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    Consider becoming a Trinity Business Partner…
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you for considering our Trinity Business Partnership. We
need your help in order to raise £120,000 this year to support
terminally ill people and their families, either in their own homes
or here at Trinity.
Your partnership is vital in enabling us to provide skilled,
compassionate end of life care, free of charge, to over 2,000
people in your local community that need our support each year.
Supporting your local Hospice has never been so rewarding.
                                                                                  The ha
Businesses both small and large can make a real difference                               lfway
                                                                                  Golf D       house a
to the lives of those in your community.                                                ay, su         t Trinit
                                                                                              pport e           y's
                                                                                                      d by D
                                                                                                             iage o.

                                                                      Did you know....
                                                                      • Last year Trinity cared for 400 patients in our
                                                                        inpatient centre and 1,750 people in their own

Trinity gift list
                                                                      • Trinity is a charity. Our care is free of charge.
                                                                      • It costs £8 million a year to run Trinity, only
                                                                        36% of this is funded by the NHS.
                                              to help
                             y of art therapy                         • We must raise £5 million each year to continue
            will pay for a da
    £ 50    patients unwind
                              and express thei
                                                r                       providing these vital services to our community
                              fficult tim e.                            of 750,000 people.
            emotions at a di
                                                                      • We also provide bereavement services for
                             day of expe   rt nursing care.             carers, family and friends.
            will pay for one
   £ 20 0                                                             • A third of our patients are under 60 and an
                                                 ssar y
                                 e supplies nece
             will pay for all th                                        increasing number are between 20 and 40.
   £ 50 0    for one Children’
                                 s Day, helping to
                                  t to bereaved ch                    • 40% of our patients will return home after
             care and suppor                                            a short stay with us.
                                 driver to provid
              will buy a syringe
  £1,000      quick, easy and
                               effective pain re
                                                 lief in
              people’s homes
                                                 for 2
                                mmunity nurse
              will sponsor a co
  £ 2,500     weeks to help pa
                                tients to spen d their
                               ks at home in fa
              last days or wee                 friends,
                               ith family and
              surroundings, w                     t to be.
                              most people wan
               which is where
                                                  ning all
                                unity kit, contai
                will buy a comm
   £ 5,000      the items our nu
                                 rses need to care for

                people at home.
                                                                                                  lping out
                                                                                 R BS  staf f he
Share your story
Why not shout about the good work you are doing to
help those locally? We’d love to know about your
fundraising efforts, so please send your story to us at:
business@trinityhospice.org.uk. Your story will help to inspire
others to get onboard and raise money for Trinity and we may
include you in our upcoming e-bulletins, newsletters and PR.

How to ge t involved
Charity of the Year                                           Trinity Shops
Could Trinity be your company’s Charity of the Year? Why      Volunteer, donate or shop with Trinity Shops. If you have
not set team and company targets to raise funds through       end of season or terminal stock that you can no longer
a series of initiatives such as employee-led fundraising
                                                              sell or equipment that you don’t need, donate it to Trinity
and payroll giving? You could also have a presence at and
                                                              so we can sell it in our fashion, book or furniture shops,
promote some of Trinity’s exciting events.
                                                              on our eBay site, or even use it for our events. We can
                                                              collect donations from you and would be delighted
Local Business Partnership                                    to acknowledge the generosity in any shops PR and
This partnership is designed for those who wish to donate     promotions. You can also join us and make a difference
funds at either our Bronze, Silver or Gold levels. Money      through volunteering – even a few hours makes a
can be raised either through fundraising in the workplace     difference and provides the opportunity to gain valuable
with staff and customers, or by making a donation to          experience in a thriving fun retail environment.
Trinity. A monthly standing order can also be
set up to help reach your target.

• Bronze – £250 (20.83 per month)
• Silver – £500 (41.66 per month)
• Gold – £1,000 (£83.33 per month)
Joining Trinity’s Local Business Partnership
is a fantastic opportunity to reflect your
company’s brand values, target new

                                                                                               happe n
audiences and promote your products
and services.

