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									                                                 N O O   F
                                  IN MEMORY OF / I H N RO …
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Sv t A i a F udt nseon i ba s rv e s p w yo oo aotr n o thnro en wt a
                                                 d       d     m e                    s i                            h
donation in their name. For a donation of $50, a brass plaque with the name of the one you are remembering or honoring,
 s e sh a e fh oo, i e l e o pr nn d p yn u see sr ta.
      l e                e           l
a w la t nm o t dnrwlb p cd n e aet i l i orhlr f nhl
                                           a           m         sa              t’ o         l

Choose a memorial plaque to honor a beloved friend, relative or pet who has passed away. To honor and recognize
someone with this special donation, choose a honor plaque.

 n dio oh r p qeyu dnt n i ee gi d i n I e oy a o a “ oo cr sn
        tn       e s a                        i
I ad i tt bas l u,or oao wlb r on e wta “ m m r cr” rn I hnr a ” et
                                                     l c z           h   n             d         n          d
either to you or the person you choose. This is a wonderful way to remember or honor those who have played or play a
special role in our lives or in the lives of a loved one.

Because our shelter is staffed entirely by volunteers, you can be assured that your dollars go directly to the care of the animals.
STAF is a non-profit organization, so your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

                                                 Save the Animals Foundation
                                                        P.O. Box 9356
                                                  Cincinnati, OH 45209-0356
                                                    (513) 561- STAF (7823)

Enclosed is my contribution of $________________, to place ____________plaque(s) on the Recognition Board.
(Please include donation of $50 for each plaque)

         PLAQUE COPY: Please print or type exactly as it is to appear on the plaque(s)
         In Memory Of:
         Name(s) of person(s) or pet(s) to be remembered:
         ________________________________: Person_______ Pet _________ (Please check)
         ________________________________: Person_______ Pet _________ (Please check)
         ________________________________: Person_______ Pet _________ (Please check)
         In Honor Of:
         Name(s) of person(s) or pet(s) to be honored:
         ________________________________: Person_______ Pet _________ (Please check)
         ________________________________: Person_______ Pet _________ (Please check)
         ________________________________: Person_______ Pet _________ (Please check)
         (Examples: Scruffy Floyd; Robert and Ann Smith or Fluffy & Spot)

         Your name or Name of person you are donating plaque for: _______________________________
         (As it is to appear on the plaque. Example: John Smith)

Your Information:
Telephone: ____________________(Home) __________________________(Work)

 f o w ud i te I
               k           moy o “n o o” ad eto o o e te ta o re , l e
Iyu o l l eh “nMe r” r I H n r cr sn t smen ohrh n yusl pes            f a
provide their name and address:
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