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B r i a r Pa t c h C o - o p’s C o m m u n i t y N e w s l e t t e r                                                                     June/July 2011

                                      Eat Local Extravaganza!                                                                            Community Fund:
                                                                                                                                            Grant applications
       10% Disco                                                                                                                            due Aug. 31 .......................... 3

         Vouchers                                                                                                                        Farm Focus:
          inside!                                                                                                                            local producers,
                                                                                                                                             farm tour ......................... 4-5

                                                                                                                                         Food News:
                                                                                                                                             bits from all over. ..... 6
                                                                                                                                         Store Stuff:
                                                                                                                                             The toughies: store
                                                                                                                                             music, parking .............. 7

                                                                                                                                             River cleanup
                                                                                                                                             and more ................................. 8
                                                                                                                                             Out and about:
                                                                                                                                             and racing ............................. 9

                                                                                                                                         Eat Local!
                                                                                                                                             Foods, classes, raffle,
                                                                                                                                             calendar....................... 11-14
                                                                                                                                         Cooking Classes ............ 15
                                                                                                                                         Our Co-op Story:
                                                                                                                                          The Washington St.
                                                                                                                                          Store................................... 16-17
                                                                                                                                         Shoppers survey
Deena Miller and Robbie Martin of Sweet Roots Farm have joined the list of local farms selling their bounty at BriarPatch this season.     results ............................. 18-19
Story on pages 4 and 5. Photo by Akim Aginsky
2         August/September 2011                                                                                                   The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter
                                                                       Community Connections

Editor’s Note

                 Not unlike a circus…                                                          Supporting our local food system
                                  By Stephanie Mandel                                                                    By Malaika Bishop, Board Secretary

B     riarPatch
reminds me of a
                                                   What this month’s Vine is short
                                               on, though, is news from the wider                                  N       evada County’s
                                                                                                                           local food
                                                                                                                     movement has taken
                                                                                                                                               business plan, which reduces some of the
                                                                                                                                               risk of running a small farm.
                                                                                                                                                   Last month, in a dialogue with Alan
                                               world — state and national legislative
3-ring circus. Ladies,                         trends that impact the food on our                                    off. This has been        Haight and Jo McProud of Riverhill Farm
and gentlemen…                                 tables: budget cuts to sustainable                                    an exciting time in       in Nevada City, the Board discussed how
step right this way!                           agriculture programs, the farm bill,                                  which we’ve seen an       BriarPatch could play a role in farmer
    In Ring Number                             GMO regulation (or non-regulation),                                   exponential growth        loans as a way to partner with local
One it’s the Eat Local Extravaganza! with      food safety legislation, etc.                                         of new farms, young       producers. Several Board Directors were
the spotlight on local food, tasty free            Because it’s published on a bi-monthly     farmers, farm-to-school initiatives,             further inspired at a recent cooperative
samples almost every day, a farm tour…         basis, our newsletter isn’t really suited      farmers markets, and more.                       grocers’ conference, where we learned
and more!                                      to be your best source for such food               Here at BriarPatch, we are taking            that La Montanita Cooperative in New
    In Ring Number Two… is that the            news. Though our recent shopper survey         a lead in the support and growth of              Mexico facilitates over $100,000 a year in
dancing bears? No! It’s BriarPatch             indicated that a surprising number of          our local food system. This is a strong          member loans to farmers, while working
supporting and sponsoring our                  BriarPatch owners prefer to be “offline,”      commitment shared by our staff and               with over 900 regional producers.
community: with food donations,                the internet is certainly the best place to    board, and it’s clearly written into our         Something to aspire to!
farmers markets, the Nevada County             go for news and in-depth information           new “global ends” policies*, which                   As we seek to raise awareness, look
Land Trust, Center for the Arts                on national and state issues. Many             outline our long-term vision. These              for the local and regional signage
concessions, and much more.                    advocacy groups and watchdogs of               policies call for us to “support a strong        around the store. Our managerial team
    And who’s that in Ring Number Three,       organic standards and other food issues        local food system” and to “provide               is also tracking the sales of locally and
just sitting there drinking juice? Why… it’s   now post their latest news exclusively on      high quality, healthy products with an           regionally grown produce (see your sales
the store managers and Board, discussing       their websites and on social networking        emphasis on local and organic.”                  receipts) so we can set benchmarks for
how to better serve all owners and shoppers!   sites like facebook.                               In this past year, our produce manager       greater local purchasing.
(Keep the spotlight lit, please! These talks       So we’re working on adding a fourth        David Benson and his team have done                  Please join us this month for the Eat
are as lively as the jugglers.)                ring to our circus. If you haven’t seen it     an extraordinary job of reaching out to          Local Extravaganza. In our family, we
    And that’s our three rings just for        yet, we’re already collecting this other       and coordinating purchases from over             have made it a practice in recent years
August.                                        level of important food news that we           30 local farms. This has not only put the        to make July our “no shopping” month.
    You get the picture. Whether you read,     know interests you, and posting links to       freshest, tastiest produce on our shelves,       Apart from the staples that we always
skim, or just peek through this issue of The   the latest developments on our facebook        but has begun to support our farmer
                                                                                                                                                                   Continued on next page
Vine, it’s clear that there’s a lot going on   page ( In         base in a new way. With quantities like
at the Patch and in our community. And         the upcoming months we’ll be doing the         over 300 pounds of cabbage a week                      Keep up with the Patch
with such an active food scene in Nevada       same with our website, ramping up to a         going out the door, many farmers are            
County, we don’t have to look far for          new level of reporting excellence that you     now telling us that sales to BriarPatch   
relevant news to fill these pages.             will value and enjoy.                          are becoming a dependable piece of their   

                                                                        For information about advertising in The Vine,                          Editor: Stephanie Mandel
                                                                        go to                      530-272-5333 /
                                                            Moving? Please let us know where. Send an email message with your                            Contributors:
                                                            new mailing address to, call 530-272-5333 ext.                   Malaika Bishop, Bill Drake,
                                                                                                                                                 Mellisa Hannum, Chris Maher
                      The Vine                                       103, or fill out an owner change form at the store.

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The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter                                                                                                    August/September 2011                  3
                                                                          Around the Patch

     Continued from previous page
                                                                                            Grant applications due August 31
keep on hand, like bulk oats and rice
from BriarPatch, grains from Reed
                                             packaging that comes from people
                                             we know. We have found it a real gift
                                                                                                           A    pplications for the
                                                                                                                2 0 11 B r i a r P a t c h
                                                                                                          Cooperative Community
                                                                                                                                             customer service window or may be
                                                                                                                                             downloaded from BriarPatch’s website,
                                                                                                                                    y_f und.
Hamilton/Grass Valley Grains, and            to practice simplicity and to nourish                        Fund grants are due by             html. For more information, contact
honey from McClaughry Farms; we do           relationships in this way.                                   August 31. Grants will be          Stephanie at 530-272-5333 ext. 127 or
well on produce from our garden and              However you choose to celebrate           given to local nonprofit organizations  
eggs from our chickens. In August we         local food this month, I’m sure you’ll be     and cooperatives working in the areas of:            T he Br ia rPatch C ooper at ive
move on to buying only food without          enriched by it! Bon Appétit!                  sustainable agriculture and organic food,         Community Fund was established in
                                                                                           hunger and social issues, environmental           1999 by BriarPatch Co-op and Twin
                                                                                           protection, and cooperatives. A total of          Pines Cooperative Foundation.
   Chicken donation to bring comfort                                                       $2000 will be given in 2011.
                                                                                              Applications are available at the
                                                                                                                                                Earlier and later
                                    T    hrough the generosity of Smart Chicken®,
                                         BriarPatch recently donated several boxes
                                    of chicken to the Comfort Cuisine program at
                                                                                                Build your own                                 customer service
                                    Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital. Comfort
                                    Cuisine provides meals to cancer patients be-
                                                                                                 deli sandwich                                F   or your convenience, this summer
                                                                                                                                                  you’ll find the Patch’s customer
                                                                                                                                              service window staffed longer hours:
                                    ing treated at the hospital’s Cancer Center,
                                    along with their and families and caregivers.                                                                       Monday – Friday
                                    The nutritious meals are prepared with love by                                                                    9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
                                    volunteers and sold at minimal cost.                                                                               Saturday & Sunday
                                                                                                                                                      10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                  Shop when it’s right for you
  Native Plant Demonstration Garden
                                Wish List
                                                                                            K    now what you want in a sandwich?
                                                                                                 No problem at the Patch, we’re
                                                                                            now all set up to make your custom
                                                                                                                                                  Do you love shopping or just
                                                                                                                                              like to get it over with? Either way,
                                                                                                                                              there is a perfect shopping time for
  • Jackhammer service: to punch holes in the bottom of a nonfunctional concrete            sandwich to order. You choose the                 you. BriarPatch is often bustling in
     ditch (approximately 100 feet long).                                                   bread or wrap, spread, veggie protein             the afternoons, from around noon
  • Rocks: especially larger rocks and slate.                                               or meat, cheese, and veggies.                     through dinner time. For a quieter
  • Manzanita wood: branches 3" or more across the base, for a screening panel in              Freedom inspires creativity; here’s            shopping experience (and a closer
     the picnic area shade structure (cut for fire safety or similar concerns).             one winning combination from a                    parking space!), generally speaking
  • Native plants: primarily shrubs and perennials, in sizes that are easily                veggie sandwich-lover: sourdough                  the least busy times at the Patch are:
     transplantable.                                                                        bread, grilled baked tofu, pepperjack                 Monday – Friday 7am to 11am
          For more information, to volunteer, or to donate, contact:                        cheese, garlic basil Vegenaise, lettuce,              Monday – Friday 7pm to 10pm
                     Cindy,, 273-1816.                                      tomato, pickles.                                      Saturday & Sunday – 7am to 10pm

      The International                                                   BriarPatch Co-op Vision
       Cooperative Principles:
                                                                                            BriarPatch Co-op is the leading natural food store in Nevada County.
         1.   Voluntary and Open Membership
                                                                        We are a vibrant, important community hub for gathering and for dialogue and learning about healthful food.
         2.   Democratic Member Control                                                                                        ~
         3.   Member Economic Participation                                        We seek to be a leader in social, environmental, as well as fiscal business responsibility,
         4.   Autonomy and Independence                                                            among both local businesses and food co-ops nationally.
         5.   Education, Training, and Information                                                                             ~
         6.   Cooperation Among Cooperatives                              We model community-mindedness and cooperative principles, and hope to inspire others to do the same,
         7.   Concern for the Community                                                   and in so doing contribute to peace and prosperity for all within our reach.
4        August/September 2011                                                                                               The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter
                                                                   Eat Local - Meet the Farmers

