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					                            Melrose Veterans Memorial
                                  Middle School                                             Thomas L. Brow, Jr.
                            2002 Massachusetts Department of Education – Compass School     Principal
                              2007 Massachusetts Technology Collaborative – Green School
                             2008 New England League of Middle Schools – Spotlight School

                                 350 Lynn Fells Parkway
                               Melrose, Massachusetts 02176
                                        Main # 781-462-3101
                                         Fax # 781-979-2104

                              Summary – May 16, 2011, No. 6
1. The Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School Vex Robotics Club won the ―Middle School
    Programming Award‖ at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Vex Robotics World 2011
    Championship in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, April 16, 2011. The following students are
    members of the Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School VEX Robotics Club: Colin H., 8A,
    Joe V., 8A, Matthew M., 8B, Abraham Z., 8B, and Kyle Y., 8A. The MVMMS Team went to
    the world championship tournament after recently becoming the Massachusetts Middle School
    Tournament Champions. This team excels in many areas and is a shining example of
    dedication, devotion, hard work, and teamwork. A strong contender in numerous award
    categories, this team deserves to be recognized for their accomplishments, building a robot and
    building a team committed to quality in everything they do. For more information about the
    MVMMS VEX Robotics Team, contact Mr. Hegarty at
    Congratulations to the entire MVMMS Robotics Team!

2. Lauryn Verderosa, Program Coordinator for MATHCOUNTS, sent the Melrose Veterans
    Memorial Middle School MATHCOUNTS Team a 2010-2011 Gold Level Banner on May 11,
    2011. The Banner will be proudly displayed in the lobby of Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle
    School. The MVMMS MATHCOUNTS Team achieved Gold Level Status this year; this is
    truly a fantastic achievement. Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School is now listed as a
    Gold Level School on the MATHCOUNTS website. MATHCOUNTS is sponsored by the
    Raytheon Company, the National Defense Education Program, the Northrop Grumman
    Foundation, the National Society of Professional Engineers, the CNA Foundation, ThinkFun,
    the Texas Instruments Corporation, and the 3M Company. To secure America's global
    competitiveness, MATHCOUNTS inspires excellence, confidence and curiosity in U.S. middle
    school students through fun and challenging math programs. With the generous support of all
    MATHCOUNTS sponsors and volunteers, and leadership of the National Society of
    Professional Engineers at the local and state levels, MATHCOUNTS is providing today’s
    students with the foundation for success in science, technology, engineering and mathematics
    careers. For more information, contact Mrs. Fowler, MVMMS MATHCOUNTS co-advisor, at or Ms. Pereira, MVMMS MATHCOUNTS co-advisor, at Great job MVMMS MATHCOUNTS Team!

3. The Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School Eighth Grade Yearbook Club produced and sold
    MVMMS 2011 Eighth Grade Yearbooks. The yearbook features only eighth grade students in
    the Class of 2015. It will be distributed to eighth grade students in June on the day of their end-
    of-the-year BBQ celebration. Students will then have an opportunity to sign their classmate's
    yearbooks. The cost of the yearbook is $20.00. You can pay with cash or check made out to
    "Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School." Please write 'yearbook' in the memo line. For

Middle School Students Acquiring Knowledge, Developing Skills and Positive Personal Qualities…
     more information contact Mrs. Means, MVMMS Yearbook Club Advisor, at

4. Ms. Meg Tabacsko, Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) Manager of Education
    Program, has announced that the following three Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School
    eighth grade students are being recognized for their essays in the MWRA's 2010-2011 Writing
    Contest: Maggie C., 8B, Olivia I., 8B, and Olivia R., 8B. The MWRA received 650 entries in
    three categories, and it was a very difficult task selecting just seven winners in each category.
    The three Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School students were recognized for their hard
    work and writing talent. They will receive congratulatory letters and certificates for making it to
    the final judging session. For more information about the contest, contact Ms. Meg Tabacsko at

5. A group of ten Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School students completed a community
    service project by participating in Project Bread's Walk for Hunger on Sunday, May 1, 2011.
    The sixth grade group of students raised $2,638.00 to put food on the tables of people who are
    hungry. The Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School students who completed the ten mile
    walk from Boston Common to Newton are: Jenna S., 6A; Maddie J., 6A; Maddison M., 6C;
    Lea B., 6C; Anastasia K.,, 6A; Michaela S., 6A; Olivia R., 6A; Josie C., 6A; Isabel B., 6A;
    and Alva R., 6A. Through Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger, the oldest continual pledge walk
    in the country, millions of dollars each year have been provided in privately donated funds to
    more than 400 emergency food programs in 130 communities statewide. Project Bread also
    champion programs that provide food to families in neighborhood settings such as schools,
    after-school programs, summer programs, community health centers, hospitals, and elder home
    care facilities — making hunger relief a normal part of their day. Great job girls! For more
    information about community service and/or Project Bread, contact Mrs. Dubiel, sixth grade
    guidance counselor, at

