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                                  DHS Transformation Support
                            Project Steering Committee Meeting
                                                                         April 19, 2002

                                                                      3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    PRESENT                    PRESENT                       ABSENT              GUESTS
John Cuddy                 Steve Modesitt               Meg Kilgore-      Robert Green
                                                        Cathcart (Judy G.
                                                        shares with Meg)
Kristen Duus               Katie Neville                Vic Todd (sent    Joy Howard (Minutes)
Judy Giggy            Marge Reinhart
Bill Fink             Clyde Saiki
Jerry Fuller (for Vic Debra Herrli
Margie Lowe
Agenda topics: Note: incorporate all changes to the agenda – below
Agenda Items                                              Presenter
DHS Transformation Support Project                        John Cuddy
Overview                                                  Bill Fink
Steering Committee Roles and                              Debra Herrli
Review of Project Plan                                    Committee

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Task Assignments                                          Debra Herrli
   - SAR Steering Committee
   - Business Analysts
   - Business Representatives
   - Field Test Sites
Closing Comments / Next Meeting                           Debra Herrli

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Minutes Detail

DHS Transformation Support Project Overview – John Cuddy and Bill Fink

 John notes that we need to start providing systems that allow sharing of information to
 John gave an overview of the efforts that have been undertaken by OIS in support of
  DHS Reorganization thus far, as follows.

  - A number of vendors were contacted and their products reviewed to identify
    products that could be used to support reorganization.
  - Acquisition of a framework system to provide integration was identified as a key
    strategic option.
  - Cúram was identified as the only framework system that could fit our requirements.

  - A framework system brings together a number of pre-defined parts, but allows for
    development of DHS-specific requirements.
  - Single Data model would allow the use of integrated data.
  - Much oriented towards the web (web technology)
  - Created rules engine which allows business people to do the business rules and so
  - 6 states are now working on this together

1. Will be doing a technical evaluation of the system and a field test over the next 6
   - Debra will keep the committee informed of progress
2. After the evaluation, a report will be provided to cabinet
3. Separate Activity – Screening, Assessment, and Referral requirements and design
   - If Cúram doesn’t work, design will be developed in another technology

 Importance of project
  - Key to supporting the reorganization lies in technology
  - Technology support is absolutely essential
  - People in CHS feel as though it takes too long to get a project up and running. Speed
    is an issue when it comes to this.

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  * New York department of labor created a type of relief for victims of September 11 th.
  * Mexico has a system, which allows people to quickly get food stamps.

Steering Committee Roles and Responsibilities – Debra Herrli

What is the Transformation Support Project (TSP)?
- An evaluation right now
1st three months – technical evaluation
2nd three months – field testing

 Screening assessments and Referral
  - A type of separate project working hand and hand with TSP.
 Build Prototype in first three months, at the end if it passes the technical requirements,
  then it will be sent to a field test.

  - Will prepare a written technical assessment after the technical evaluation (3 months)
  - Will enhance the prototype after the technical evaluation and send it for field testing
  - Another assessment of the field test will be performed and documented.

 Communication
 Help with decisions
 Providing business resources for the project
 Committee will be making decisions for their individual organizations.
 Approving evaluation criteria for field test.
 Participating in process of the evaluation.

   - Robert points out that this is a new process and it takes time to get adjusted. Feels
     that Steering Committee members should look at requirements horizontally across
     all of DHS. Wants to avoid looking at things in the old-fashioned “stove-pipe”

  - Bill Fink is the sponsor for the project and Marge Reinhart has been appointed
     Steering Committee Chair.
  - Not an OIS project. It has been initiated for DHS as a whole.

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Review of Project Plan - Committee
(Refer to handout)
The objectives and measurements in the project plan cover the full 6 months of the project.

Steering committee members should review the project plan and provide their comments
to Marge Reinhart. Marge will compile the comments and submit to the project team.

Task Assignments
  - SAR Steering Committee Representative
  - Business Analysts
  - Business Representatives
  - Field Test Sites

Need 2 groups of business teams:
Screening Assessment and Referral-
Team Members: (so far)
CAF – Carleen Criteser
SPD – Brenda Sheppard
CHS – Jason Walling, Tony Scott, Alan Biddle, Dennis Cook

Implementation Team-
Team Members: (so far)
SPD – Katherine Allen

 Please get the names of people you feel will be appropriate for these teams to Debra by
  Thursday, April 25.


 Two SDA’S have been identified as field test sites (Klamath and Marion).
 No “integration” site has been chosen for the field test, but this is not a concern.

Closing Comments / Next Meeting

Next time to meet:
May 8th, 9:00 (2 hours)

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What Debra Needs by Thursday, April 25 –
  - Names of people you’d like to see on the teams from your project
  - Give comments about Project Plan to Marge Reinhart

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