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									                                              LOIS HIRTZ’ UNIT NEWSLETTER


                                   May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope;
                                   The spirit of Christmas which is peace;
                                   The heart of Christmas which is love.
                                                                           October 2010
                                   ~Ada V. Hendricks

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from our home to yours...
It’s time to celebrate and en-    wanted to have both of their       must feel having her this far
joy the days of December. As      children in their wedding.         from Japan. It was a fabulous
2010 draws to a close, it gives   Yes, we are now expecting          experience for him. He has a
                                                                                                            Inside this issue:
us time to reflect on the         our 2nd amazing addition to        serious travel bug now. So,
events of the past year.          our family. They are due the       I’m sure this is not the last
                                  end of March. Wow, more            move for them.                   Beauty Advice               2
In our family we have had a       love to fill up my heart!
very busy year! Dan & I           Darren moved to Japan in           Last but not least, Brendon      Recognition                 3
spent several months renovat-     April to be with the love of his   completed his paramedics
ing our home (we’re still                                            course and is now on full-time   Company Info               4-5
not done!). We had the                                               in Chase and living here in      & Updates—there’s lots!
birth of our first grand-                                            Kamloops with a friend. We       Top 10 Secrets for being   6-7
child. Walker came into                                              see the out-of-town kids more!   HAPPY!
our lives and has com-                                               Single and busy, busy, busy.
pletely stolen my heart—                                             I now check out every ambu-      Thank-you Notes             8
hook, line & sinker! I’m                                             lance to see if it’s him.
madly in love with my
grandson and cherish                                                 It’s been a very busy year for
every minute that I can                                              us and next year will be just
have with him!                                                       as crazy with babies and wed-
                                                                     dings and adding wonderful
We’ve had 3 of our 5                                                 daughter-in-laws to our family
sons get engaged to the                                              tree. We are truly blessed
women of their dreams. Geoff      life, Miki. Now that Miki has      and wish nothing less for you
and Laura were married Sept       completed university, they         and yours.                       Just as a tiny mustard seed
1st. Wade & Lydia will be         have moved back to Vancou-                                          grows into a mighty plant,
married on July 30th and          ver—whew… that was too far         Please be safe and enjoy your
Braden and Christina are          away for this Momma! I know        Holidays.                        Mary Kay Inc. has grown
waiting until 2012. They          first hand how Miki’s mom          Love Lois & Dan                  into the finest teaching-
                                                                                                      oriented skin care
                                                                                                      company in the world.
launch date! new timewise® foundations                                                                Looking at you, I see
 We’re all excited about the      sales force members on             formulas and the foundation      proof that my dream
 new TimeWise® Liquid             Wednesday, January 19th,           primer. So be sure to stay       became a reality, my
 Foundations, Mary Kay®           2011 – and will launch to          connected to the MKOCSM          mustard seed sprouted. I
 Foundation Primer and            consumers on Tuesday, Feb-         and check out the Winter         can see proof that my
 Mary Kay® Liquid Foun-           ruary 1st. Plus, you and your      issue of Applause® maga-
                                                                                                      belief in Mary Kay Inc.
 dation Brush. And like you,      unit members will want to be       zine for all the exciting de-
 we can’t wait to get our         sure to enroll your customers      tails! Here’s to saving our
                                                                                                      was well-founded when I
 hands – and our faces – on       in the Winter 2010/2011            nation with foundation!          believed in you.
 them! And now we have            Preferred Customer Program                                                   Mary Kay Ash
 some great news to share!        because The Look will in-
 They’ll all be available to      clude one sampler of each of
 order for all independent        the new liquid foundation
PAGE 2                                                                                      DECEMBER NEWSLETTER