6. On April 14, 2011, Principal Brow met with the following sixth grade students who received ―All
   A’s‖ on the second trimester report card: Steven A., 6C, Nicolette A., 6C, Lea B., 6C, Isabel B.,
   6A, Isaiah B., 6B, Holly B., 6C, Ryan B., 6A, Jacob B., 6C, John B., 6A, Devin C., 6A, Tess
   C., 6A, Nicholas C., 6A, Molly C., 6C, Lucie C., 6C, Joseph C., 6C, Victoria C., 6B, Justin C.,
   6B, Nicole D., 6C, Jenna D., 6A, Cedric D., 6C, Colleen D., 6B, Emily D., 6C, Colleen D., 6A,
   Kevin D., 6A, Michaela F., 6C, Samantha F., 6A, Isabella F., 6B, Rachel F., 6C, Gerard F.,
   6B, Daniella F., 6A, Erik H., 6C, Gregory H., 6A, Teagan I., 6C, Shannon J., 6B, Jakob K.,
   6B, Kaitlyn M., 6A, Tess M., 6B, Jackson M., 6A, Gregory M., 6C, Gabrielle M., 6C, Haley
   M., 6B, Julia M., 6C, Rose M., 6A, Chloe M., 6C, James M., 6B, Keith M., 6C, Anne M., 6C,
   Courtney M., 6A, Taylor N., 6B, Isaac P., 6C, Samantha P., 6B, Michael P., 6C, Camryn P.,
   6A, Rachel P., 6C, Isabella R., 6C, Michael R., 6A, Alva R., 6A, Lily R., 6A, Olivia S., 6A,
   Jenna S., 6A, Jacquelyn S., 6C, Maria S., 6A, Christopher S., 6A, Ryan S., 6C, Elizabeth S.,
   6B, Nathaniel S., 6C, Marie Arlene S., 6B, Samantha S., 6C, Taon V., 6B, Ethan W., 6C,
   Kevin W., 6B, and Olivia Z., 6C. Congratulations!

7. On April 14, 2011, Principal Brow met with the following seventh grade students who received
   ―All A’s‖ on the second trimester report card: Alexander B., 7A, Timothy B., 7B, Thomas C.,
   7A, Andrew C., 7C, Madeleine C., 7B, Nikolas C., 7A, Marissa C., 7C, Lauren C., 7B,
   Meghan C., 7B, Hollis C., 7A, Julia C., 7A, Emily D., 7C, Benjamin F., 7A, Andrew F., 7B,
   Jay F., 7B, Alyssa G., 7C, Elizabeth H., 7B, Justin H., 7A, Olivia I., 7A, Edward K., 7A,
   Olivia L., 7C, Miranda L., 7A, Nicholas M., 7C, Alexandra M., 7A, Ameer N., 7C, Derek P.,
   7C, Avash P., 7C, Kylie P., 7C, Aidan S., 7A, Maya T., 7C, Joseph T., 7C, Alexandra V., 7C,
   Hannah W., 7A, Emma W., 7B, Asha W., 7A, and Cameron Z., 7A. Congratulations!

8. On April 14, 2011, Principal Brow met with the following eighth grade students who received
   ―All A’s‖ on the second trimester report card: Brianna A., 8A, Amy B., 8A, William C., 8B,
   Margaret C., 8B, Melanie C., 8A, Stephanie C., 8B, Christopher D., 8B, Claire D., 8B, Claire
   H., 8B, Colin H., 8A, Amelia J., 8A, Jenna L., 8B, Amanda L., 8B, Duncan L., 8B, Zheng L.,
   8A, Keith L., 8C, Madeline M., 8A, Emily M., 8A, Allison M., 8B, Rebecca M., 8C, Lauren
   P., 8B, Olivia P., 8C, Elizabeth R., 8A, Daisy R., 8C, Amanda S., 8B, Jennifer Rose S., 8B,
   Anna S., 8A, Jack S., 8A, Kathleen S., 8A, Ian S., 8A, Isabella T., 8B, Lily T., 8A, Joseph V.,
   8A, Anastacia W., 8C, Gregory W., 8B, Liya W., 8C, Kyle Y., 8A, Samantha Y., 8A, and
   Abraham Z., 8B. Congratulations!

9. The Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School Eighth Grade Destination Imagination Team
    performed the D.I. Dynamic Networks Project Outreach Challenge at the State Tournament at
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester on Saturday, March 26, 2011. The
    following six students: Jenna L., 8B, Julianna F., 8A, Hannah S., 8A, Olivia T., 8B, Lauren
    P., 8B, and Jennifer Rose S., 8B not only performed well, but they received a 98.5% score on
    the Instant Challenge. As a result of their total outstanding score, the team has qualified to
    participate in the D.I. Global Championship Tournament in Knoxville Tennessee on May 25-28,
    2011! As a community service requirement of their Destination Imagination challenge, the
    students have been presenting the concept of student-designed skits showcasing positive
    outcomes to various elementary school behaviors. Their skits focus on respect, trust, friendship,
    kindness, and good decision making. The goal is to help support a positive school environment.
    Jenna proudly stated, ―The team is focusing on the gray areas before actions are considered
    bullying by teaching young students about the importance of kindness. If unkind acts are
    stopped at a young age, bullying can be prevented.‖ In addition to going to Knoxville,
    Tennessee for the championship, the students performed their skits at the Winthrop School on
    March 16, 2011, the Lincoln School on March 18, 2011, the Horace Mann School on April 4,
    2011, the Roosevelt School on April 5, 2011, and the Hoover School on April 11, 2011. The
    team is also fund raising for the ―Make-a-Wish Foundation‖ and for their trip to Tennessee. For
    more information contact: Ms. Patricia Laidley at Good luck to the
    DI Team!

10. The following four Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School students initiated a tasteful
     community service project last week: Rachel F., 6B, Chloe S., 6B, Victoria C., 6B and
     Elizabeth S., 6B. The students baked brownies, cookies, and other baked goods and sold them
     after school in their science classroom. Students purchased a ticket that could be exchanged for
     a treat. The girls raised $208.00 that they donated to the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) on
     May 3, 2011. WWF's mission is the conservation of nature. Using the best available scientific
     knowledge and advancing that knowledge where the WWF can, they work to preserve the
     diversity and abundance of life on Earth and the health of ecological systems by 1) protecting
     natural areas and wild populations of plants and animals, including endangered species; 2)
     promoting sustainable approaches to the use of renewable natural resources; and 3) promoting
     more efficient use of resources and energy and the maximum reduction of pollution. The WWF
     is committed to reversing the degradation of our planet's natural environment and to building a
     future in which human needs are met in harmony with nature. The WWF recognizes the critical
     relevance of human numbers, poverty and consumption patterns to meeting these goals. The
     MVMMS WWF bake sale was a big success! For more information contact Ms. Parker, Team
     6B science teacher, at

11. All Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School seventh grade students had their vision and
     hearing tested in the project rooms on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 by Melrose Bridge Volunteers
     under the supervision of Mrs. Emily Rubenstein and Mrs. Barbara Durney, R.N. All students
     are reminded to bring any eyeglasses to school. For more information contact Nurse Durney at A special thank you to the Bridge Volunteers!

