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           Oral Health
School Health Programs

 Association of State &Territorial Dental Directors
    School & Adolescent Oral Health Committee
The Coordinated School Health Model has eight interactive components.
           Oral health is incorporated into each component.
 ASTDD School & Adolescent
Oral Health Resolution – 2007
Provides a foundation for integrating oral health into CSH

 Oral Health is part of total health

 A school’s oral health program may be a
  child’s only available source of dental care
 Providing screenings, education, counseling,
  and collaborations with community programs
  promote continuity of care
 ASTDD supports promotion of oral health
  through educational curriculum
Resources & Tools for
State Dental Directors:
  Resolution
  Comprehensive brochure for Public
   Health Dental Professionals
  Letter & Brochure for School Principals,
   Nurses/School Health Professionals
  Curriculum Resources
  Assessment Resources
  Presentation on Oral Health Screening
  Presentation on Early Childhood Caries
Recommendations for Use of
 Provide oral health screening/assessment training
  to medical & school health professionals
 Promote the use of early assessment, prevention &
  referral services for at risk children
 Promote sharing of resources through local level
  oral health programs
 Distribute resources to school nurses & teachers

 Promote oral health curriculum as key part of
  Coordinated School Health programs
         Suggestions for Integration of
           Oral Health into each of the
                 8 Components of the
        Coordinated School Health Model

          ASTDD Best Practice Approach Report
I.    Health Education
      (for preschool to secondary grades)

 Provide oral health education on oral
 disease & risk factors;
 Promote tobacco cessation

 Promote nutrition & safety
II. Physical Education

 Promote mouth guards & headgear
 for injury prevention;

 Expand education to community
 recreation and sports
III. Health Services

 Provide oral health care - deliver
 sealants & fluoride varnishes;
 Establish dental homes - make
 Train school nurses - develop school
 oral health centers
IV. Nutrition Services

 Increase recognition that oral health
  is related to total health;
       – obesity & diabetes

 Reduce consumption of junk
  food/sweetened beverages;

 Promote in-school oral health self-
  care habits
V. Counseling,
       Psychological &
            Social Services

 Increase awareness that oral health
 impacts self-esteem;
 Inform counselors of unmet oral
 health needs/treatment
VI. Healthy School

 Establish school policy on tobacco

 Promote safety from injury;

 Adopt school nutrition policy
VII. Health Promotion
       for Staff

 Provide in-service training;

 Deliver safety and nutrition

 Promote cessation of tobacco use
 among staff
VIII. Family &

 Prevent tobacco use;

 Support preventive dental services;

 Encourage oral screenings for first
 grade, middle, junior & senior schools
Additional Resources:

 ASTDD web pages: School and Adolescent
  Oral Health (SAOH) & Best Practices -

 CDC's Division of Adolescent and School
  Health (DASH) -

 State Oral Health Program web pages -
   Nationwide, state led collaborative
 partnerships between schools and public
  health oral health programs will assure
that oral health and prevention education
are fully integrated into the Coordinated
School Health Model, and will provide the
foundation for promoting good oral health
              for all children.

  On behalf of the School and Adolescent
    Oral Health Committee, thank you
       for your continued efforts.

  Linda L. Koskela RDH, MPH, Chair SAOH

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