                             More farms bring their bounty to BriarPatch

T    he number of Nevada County farms
     keeps growing, and BriarPatch
shoppers are reaping the benefits. Some
                                                                                                         sionate about growing to-
                                                                                                         matoes. Though he’s been
                                                                                                         growing them for ten years
recent additions to the growing list                                                                     and considers himself an
of local farms selling their bounty at                                                                   organic heirloom tomato
BriarPatch are Sweet Roots Farm, Greg’s                                                                  specialist, he’s been in the
Organic Heirloom Tomatoes, Willow                                                                        farming business only for
Springs Farm, Riverhill Farm, and First                                                                  the past three. Greg doesn’t
Rain Farm. Here are some introductory                                                                    plan to stop at growing just
snippets, with the web-sites where you                                                                   the tomato fruit/vegetable;
can get the full story on the farms.                                                                     expect to see blackberries,
                                             Deena Miller and Robbie Martin, Sweet Roots Farm
                                                                                                         pears, and squash from
        Sweet Roots Farm                     ping, which they learned at UC Santa            him as well. His site is coming soon at
    “We have this little microclimate…       Cruz, where they met. In fact, Sweet  
along Wolf Creek,” said Deena Miller of      Roots got its name because the two              Until then, follow Greg on Twitter, @
                                                                                                                                          Vanessa and Matthew, Willow Springs Farm
Sweet Roots Farm, who Patch shoppers         met and fell in love on a farm. “It was         GregsTomatoes.
may recognize from our floral depart-        a sweet beginning,” Deena says. Sweet                                                                   Riverhill Farm
ment. Though she still fills in from time    Roots is in the process of being certified           Willow Springs Farm                        Riverhill Farm sold a relatively small
to time, Deena recently left her regular     organic, and is a member of Nevada                Willow Springs Farm, proprietors           amount of produce to the Patch last year,
position at BriarPatch to work at the farm   County Grown. For more information on         Matthew Wich and Vanessa Patterson,            but this season we expect much more.
full-time.                                                     the 65 different plants,    sits on 3/4 of an acre. In its second season   Currently farming on ten acres, Alan
    Because of t he                                            including flowers, that     this year, Willow Springs uses a row crop      Haight and Jo McProud sell all of their
farm’s microclimate,                                           they grow, visit sweet-     method and has an orchard of 15 fruit          produce within ten miles of Riverhill.
Deena and her partner                                              trees — apples, plums, pears, and peaches      Their production system includes the
Robbie Martin are able                                                                     — and 28 hens producing eggs. Though           growing of 50 different crops, annual
to grow a lot of leafy                                          Greg’s Heirloom            the season was pushed back a couple of         crop rotation, and the use of fall cover-
greens, including kale,                                             Tomatoes               weeks, Matthew and Vanessa are really          crops. Alan and Jo’s farm internship pro-
fennel, parsley, daikon,                                          Greg Weber, t he         excited about this year’s crops. Look for      gram has helped to launch the careers
and kohlrabi. They use                                         ma n behi nd Greg’s         their apples and pears at BriarPatch this      of quite a few young farmers, and the
a mix of techniques,                                           Organic Heirloom To-        autumn. More information is available
including double crop- Greg, Greg’s Organic Heirloom Tomatoes matoes, is really pas-       at                                        Continued on next page
The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter                                                                                           August/September 2011                      5
                                                                 Eat Local - Meet the Farmers

  Continued from previous page

couple is quite dedicated to the
success of farming in the foot-
                                                                                                      Eat Local Farm Tour:
hills. Look for their assorted
herbs, loose kale, a variety of
                                                                                                         Riverhill Farm
peppers, cantaloupe, straw-                                                                   Sunday, August 14, 9am (we’ll start promptly to beat the heat!)
berries, squash, and more this
                                                                                         Free admission - Coffee, tea, and baked goods from BriarPatch
season. Their comprehensive
website is

     First Rain Farm                                                                                             J   o McProud
                                                                                                                     and Alan
                                                                                                                   Haight of Riv-
                                                                                                                                    Government Center is Cement Hill
                                                                                                                                    Road. If you are coming from Nevada
                                                                                                                                    City, this intersection is also the top of
    First Rain Farm, which is                                                                                      erhi l l Fa rm   West Broad Street. Take Cement Hill
part of Living Lands Agrarian                                                                                      are gracious-    Road 3 miles to the end, where Cement
Network, is run by Tim Van                                                                                         ly of fering     Hill Road intersects with Bodie Ridge
Wagner, one of the founders                                                             BriarPatch owners and shoppers the          Road. Do not turn onto Bodie Ridge
of Living Lands. When he was                                                            opportunity to visit and learn about        Road, but proceed straight onto the
thinking of the name for his Jo McProud and Alan Haight, Riverhill Farm                 their farm at the height of its produc-     road marked as a private road. During
own farm, he felt it needed to                                                          tion season.                                the farm season, you will also see our
be something beautiful. And for him that  Meade at In The Kitchen, Tim grows a              Riverhill Farm is located on Cement     farm sign at this location, directing
meant the first rain that comes after the lot of greens for BriarPatch on the three     Hill Road outside of Nevada City, just      you to go straight. Please drive slowly
heat and dryness of the summer, replen-   parcels of land that he farms. Expect         five miles from BriarPatch. (See page 5     to respect our neighbors. You will see
ishing the ground                                              pickling cucumbers,      for a short farm profile.)                  two more signs as you drop down the
and refreshing the                                             collards, chard, Ital-       To connect with others seeking          hill towards the farm. At the bottom of
people. In addition                                            ian parsley, ka le,      to carpool, meet on the front patio at      the hill after less than 1/4 mile you will
to growing the pro-                                            green onions, and        BriarPatch between 8:15 and 8:30 a.m.       see our address – 13500 – and a sign
duce for a ferment-                                            more. Read more              To just meet us there: 13500 Cement     directing you to the right onto a gravel
ed foods business                                              about Tim’s farm         Hill Road, Nevada City – From Grass         driveway. Enter the farm and park in
he shares with his                                             and his musings at       Valley, take Hwy. 49 north towards          the designated parking area. Walk the
sister Wendy Van                                               his blog, firstrain-     Downieville at the 20/49 split. The         short distance from your car toward.
Wa g ner a nd h is                                          first right after you pass the County       See you there!
brother-in-law Joe Tim Van Wagner, First Rain Farm
6         August/September 2011                                                                                             The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter
                                                                             Food News Bits

                        Yogurt, beer, green days, and affording organic

       Reduce risk of osteoporosis—                                                                                           Monday, green to me
               have a beer!

D     rinking beer can be good for your bones. Malted
      beers with hops are a major source of dietary silica,
                                                                                                                          M       eatless Mondays are catching on across the
                                                                                                                                  country, even for omnivores. The movement,
                                                                                                                          which began as a way to help Americans become more
according to a study done at UC Davis. Dietary silica                                                                     conscious about what they eat, is showing up in restau-
can help cut one’s chances of developing diseases like                                                                    rants, schools, and hospitals. Besides the health benefits
osteoporosis, and roughly half of the silica in beer can                                                                  of eating more vegetables, it’s also cheaper than meat
be easily absorbed. (The Guardian)                                                                                        options, which means more green on the plate and in
                                                                                                                          the wallet. (The New York Times) 
          Yogurt calories equal to
     and less than potato chip calories                                                                                     PepsiCo investors give thumbs down

H     arvard researchers suggest that what you eat may                                                                          to marketing healthier food
      be more important than how much you eat. A new
study found that potato chips led to more weight gain                Melons in China go explosive                         P    epsiCo’s investors are unhappy with their CEO after
                                                                                                                               the business began to focus more on promoting its

per serving than foods such as yogurt. Nutritionists cau-                                                                 “healthier-for-you” foods than on its flagship brands of
                                                                  xcessive use of a growth accelerant is causing water-
tion that this doesn’t give folks with a sweet tooth a free                                                               Pepsi, Gatorade, and Doritos. The junk foods, called “fun
                                                                  melons to explode in China. The overuse of Forchlor-
pass. More likely, people who eat a lot of potato chips,                                                                  for you” by PepsiCo, are more profitable, so the business
                                                              fenuron during wet weather, which caused excessively
sugar-sweetened drinks, and processed meats have a less                                                                   will most likely be putting more marketing dollars back
                                                              rapid growth, has turned the highly valued melons into
healthy lifestyle. (Time)                                                                                                 into this junky niche. (Marion Nestle)
                                                              “land mines.” (Huffington Post)

         11 tips for affording organic                                Precursor to type 2 diabetes:                            Organic farming breeds content

T    he Organic Trade Association just came out with                        polluted blood
                                                                                                                          O     rganic farming benefits insect biodiversity, insect-

     eleven tips to buying organic on a budget. The list           ccording to a new Swedish study, people with more            flower interactions, and the pollination of wild
recommends that we buy in bulk, shop in season, use                pollutants and pesticides in their blood have a        plants, according to a study published in the “Journal
coupons, check out farm stands and farmers markets,           greater chance of developing type 2 diabetes. This study    of Applied Ecology.” There were more flowers on the
make a shopping list, cook at home, and more. (organic-       adds to the theory that chemicals may change the body       organic farms, which in turn attracted more bees than                                               in ways that lead to diseases such as diabetes. (Reuters)   were found on conventional farms. (
The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter                                                                                                       August/September 2011                       7
                                                                             Shopper Suggestions

                                      Answering the Patch’s toughest questions:
                                                 parking and music
          A strategy for cooperative parking                                                                                                          Music madness

