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                       Binder Cover Insert
                      “HOW-TO” INSTRUCTIONS:

1.    Download and open the template in Microsoft Word.

2.    Customize text in the designated areas. Note that once it is highlighted, you can type your text
      in the font style, size and color of your choice.

3.    To insert an image (photo or logo) within the grey boxes, follow these simple instructions. Within
      Microsoft Word, insert photo by clicking “Insert > Picture > from file” and locate the file on your
      computer that you want to insert.

4.    Right click on your image and choose “Format Picture.”

5.    Select “Layout,” then select “In front of text” and click “Ok.” This will place your image in front
      of any text or graphic in the template.

6.    Use the “corner grippers” to resize your image, and click and drag the graphic to your desired
      location in the template.

7.    To position your image within the template, use your arrow keys. To “nudge” your image just a
      tiny bit, hold down your CTRL key (PC), or Option key (Mac) while using your arrows. You can
      use this trick to perfectly position your image.

8.    If the image disappears behind other objects and you’re unable to click on it, open a new Word
      document, place your image in the new document following the above instructions, and then
      copy and paste the image back into your project template.

9.    Check print preferences to choose the correct paper size and type setting to get the best quality
      printouts. Print.

10.   Insert into your binder cover or presentation. You're done!

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