12. A group of twenty-five, sixth grade Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School students in Mr.
     Muldoon’s Team 6A geography class ate lunch in their classroom with the chief executive of
     The City of Melrose on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. The students met with Mayor Rob
     Dolan. Their civic lesson involved the structure of local government and the History of
     Melrose. Mr. Muldoon recently learned that a student in his class had won the coveted ―Lunch
     with the Mayor‖ contest and the rest is history. The students developed thoughtful civic
     questions in class for their visit with the Mayor. After a civic discussion, the students had a
     pizza lunch with Mayor Dolan. Congratulations to Mr. Muldoon and his students, and a special
     thank you to Mayor Dolan for sponsoring the event. For more information, contact Mr.
     Muldoon at

13. Mrs. Keefe, Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School health teacher, along with forty-five other
     professionals from across the state, have been working throughout the year to rewrite, revise,
     and update the Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Curriculum Framework. This is the first
     stage of a multi-year Massachusetts Department of Secondary and Elementary Education project
     that is being done to improve health education in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. All
     students and teachers will benefit from this health curriculum project. We are very proud that
     Mrs. Keefe and the other professionals are undertaking this curriculum endeavor. For more
     information about health education and the new curriculum, contact Mrs. Keefe at

14. The annual Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School Sixth Grade Line Dance-Off was held on
     Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 11:30 a.m. in the gymnasium. All students on Team 6A, Team 6B,
     and Team 6C performed team line dances. That's right; 285 sixth grade students demonstrated
     the line dances that they learned in their physical education classes taught by Ms. Reardon with
     assistance by Mr. Kent and Mirasolo. The students did the Cotton Eyed Joe, Electric Slide,
     Achy Breaky Heart, and/or other top line dances. There was even a special guest appearance by
     the MVMMS Faculty Line Dancers. Each team was judged on 1) synchronization, 2) rhythm,
     and 3) enthusiasm. The first-place team earned 100 points. The second-place team earned 75
     points, and the third-place team earned 50 points. The points will be added to their current team
     points in the race for the coveted end-of-the-year Guidance Trophy. The perennial trophy is
     awarded to the team that earns the most points in the school year. For more information, contact
     Ms. Reardon at

15. Melrose High School is presenting Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical ―The King and I” on May
     12, 13 and 14 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, May 15th at 2:00 p.m. in the auditorium. The following
     twenty-six Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School students are in the cast: Abraham Z.,
     8B, (Captain Ortiz); Brendan T., 7C, (Louis: Thursday); Keith M., 6C, (Louis: Friday);
     Harrison C., 7B (Louis: Saturday); Casey A., 8A, Amy B., 8A, Madison C., 8A, Lauren C.,
     8B, Madeline M., 8A, Jennifer S., 8B, Samantha S., 6C, Lily T., 8A, and Melissa W., 8C
     (wives); Katie A., 6C, Natalie B., 7A, Alison B., 6C, Emily D., 7B, Daniel O., 6B, and Maria
     T., 6A (children); Kaylan B., 6B, Olivia J., 8C (dancers); Kaleigh M., 8A (flower girl); Brian
     S., 8B, Olivia R., 8B, and Shaylyn M., 8C (stage managers) and Jack E., 8A (lighting). The
     musical is directed by Mr. Ron Chibaro; he is assisted by Ms. Kristen McEntee, music director,
     Ms. Christina Kappel, choreographer, Mrs. Kim Piper, accompanist, and Mr. David McCall,
     technical director. Don't miss this one; it will be a spectacular musical presentation! For more
     information contact Ron Chibaro at

16. Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School students in Mr. Greer's sixth grade Technology
     Education classes earned seven of the top ten spots in the 2011 Massachusetts version of the
     West Point Bridge Design Contest. The seven Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School
     technology bridge-building teams were registered in the under 13 years of age division, and they
     dominated! The teams designed a virtual bridge in their technology education class that had the
     lowest cost yet while successfully following the design criteria. The seven Melrose Veterans
     Memorial Middle School Technology Teams are invited to the Awards Banquet to accept
     awards and recognition from the Boston Society of Civil Engineers. The Melrose Veterans
     Memorial Middle School Technology Team members include: Sam S., 6B; Ryan S., 6C; Chloe
     S., 6B; Victoria C., 6B; Molly C., 6C; Daniel O., 6B; Rose M., 6A; Brianna J., 6C; Rachel
     M., 6B; and Mary Jean S., 6C. The Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School technology
     education classes have done an excellent job acquiring technology, design and engineering
     skills. Congratulations to Mr. Greer and to all the technology engineering students. For more
     information, contact Mr. Greer, MVMMS technology education teacher at

17. The Thirteenth Annual Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School Author-in-Residence Program
     (formerly Writer’s Week) kicked off with the recent announcement by Maggie Moore Abdow,
     Educational Director for the Underground Railroad Theater, that many students in the eighth
     grade and sixth grade will be able to participate in the Page-to-Stage Program thanks, in part, to a
     grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s STAR Residencies Grant. Thank you Mrs.
     Moore Abdow! On January 26, 2011, the sixth grade students met with Jack Gantos, author of
     Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key, as part of the Thirteenth Annual Melrose Veterans Memorial
     Middle School Author-in-Residence Program. On January 25, 2011, all students in grades six,
     seven and eight attended a presentation by Gareth Hinds, a renowned illustrator and graphic
     novelist, who spoke about his experiences in video game design and publishing, and
     demonstrated his drawing techniques.