I   just finished reading your article in The Vine. First, let me say how much I
    appreciate being able to be a member of this great co-op. It is a blessing to be
                                                                                           Hi Sraddha,
                                                                                           Thank you for your insightful comments.         I  ’ve been a member and supporter of this
                                                                                                                                              co-op since its inception … and never have
                                                                                                                                           experienced such loud-bad music as recently.
able to buy clean, local, whole foods and natural products.                            We will in fact get a cart corral in the back lot
                                                                                       at some point. I am not sure when.                  Please find something that heals and nourishes
     Regarding parking at BriarPatch. It’s wonderful that the store is so busy so
                                                                                           The interesting thing about that front lot      as good as your food. I feel that it is junk food
much of the time, and it has created congestion as you point out. I’ve developed
                                                                                       is that the front drive between the store and       for the soul when I’m there.
a parking strategy that perhaps others can think about also. During busy times,
                                                                                       the island is narrower at the end closer to             Jean Schwarzkopf
it seems that most congestion is around the front of the store and in the driveway
to and from Sierra College Blvd. When I come to shop during busy times, I enter        the optometrists office. That makes the turn             Hi Jean,
through the top driveway off Litton Drive and go directly into the back parking        tighter right at the point where shoppers                I received your comment today regarding
lot. This way I am not one of the many cars circling the front parking area looking    are streaming out of and into the store and         music in the store. You have touched on one
for a spot, or trying to get out. I am in good health, do not have any mobility        where the most cars are backing out and             of the most common and controversial issues
issues, do not have one or more young children to pack along, so I figure I will       the “circlers” are distracted looking for a         that I deal with on an ongoing basis as the GM
leave the spots near the front for those who really need them for one reason or        spot. Sadly, the security guard who was out         of the Patch! We currently subscribe to Sirius,
another. It is another way we can work cooperatively to make the parking scene         there for a few weeks said that ours was the        a commercial-free satellite radio for our store.
less frustrating for everyone. One thing that might encourage more people to           “angriest” lot he had worked. Thanks for not        Due to ASCAP/ BMI licensing issues, this is just
use the back parking lot is a spot for carts. That way shoppers with more than a       getting into the fray!                              about the only option that a retailer our size
bag or two would be more inclined to use the back parking area knowing they                We recently restriped the lot to direct cars    has for in-store music. The service offers a wide
don’t need to walk a cart back to the front of the store.                              in a one-way circle around the lot. Hopefully       variety of channels that have many different
     Thanks again for everything you do to make BriarPatch a wonderful place           people will adhere to this and it will reduce       genres of music on them. We try to rotate
to shop.                                                                               some of the incidents in the lot.                   through the ones that are retail appropriate:
     Sraddha Williams                                                                      Chris Maher, General Manager                    light rock, classical, jazz, 70s, 80s, acoustic folk
                                                                                                                                           and world music are some of the most common.
                                                                                                                                                I have found that no station satisfies all
                                                                                                                                           the people, and that every station irritates
                                                                                                                                           someone! For a while, I got so frustrated
                                                                                                                                           fielding complaints that I turned the system
                                                                                                                                           off. This, of course, caused people to complain.
                                                                                                                                                Our policy is that if you don’t like it, we will
                                                                                                                                           change it. So, if you are in the store and hear
                                                                                                                                           music that is irritating, please take a moment
                                                                                                                                           to let the kind folks at our customer service
                                                                                                                                           window know, and they will change it or turn
                                                                                                                                           it off immediately. I have copied Bill Drake on
                                                                                                                                           this message since you know him and he is
                                                                                                                                           usually the person up there. The last thing that
                                                                                                                                           we want is for the music to drive people away.
                                                                                                                                           Feel free to make a recommendation if there is
                                                                                                                                           something you might like to hear. A channel
                                                                                                                                           list is available at:
                                                                                                                                                If you would like to discuss this further,
                                                                                                                                           I would love to meet you face to face. I am
                                                                                                                                           generally at the store Monday through Friday
                                                                                                                                           from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Thanks for your
                                                                                                                                           longstanding support of BriarPatch!
                                                                                                                                                Chris Maher, General Manager
8         August/September 2011                                                                                               The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter

                                                                         Community Connections

    Rally round the river for SYRCL’s
                                                                                                          Upcoming Events at the
     annual clean-up Celebration                                                                  A.P.P.L.E. Center for Sustainable Living
                                                                                                   412 Commercial Street, Nevada City •
                                                                                                    Open Wed. through Sun. 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. • 478-1700
                                                                                               Movie Night: “Sicko” Wed., Aug. 3, 7-8:30pm at the A.P.P.L.E. Center
                                                                                               Thursday Night Market Aug. 4, 6-9pm, Downtown Grass Valley
                                                                                               Stop by our booth and say hello.
                                                                                               Mind-Body Medicine: What is the impact of stress? 
                                                                                               Fri., Aug. 5, 6-7:30pm
                                                                                               Sierra Mountain Coffee Roasters, 671 Maltman Dr, Grass Valley.
                                                                                               Panel discussion and Q&A with local health experts.
                                                                                               Something Changed Everything  Sat., Aug. 6, 5-6:30pm
                                                                                               Sierra Mountain Coffee Roasters, 617 Maltman Drive, Grass Valley.
 Join the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) on September 17, 2011,
                                                                                               Speaker and author Peter McGugan presents his new book and the new
   for the 14th Annual Greater Yuba River Clean-Up and Restoration Day.
                                                                                               consciousness that’s shaping our new sustainable world. Peter’s visiting from

V     olunteer at one of over 35 clean-up       out, over 1/3 of whom were aged 18 and         Canada, so don’t miss this one!
      sites and enjoy the camaraderie of        under. In the past 13 years, over 120,000
                                                                                                                 Demo Day and Urban Farm Tour
friends, family, and neighbors as you walk      pounds of refuse and recyclables have
along the river collecting refuse, or help-     been removed from the watershed due to
                                                                                                            for New and Renewing A.P.P.L.E. Members
ing to restore meadows and trails.
    After the morning’s work, take a swim
at Bridgeport Crossing in the South Yuba
                                                the hard work of over 5,500 volunteers.
                                                    So mark your calendar and tell ev-
                                                eryone you know about this wonderful
                                                                                              N     ew or renewing A.P.P.L.E. mem-
                                                                                                    bers are cordially invited to a Demo
                                                                                              Day and urban farm tour at the Harris
                                                                                                                                           • How to start a worm compost bin.
                                                                                                                                           • How to build a simple chicken coop/
River State Park, and enjoy a free organic      family-friendly opportunity to express our    Street Homestead. Mali Dyck, executive       • How to keep your soil alive and vital.
barbeque lunch celebration (co-sponsored        love for the Yuba River after we’ve enjoyed   director of The A.P.P.L.E. Center, along     • Drip irrigation for beginners, cover
by BriarPatch Co-op) honoring you and           it all summer. Register to work/play at       with her  partner, Patrick Rodysill, of      cropping to renew soil, preparing nutri-
your co-volunteers. Entertainment will          your favorite sites beginning August 20th.    Garden Fare, will open their farm to the     ent rich foods, preserving  the garden
be provided by Haute Trash, and you can             The SYRCL event is being held in con-     A.P.P.L.E. member community on Sun-          harvest, turning your “grey” laundry
be the first to take part in the first annual   junction with the 3rd Annual Great Sierra     day, September 18, from 11am to 4pm.         water into landscape water, and DIY
Rock Skipping Competition, which is             River Clean-Up, which is supported by             The day’s events will include:           repurposed garden décor.
open to all ages.                               the Sierra Nevada Conservancy. For more       • Edible landscape tour.
    Last year, over 650 volunteers turned       information, go to
The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter                                                                                         August/September 2011                 9
                                                                Community Connections

                                                           Patch Patrol wows crowd at parade
 Friendship 100
B   riarPatch employees participated
    in the Friendship Club’s “Friend-
ship 100” go-cart race fundraiser in

                                         Volunteers Janis Johnson and Mo Tebbe carried the BriarPatch banner.
From left: Lindsay Molsberry came to
                                                                                             The Patch Patrol
cheer, drivers Hassan Ebrahimi-Nuyken
                                                                                             executes the “High
and Rose Arsenith, and Board Direc-
                                                                                             Five” for the judges
tor Peter Lockyer, who sponsored the
                                                                                             at the intersection of   Front End Manager Oscar Salgado and volunteer Julie
BriarPatch team.
                                                                                             Neal and Mill streets.   Herrlinger joined the fun. Photos by Tony Finnerty.

                                                                                               U     ndaunted by temperatures in the high 90’s, on July 4 a fearless band of
                                                                                                     BriarPatch staff and shoppers represented the Co-op in the Indepen-
                                                                                               dence Day parade in downtown Grass Valley. Shopping baskets swinging,
                                                                                               the Patch Patrol Shopping Basket Drill Team entertained the crowd with
                                                                                               moves such as the “Virginia Reel,” “Swing-Your-Partner,” and “Weave.” (See
                                                                                               the video on the BriarPatch website, Other volunteers
                                                                                               handed out organic lollipops to children.
                                                                                                   This year’s team: Bill Keogh, Nancy Schillinger, Hassan Ebrahimi-Nuyken,
                                                                                               Sarah Reikko, Rusty Pendrey, Leslie and Jimmy Gault, Chelsi Torres, Jessie
                                                                                               Meyers, Oscar Salgado, Julie Herrlinger, Randi Pratini, Lucinda Defranco,
Rose brought the racing spirit and won
                                                                                               Janis Johnson, Mo Tebbe, Hilary Dart, Stephanie Mandel
her heat.
                                                                                                   Behind the scenes support: Ken Hale, Tony Finnerty, Mellisa Hannum
10          August/September 2011                                                                                                 The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter
                                                                                      Co-op News

           The shade pavilion                                                                           Why Does Your Co-op Rock?
          — a community project
                             Shade pavilion raising
                     Sunday, Sept. 25, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

T     o enhance awareness and enjoyment
      of the native plant demonstration
garden next to the BriarPatch parking
                                                 ditional wood was purchased from Kubich
                                                 Lumber Co., which has milled local cedar
                                                 for the past 70 years along Deer Creek, west
lot, the Redbud Chapter of the Califor-          of Grass Valley.
nia Native Plant Society has organized               The timbers will not be “finished” with
the construction of a picnic area with a         toxic products; rather, they will be allowed
shade pavilion.                                  to age and acquire a natural patina.
    To be raised the morning of Sunday,              The concrete for the pavilion’s founda-
September 25, the shade pavilion will            tion will be composed partly of fly-ash, a
be a testament to the community spirit           reused industrial byproduct, rather than
of volunteers, primarily: Cindy Rubin,           of all new materials. The foundation work,
                                                 which will take two to three days, is sched-
acting manager of the demo garden, and

                                                 uled to begin on Tuesday, August 30.
Tim Brennan of Ridgebeam Building                                                                     he third annual My Co-op Rocks          should be two minutes or less—so show
                                                     Tim states that, “Mindful use the
Company. Cindy and Tim designed the                                                                   contest is back—with something          us what you’ve got! Be ready to share your
                                                 material will include minimal waste,
structure, and Tim did the drawings with                                                         new! BriarPatch Co-op is excited to kick     masterpiece with the world on September
                                                 with attention to appropriate recycling or
structural engineering review by Will Pre-       disposal of the waste that is produced.”        off this year’s contest with two ways to     1. The sooner you enter, the more votes
chter. Funds for materials were provided                                                         show everyone how much your co-op            you can get!
by BriarPatch Co-op. Thanks are also due           Tried and true timberframing                  rocks. This year, create an original video       Run with your own idea, or get inspired
to former garden project manager Cyndi               The construction of the pavilion will       or take a photo that’s inspired by or        by one of these suggestions: Top 10 Rea-
                                                 involve pegged wooden joinery, including        features your co-op. Starting September      sons My Co-op Rocks; Still Life with My
Brinkhurst, whose vision and efforts were
                                                 true mortise and tenon. The timbers and
pivotal in establishing the garden.                                                              1, head over to www.MyCoopRocks.             Co-op; [Your Co-op name]: a Rock Opera;
                                                 all the joinery will be precut in advance,
                                                                                                 coop to submit your video or photos, or      Unexpected Delights at the Co-op; A Co-
      Green building methods                     and the pavilion will go up in just one day
                                                                                                 rate and leave your two cents on others’     op Love Story; How Great Food Fuels Me/
    All of the wood for the project is locally   with the use of a powered beam lift to aid in
                                                                                                 submissions. Winners in both categories      My Family/My Life.
harvested incense cedar, abundant in the         the raising of the structure parts. Timber-
Sierra foothills. Ames and Nancy Gilbert         framing was the dominant form of wood           will be in for some super sweet prizes!          The only limit is your imagination!
donated cedar log posts from their prop-         construction up until approximately 1900,           Unleash your sense of humor, show        Stay tuned for more, and check www.
erty, harvested (not without considerable        when the current model of stud construc-        your mad video story-telling skills, or September 1 for more
effort, as Tim notes) by Ames and Tim. Ad-       tion was developed.                             let your inner shutterbug shine. Videos      contest details and updates.
The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter                                                                                                 August/September 2011                 11
                                                                           Eat Local Extravaganza

