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					DSP Project                   DTMF Transmitter and Receiver
                                          Due: April 28, 2009

In this project, you will design a dual tone, multi-frequency (DTMF) transmitter and
receiver using several concepts presented in the course. Specifically, you will use the
oscillator to generate the required frequencies, after you have done your research about
DTMF. Your design should be capable of dialing any number of digits up to and
including 10 digits, and any of the commonly used keys like * and #. The receiver
should be able to detect the keys transmitted using a bank of (narrow) band pass filters
(implemented using resonators), a moving average energy sequence for each of the filter
output using moving average filters, and any required decision logic.

You can use MATLAB or LabView or any computer programming language that you
choose. However, you cannot use any built in functions for the oscillators, resonators or
moving average filters. You must be able to demonstrate the working of your DTMF
system, and be sure to optionally display waveforms at any of the key output and input
points in your system. You must also test the system for noise robustness.

Write a professional report with all relevant information and figures, including the
program in the appendix. Your report must be of an experiential nature as opposed to
“mom and apple pie.” Briefly describe problems faced, how you overcame the problems,
and what you may have learned in the process.

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