Sponsorship                                                      Since the 1990s,
Why not sponsor one of our exciting upcoming events or                               the Savills Claph
                                                                and Battersea of                        am, Wandsworth
publications?                                                                       fices have supp
                                                                This year alone,                      orted Trinity.
                                                                                   they are sponso
Trinity always needs financial support in order to host a       the Siena Fashio                      ring two events
                                                                                   n Shows and th                      ;
calendar of exciting events which appeal to a wide variety      Wandsworth Fr                        e prestigious
                                                                                 iends Summer G
of people of all ages and backgrounds. Alternatively,                                                arden Part y.
                                                               Both these even
you could sponsor some of our promotional materials                               ts are incredibly
                                                               are part of Trinity                    successful and
or newsletters. Whatever you choose to sponsor, you                                ’s annual events
                                                               sponsorship from                        calendar. The
can make a real impact on our work and reach a broad                                 Savills each year
                                                               events possible                           makes these
London-based demographic.                                                       , and combined
                                                              Shows and the                        the Siena Fashio
                                                                               Wandsworth Fr                          n
                                                              have raised over                    iends Garden Pa
                                                                                  £300,000 in the                    rties
                                                                                                    last six years.
                                                              “Regular sponso
                                                                                 rship from com
                                                             a mutually bene                       panies creates
                                                                               ficial partnershi
                                                             successful even                      p through
                                                                               ts, impressive fu
                                                             positive associat                     ndraising and
                                                             Sally Bateson, Fu
                                                                                 ndraising Direct
                                                                                                    or, Trinity Hospi
Ways to support us
Setting up a Charity of the Year Fund or supporting
a specific project such as child bereavement or
                                                               Raising money the easy way
sponsoring a nurse, can help motivate staff and                Supporting a local charity makes good business sense.
highlight your company’s achievements throughout               Nothing builds brand loyalty among today’s increasingly
the year.                                                      hard-to-please consumers like a company’s proven
                                                               commitment to a worthy cause in their local area.
Trinity is a local charity with a strong local supporter       Show you are a local business helping local people.
network and widespread local recognition. All our
business partners are unique and support Trinity in a way      Here are some incentives that our local businesses
which fits their company ethos. There are many ways to         have used to help Trinity raise money:
get involved and many levels on which you can support us.      • An estate agent donates £50 to Trinity for every
                                                                 house they sell in our catchment area.
Fundraising ideas for the                                      • A local restaurant has an optional £1 donation
workplace                                                        on their Sunday roasts.

• Get a group together to participate in one of Trinity’s      • A shop has a raffle that runs alongside their collection
  events – The Trinity River Walk or the Golf Day are two        box. For each gold coin donation, the customer is
  great days out to enjoy with your colleagues or clients        entered in the draw to win a prize.
  away from the office.
• Bring staff, clients and customers together for a coffee &   Payroll Giving
  cake morning. A great chance to catch up and to donate       Payroll giving is an easy way to give money to charity.
  proceeds to Trinity.                                         By donating a small amount each month from your pay
                                                               cheque, you are not only helping others, but you are also
• Hold a quiz, shopping evening, pool or “wii” competition,
                                                               giving in a tax efficient way.
  a casino night or a fancy dress day to lift staff morale
  and to raise money for Trinity.                              If 100 employees pledge £10 per month, Trinity will receive
                                                               £12,000 a year. This would sponsor a community nurse for
• Have a ‘wardrobe clearout’ in the office. Encourage your
                                                               three months.
  team to bring clothing or accessories they no longer
  need and swap or sell them in a fun environment with         A higher rate tax payer will get £4 back from this donation,
  a small entry charge donated to Trinity. If everyone         so it only costs them £6 to give at this level.
  completes gift-aid forms this will enable us to claim an
  additional 25% back from HMRC with no additional
  cost to the individual. Any stock not swapped can be
                                                                Employee     Cost to     Cost to     Cost to      Total
  donated to Trinity’s shops.
                                                                pledges      standard    higher      super        donation
                                                                (per         rate        rate        rate         over 3
                                                                month)       taxpayer    taxpayer    taxpayer     years
                                                                £5.00        £4.00       £3.00       £2.00        £180
                                                                £8.00        £6.40       £4.80       £4.00        £288
                                                                £10.00       £8.00       £6.00       £5.00        £360
                                                                £15.00       £12.00      £9.00       £7.50        £540
Every month around 800 people in our
community will find out that they have a
terminal illness. That’s 27 people a day.
Knowing that you have helped your community
is only one of the benefits of supporting Trinity.

Be ne fits of
  suppor  ting Trinity
Tax benefits                                                   Facebook & Twitter
Under the Gift Aid scheme businesses can obtain tax relief     Trinity uses Facebook and Twitter as tools to keep our
when they give money, whether as a one off or a regular        community up to date with all the latest news and events
payment.                                                       happening in the area. We can work with you to help these
                                                               tools work for you.
If you’re self-employed or a partner in a business, you
pay Income Tax as an individual on your business profits.
This means you can take advantage of tax relief on gifts of    A Bespoke Certificate
money to charity that are available to individuals and can     We will present your company with a bespoke certificate
claim them on your Self Assessment tax return.                 for you to display in your premises showing your support
We can also enable your product donations to work harder       for Trinity.
for us, as we can reclaim Gift Aid on the value of the         “Supporting a charity is a great way to boost morale
goods sold at no extra cost to the individual just by asking   and to get staff working together. It can also be a lot
individuals to complete a gift aid declaration.                of fun for everyone involved.”
The HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) website provides               Kate Packheiser, Manager, Northcote Road White
details so read up for more information www.hmrc.gov.uk        Stuff store.