                                                      Celebrate local foods
                                                    with BriarPatch in August

A     t the height of the growing season,
      BriarPatch will be celebrating our
                                                abundance around us, it’s a snap and a
                                                pleasure to increase your enjoyment of
                                                                                                 Co-ops across country
fresh and delicious local products right
along with you. Together with co-ops
                                                local foods. It’s easy, for example, to find
                                                a local substitute for your breakfast ba-
                                                                                                     eating local
around the country, we’re hosting our an-       nana, or to prepare your family favorites
nual “Eat Local” month, a time when we
invite everyone to appreciate and enjoy our
abundance of local foods. As part of the
                                                using locally grown foods. There’s also
                                                the added, special joy, that comes with
                                                connecting such wonderful nourishment
                                                                                                B   riarPatch is joining hands with
                                                                                                    natural food co-ops coast-to-
                                                                                                coast in this fourth year of Eat Local,
celebration, BriarPatch will be hosting a       with the recognition that it represents the     America! All participating co-ops are
                                                                                                                                                Read more about local food and
farm tour of Riverhill Farm, and you’ll find    labor of love of our neighbors.                 members of the National Cooperative
                                                                                                                                            farms, and learn why supporting them
lots of yummy local food-tasting treats,                                                        Grocers Association (NCGA) – a
                                                           Why Eat Local?                                                                   is so important at www.eatlocalamerica.
and even a special display here in the store.                                                   business services cooperative that
                                                                                                                                            coop. Find great recipes and information
    Where does “local” begin and end? At            At BriarPatch, we intentionally cul-        represents 120 retail food co-ops
                                                                                                                                            about in-season produce at www.
BriarPatch, food that’s been grown within       tivate relationships with local growers         nationwide.
20 miles is considered local, and food          and producers to strengthen the local
grown within a larger 120 mile radius           food system, and to provide the freshest,
is called “regional”. You can see these         highest quality products for our com-          weeks even, in transit.                      sion of who we are. As a member-owned
distinctions on the round tags we display       munity. Together, BriarPatch and local             Eating local also helps stimulate the    business, BriarPatch Co-op keeps its
with local and regional foods year-round.       producers create market opportunities          local economy, since your dollars spent      investment dollars close to home by
    This August’s Eat Local Extravaganza        for these products. This gives shoppers        on local foods support regional farm-        supporting local farmers, food artisans,
will be a great way to explore and enjoy        a convenient connection to their farmer/       ers and producers. When that money is        and other local businesses, and by pro-
Nevada County’s bounty, and to sup-             neighbors who grow them, who in turn           kept right here in the community, much       viding jobs for people in western Nevada
port the growers and producers who put          cultivate the local environment we all live    of it gets plowed back into our shared       County. For more information on Briar-
this delicious, fresh food on our tables.       in. Local foods are also fresher and taste     economy. Much of it is spent locally, and    Patch’s Eat Local Extravaganza, contact
We encourage everyone to set their              better. They’re packed with more sunshine      it also goes to pay taxes that support our   Stephanie Mandel, 272-5333 x127; Mellisa
own (tasty) goals to make this event a          and nutrients since they’re sped right to      local infrastructure.                        Hannum, 272-5333 x129; or Hilary Dart,
personal experience. With the amazing           the store, rather than spending days or            Eat Local month is clearly an expres-    272-5333 x134.
12           August/September 2011                                                                                                              The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter
                                                                                    Eat Local Extravaganza

                          Know the local and regional foods at the Patch
Eggs   (Aisle 1A)                                                                                                                                         Fruits and Veggies
From 20 farms, when the hens are laying.                                                                                                                  Fresh seasonally from these farms:
Meats                                                                                                                                                     Bakbraken Acres, Chicago Park
Beef – Nevada County Free Range Beef, Nevada City                                                                                                         Bevitori Gardens, Smartsville
Pork – Llano Seco, Chico                                                                                                                                  Bierwagen’s Donner Trail Fruit, Chicago Park
Lamb – Donner Trail Ranch, Chicago Park                     20 miles from the Patch        Members of this group help     120 miles from the Patch        Blueberry Hill, Chicago Park
Chicken – Fowler Family Farm, Penn Valley                                                   build our local economy.
                                                                                                                                                          Country Rubes’ Farm, Grass Valley
Chicken – Mary’s Chicken, Petaluma                  Honey, Jam, Rice Syrup (Aisle 3B)                    Créme Fraiche, Bellwether Farms, Sonoma          Dinner Bell Farm, Chicago Park
Turkey – Diestel Family Turkey Ranch, Sonora        Honey – Randy Oliver Honey, GV; Elmore’s             Soft Cheeses, Cowgirl Creamery, Point Reyes      Downtown Farm, Colfax
Bulk Grains, Nuts, etc.                                Beehive Products, Oroville; Selby Honey, Chico
                                                                                                         Ice Cream (Aisle 8B)                             Filaki Farm, Oregon House
Wheat Flour, Wheat Berries, Rye Berries, Rolled        Blackberry Honey – McClaughry Farms, GV                                                            First Rain Farm, Nevada City
                                                                                                         Clover Organic Farms, Petaluma
   Oats, Teff – Grass Valley Grains, Wheatland      Jam – Mountain Fruit Co., Chico
                                                                                                         Straus Family Creamery, Marin County             Four Frog Farm, Penn Valley
Popcorn – Pleasant Grove Farms, Pleasant Grove      Brown Rice Syrup – Lundberg Farms, Richvale
                                                                                                         Wine, Beer, & Cider                              Greg’s Organics, Grass Valley
Walnuts – Ferrari Farms, Linden                     Milk, Butter, Yogurt etc. (Aisle 1A)                 Avanguardia, Nevada City                         Heaven and Earth, North San Juan
Bulk Olive Oil & Honey                              Clover Organic Farms & Clover Stornetta, Petaluma                                                     Hummingbird Hills, Penn Valley
                                                                                                         Clos Saron, Oregon House
Olive Oil – Calolea, Loma Rica                      Straus Family Creamery, Marin County                                                                  Indian Springs Organic Farm, Penn Valley
                                                                                                         Coufous Cellars, Rough & Ready
Johansen Ranch, Orland (available seasonally)       St. Benoit Yogurt, Bodega                            Double Oak Vineyards, Nevada City                Johansen Ranch, Orland
Berkeley Olive Grove, Oroville                      Wallaby Yogurt, Napa                                 Grant-Eddie Winery, Oregon House                 Kaki Farm, Gridley
Honey – Elmore’s Beehive Products, Oroville         Goat’s & Sheep’s Milk Products                       Indian Springs Winery, Nevada City               Lazy Valley Ranch, Penn Valley
                                                    (Aisle 1A)                                           Lone Buffalo Vineyards, Auburn                   Living Lands Agrarian Network, Nevada City
Bulk Rices                                          Goat’s Milk – Meyenberg, Turlock                     Lucchesi Vineyards & Winery, Grass Valley        Moonstone Farm, Chicago Park
14 varieties from Lundberg Family Farms, Richvale
                                                    Goat’s Milk Yogurt – Redwood Hill Farm,              Montoliva Vineyards & Winery, Chic Park          Mountain Sweet Cherries, Oregon House
Olive Oils (Aisle 2A)                                 Sebastopol; Skyhill, Napa; Capretta, Willows       Naggiar, Grass Valley                            Naked Farm, Nevada City
Apollo Olive Oil, Oregon House                      Sheep’s Milk Yogurt – Bellwether Farms, Sonoma       Nevada City Winery                               Natural Trading Company, Newcastle
Calolea Olive Oil, Loma Rica                                                                             Nevada County Wine Guild
                                                    Goat’s Milk Cheeses (Aisle 7A)                                                                        Pyramid Farm, Chico
Bariani Olive Oil, Sacramento                                                                            Renaissance Vineyard & Winery, Oregon House
                                                    Meyenberg, Turlock; Redwood Hill Farm, Sebastopol                                                     Red Hill Mandarins, Brown’s Valley
                                                                                                         Smith Vineyards, Grass Valley
Rice & Pasta (Aisle 2B)                             Cheeses (Aisle 7A)                                   Sierra Knolls Vineyard & Winery, Grass Valley
                                                                                                                                                          Riverhill Farm, Nevada City
Rices, Wild Rice Blend, Risotto Mixes, Brown Rice   Cow’s Cheeses, Clover Organic Farms, Petaluma                                                         Ronsse, Chicago Park
                                                                                                         Sierra Star, Grass Valley
Couscous, Brown Rice Pasta                          Cow’s Cheeses, Petaluma Creamery, Petaluma                                                            Shared Abundance, Auburn
                                                                                                         Szabo, Grass Valley
    – Lundberg Family Farms, Richvale               Cheeses, Cream Cheeses, Sierra Nevada, Willows       Honeyrun Mead, Chico                             Suzumi’s Garden, Grass Valley
Chips & Crackers (Aisle 3A)                         Blue Cheese, Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co.        Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Chico                 Sweet Roots Farm, Grass Valley
Rice Chips & Rice Cakes, Lundberg Farms, Richvale   Cheeses & Curds, Spring Hill Cheese, Petaluma        Fox Barrel Cider, Colfax & Camino                Willow Springs Farm, Penn Valley
The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter                                                                     August/September 2011                  13
                                                       Eat Local Extravaganza