18. Ms. Sharon Shaloo, Executive Director of Massachusetts Center for the Book, has announced that
     Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School student Greg M., 6B, is a semi-finalist in the
     Massachusetts Letters About Literature 2011 program. This year, nearly 4,300 students from
     Massachusetts wrote wonderful letters about books that made an impact on them. Judges read
     each letter with great interest and from those 4,300 entries developed a group of semi-finalists
     that represented the top five percent of letters written in our Commonwealth this year. Those
     semi-finalists were then read by a new panel of judges and from them emerged the students who
     were named Honorable Mentions and those that will receive Honors or Top Honors
     commendations at the State House. Ms. Sharon Shaloo would like to let all the MVMMS
     students who participated in the program know that their letters were read with great interest.
     Asking young readers to evaluate their stake in books and reading is an important foundation for
     lifelong reading, and she cannot thank MVMMS enough for joining with the program in its effort
     to encourage students to think about books beyond the classroom and into their future. For more
     information contact Mrs. Colgan, Team 6B English teacher at

19. Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School students in Ms. Dwyer’s English class had a special
     pizza lunch celebration with members of the Boston College Football Team on April 11, 2011.
     This activity was the culminating event of their yearlong ―MVMMS-Boston College Pen Pal‖
     program; a tradition that has always brought excitement to Ms. Dwyer’s English class. It seems
     like yesterday that Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan, now a starting franchise NFL
     quarterback with the Atlanta Falcons, was eating lunch with MVMMS students as part of the
     pen-pal program. The students have been practicing their writing skills by corresponding via
     email with members of the Boston College Football Team. Each student adopted a member of
     the team as a pen pal. The collegiate players enjoyed writing back and forth throughout the
     season with their middle school pen pals. Rumor has it that there was even a poster made by
     MVMMS students that was proudly displayed in the Boston College Athletic Complex. We
     enjoyed seeing the Boston College Football Players in Ms. Dwyer’s classroom. A special thank
     you to Ms. Dwyer and to all the pen pals who participated!

20. The annual Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School Sixth Grade Spelling Bee was held on
     Monday, April 25, 2011 at 11:36 a.m. in the auditorium. Students from Team 6A, Team 6B, and
     Team 6C did their best to correctly spell words that are selected randomly. Mr. Whittier, Team
     6C English language arts teacher and team leader, moderated the event. This year’s Spelling
     Bee Champion (First Place) was John O., 6B; he earned 100 points for Team 6B. The second
     place winner was Patrick W., 6C; he earned 75 points for his team. The third place winner was
     Anastasia K., 6A; she earned 50 points for her team. These points were added to the current
     team points in the race for the coveted end-of-the-year Guidance Trophy. A special spelling bee
     trophy was also awarded to the winning team. Spelling Bees have a long history in the United

21. Guess who ran the 2011 Boston Marathon? Well if you are a sixth grade student you know at
     least one person. Mrs. Laura Dubiel, Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School sixth-grade
     guidance counselor, ran the 2011 Boston Marathon. Her time was 4:47:48. She stated that the
     course was very difficult this year as the sun made her dehydrated. How difficult is the 26.2
     mile course? John Kellogg comments, ―Well, despite the net elevation loss of 450 feet, the
     terrain includes so many progressively-taxing, rhythm-breaking ups and grueling, quad-blasting
     downs in the second half that the virtually constant downhill in the first several miles -
     unrecognizable as "pounding" at the time - is actually considered by many runners to be a wolf
     in sheep's clothing, exacerbating the distress that comes later. Plenty of discomfort - along with
     probable glycogen depletion and possible cramping and hobbling - awaits the runners who are
     unprepared (or unsuited) for the terrain or who let the seemingly easy going in the early miles
     fool them into thinking it couldn't hurt to bank some extra time. Any of the dream-thwarting
     problems a normal marathon can spring on a runner in the latter stages are sharply magnified at
     Boston. The unique layout seeks out and tests every aspect of course-specific preparation,
     execution and determination, and its exacting nature unquestionably outweighs the large
     elevation drop. Boston presents a demanding course for those who get it right, a nightmare for
     those who get it wrong.‖ Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School congratulates Mrs. Dubiel
     and all the marathon runners for their accomplishment! For more information about the feat,
     contact Mrs. Dubiel at

22. Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School student Daisy R., 8C, won the New England Braille
     Challenge in the middle school division. Daisy is one of three students from Massachusetts who
     will attend the Braille Challenge Championship in Los Angeles, California. The Braille
     Challenge consists of testing in the following four categories: 1) Proficiency in Literary Braille
     Skills, 2) Reading Comprehension, 3) Interpreting Charts and Maps, and 4) Speed and Accuracy
     in Braille Writing and Proof Reading. The thing that makes her accomplishment so impressive
     is that Daisy's score was compared to all students in the Junior Varsity Group in the U.S. and
     Canada. They only take 12 students from each of the five groups. There were 850 students who
     competed in the various groups. A total of 60 students from the U.S. and Canada will compete
     in the finals on June 25, 2011. In the five years Daisy has competed, she won the Regional
     Challenge four times and competed in California three previous times. This will be her fourth
     trip to California. Congratulations and good luck Daisy!