Advertising and PR
                                                                      Donating g
Depending on the level of support and press that your
company prefers, we can work with you to ensure that
your fundraising initiatives receive community exposure
                                                                       Did you know
through e-bulletins, newsletters, websites, local                                       that donatin
                                                                       can be more                     g goods to c
newspapers and magazines.                                                              cost-effective                 harity
                                                                       We work wit                      than writing
                                                                                     h many top n                      it off?
                                                                      provide us th                  ame brands
                                                                                      eir samples                   that
                                                                      terminal stoc                  or end of sea
                                                                                      k. This prove                 son and
                                                                      effective tha                  s to be more
                                                                                     n storage or                    cost-
                                                                     a write-off in                 including the
                                                                                     the balance                     stock as
                                                                     a positive ass                 sheet. It also
                                                                                      ociation with                  creates
                                                                     partner. Oth                     Trinity as a c
                                                                                   er brands hav                      harity
                                                                    we can sell o                   e donated ite
                                                                                    n eBay or use                   ms that
                                                                    lots in auctio                   as raffle prize
                                                                                    ns – this rais                    s and
                                                                   creates a new                   es their profi
                                                                                      audience an                 le and
                                                                   their produc                     d greater reac
                                                                                  ts. In return                       h for
                                                                  we publicise                   we can ensu
                                                                                   their genero                 re that
                                                                  for Trinit y via               sity and sup
                                                                                   our website                  port
                                                                 marketing ca                     and the PR a
                                                                                  mpaigns tha                    nd
                                                                 the year.                       t we run thro
 Ne ed inspiration? ie s
                  ing stor                    ...some fundrais
                                            White Stuff               Aspire
                                         The local White Stuff        Local estate agents, Aspire
                                        branches are well             donate a set amount to
                                        known for coming              Trinity for every sale completed.
                                       up with innovative             This agreement, reviewed
                                       fundraising ideas              every 6 months, has generated
                                      for Trinity which               a total amount of £9,700
                                      engage both staff and           for Trinity.
Whit e Stuf
             f 's pancak             customers. The ‘local
compe tition            e tossing                                     “We are delighted to support Trinity as our chosen
             for Shrove              shops for local people‘
                         Tue sday.                                    charity. You are a wonderful local hospice that gives
                                    raised money through
                                                                      such great help to the community. It is our pleasure to
                                    initiatives such as the
                                                                      be able to help raise funds as we feel strongly about
                                    National ‘Wear a
                                                                      our local area and feel it is important that we give
    Tea Cosy on Your Head Day,’ and a ‘Give a Gnome a
                                                                      something back after successfully trading here for
    Home’ campaign.
                                                                      over 6 years.”
    The branches also hold regular shopping days in which
                                                                      Marc Roberts, Director, Aspire
    10% of all proceeds are donated to Trinity and staff
    members even host wardrobe clearout days.
    The White Stuff Foundation also supports Trinity’s child
                                                                      Give a Car Initiative
    bereavement programme. Since 2006, Trinity has received           Scrapping your car with Giveacar is an easy way to raise
    a total of £26,500 from both the foundation and the local         money for Trinity. Giveacar will collect any car, nationwide
    branches.                                                         for free and either recycle the car to high environmental
                                                                      standards or sell the car at auction. Any profits made from
    We would like to say a big thank you to our local White Stuff     the sale are directed to the charity of your choice.
    branches, the White Stuff Foundation and to all their shoppers.

    Aquum                                                             The next step
                                                                      Trinity’s fundraising team is experienced in setting up and
    Aquum is a local restaurant and bar that opened in Clapham        supporting employee fundraising and Charity of the Year
    in March 2009. They are one of Trinity’s Gold Business            campaigns in large and small companies.
    partners and chose to support by hosting a number of events.
                                                                      We can provide you with support, guidance and
    One of these events included their fabulous Ice White             fundraising materials to help make your activities,
    Party for Aquum staff and customers. The night raised             events and initiatives a success.
    an impressive £1,000, through ticket sales and a raffle.
    Aquum also helped to host Trinity’s staff Christmas party.
                                                                      Contact us
                                                                      Corporate Team, Fundraising Department
                                                                      Trinity Hospice, 30 Clapham Common North Side,
                                                                      London, SW4 0RN
                                                                      Phone: 0207 787 1087
                                                                      Email: business@trinityhospice.org.uk
                                                                      Web: www.trinityhospice.org.uk

                             mpet e in
         Local businesse s co
                              ll.                                     Reg. Charity No. 1013945
         space hopper foot ba

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