 Canning Classes                              Receipts tell local purchase story                                    Eat Local
      Home Canning and                                                                                          Restaurant Raffle
                                                                    H                                           L
     Preserving Workshop:                                                  ave you noticed the words “Lo-            ocal restaurants invite you to eat
       Canning Tomatoes                                                    cally and Regionally Grown                local when you eat out — and enter
      Wed., Aug. 3, 6-8:30pm $50                                    Total” on your BriarPatch receipt?          a raffle for free meals while you’re at it!
    Tomatoes… if there is one food that                             They appear whenever you buy food               Throughout August, local restaurants
you should learn to can, it is tomatoes.                            or flowers that are grown within 120        will have Eat Local stamp cards available
In the dead of winter, I’m so glad to have                          miles of the Patch. An “L” or an “R”        for diners who order a menu item made
last year’s harvest available. Learn how to                          next to the item price further speci-      with local and/or regional food(s).
preserve your own tomatoes, both whole                                fies whether it was grown within 20           Just ask your server at the restaurants
and as a sauce. We will be using the water                             miles, which BriarPatch defines as       for a card, and then get it stamped.
bath method and discussing pressure                                     local, or within 120 miles, consid-     When you have four stamps from any
canning. Go home with jars of tomato                                     ered regional.                         of the participating restaurants you can
goodies to inspire your own canning ses-                                      The “L” or “R” may surprise       enter the raffle! Just bring the stamped
sions. Email or call Wendy at 478-0669                                     you if you didn’t realize that       card to the customer service window at
or                                                 the olives in that oil were         BriarPatch by August 31.
                                                                             grown just in the next county.
  Community Canning Day/
                                                                              Or for local/regional ex-
  Open Kitchen – Tomatoes                                                      perts, it may just confirm
   Sun., Aug. 28, 9am-12noon $15                                                that your local/regional
    Bring your late summer tomatoes                                              purchases add up. Cod-
and work together with your fellow                                                ing these items helps
homesteaders to can a mess of tomatoes.                                            BriarPatch staff track
In the Kitchen teachers will be on hand                                             our locally grown sales.
to answer any questions. Your group will                                                Want to rack up              Participating restaurants:
decide how many jars each person will                                                a bigger L/R total?           BriarPatch deli, Charlie’s Café,
go home with. This is a loosely organized                                             Learn more— pick-           Diego’s, Emily’s Catering & Cakes,
event, and this will be our first “open                                                ing up a local and re-     Flour Garden Bakery, Fudenjuice,
kitchen” event. Space is limited. Bring:                                                gional shopping list              Ike’s Quarter Cafe
cutting board, knife, apron, pint jars and                                               from the display at         Jim E’s Club 141, Matteo’s,
lids, tomatoes, and a canner if you have                                                 the store entrance,          Nevada City Marketplace,
one. Email or call Wendy at 478-0669 or                                     and keep your eyes peeled for        Simplicity Bistro, Summer Thyme’s,                                            the round shelf signs with the pear.              The Old Five Mile House
14   August/September 2011                                         The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter
                             Eat Local Extravaganza, August 1-31
The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter                                                                                            August/September 2011                   15
                                                                          Cooking Classes

                                           Summer adventures
                          with ice cream, tomatoes, Thai, raw, and macrobiotic
                                                        Tout Sweet:                                                                                 Thai One On
                                                    Ice Cream & Sorbet                                                                        Sat., Aug. 20, 6-8:30pm $45
                                                Thurs., Aug. 11, 6-8:30pm $45                                                              Join us in exploring some of the tan-
                                               In this class you will learn to make:     the basics of                                 talizing tastes of Thailand: Omelette Soup
                                           • Homemade Peach Ice Cream, gelato-           macrobiotic                                   (very simple, but tasty & versatile), Spicy
                                                                                              cooking                                  Cucumber Salad, Pad Thai, and Spicy
                                           style                                             from the
                                           • Dairy-free, Sugar-free Coconut Sorbet      creator of the
                                                                                                                                       Red Beef Curry. The recipes incorporate
                                           • Vanilla Ice Cream Custard                    BriarPatch                                   elements of classic Thai cuisine, but can
                                           • Fresh fruit and coconut sorbets            “Macrobiotic                                   be made with ingredients that are easily
                                                                                               Bento”                                  sourced.
                                               You’ll also learn about the chemistry        balanced
                                           of frozen desserts and flavoring tech-          meal box,                                       Sign up with Kate at 268-0343 or kate-

                                           niques through adding fresh fruit, nuts
       riarPatch Co-op is proud                                                            Kawasaki
                                           and sweets.                                                                                       Marcrobiotic Cooking
       to partner with Wendy Van
                                               Sign up with Jen at 559-9457 or blue-                                                                   for beginners
  Wagner and the other cooks at In
                                                                                                           Fri., Aug. 26, 6-8pm $45
  The Kitchen cooking school. In
  The Kitchen classes are hands-on                                                                                                         Learn what macrobiotic means and the
  and use high-quality ingredients
                                                   Raw & Living Foods                             Too Too Tomatoes!                    basics of macrobiotic cooking. The first in
                                                      with Atma Campbell                     Thurs., Aug. 18, 6-8:30pm $45             a series, this class will focus on cooking
  found at BriarPatch. BriarPatch
                                                       of Next Level Foods                  A tomato utilization class taught by Jen   brown rice, sesame salt flakes, miso soup
  owners receive a 10% discount off
                                                  Sun., Aug. 14, 1-4pm $45              Smitt. In this class you will learn to make:   and stock, bean cakes, steamed vegetable
  the class fees. Class size is limited,
                                              Create 5 different raw cuisine items      pico de gallo salsa, homemade Caprese          salad, and an agar agar dessert.
  so reserve early.
                                           including an entrée dish, salad, dehy-       salad with fresh mozzarella, fresh Put-            Taught by Migiwa Kawasaki, who has
               Classes                     drated items, a raw pie, and a nut or seed   tanesca pasta sauce; how to concasse (peel     completed the Macrobiotic Leadership
     All classes are held at In The        milk beverage. We will sample fresh items    and deseed) a tomato; how to easily sun dry    program at the Kushi Institute in Massa-
  Kitchen, 648 Zion Street, Ne-            and offer an option to purchase the dehy-    your tomatoes at home; and how to jar and      chusetts. Migiwa cooks at BriarPatch Co-
  vada City (by the former Miner’s         drated foods snack pack. All ingredients     freeze your tomatoes for later use. You’ll     op, where she has developed macrobiotic
  Clinic, now California College of        are plant based/ vegan, and gluten free.     also learn about tomato varieties and the      dishes including the “Macrobiotic Bento”
  Ayurveda).                               Space is limited.                            history of the tomato in the New World.        balanced meal box.
                                              Sign up with Atma at 272-1137 or              Sign up with Jen at 559-9457 or blue-          Sign up with Migiwa, 470-3625/migi-
16         August/September 2011                                                                                               The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter

                                                                 Celebrating 35 Years, 1976-2011

        Co-op Stories: Remembering our Washington Street store
                                                                                    By Bill Drake

I  t was 1986 when I was hired at Briar-
   Patch’s Washington Street store, the
Co-op’s third location, bringing experi-
                                             Mary Lou Knapp, who is currently is book
                                             buyer and a cashier.
                                                 The Washington Street era began in
                                                                                            rectors took a great
                                                                                            leap, making a hugely
                                                                                            significant change to
ence working at the Tree of Life Co-op       1981, when BriarPatch moved there after        the Co-op’s structure.
in Auburn. I worked at the Washington        a short-lived stay in a building on Nevada     On March 15, 1982,
store for almost seven years, and stayed     City Highway. This new home in downtown        BriarPatch changed
through the early days at our next loca-     Grass Valley, a 2,280 square-foot building     from a members-only
tion at Joerschke Drive in the Brunswick     located a few blocks from the post office,     co-op to a store that
Basin. I then returned to BriarPatch when    had actually been a grocery store previ-       was open to the pub-
we opened our present store.                 ously!                                         lic. Up to that point,
    Several other current staff members          For the first six months, Hilary was       the Co-op was always
also served the Co-op back in the Wash-      the only paid employee; she ran the store      in the red. Finances
ington Street days. Hilary Dart, now our     entirely with the help of volunteers. By the   were chronically dire,
Volunteer and Demo Coordinator, was our      time I was hired in 1986, there were five      and it was a miracle
manager for our entire time there, and Liz   or six salaried staff, and by 1992, when       that we even survived!
Streater, our present Wellness Manager,      we moved to Joerschke Drive, there were        Once we went public,
worked there as well. Bill Keogh, who now    about twelve.                                  though, sales got a big
runs our Bulk Department, first worked           Less than a year after moving to           boost and we finally
at the Patch at Washington Street, as did    Washington Street, the Board of Di-            began to show a profit
                                                                                            on a regular basis. In
                                                                                            Hilary’s report to the
                                                                                            Board in June 1982, she
                                                                                            wrote, “Sales are good
                                                                                            compared to the past
                                                                                                                        Co-op employees posed outside BriarPatch’s Washington Street
                                                                                            at this time. I attribute
                                                                                                                        store, c. 1986. Standing from left to right: Mary Kaminsky, Mary
                                                                                            that to being open to       Lou Knapp, Laura Potkin, Hilary Dart, Liz Streater, Bill Drake;
                                                                                            the public…All bills        front: Susan Myers.
                                                                                                                                                               Continued on next page
The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter                                                                                                     August/September 2011                   17
                                                                     Celebrating 35 Years, 1976-2011

      Continued from previous page

                                                                                                 In November 1982, after six
are current.” (That year, gross sales for the   grew, which helped establish us as a well-
month of July were $21,580, less than half      rounded natural foods store.                     years of enormous effort on
of our current gross sales for a single day!)        Many tasks at BriarPatch are now com-
                                                partmentalized and computerized, such as
                                                                                                 the part of the BriarPatch
     In November 1982, when George Bur-
cham and Lois Bailey ended their terms          cashiering and counting money. Back on           pioneers, the cooperative
on the Board, it was the first time that        Washington Street, though, although we
                                                each managed specific areas, things were
                                                                                                 was beginning to stand on
our Board did not have any of the original
founders. After six years of enormous ef-       quite different. As Liz recalls, “At that time   its own feet.
fort on the part of the BriarPatch pioneers,    we all did cashiering and buying, and we
the cooperative was beginning to stand on       all counted the money at night, mopped the
its own feet. Fortunately for us, a number      floors, closed the produce department… we        present location. I remember when Joe and
of those founders, such as David Bowman         all did it all!” One of my first memories as     Suzi Figueira’s baby girl Cailah was born,
(member #1) and Harry Bailey (member            a new employee is of Mary Lou taking me          and watching as she and our store grew
#3), continued to help as volunteers, and       to the bank at night to show me where to         together through the years. Not long ago,
most of our founders remained regular           deposit the day’s proceeds. I can still see      she left her job behind the cash register to
shoppers.                                       the black widow spiders that lurked under        have her own baby. Luke Wilson and Mag-
     All four of us current Patch employees     the bank’s deposit “drop”; banking was a         gie McKaig’s son Bryn now works in our
who worked under Hilary on Washington           dangerous job back then!                         deli. Becky O’Connor’s daughter Shannon        Liz Streater in 1990, holding a co-worker’s
Street remember her as a good manager                The Washington Street store had a           is an assistant manager in our Front End       baby outside the Washington Street store.
                                                                                                                                                Liz, BriarPatch’s Wellness Department
who infused the Co-op with a feeling of         comfortable, “shopper friendly” feeling to       department, and Alice Harrell’s son Mat-
                                                                                                                                                Manager, was recently honored for working
stability through her years of continu-         it. Part of this was due to what was outside     thew is one of our cashiers.                   at BriarPatch for 25 years.
ous, selfless service. As Hilary pointed        the building. There were nice fruit trees,           I have very fond memories of the Wash-
out, “People would seek us out because          and a fenced-in backyard that had a swing        ington Street store’s neighbors, many of           It was time to move on, though. Look-
our prices were good, so we built a good        from a tree and shade – a really pleasant        them elderly, who would come over to buy       ing back, I can see that Washington Street
customer base.” One thing that also helped      place where children could play while their      their milk and eggs. I especially remember     was where we developed a good following
us prosper was Hilary’s insistence that our     parents shopped. We also had an inside           Carmen, who lived next door and shared         and solidity as a quality natural foods
staff receive training related to the running   play area.                                       with us the challenges of growing older.       co-op. It was on Joerschke Drive that we
of a cooperative grocery store. We also              It has been gratifying to see some of       For me, the sad thing about leaving Wash-      achieved consistent financial stability and
learned how to price products better. Our       these children from our Washington Street        ington Street was seeing our neighbors lose    the impetus of growth that propelled us to
vitamins and body care department also          days grow up to become employees at our          their little neighborhood store.               the stature that we have today.
18         August/September 2011                                                                    The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter

                                                       Co-op Business: Shopper Survey Results

                              Shoppers (mostly owners) speak up in survey
                                                   Here are some highlights from the responses:
T    he results are in! Thanks 600+ times
     to all who took the time to complete
the survey. This feedback from shoppers                                                                       Product selection/variety
                                            Please choose the top five factors
is extremely valuable as BriarPatch staff                                                                     Quality/freshness of products
                                            you consider when choosing
strive to meet your needs.                                                                                    Prices
                                            where to shop for groceries.
       Who took the survey?                                                                                   Location of store/convenience
     Are you a BriarPatch owner?                                                                              Hours of operation
          97.7% yes, 2.3% no                                                                                  Atmosphere ambiance of store
        What is your gender?                                                                                  Cleanliness of store
        82% female, 18% male
                                                                                                              Knowledgeable staff
 How long have you been shopping at
                                                                                                              Friendly/courteous staff
        BriarPatch Co-op?
                                                                                                              Availability of brands I/my family likes
          10.1 years = 24.4%
          20+ years = 18.6%                 Please mark up to three social                                    All other responses
         5.1-10 years = 19.9%               issues that you think BriarPatch
         3.1-5 years = 16.9%                should champion.
          1–3 years = 16.1%                                                         Promote recycling
  How would you rate your overall                                                   Support development of other small businesses
 satisfaction with BriarPatch Co-op?
                                                                                    Provide nutrition education
     Extremely Satisfied (51.3%)
     + Satisfied (42.1%) = 93.4%                                                    Support other co-ops
How well does the store                                                             Support local, sustainable agriculture
meet your needs overall?                                                            Address local hunger problems
                           Very well
                                                                                    Provide education on food safety issues
                           Somewhat well                                            Support efforts to protect/improve environment
                           Somewhat poorly                                          Make charitable donations to community organizations
                                                                                    BriarPatch should not champion social or environmental issues
                           Very poorly
                           No opinion                                               All other responses
The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter                                                                                             August/September 2011               19

                                                          Co-op Business: Shopper Survey Results

                          Is there anything else you want to say about BriarPatch?
S   hoppers gave 229 responses to this question.
    (Thank you to all of you.) Here is a sampling,
chosen with an attempt to represent the diversity
                                                           Prices: “I’d love for the prices to go down… and
                                                           I know how hard that is.” “I have done surveys of
                                                           pricing and BP gets a bad rap. Whole Foods is usually
                                                                                                                       about good management specifically relating to
                                                                                                                       employee training in customer relations…?” “The
                                                                                                                       employees are a lot of fun and wonderful to deal
of viewpoints expressed. While there is not space in       higher priced as compared to same items as BP. As are       with.” “Well run, by people that care and employees
this newsletter to print responses to each comment,        Raley’s and Safeway… if you can find the products.”         who like their work.”
BriarPatch staff will address the major concerns in the    “Lower prices please!” “The new store is great and          “New” store: “I am proud to be a member and to
upcoming months.                                           aside from so much inflation in food prices in general,     volunteer at BriarPatch. I was skeptical about all the
Parking: “Looking forward to more parking.” “The           I have no complaints.”                                      $s that were used for purchasing and building, but I
parking lot for elderly folks is not very user friendly    Store and staff vibe: “Love ya’ll. I’m in here almost       see that it was an excellent decision and now reaping
especially when pushing a cart.”                           every day and I feel like part of the family.” “How         benefits for the store and the community.”

Please rate BriarPatch in terms of how well it is meeting your needs                        How important are these features for
with respect to the following store characteristics:                                        shopping at BriarPatch Co-op?

      Product selection/variety
                                                            Very well
  Quality/freshness of products                                                                                                                            No opinion
                         Prices                                                                                                                            Not important
                                                            Somewhat well
 Location of store/convenience                                                                                                                             Somewhat important
                                                            Somewhat poorly
            Hours of operation                                                                                                                             Important
 Atmosphere ambiance of store                                                                                                                              Very important
                                                            Very poorly
            Cleanliness of store

                                                            No opinion
          Knowledgeable staff

       Friendly/courteous staff
                                                                                                  Member/          Patronage          Ability to   Other
          Availability of brands                                                                   Owner             refund           vote for
               I/my family likes                                                                   of the Member/                     Board of
                                                                                                  business Owner          Member/
            All other responses                                                                            specials,        Owner
                                                                                                           coupons,      appreciation
                                                                                                           discounts         days
20          August/September 2011                                                                                                       The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter
                                                                   Co-op Owner Benefits & Meetings

 Food co-op movie                                                                                       Board of Directors
                                                                              Jeff Gold, President; Alan Weisberg, Vice President; Peter Lockyer, Treasurer;
needs owner support                                                         Malaika Bishop, Secretary; Mark Fenton, Rick Sheller, Louise Jones, Kerry O’Regan

                                                                              Owner Meetings
                                         E   ducation,                                                                                        Where to find Board meeting
                                             participation,      BOARD MEETINGS                                                                   agendas & minutes
                                        i nd e p e nd e nc e ,   Tue., Aug. 30; Tue., Sept. 27, 6:00-7:30 p.m.                           Agendas are p osted on the front inside bulletin board
                                        and cooperation.         In the BriarPatch Co-op Community Room                               several days before meetings. Minutes are posted there
                                        These are four of        on the last Tuesday of the month. BriarPatch                         about two weeks after meetings and online at www.
                                        the seven prin-          owners are welcome to attend.                               Staff will make you
                                        ciples that guide                                                                             copies upon request.
                                        food cooperatives        A WINE CRUSH
                                                                 OWNER MEETING AND BANqUET
in their mission of service to their communities. Food for
Change, a work-in-progress documentary planned for               Monday, October 17, 6pm                                                  League of Women Voters
release next spring, looks at how food co-ops manifest           Miners Foundry, Nevada City • free admission                             supports co-op election
these principles in their day-to-day operations.                 lasagne dinner $3 advance/$5 at door                                       incere thanks to Mary Dreifuss and Ruth
    The film takes a contemporary and social-historical          wine, beer, Italian sodas                                                  Schwartz of the League of Women Voters’
look at cooperatives in the United States, exploring the
                                                                             How to contact the Board                                  Western Nevada County chapter, for counting
three major periods in the growth of the co-op movement.
                                                                     Directors have BriarPatch email addresses consisting of           the votes for the BriarPatch Board Director
The first wave of co-ops was a response to the financial
                                                                 their full first names and the first letter of last names followed    election in May. League volunteers have provided
collapse of 1929, as co-ops helped people band together for
                                                                 by “”. Or send an email message to              this service to the Co-op for several years, with
relief in hard times. The second wave we are more familiar
                                                        with “Board” in the subject, and staff           efficiency and professionalism. Thank you
with, as the counter-culture of the 1970s sought ways to
                                                                 will forward it to the Board Secretary or another Director            League, from all BriarPatch’s owners. Learn more
express its newfound appreciation for wholesome foods
                                                                 as indicated. Or leave letters for Directors at the customer          about the League at
and a connection to farming. The third wave? That’s the
                                                                 service window.
reality we are living at BriarPatch today, which actually
combines the aims and motivations of the first two waves
(which is interesting food for thought).
    The release of Food
                                                                        Know and enjoy your BriarPatch benefits!
For Change is timed                                                   Owners: find your August 10% Discount Voucher in this newsletter!
to coincide with the
United Nations desig-                                                               Patronage Dividends                                            Special Order Discount
nation of 2012 as the                                                 For years with sufficient earnings, profits will be                Pay only the wholesale catalog price plus a handling
International Year of                                              returned to owners in proportion to purchases..                    charge when you order products in wholesale quantities
Cooperatives. The film will be shown in hundreds of                                                                                   (by the case or 6 each for Wellness Department items).
                                                                                 Local Business Discounts
locations across the country on the same day, sparking               Discounts on goods and services at 38 local                                   Cooking Class Discount
an invigorated national discussion of the cooperative              businesses. The list is on the next page, page 21.                   At In the Kitchen cooking school in Nevada City.
vision – as good business as well as right action.                                                                                    See for class schedule
    To date, 64 co-ops in 25 states (including BriarPatch
                                                                                 Newsletter Ad Discounts                              and more information.
Co-op) have contributed nearly 40 percent of the budget               Run a free classified ad and/or take a one-time $20
                                                                   discount on a display ad in our bimonthly newsletter.                     The opportunity to be involved
needed to complete and distribute the movie.                                                                                             Vote for the Board of Directors and in other decision-
    Your support as an individual co-op owner is needed                          Community Mindedness                                 making elections, run for the Board, and attend our
as well. A great way you might “warm up” to making                    Join your friends and neighbors in showing your                 annual Owner Meeting and party in October.
a contribution is to visit www.foodforchangemovie.                 pride in co-owning a local business that supports our
                                                                                                                                                      Food Safety Alerts
com. There, you can watch the film’s trailer, view entire          community.
scenes, and then see if your head, heart, and wallet are in                                                                               Notices of important food safety issues affecting
                                                                              Volunteer Program Discount                              BriarPatch shoppers are sent promptly via email. (To
accord. Your investment in this documentary will help                 Earn a 10% discount by volunteering in the store with
to communicate a deeper understanding cooperatives,                                                                                   get on the list or update your email address, send it
                                                                   bagging, product sampling, or other jobs as available. Pick        to or leave it at the Customer
which will vitalize not just BriarPatch, but the new wave          up a volunteer application at the Customer Service window.
of co-op growth, nationwide.                                                                                                          Service window.)
The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter                                                                                      August/September 2011                   21
                                                                   Co-op Owner Discounts