23. All Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School students will receive their Mid-Trimester 3
     Progress Reports on Friday, May 13, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. in their respective team area. The
     students will receive a letter grade indicating how well they are doing in each of the courses at
     the mid-trimester point. Inquires about the sixth grade Mid-Trimester 3 Progress Reports can be
     directed to Mrs. Dubiel, sixth grade guidance counselor, at Inquires
     about the seventh grade Mid-Trimester 3 Progress Reports can be directed to Ms. Barron,
     seventh grade guidance counselor, at Inquires about the eighth
     grade Mid-Trimester 3 Progress Reports can be directed to Mrs. Peterson, eighth grade guidance
     counselor, at

24. The annual Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School seventh and eighth grade Volleyball
     Championship Games was played on Friday, May 13, 2011 in the gymnasium. The
     championship games were the culminating event for the volleyball unit in the physical education
     classes taught be Ms. Reardon, Mr. Kent, and Mr. Mirasolo. The students played the
     championship game in front of their peers after lunch in lieu of outdoor recess. In the seventh
     grade, it is the Mustangs vs. Jaguars. The Mustangs were led by Alison B., 7B; Alex D., 7B;
     Maddie Z., 7A; Owen V., 7A; Sophia S., 7B; Brendan T., 7C; Siobhan N., 7B; and Danny
     D., 7C. The Jaguars were led by Jesse C., 7C; Abby M., 7B; Kyleigh M., 7B; Christian H.,
     7B; Alyssa G., 7C; Justin M., 7B; Noreen S., 7C; Vien P., 7C; Sean C., 7C; and Aislynn
     Richardson, 7C. The first serve for the seventh grade game was at 11:45 a.m. In the eighth
     grade, it is the Long Stretch Limos vs. Chrysler Town and Countries. The Long Stretch Limos
     were led by MacKenzie M., 8A; Dgybert J., 8A; Ian S., 8A; Anna S., 8A; Olivia T., 8B;
     Kayla C., 8A; Megan M., 8B; Serena R., 8C; Amy N., 8C; and Nate H., 8B. The Chrysler
     Town and Countries were led by Justin A., 8B; Samantha M., 8C; Ryan W., 8B; Tiffany A.,
     8B; Olivia P., 8C; and Lucas F., 8A. The first serve for the eighth grade game was at 12:10
     p.m. Everyone in the gymnasium enjoyed all the serves, bumps, sets, passes, and spikes.
     Congratulations to each team in the tournament! For more information, contact Ms. Reardon at

25. The annual Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School 2011 Eighth Grade Coed Homerun
     Wiffleball Tournament is being held this spring during lunch recess. This is a single-
     elimination wiffleball tournament. Batters from Team 8A, Team 8B, and Team 8C are
     competing in the tournament and earn points toward the coveted end-of-the-year Principal's
     Trophy. This year, 104 batters are competing in the tournament. The final round will be held in
     a miniature Fenway Park on the campus. The tournament is open to all eighth grade students
     and their teachers.

26. Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School seventh and eighth grade students participated in a
     Youth Risk Behavior Survey in cooperation with the Massachusetts Department of Education
     and Public Health, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). A slightly
     different form of the survey was also given to high school students. The purpose is to gather
     information about risky behaviors that may lead to illness, injury, and death among young
     people and adults in Massachusetts. The information collected may help to drive prevention
     programs for young people aimed at reducing risky behaviors. The survey is a paper and pencil
     test that takes about one class period to complete. Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School
     seventh and eighth grade students took the test on April 27-28, 2011. Parents had the option of
     having their child not take the survey by completing the Opt Out Form and returning it to the
     Main Office on or before Wednesday, April 20, 2011. For more information about the Youth
     Risk Behavior Survey, contact Ms. Muxie, Melrose Curriculum Director, at

27. There are currently several intramural activities and clubs at Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle
     School. They are: Ballroom Dancing (Ms. Langway), Monday; Band Gig Club (Mr.
     DelVecchio), Monday; Drama Club, ―Treasure Island,‖ (Mr. Bueno), Monday; Robotic Vex
     Club (Mr. Hegarty), Monday and Thursday; Art Club (Mrs. Phillips), Tuesday; Newspaper Club
     (Mrs. Means), Tuesday; Robotic Lego Club (Mrs. Gustafson and Ms. Prouty), Tuesday; Project
     Citizen Club (Mr. O’Connell) Wednesday; Acts of Kindness A.O.K Club (Mrs. Warren),
     Thursday; MathCounts (Ms. Pereira and Mrs. Fowler), Monday; Math Team (Ms. Pereira and
     Mrs. Fowler), Tuesday; Intramural Basketball (Mr. Blaus and Mr. D’Antonio), Thursday;
     ―Scratch‖ Club (Mrs. Arnold), Friday; Skills Plus Program (Mr. Muldoon), Monday,
     Wednesday, Thursday; Weight Lifting and Fitness (Mr. Fogarty), Monday-Friday; Broadcast
     Club (Mr. Muldoon), Monday-Friday; and the Library Club (Mrs. Arnold) Monday-Friday. For
     more information, contact Mrs. Dubiel, Intramural Director, at 781-462-3106.

28. The eighth Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School faculty meeting was held on April 13,
     2011. First, Jim Flynn discussed a City of Melrose life insurance option for employees. Later,
     Jenn Kelly, Director of the Melrose Substance Abuse Coalition Council, explained her new role.
     This was followed by the presentation of the Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School
     ―Educator’s Award (2007-2011)‖ to Mrs. Lisa Dooley, French teacher. This award is presented
     monthly by the faculty to individuals for their dedication to the students at Melrose Veterans
     Memorial Middle School. Past recipients of the ―Educator’s Award‖ include: Mr. Bert
     Whittier, Mrs. Kristen Bracey, Mr. Jerry Greer, Mrs. Jennifer Myette, Ms. Maureen
     Walsh, Mrs. Wendy Warren, Ms. Mamie Reardon, Mrs. Barbara Harrington, Mr.
     Morgan Crooks, Ms. Lisa Waldron, Mrs. Linda Gould, Ms. Heather Fabiano, Mrs. Leslie
     Means, Ms. Kristen Osgood, Mr. Kevin Allison, Ms. Joanne Leisk, Mrs. Susan Cochran,
     Mrs. Paula Meegan, Mrs. Jean Keefe, Mr. Brent Bueno, Ms. Cheryl Trevisani, Mrs.
     Suzanne Corbett, Mrs. Jodi Miles, Mrs. Sharon Iagulli, Mrs. Wendy Arnold, Mrs.
     Elizabeth Phillips, Mr. Marty Stanton, Mrs. Dana Fowler, Mrs. Nina McGrath, Mrs.
     Mary Lou Ruggiero and Ms. Laurie Pereira. The faculty meeting concluded after a
     discussion about teaching and learning, old business and new business. The next faculty
     meeting is scheduled for May 13, 2011.

