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Template Flyer Event

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					                                     Volunteer Guide for the

                       Recruitment Event, Flyer Approval Process
1. Accessing the website and authenticating as a volunteer 
    a. Access the website using the steps shown below: 
         i. Start by going to the Girls Scouts of Northeast Texas website ‐ 


        ii. From the top menu, select : 
                    1. ‘Member & Volunteer Resources’ ‐ then 
                    2. ‘Tools’ and finally  
                    3.  ‘Create Recruitment Flyer’. 

        iii. You will be redirected to the correct page for recruitment event /flyer approval requests.  Follow the 
             instructions at the top of the page to begin using the system. 


2. Filling out the Form – 2010 Edition
    a. Select the front of the flyer from the options given. Clicking on the radio button or description will
       display a thumbnail of the flyer and a copy of the message on the flyer.

    b. Select and download a template.  These will be the back of the flyer you selected in the previous step.  The 
       templates are in Microsoft Word format.  After clicking on the link, you will be able to save the template 
       to your computer.  Be sure to save the file to a place you can easily find again.
c. Using Microsoft Word, add your event information to the space provided on the template.

         English template                                    English/Spanish Template

d. Once you have your event information in the Word template:
     i. Attach the template to the form by clicking on the ‘Browse’ button and navigating to where
        you saved the template. Select the file and click on the ‘Open’ button.
    ii. After attaching the file, select your Membership Specialist – they will be reviewing and
        ultimately approving the events and flyers.
   iii. Select your Service Unit and fill in your contact information. Be sure that your e-mail address
        is correct as this will be used to inform you about the status or your request.
e. Fill in your recruitment event information.
   All information is stored in an online database and once the event has been approved, the event
   will be searchable by any families interested in Girl Scouting. If you don’t see an event location in
   the list, enter it where it says ‘Add Event Location’. When the request is submitted, the event
   information will be sent to the designated Membership Specialist, who will enter it into the
   You may only select one event location at a time but you may select as many schools as you
   want to associate with the event. To select multiple schools, hold down the Control <CTRL> key
   while selecting schools. As with locations, you may enter additional schools in the space entitled
   ‘Additional Schools’. When the request is submitted, the school information is sent to the
   webmaster. The webmaster will verify the school information, add it to the database and link the
   new schools to your event.
   Note: You must either select a location or fill in the ‘Add Event Location’ field. Failure to do so will
   delay the approval process and prevent the request from appearing in your Membership
   Specialist’s list of pending events.
    f.   Fill in printing and pickup information. Note two features in this area:
          i. First, if you plan to do your own printing, select the checkbox labeled ‘I will print my own
               flyers’. Even though you will print your own flyers, you will still need to fill out the fields for
               flyer amount, bundles, and pickup location and times.
                 1. For the fields regarding the number of flyers and bundles, enter zero(0).
                 2. For pickup time and location, select ‘N/A – Not Applicable’ from the appropriate list.
              Note that self-printed flyers are still expected to use the approved flyer styles and template.

          ii. The second checkbox is labeled ‘If person picking up is the same as the requestor, please
              click here’. If you will be picking up the order, selecting the checkbox will copy the
              information entered previously in the form.

    g. Clicking on the ‘Submit Event Information’ button will send the completed flyer template and event
       information to the Membership Specialist. A confirmation e-mail will also be sent to the volunteer
       acknowledging the receipt of the information.

    h. Once the membership specialist gets the notification of the new event, they will review the
       information for accuracy and approve or reject the request. Once the event is approved or
       rejected, an e-mail is automatically sent to the volunteer informing them of that outcome. Events
       that are approved are automatically submitted to IssueTrak where they can be tracked as they
       move through MarComm and Production.

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