                                                              These local businesses   HEALTH & HEALING                          SERVICES
                                                              offer discounts to
                                                              BriarPatch owners.       Dr. Don Williams, DC                      Carbright Auto Detailing
                                                                                       10% discount for existing patients,       Steam Cleaning
                                                              Discounts vary. Please   cash only                                 & Paintless Dent Repair
                                                              present your owner       $50 discount new patient services         10% off any service
                                                              card prior to the        530-271-5921                              273-5482 • 11671 East Main St.,
             OWNER BENEFITS                                   transaction to receive                   next to Humpty Dumpty
                                                              the discount. Inquire                 Changing Spaces
                                                              about this cooperative   Fast and Fit for Women                    10% off feng shui services
                                                              promotional program      Gym & Personal Training Studio            272-9128
                                                              with Mellisa at          $10 Off Enrollment Fee          
                                                                                       530-273-5862                              Covert’s Pump Service
                                                              272-5333 ext. 129 or
                                                                                                     10% off labor
                                                                                       Form is Function                          530-292-WELL (9355)
                                                                                       10% off all fitness classes,              Dawn Lorraine Conscious Skincare
                                                                                       group or private                          Organic Facials & Skin Products
                                                                                       530-346-7631 office                       50% off your first facial
GOODS                                     HEALTH & HEALING                             510-393-2568 mobile             
                                                                                                 265-9004 •
Ambient Beauty                            NEW! Brian J. Breiling, Psy D, MFT, LPC
Facials by Franceska Alexander            Specializing in Emotional                    Iris Holistic Counseling Services         Kimmel Electric • csl#914225
10% off products & treatments             Transformational Therapy and Positive          Donna Fisher-Jackson, M.A.              $25 off all repairs & remodels,
530-265-8448                              Psychology: individuals, couples, families   50% off initial counseling session        new construction
By appointment only                       10% discount                                 530-477-7863, Grass Valley                530-432-1872 office
Colfax Farm & Country Store               530-478-9592 •         
10% off purchase (most products)                                                       Jacobson Chiropractic                     Liz Fugman
140 Main St., Colfax • 530-346-2600       NEW! Dr. Jennifer Nelson                     $40 follow-up visits Thursdays,           General Contractor #908963
                                          Chiropractic, Nutrition, Bodywork,            cash only, please call for appointment
Country Wood Furniture                                                                                                           Plumbing, electrical, carpentry, home
                                          Ayurveda, HCG Weight Loss, Detox             265-2220 • 194 Gold Flat Rd., NC
10% off merchandise                                                                                                              repairs and remodels
                                          10% discount on services                     Living Waters
except sale items & finishing;                                                                                                   10% discount on labor • 265-5151
                                          530-478-9592                                 Colon Hydrotherapy
claim discount before orders are placed
                                                        5% off packages & service                 Loma Rica Ranch Self Storage
116 W. Main St., Downtown GV
                                                                                       1097 E. Main St., Suite F, Grass Valley   6th month free
                                          NEW! Monster Gym                              530-274-9738                             5x10 $55, 10x10 $75
Geronimo Pole Co.                         Corporate rates (lowest available)                                                     530-273-0889
5-20% off hand-peeled poles,              722 Freeman Lane, Grass Valley                                               
custom log furniture, timbers,            272-7676                                     Synden’s Home Care                        Sierra Consulting &
tipi poles, slabs, etc.                                   15% off house cleaning and elder care     Integrated Pest Management
288-1000                                                                               530-798-9081 • 530-205-9764               Tree Specialist & Agricultural Advisor                      Antouri Chiropractic                                       10% off • 432-7845
Mowen Solinsky Gallery                    10% off, cash patients only                  South Yuba Club                 
5% off cash sales • 530-265-4682          563 Brunswick Rd. Ste.5, Grass Valley        Corporate rates (lowest available)
                                          273-6192 •                                                             Veronica Monet, ACS, CAM
225 Broad St., Nevada City                                                             555 Searls Ave., NC • 530-470-9100        Couples Consultant specializing in              Body Balance • Kung Fu & Tai Chi             Wilma Terrill, M.S., M.F.T.               Anger Management & Sacred Sexuality
                                          Free introductory package                    Marriage Family Therapy,                  7% off in-person and telephone appts.
Parts for Imports10%-15% off
                                          151 Mill St., Grass Valley                   Hypnotherapy & Children’s Issues          208 Providence Mine Road, NC
(except oil & selected special orders)
                                          530-477-0677                                 10% off sliding scale                     888.903.0050
120 Joerschke Dr., GV • 272-3477
                                                   265-3068 • 103 Providence Mine Rd.,
Sweet Diane’s                                                                          Ste. 104, Nevada City
Custom Wedding Cakes                      Debra Buddie, L.Ac.
 & Fine Catering with Diane Astarita      Acupuncture & Herbs                                                                    SOLAR POWER
10% off • 692-1614                        10% off all acupuncture treatments           SERVICES                                  Mountain Solar
                                          913-6347 • Grass Valley                                                                Bardsley Safe and Lock                    Consulting, sales, and installations of
                                          California College of Ayurveda               10% discount on labor                     solar electric systems
                                          10% off Bliss Therapies,                     530-575-2100                              $250 credit toward system monitoring
10% off used books, CDs & DVDs
                                          Intern Consultations                              on your computer or 5¢/watt discount
671 Maltman Dr., #3, GV, 273-4002
                                          700 Zion St., Nevada City • 478-9100         Brian’s Electrical Service                on photovoltaic modules
                                                      & Plumbing Repair                         175 Joerschke Dr., Grass Valley
                                                                                       Brian Puckett, 30+ years experience       274-7355 /
Weiss Brothers Nursery                                                                 lic. #324214                              763-7634 /
10% off (except sale items)                                                            10% off labor • 272-6241        
615 Maltman Dr., GV • 273-5814
22         August/September 2011                                                                                                                  The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter
                                                                                  Classified Ads

