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									   NHS LONDON
Workforce Conference
 Talent Management
  26th March 2009

•   Background
•   Our North West model
•   Our story so far
•   Talent Management – our plans
We know that David Nicholson:

• Has ambitious goals for the NHS requiring a
  different kind of leader

• Requires that boards take accountability and
  ownership of talent management and leadership
  in organisations

• Wants all NHS organisations to report on Talent
  and Leadership resilience
We asked NW Chief Executives – „are all NHS NW Board
members aware of the opportunities for development (in
the NW, nationally, internationally)?‟



            2%           5%

             1           2          3            4

        Strongly                             Strongly
                      Agree       Disagree
         agree                               disagree

                 North West Leadership Academy
We asked – „would it be useful to influence development
providers to ensure more bespoke development
opportunities in the NW?‟




            1            2            3              4

         Strongly       Agree                    Strongly
          agree                                  disagree

                 North West Leadership Academy
We asked – „is there clarity about the financial
resources available to support leadership
development across the NW?‟


           2%            2%

           1              2          3             4

        Strongly                              Strongly
         agree                    Disagree    disagree

                   North West Leadership Academy
Therefore, we established a North
West Leadership Academy
 Key Features:
• „Actively‟ hosted by a NW NHS organisation

• Chaired by a NW CEO

• Governed by a Board with elected members representing key

• Supported by a dedicated team

• Funded by membership levies and SHA funding

• Largely a „commissioning only‟ organisation

• Responding directly to member priorities
    Our North West Members‟ Priorities
•    Board Development
•    Senior Leader Development
•    Clinical Leadership Development
•    Development Talent Pipeline

    Our Tone & Style
•    Run for members by members
•    Encourage formal and informal links across NW NHS
• Generating an „esprit de corps‟ among NW NHS leaders
• Celebrating & recognising good leadership
Our Model of Governance

   Strategy                        Accountability
                  Academy Board
                                                                 • Membership:
                   (NWA Board)


                                                                 • Representing
NHS North West
                  The Academy
                                          organisations            patches
                                                                 • CEOs
                                                                 • NEDs
                  NHS leaders in
                                                                 • Clinicians
    Performance                         Delivery
                                                                 • SHA

Our Current programmes and
Programme delegates:                  Successes:

17 Aspirant Public Health Directors   Annual Awards – including
45 Executive Stretches                achievement awards and bursary
86 Aspirant Directors                 awards
16 Aspirant CEOs (3 now CEOs)
50 BME Managers on Programmes         Nationally recognised as a model of
130 Managers on Programmes            best practice
126 Executive Coaches (11 of which
   are CEOs)                          Executive Coaching Scheme
63 places for HR Directors on
   diagnostic and discovery events    Executive mentoring Scheme
440 NEDs undertaking development
120 places on 3 day NED programme     Published „Placing ladders –
300 Delegates on regional, national   Harnessing Leadership Potential‟
   and international master classes
Talent Management - We asked ‘what are our
Organisation and Employer priorities?’

• What does the business need of its people?
• Where are your talent pipelines?
• What are your key roles?
• How will you identify your talent?
• How will you develop the talent?
• What performance management measures are
  in place?
• How will you track your talent?
• What is your Board‟s resilience?
• Do you have a succession plan?
Talent Management – our response
• The DH guidance „Inspiring leadership for
  quality‟ has been launched

• NW response ratified by NHS NW board last
  week- ‘Leadership with Purpose’

• Offered coaches for all CEO and Chairs to work
  through Talent Management and Board
  resilience plans

• Offered coaches to support the identification of
  personal development requirements for 2009/10
Succession Planning and Board

• Identify key posts from strategic and workforce

• Understanding of the risk associated with key
  posts and movement within them

• Understanding using “talent spotting” criteria,
  those ready; nearly ready; ready with
  development, to step up and the associated
  consequences of the vacancies they create
Talent identification – How to….

• Identify key areas relating to the organisation‟s
  strategic workforce plans, who are the identified
  staff, what have they got, what do they need?
• Have they got the talent?
• „X Factor‟:
           » Ambition
           » Competence
           » Potential to progress
                                                  Not equal in all
                                                       of us
                                                 (as some suggest)

                               What I can become through
           What I want to do


                                                            Speed of
What employers         What I do now
  want / buy
Caveats / pre-requisites to talent
•We need to ensure objectivity and press for evidence, verification or

•Talent identification does not mean favouritism or by-passing standard
recruitment processes

•We must ensure processes are not breaching employment legislation by
giving greater opportunity to those they (subjectively) view as talented.

• Talent identification does mean tracking (with permission), access to
newsletters, master classes, and participation in a pool of talent that MAY
support promotion through exposure and visibility

•We need to acknowledge subjectivity and highlighting risks of cloning and
favourites and perpetuating solutions that have worked in the past, we need to
encourage, support and challenge thinking to include some of the high
achieving mavericks who have provided new challenge and diverse thinking for
• TalentStudio is the strategic talent management
  software produced by TalentScope
• Functions include
  – Capture and presentation of succession & career
    planning information
  – Provide organisation wide knowledge of critical
    workforce information
  – Allow (NW) organisations to
     • access, sort and analyse human capital information
     • Strategically plan & manage their workforce
• The benefits of TalentStudio include:
  – Improved use of existing resources
  – Employee development and assignment
  – Senior employee retention, and senior
    employee development
  – Enhanced access to individuals ready for
  – Enable the Academy to respond to key risk
System support - responsibility for
steering and driving the leadership

• National Leadership Council
• Regional Strategic Health Authorities
• In our case – NW NHS Leadership
• Each NHS organisation
• Individuals themselves
                Questions to ask?
What direction will the
  Leadership Council provide –
  National Talent Management
  and Leadership Plan?
What is my Region doing
  collectively in relation to the
  agenda – SHA or Regional
  Academy – NW Regional TM
  and L Plan?
What do I need to do within my
  own organisation to develop
  systems for Talent
  Management and Leadership
What can I as an individual do to
  develop my own leadership
  skills and identify my career
  aspirations and necessary
Summary – we started by asking
the questions…..
• What does the business need of its people and what
  therefore are the key roles?
• Where are your talent pipelines?
• How will you identify your talent?
• How will you develop the talent?
• What performance management measures are in place?
• How will you track your talent?
• Succession planning

 website in place www.nwacademy.nhs.uk
Any questions?

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