29. The Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School ―Campus Awards (2005-2007)‖ were presented
     by the faculty to individuals for their dedication to the students at Melrose Veterans Memorial
     Middle School while the school was located on three campuses during the construction of the
     new middle school. Past recipients of the ―Campus Awards‖ include: Mrs. Ahern, Mr.
     Clinard, Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Wolfman, Mr. Mateus, Mr. Aylward, Mrs. Orcutt, Mrs.
     Corbett, Mr. Allison, Mr. Whittier, Ms. Dwyer, Mrs. Mayo, Mrs. Naslas, Mrs. Arnold, Mr.
     McCarthy, Mrs. Dylengoski, Mr. Hurley, M.P.D., Ms. Parker, Mrs. Mancini, Ms. Leisk,
     Ms. Corkum, Ms. McCarthy, Mrs. Silvestri, Dr. Smith, Mr. Babigian, Mr. Stanton, Mr.
     Miner, Ms. Osgood, Ms. Prouty, Mrs. Baline, Mrs. Peterson, Mr. Dooner, Mr. Federico,
     Mr. Greer, Mrs. Dubiel, Mrs. Myette, Mr. D’Antonio, and Mrs. Passarella-Brandao.

30. The Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School ―Apple Award (1999-2005)‖ was given by the
     faculty to individuals for their dedication to the students at Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle
     School. Past recipients of the ―Apple Award‖ include: Mr. Kenneth Mitchell, Mr. Robert
     Holden, Ms. Mamie Reardon, Mrs. Esther Sullivan, Ms. Kathryn Tuck, Ms. Joanne Leisk,
     Ms. Judy Grace, Mrs. Trudy Dooner, Mrs. Voula Connors, Mrs. Jayne Morgan, Mr.
     Marty Stanton, Ms. Sheila Striar, Mrs. Susan Wales, Mrs. Helen Overlan, Ms. Judy
     McCarthy, Dr. Susan Smith, Mrs. Elaine Mead, Mr. Ross Nelson, Mr. Gerry Greer, Mrs.
     Helen Fennell, Ms. Marianne Dwyer, Mr. Stephen Clinard, Mrs. Jane Martin, Mr. Doug
     Haller, Mrs. June Murphy, Mrs. Elena Orcutt, Mrs. Lisa Jendrysik, Mr. Thomas Pennell,
     Mr. James Dooner, Mr. Thomas Brow, Mrs. Laura Dubiel, Mrs. Deborah O’Connor, Mrs.
     Barbara Durney, R.N., Mrs. Lisa Dooley, Mr. Tim Hurley, Ms. Aimee McCarthy, Mrs.
     Gale Babin, Mrs. Eileene Stergiou, Mr. David Pignone, Mrs. Beverly Kirby, Mr. Thomas
     McCarthy, Mrs. Anne Ahern, Mrs. Marie Cahalane, Mrs. Cheryl Luongo, Mrs. Susan
     Cochran, Mr. John McLaughlin, Mr. Randy Barnes, Ms. Jessica Shute, Ms. Karen
     Parker, Mrs. Marian Knight, Mrs. Julia Anderson, Mrs. Linda Gould, Ms. Christina
     Fabiano, Mrs. Sarah Haney, Mr. Sean Miner, and Mrs. Mary Wolfman. Congratulations to
     the recipients. For more information about the ―Apple Award,‖ see Principal Brow.

31. The current standings in the race for the three grade-level Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle
     School Team Trophies are as follows: Grade Six: 6A – 726 points, 6B – 605 points, 6C - 540
     points. Grade Seven: 7A – 383 points, 7B – 297 points, 7C - 533 points. Grade Eight: 8A –
     311 points, 8B – 352 points, 8C -355 points. Each Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School
     Team will have many opportunities during the 2010-2011 school year to win points toward the
     Sixth Grade Guidance Trophy, the Seventh Grade Vice Principal’s Trophy, or the Eighth Grade
     Principal’s Trophy. These are annual awards that are presented to the winning team of each
     grade at the end of the school year. Past recipients of the team competitions are as follows:
     Sixth Grade Guidance Trophy – Team 6B (2010), Team 6A (2009), Team 6A (2008), Team
     6A (2007), Team 6A (2006), Team 6B (2005), Team 6A (2004); the Seventh Grade Vice
     Principal’s Trophy – Team 7B (2010), Team 7C (2009), Team 7A (2008), Team 7A (2007),
     Team 7A (2006), Team 7B (2005), Team 7A (2004); and the Eighth Grade Principal’s Trophy
     – Team 8C (2010), Team 8C (2009), Team 8A (2008), Team 8B (2007), Team 8B (2006),
     Team 8A (2005), Team 8A (2004). Each team received one point for each magazine order
     that was submitted and/or participation in Patriots’ Spirit Day, the Geography Bee, Wear Red
     for Women Day (Fight Heart Disease), Celtic Appreciation Day, Team Up Against Bullying
     Day, Go Pink Day (Breast Cancer), and Red Sox Appreciation Day. Good luck to all the teams
     this year!

