Life market and the No 2 position in the Life market in The
•   Interamerican: Established for over 37 years in Greece, the Interamerican brand is
    synonymous with quality and innovation. The company holds the No 3 position in both
    the Life and the Non-Life markets.
•   Friends First: provider of pensions, investments, protection and finance products in
•   Império France: operates in a niche market segment (the Portuguese community) in the
    French Life market.
•   Union: an insurance company in Slovakia offering Life, Non-Life and Health products.
•   Developing operations in Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus
•   A strategic 33%-1* share investment in PZU of Poland – the largest insurer in Poland and
    Central and Eastern Europe with the leading position in both the Life and Non-Life
•   A 21% shareholding in F&C Asset Management plc

Eureko strategy
Eureko will consolidate and grow its well-established Dutch position while strengthening its
focus on its other European operations. Key emphasis will be focused on exploring growth
opportunities across Central and Eastern Europe. The Group’s significant presence in
Poland, where a second home market is planned, is acknowledged as its springboard for
future expansion in this increasingly important region.

* regulatory approval to increase this shareholding to 50% has been sought.

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