            Co-op Connections                                          Classified ads are FREE to BriarPatch current owners. The deadline for the October/November issue is August
                                                                    2, 30 words maximum. Submit your ad to the newsletter by giving it to a staff person at the store or by emailing it
Co-op Connections listings cost $20 per issue, $15 for BriarPatch   to Mellisa Hannum, Please include your owner number. Ads may be run repeatedly.
owners. Email up to 5 lines — business/person’s name, 4 to 5 word   Renew by the first of the month preceding publication, by email or phone, 272-5333 ext. 129.
description, contact information (phone number, email address,         BriarPatch staff reserve the right to edit ads or to reject any ads deemed unsuitable. A classified ad does not
website), and owner discount (if any — not required) to mellisah@   represent BriarPatch endorsement of the products or services offered. For more information, call 272-5333 ext.129.
                         CHILDBIRTH                                 Free. “Acorns And Eat ‘em,” a How-To Vegetarian Cookbook and Field            Fast and Fit for Women.  Individual instruction.  Daily small group
Sierra Homebirth Midwifery Services                                 Guide for Eating Acorns, by Suellen Ocean. Go to            trainings on balls to bands. Fast paced Super Circuit Tuesdays and Thurs-
                                                                    for information on obtaining a free download of the book.                     days unique to us. One week FREE. 273-5862.
  Jessica Mairs, LM, CPM Individualized, compassionate, and
  holistic midwifery care •                 Hear Dr. Don Williams, DC speak on the subject of how to Be Free                                         From Depression. BriarPatch Community Room, October 18, 7-8pm.                                          YOGA CLASSES
                                                                    271-5921,                                            Yoga Sculpture taught by yoga teacher and competition body-
(530) 273-7430 (H) (925) 457-4787 (C)
                                                                                                                                                  builder Jackie Gerster at Wild Mountain Yoga Center. Build strength and
                          TAI CHI                                                         CLASSES & EVENTS                                        flexibility. All student levels. Wed. 12:30-1:30 pm. (916) 747-1415.
                                                                    Double Oak Vineyards & Winery.  Local mountain grown fine wine                Iyengar Style Yoga with Ronnie Paul at Full Life Yoga Studio, Wednes-
Five Elements Community of Tai Chi Players                          produced by nature-friendly farming. Double Oak Saturdays: wine tasting,      days 10:30 - noon. This class encourages thoughtful movement, respect
 Classes in Yang-style Tai Chi Chuan                                picnicking & tours. Taste our award-winning wine at the State Fair Wine       of individual differences, and the meaning of yoga in daily life. 265-0478.
 Tues and Thurs at 5 PM.                                            Grape Day, July 29th. (530) 292-3235.                Full Life Yoga Studio provides an island of serenity where 8 instructors
 New! Beginners Class Starts Tues Sept 13                           Piano Lessons in your home or my studio. (NC/GV area) Beginning               teach a wide variety of classes for all age, body type, and ability level. • (530) 274 –3513                         to intermediate levels. Adult beginners especially welcome. Emphasis on       Breathe, Release, Relax, Tone, Stretch, Feel, Live. 204 Providence Mine
                                                                    music reading. Cathy Collings, B.A. in music from Oberlin College. 272-       Road, Ste. 112, Nevada City,, 277-3783.
                       YOGA & MORE                                  6588.                                                                         The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm, established in beautiful foothills
                                                                    Piano lessons – experienced teacher loves to work with beginners              of Grass Valley for 40 years, offers extended retreats, events, and daily
Dragonfly Yoga, Massage & Wellness                                                                                                                classes  on Eastern and Western holistic Yoga and meditation. Yoga-
                                                                    (children and adults) and continuing or returning students. Certificate
 Yoga classes for all levels in peaceful studio.                                                                                        ,
                                                                    of Merit, National Guild Auditions. Jean O. Poff, Nevada City. 273-6875,
 First visit free! New! Prenatal Yoga                     
17328 Penn Valley Dr. Suite D, Penn Valley                          Holistic Strength. Natural movement instruction that cultivates
                                                                                                                                                                           MARTIAL ARTS or contact Bonnie 530.432.6929               strength, speed, mobility, stability, endurance, resilience & balance. Eur-   Aikido’Ka. Aikido classes for students of all ages. Our classes empha-                                           asian folk wisdom meets cutting edge science. Contact Eric or Alison at       size fun, respect, fitness, self-defense, personal growth and non-violent
                                                                    (530) 346-7631,,                  dispute resolution. 142 E. McKnight Way, Grass Valley. 273-2727. www.
Yoga Sculpture with Jackie Gerster                                                                                                      
                                                                    Free public DVD Showing of Adyashanti 2nd & 4th Mondays of each
 Wednesdays, 12:30-1:30 p.m.                                        month. Begins at 6:45 with silent meditation. Location: Sierra Center for
Wild Mountain Yoga Center • (916) 747-1415                          Spiritual Living. Contact: or Jan (530) 273-5595.
                                                                                                                                                            SERVICES - BUSINESS, COMPUTER
                                                                                                                                                  Project Simplify - Getting organized doesn’t have to be painful. Let
                                                                    Book group - read memoir, fiction, spiritual narratives, and discuss how
                                                                                                                                                  it be easy. Call Shawn (530) 205-5775 or go to
                                                                    books are a connection between souls. Monthly. Writers especially in-
                                                                    vited. Preliminary meeting at Woolman, NC. Max. 10. Contact Elizabeth:        Apple Computer Specialist. Tutor, Install, Upgrade, Consult... and
                                                                                                                     more. Tony, (530) 273-3106
                                                                    Flute Lessons: all levels from Nora Nausbaum, many years experience           Quality Editorial Services. Pitch perfect writing and editing for
                                                                    teaching all ages in kind, patient, fun way. Flute Choir starting Septem-     your business, academic, web, creative, or dream projects. I’m Robert
                                                                    ber 15 downtown location. 273-5489, More                Stephson. Visit me at
                                                                    info:                                                        Designs by Dwight. Custom website and graphic design.
                                                                    Enneagram in Relationship. Classes & Groups. Understanding the En-   (530) 559-0977.
                                                                    neagram can help you
                                                                    in relating with family, friends or partners. Come & have fun getting to                           SERVICES - GARDEN
                                                                    know yourself and those                                                       Sunnydaygarden. Time to update your beautiful living space? Food
                                                                    you love better. Brian J. Breiling, Psy.D & Jennifer Nelson, D.C.  (530)      & Flowers. Good ideas and garden planning, consultation, design,
                                                                    478-9592.                                                                     planting, pruning, maintenance & mentoring. Sensible, creative, liv-
                                                                                                                                                  able gardens. Kathy Laible, (530) 263-3709.
                                                                                 DANCE & MOVEMENT CLASSES                                         A Women’s Touch Yard & Garden Design. Edible fall gardens-
                                                                    African Dance Class. Thursdays 5 pm to 6:30 pm at St. Joseph’s Cultural       start them in August (broccoli for sure)! Seed starting, vegetable,
                                                                    Center, 410 South Church St., Grass Valley. Dances, rhythms, & songs of       flower & landscape bed installation. Maintenance, pruning, compost-
                                                                    the Congo. Taught by Cai Sorlien. Live drumming by Kit Bailey. All levels     ing, mentoring & consultations.  Randi Pratini, (530) 478-0800.
                                                                    of experience included. 288-3603.                                             Permaculture your homestead! Reduce food costs, improve water
                                                                    Dance your way to Fitness: Aerobic dance fusion, core conditioning,           availability & quality, boost fertility & biodiversity, lower energy ex-
                                                                    strength training class. MWF 8:45-10:15am Center of Arts, Grass Valley,       penses, increase self-reliance, create abundance! 3-hour site evalua-
                                                                    upstairs in SDI. Call Jenn, 913-6877. 1st class free.                         tion $175. See details at
                                                                    Kra-Z Fitness located @ 354 Idaho Maryland Dr, opening July 13th,             Garvin’s tree service. Call me for all your tree needs, 263-9190. We
                                                                    offering Zumba™ classes, Zumba™ toning and R.I.P.P.E.D classes. To find       also offer interior/exterior painting services, Lic. # 884378.
                                                                    out more information regarding class times, visit            Need Tree Work? Hook-less tree climbing licensed and insured.
                                                                    Sarah Molaro. Reiki Energy Healing/Chakra Balancing. Beginning                BriarPatch owner. Call Austin DeRock for free estimates, (530) 277-
                                                                    Ballet and Ashtanga Yoga Instruction. Classes and Private Lessons, barter     6633.
                                                                    options. 205-7698. Namaste.
The Vine, BriarPatch’s Community Newsletter                                                                                                                 August/September 2011   23
                                                                                                       Classified Ads
 Michael’s Tree Service: ISA Certified Arborist/State Licensed Contrac-        Solid Ground Bodywork. Effective, focused orthopedic massage
 tor # 723619. Fully Insured. Serving Nevada County for over 18 years.         sessions with a holistic perspective. Deep, powerful and empower-
 Removals, trimming, consultations. Discount for BriarPatch owners.            ing yet gentle, supportive and very relaxing. Short sessions available.
 Call today for a free estimate. We care about your trees. 265-5724.           Glenn Smith, 478-0770.
 Garden Consultations and Landscape Planning. Creative and prac-
 tical advice on plant material and design, organic and sustainable gar-                              SERVICES - HOME
 dening, drought and deer resistant landscapes. Susan Iversen, 273-2517.       Loma Rica Ranch Self Storage. Kent & Mollie Gallagher invite you to
 Garden with Nature. Tune into Nature’s wisdom while discover-                 call our friendly resident manager, Barbara, 273-0889. 5x10 $55, 10x10
 ing your innate ability for integrative awareness. It’s fun! Workshops,       $75, 6th month free.
 coaching, and consulting available. Renee Wade, 292-0279.                     Kimmel Electric CL #914225. Your licensed, insured electrician
                                                                               for repairs, remodels and upgrades. Upfront pricing & discount for
              SERVICES - HEALTH & HEALING                                      BriarPatch members., kimmelelectric@
 Got Drama? Wish he/she understood you? Want to stop the mad-        , (530) 432-1872.
 ness? Get relief now! Veronica Monet, ACS: Couples Consultant special-        Bardsley Safe and Lock. 30 years local expe-
 izing in Anger & Sexuality. Telephone appointments & Nevada City              rience. State Permit LCO4728. Service, re-key, or change combination
 office. 7% discount to members. (888)903-0050.                                on locks & safes. 10% discount on labor for BriarPatch members. (530)
 Quantum Bio-Feedback for Spiritual Healing. God and Science in                575-2100.
 Harmony. Try “STU” Spiritual Tune Up! Deep Relaxation, Stress Relief,         High quality handiworks. Plumbing, carpentry, electrical, general
 Chakra & Aura Sweep, Brain Wave Repair, Flower Essences, Gemstones,           repair, remodels. Call Liz, Licensed General Contractor, for all your home
 Essential Oils, Angelic Attunement. Feel like a “New You” and still be        improvement needs. (530) 265-5151.
 the “Old You”. Let me pamper you! Dr. Haripriya Dillon, ND, HolisticGift.     Ken Hale Piano Tuning,  Repair, Regulation & Evaluation for home,
 Net, 432-2121.                                                                schools, concerts. Call Ken, Registered Piano Technician, 272-8133. Men-
 Reiki Master. Certified in Usui Shiki Ryoho healing system. Encompass-        tion ad for 10% discount.
 ing the whole mind-body-spirit in caring for your health. Releasing cu-       Handy Houseman. Small repairs, Household Projects, Tile Setting,
 mulative stress or addressing more serious health concerns. Serving the       Plumbing, Window Washing, Painting, Kitchen Remodels, Patios,
 human, animal, and plant kingdoms. Doreen Domb, (530) 273-8394.               Bathrooms, Showers, Kitchen Flooring, Electrical. Free Gutter Inspec-
 Dr. Don Williams, DC. Gentle care for infants, children and adults.           tions. Isaac , $23/hour., 272-7488.
 Specializing in functional neurology and mind-body healing. (530)             For What It’s Worth. Alan Caisse, State Certified Real Estate Appraiser.
 271-5921,                                            Experienced, Honest and Accurate. Estate, Legal or Sale purposes. Ne-
 Mindful Massage with Mieke Blees. Receive $30 off your first session.         vada County Specialist. Conventional to the most complex - I’d be glad
 Thorough and specific work in a comfortable space. Relieve Headaches,         to help. Since 1988. (530) 470-8611.
 Back/Shoulder/Neck pain, Sciatica, promote relaxation. Call (530)205-7071.    Heart to Heart Animal Wellness. At -Home Professional Pet Care
 Sleep Better. Think Better. Live Better. Relieve stress and pain,             Provider. Services include Animal Acupressure, Dog Walking, Compan-
 deepen sleep, improve memory, ease depression and anxiety. Effective          ion Care for Special Needs and Senior Pets. Insured and Bonded. Let us
 for children’s learning and behavior problems. No Drugs! Reach your           care for the pets you love., (530) 559-5120
 peak potential with neurofeedback.  Free brain health newsletter &            or 265-0954.
 consultation. (530) 263-1413.
                                                                                                      SERVICES - MISC.
 Elevation Massage Therapy. Enjoy blissful, beneficial massage with
 Lillian Llacer, CMT. Soothing, deep tension release, effective pain relief,   Live Rock n Roll dance band for weddings and parties. Music from
 pre-natal, and sports massage. 20% discount for new clients, 10% off          the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Please visit our website,
 Tues/Thurs for owners. (530) 559-3115.                                        or call 432-1363.
 A Caring Heart. Certified Personal Care Attendant. Cleaning, cook             Rooms for rent in Squaw Valley cabin. 2 rooms in my home, bed
 meals, taking you to appointments and errands, provide companion-             and breakfast style.  For more info: or
 ship, and other services you might need. Excellent references. $12 an         call Cindy at 386-1985. Many nearby summer activities available.
 hour. I am very honest. Marceline, 615-4018.                                  Travel: Costa Rica/eco adventures, Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean,
 LightStones. Crystal/Gemstone “Pharmacy” offers a wonderful                   Europe; weddings/honeymoons, spiritual vacations.  Personal travel
 selection of crystals, minerals & gemstones, hand-selected for your en-       experience-local resident for 34 years. Melanie (530)268-1756, drea-
 joyment. Showroom in Nevada City, open by appointment. Call Maraiel ,
 Ruth at (530)265-3159 for info.                                               Need a ride to or from town, work, school, the train or bus station,
 Are you 18 Yrs old or older & need a Marijuana prescription? Indicat-         or the Airport? Call Gold Country Cab and Courier. Ask about our $5,
 ed for Intestinal disorders, Chronic pain,& stress. Call MFM, 268-8778;       $10, and $15 rides. 274-8294(TAXI).
 $95 initial exam & Certificate/ $50 annual renewal. Board Certified In-       Wedding Officiant Jinnae Anderson, Non-denominational Minis-
 ternist. Additional 10% BP member discount.                                   ter. Sacred, joyful weddings that you will cherish in the happy years
 End of Life Coach for the terminal patient, spouse, family, and care-         that follow. Ceremony samples, coaching, advice. 17 years experi-
 givers. Many thoughts, many feelings – when you need to talk, Rose            ence., 277-9642.
 Gander Pastor, Chaplain, caregiver, empath,, do-
 nation only.
                                                                                                            FOR SALE
 Art therapy/counseling for individuals, couples, families, and chil-          Join CSA, Mountain Bounty Farm this summer! Organically grown
 dren. Professional counseling on a sliding fee scale. Contact Sue Cirillo,    Veggie and Fruit Shares available.  Mid-season memberships are pro-
 (530) 613-1383, art therapist and MFT intern. Supervised by Jennifer          rated and welcome. Sign up at or 292-
 Hoffman MFT, lic. 44842.                                                      3776.
 Improve brain function using neurofeedback and therapy.                       Honeywell Hepa Air Cleaner Model 18150, $50/b.o.; gently used;
 High success rate with ADD, brain injury, stroke, memory enhance-             includes extra new pre-filter & manual. Also selling Sunbeam Hepa Air
 ment. Over 30 yrs experience: Erik Olesen, MFT, BCIA. 885-2673. www.          Cleaner Model 2587/2588. Manual included; $20/b.o.                                                                  (530) 274-9010 Chicago Park.
                                                                                                                                                             PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                                                                          Cedar Ridge, CA
                                                                                       290 Sierra College Drive, Suite A
                                                                                       Grass Valley, CA 95945
                                                                                                                                                           PERMIT No.27
                                                                             CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED

                                                                         Shoppers’ Forum

                                       What’s your favorite local food?

I always look forward   Jim Gates’ beef, the vegetables   Blueberries and        Peaches. –Bob      Blueberries from Penn         Figs, eggs… the        The cherries have
to the local heirloom   from local farms, and Dinner      local honey.                              Valley. Love the fresh        garden plants are my   been really good
tomatoes. – Lindsay     Bell chicken… there’s too many                 – Jenny                      greens. The closer they are   number one favorite.   this year.
                        choices!     – Gordon and Heidi                                             to being picked, the more                – Chris                – Mary
                                                                                                    vital they are.   – Jean

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