; Corporate Bank Account Resolution
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Corporate Bank Account Resolution


Corporate Bank Account Resolution document sample

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									                                                               Strategic Merchant Solutions Underwriting Guidelines
Monthly Processing        Retail (Card      Restaurant (Card       MO/TO          MO/TO
     Volume               Present 80%)        Present 80%)        (15DDD)**       (30DD)         Internet (15 DDD)**       Internet (30 DDD)**

                                                                  Application Package -
                        Application Package - Personal            Personal Guarantee or          Application Package - Personal Guarantee or
                      Guarantee or Corporate Resolution w/      Corporate Resolution w/ 2          Corporate Resolution w/ 2 FYE Business
     $0 to $40K            2 FYE Business Financials             FYE Business Financials                          Financials

  $40,001 to $$75K                                                                              Web Site MUST meet ALL internet requirments

                                                               Application Package + 2 FYE
  $75,001 to $150K                                                 Business Financials         Application Package + 2 FYE Business Financials

 $150,001 to $500K                                                                              Web Site MUST meet ALL internet requirments
                        Package + 2 FYE
 $500,001 to $1MM          Financials
                                            Package + 2 FYE
     Above $1MM                                 Financials
Application Package - Completed & Signed application with PG. If no PG, Corporate Resolution required. Copy of all applicaints GOV'T issued
ID. Drivers license or passport. Copy of voided check or bank letter verification. Business license or articles of incorporation. If currently, 3
current & consecutive credit card processing statements (ALL PAGES)
Business Financials - 2 years Business tax returns. Current profit & loss atatement. 6 months business bank statements. If business is new,
the personal tax returns, banl statements are required.

FYE - Full Year End

Corporate Resolution - If owners don’t personally guarantee account, a corporate resolution is required and FYE financials are required.
Non-Profit Merchants - In addition to the application package, provide the following: Proof of non profit status. Current year and interim
business financials

DDD - Days of Delayed Delivery (days from the time the card holder is billed to the time card holder receives product)

Marketing Materials - brochures, catalogs,yellow page ads, newspaper ads, web site.
Web Site Requirments - DBA MUST appear prominently. Customer Service number, Return & Refund policy, Product delivery methods and
timing are clearly decribed. Merchant privicy statement. Product description with pricing. SSL on page where credit card number is entered.


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