32. The third edition of the Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School online student newspaper
     MVMMS X-Press was released on April 13, 2011. The feature articles on page one included:
     ―Success of Destination Imagination‖ by Lydia G., 7B, Ali T., 7A, and Ari F., 7A; and
     ―Holocaust Survivor Visits the Eighth Grade‖ by Elizabeth R., 8A. The first edition of
     MVMMS X-Press was released on November 22, 2010 and the second edition was released on
     February 18, 2011. The student newspapers are located at A
     special thanks to Mrs. Means, Newspaper Club advisor, and to all the student reporters. Great

33. The Target store awarded to Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School a check for $410.29 in
     September 2010. This payout is a direct result of the parents, teachers, and MVMMS supporters
     who participate in Target’s Take Charge of Education Program, which has earned MVMMS
     $1,894.43 since 1997. Sign up at Target to donate up to 1% of every purchase you make at the
     store. For more information, visit

34. Fourteen Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School orchestra students toured with the Melrose
     Youth Orchestra on Friday, May 6, 2011. The young musicians performed at the Lincoln
     Elementary School and at the Roosevelt Elementary School. The Melrose Youth Orchestra
     includes elementary and middle school students with some mentoring from high school
     students. The following Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School orchestra students who
     performed are: Ariana F., 8A; Elizabeth H., 7B; Sydney H., 6B; Dgybert J., 8A; Tess L., 6A;
     Veronica L., 6A; Marie S., 6B; Sophia T., 6C; Natalie H., 7C; Alicia T., 7A; Ryan B., 6A;
     Anne M., 6C; Tara O., and Richard G., 7B. The students performed: 1) Enter the Heroes, 2)
     Linus and Lucy, 3) St. Anthony Chorale, 4) Mickey Mouse March, 5) Landler, 6) Themes from
     Harry Porter, 7) Petite Tango, and 8) Ode to Joy. Congratulations to Mrs. Weeks and the entire
     Melrose Youth Orchestra! For more information, contact Mrs. Weeks, orchestra director, at

35. A group of twelve Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School students attended the Middle
     School Youth Conference at Wheelock College in Boston on May 6, 2011, and participated in
     some and/or all of the following seminars: 1) "How to be the Best Student," with Denise Jester,
     2) "How to Start Money Smart," with Jameel Webb-Davis, 3) "Understanding Education: How
     to really use it to get Paid," with Dr. Omar Reid, 4) "Thinking about Stepping Up Your Game,"
     with Ms. Claudette Blott and 5) "Connecting to History," with Kristina Kyles. Attending the
     conference were: Jahmal B., 6A; Devondre S., 6B; Christian H., 7C; Leonard L., 7C; Jhiriq
     T., 7B; Coy W., 7C; Dale C., 8C; Othneil E., 8A; Dexter F., 8B; Noah G., 8A; Jordan G.,
     8B; and Justice A., 8B. For more information about the Middle School Youth Conference and
     the excursion to Wheelock College, contact Ms. Doreen Ward, Melrose METCO Director at

36. The Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School Ballroom Dancing Team hosted a competitive
     Ballroom Dance Assembly for all sixth and seventh grade students in the auditorium on
     Thursday, May 5, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. There were five Ballroom Dance Teams from local
     schools competing at the assembly. The competitive ballroom dancing assembly introduced the
     Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School Ballroom Dancing Team (Cha Cha) and ballroom
     dancing teams from the Samuel Adams School, East Boston (Merengue); the Salemwood
     Middle School, Malden (Rumba); Gardner Pilot School, Allston (Merengue); and the Higgins-
     Lewis School, Roxbury (East Coast Swing). The MVMMS Ballroom Dance Team performed a
     special Zumba routine while the six judges were tallying the votes at the end of the assembly. A
     special guest named Eric performed a theatrical juggling act. The Melrose Veterans Memorial
     Middle School Ballroom Dancing Club is funded in part by the Victoria McLaughlin
     Foundation, and they have been practicing the Merengue, Rumba, East Coast Swing, Fox Trot,
     Quick Step, the Cha Cha and/or other ballroom dances after school on Mondays since
     September. For more information about the Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School
     Ballroom Dancing Club, contact Brooke Langway at

37. The first draft of the Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School 2010-2011 MCAS Action Plan
     and School Performance Evaluation Instrument has been written and disseminated. The plan
     requires teachers to assign and assess essays using the MCAS Writing Scoring Guide Rubric.
     Teachers are required to submit to the principal sample practice essays prior to the end of each
     trimester. The MCAS English Language Arts Composition Test (Grade 7) was administered on
     March 22, 2011. The MCAS English Language and Literature tests (Grades 6,7,8) was
     administered on March 22-31, 2011. All other MCAS content area tests (Mathematics - Grades
     6, 7, 8; and Science and Technology/Engineering – Grade 8) will be administered on May 10 –
     24, 2011. The complete MVMMS MCAS schedule is posted online at Good luck on the MCAS tests!

38. The following Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School students are representatives on the
     Melrose Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition: Olivia I., 8B; Asha W., 7A; Gregory W., 8B;
     and Maya T., 7C. The Coalition has met monthly since September 9, 2010. The Coalition
     provides resources to schools in an effort to create a safe and healthy environment for learning.
     Ms. Jennifer Kelly is the new Melrose Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator.
     Congratulations to Olivia, Asha, Gregory, and Maya; a special thank you for representing our

39. The Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School Math Academic Academy was held from
     Monday, April 18, 2011 through Thursday, April 21, 2011. The MVMMS Math Academic
     Academy is a new, grant funded opportunity that ran during April Vacation. This four-day
     classroom math program combines rigorous academic instruction with MCAS preparation and
     test taking skills. This program focuses on students with potential to increase their MCAS
     Scores into the next category. Students received intensive skills based instruction that focused
     on areas of potential growth. This high intensity program focused on Math instruction in
     preparation for the Spring 2011 Math MCAS tests which will be administrated in May. The
     students participated in four days of small group (three to seven students) instruction for two
     hours per day, over the April Vacation from either 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. or 10:30 a.m. to
     12:30 p.m. This academy was designed to cost $850 a student, but thanks to funding of our
     pilot program from a grant, all students were eligible to participate at no charge. For more
     information about the MVMMS Math Academic Academy, contact Mr. Muldoon at

40. The Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School Mock Trial Team, a member of the
     Massachusetts Mock Trial League, completed their second trial of the year against the Lynnfield
     Middle School Mock Trial Team on May 13, 2011. The first trial was against the Breeds
     Middle School Mock Trial Team on May 6, 2011. The members of the 2010-2011 MVMMS
     Mock Trial team are as follows: James D., 8C; Duncan M., 8B; Brian S., 8B; Dan C., 7C;
     Sean C., 7C; Matt C., 7C; Freddy K., 7C; Michael P., 7C; Tim B., 6A; Adam C., 6A;
     Jennifer C., 6A; Frank D., 6C; Daniella F., 6A, Jakob K., 6B; Rose M., 6A; and Maria
     Tramotozzi, 6A. The MVMMS Mock Trial Team competes in four matches to determine the
     verdict in a fictional (although realistic) legal case. The lawyers and witnesses have practiced
     the fundamentals of trial procedure since the beginning of the school year. Depending on the
     match, the MVMMS Mock Trial Team either portrays the prosecution or defense side of the
     case. This year’s case is ―People vs. Eddie Bernson‖ which examines the question of whether or
     not a fictional high school student stole a stop sign as part of a High School Senior prank gone
     horribly wrong. This is one of the best cases the MVMMS Mock Trial Team has handled in
     quite some time. Perfectly balanced, each testimony and scrap of evidence might support either
     side of the court case. This has helped the team practice thinking on their feet and seeing all
     sides of the court case. Some of the questions wrestled with include: Did Eddie Bernson take a
     STOP sign from the dangerous intersection of Jan and Dean Road in the fictional city of Olney?
     Did the loss of that STOP sign cause a fatal traffic accident on the same night as the scavenger
     hunt? Does Eddie Bernson have a strong alibi for that night; in other words does he have
     evidence that he was in fact somewhere else when the STOP sign was taken? Good luck the
     MVMMS Mock Trial Team! For more information, contact Mr. Crooks, MVMMS Mock Trial
     Coach, at

41. The Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School Drama Club presented a pre-Festival Presentation
     titled ―Being Scene‖ on Thursday, April 28, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. in the second floor
     project room. There were two plays performed for an informal small public audience. The first
     play was Alice Gerstenberg’s He Said, She Said. This is a drama, written decades ago, about
     conflict, bullying, gossip, half-truths, and manners. The second play was Michael Weller’s
     Moon Children. The play's setting is a college campus during the Vietnam era. The dialogue
     involves the spirited interaction of college roommates. For more information, contact Mr.
     Bueno, MVMMS Drama Club Advisor, at

42. The Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School Drama Club participated in the competitive
     Massachusetts Middle School Drama Festival on Saturday, April 30, 2011 at Tyngsboro High
     School and the won the bronze medal award for the performance of Alice Gerstenberg’s He
     Said, She Said. The following Drama Club students were in the play: Amanda S., 8B;
     Nathaniel S., 6C; Jenna S., 6A; and Molly C., 6C. The stage crew members were Elizabeth
     S., 6B; Makaela V., 6A; Phoebe P., 6B; and Lucy C., 6C. Amanda Shu and Jenna Santos also
     won individual awards. Congratulations to Mr. Bueno and the Drama Club!

43. The National Endowment for the Humanities has announced that a Melrose Veterans Memorial
     Middle School teacher, Mrs. Leslie Means, Team 8B English teacher, has been selected as a
     NEH Summer Scholar from a national applicant pool to attend a summer study program. The
     program is supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities, a federal agency that
     support summer seminars and institutes at colleges, universities, and cultural institutions so that
     teachers can study with experts in humanities disciplines. Mrs. Means will participate in an
     institute entitled "Literatures, Religions, and the Arts of the Himalayan Region." This four-
     week program will be held at Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts, and co-directed
     by Professor Todd Lewis of Holy Cross, and Professor Leonard van der Kuijp of Harvard
     University. The topics of the NEH summer seminars and institutes also include: the art of
     cartography, economic history, topics in philosophy, American feminism, Dante, Cervantes,
     Shakespeare, Dickens, Twain, Steinbeck, John James Audubon, Islamic Iberia, Spanish
     literature and art, the American frontier experience, World War II, archaeology of the America,
     modern French drama, history and culture of Appalachia, Mozart, Motown, American popular
     music, Mexican and Latino history and culture, slavery and abolitionism, and teaching Italian
     through art. The NEH summer scholars who are participating in these programs of study will
     teach approximately 90,000 American students in the 2011-2012 school year. Congratulations
     to Mrs. Means! For more information, contact Mrs. Means at

44. Mr. Kevin Cummings, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Amateur Sports Foundation, is
     inviting interested Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School student-athletes to participate in
     the 2011 Bay State Games to be held on July 5-24, 2011. There will be over eighteen venues in
     eastern and central Massachusetts. Tryouts and qualifying events for the Bay State Games will
     be held throughout the month of June. Some of the events include: archery, badminton,
     baseball, basketball, baton twirling, diving, fencing, field hockey, ice hockey, judo, lacrosse,
     pistol and rifle shooting, soccer, softball, swimming, synchronized swimming, table tennis, track
     and field, trap shooting, volleyball, weightlifting, and wrestling. Over 7,500 student-athletes are
     expected to participate. In addition, the Kids Fitness Challenge Program is a FREE, one-day
     program designed to motivate Massachusetts middle school students to participate in physical
     activity, to educate them on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and to foster a sense of school
     spirit. Over $10,000 in cash grants have been distributed to selected schools that have
     participated in health and physical education programs. Since the program’s inception in the
     fall of 2006, more than 141,000 students from across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have
     taken part. All sport information and entry applications are available online at For more information contact or call 781-
     932-6555. Good luck in the Bay State Games!

45. Please inform Principal Brow of team events, student accomplishments, meetings, activities,
      curriculum ideas, and other exciting things that are happening at Melrose Veterans Memorial
      Middle School. Submit your ideas in writing for consideration. The Summary is an effective
      way for us to communicate and share ideas. For daily information about events that are
      happening at Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School, visit the principal’s website at, then click ―Principal’s Website.‖

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