            BEAUTY ADVICE:
                    fragrance facts 
A woman knows the power of a fragrance. A simple
trace of a scent can evoke a wonderful memory. A favorite
perfume is more than essential oils and aromatic com-
pounds. It is a reflection of a woman’s personality, her
mood and her style. In short, it is an expression of her
beauty. It’s no wonder then that finding the perfect perfume           The Floral family includes a diverse bouquet of aro-
for any occasion is as essential as the oils that go into it.     mas that range from a light Floral Sheer to a sweet Flo-
But with the number of fragrances available today, how do         ral Fruity and a spicy Floral.
you find just the right one? We’ve broken down the basics              Floral Oriental combines floral aromas with hints of
to give you a general understanding of perfumery and help         sweet and spicy notes.
you make sense of it all.                                              Fragrances in the Oriental Sheer family include a
Fragrances contain a wide variety of ingredients which vary       light blend of traditional oriental notes.
not only in how they smell, but also in their “staying power”
                                                                       Chypre fragrances include a mixture of pine, laven-
on the skin. Perfumers identify three parts of a fragrance
                                                                  der, citrus and mossy notes.
called notes.
     The top note is the first impression of the fragrance. It    To get the most out of your fragrance, try the following
is the initial impact of the scent on the sense of smell.         tips.
     The middle note is the heart of the fragrance which               Scents rise. So start spritzing at your ankles. Move
unfolds and develops a few minutes after the perfume is           to the backs of your knees or wrists and then to the
applied to the skin.                                              nape of your neck or behind your ears. For a final touch,
     The bottom note is the final impression of the fragrance     spritz a comb and run it through your hair. 
and can last several hours after the fragrance is applied.             Lotions may be applied to the skin before applying
                                                                  fragrance to extend its wear time. 
To help identify their aromas and attributes, fragrances are       
classified by type or family. Fragrance families cover a wide     Whether lightly spritzed or luxuriously layered, fra-
spectrum of scents such as Floral, Oriental and Chypre            grances have a wonderful way of enhancing a woman’s
(pronounced she-pra).                                             beauty and her signature style. 

holidays are here – early!
Winter has arrived early at Mary Kay –                              Brow Gel           • For the young and playful to the ever
and that means your customers don’t                                 ($12) and you      exuberant, the Women’s Eau de Par-
have to wait until December 16th to                                 have a budget-     fum Wands ($25) in Belara®, Bella
stock up on some special stocking                                   friendly find      Belara® and Velocity® are not only
stuffers from the Winter 2010/2011                                  everyone will      suitably sized for a stocking stuffer,
product promotion. So order now to                                  love!              they’re portable too.
beat the holiday order deadline!                                   • Get that          • “Hands” down winner for winter?
Here’s a look at our prized picks!                                 toasty, rosy        Fragrance-Free Satin Hands® Hand
• Wow her brows: These multi-tasking                               glow with new       Cream ($13). Also available in a peach
Compact Brow Tools ($4) include a         Mary Kay® Cream Blush ($18) – avail-         scent.
mini tweezer for shaping, a mini          able in two creamy, dreamy shades:           We’ve made the list and checked it
spooley brush                             Cranberry (matte) and Sheer Bliss                                     twice. Feel
for grooming                              (pearl).                                                              free to share
and a mini                                • Swirl, glide and go! With five shades to                            our festive
angle brush                               choose from, the lightweight, long-                                   friendly
for applying                              wearing, blendable Mary Kay® Cream                                    finds!
brow powder.                              Eye Color ($16) is a fabulous find for                                 All prices are
Wrap it up                                either the glam-free gal or makeup                                     suggested retail.
with Mary                                 maven on everyone’s list!
                         Quote by Mary Kay                                                                           PAGE 3

                         Ash on ‘Success/failure’
                  First of                come true, you will plan,                commit their lives to
                  all, you                organize, reorganize, and                something that has the
                  must                    work until you                                prospect of great-
                  know                    get what you                                  ness because they
what it is you want.                      want. Remem-                                  fear failure. Many
Many people fail because                  ber, you never                                people deliberately
they have neglected to                    really fail until                             set their goals too
visualize in detail what it               you stop wanting                              low to reduce the
is they are trying to                     and quit. It is                               possibility of dis-
achieve. If you really                    said that many                                appointment.
want your dream to                        people never                                              - Mary Kay Ash

Super stars                                      super sales                             super team
                                          Rockin’ Reorders                         Welcome to our Unit:
                                          Gladys Neumann—$1441.00                  Debbie Brennan—Gladys Neumann
                                          On-the-Go Appointments                   Welcome back Debbie! You’re off
On target as of November 30th:            Tanya Giles—$146.50                      to a Perfect Start!

Tanya Giles—$582 to Emerald Star          Show Stoppers!
Lois Hirtz— $587 to reach Sapphire        Gladys Neumann— $814.50
Kathy Kuroyama—$595 to Sapphire           Tanya Giles— $168.00
Gladys Neumann—$90 to Ruby Star
                                          Fabulous Facials                         As of November 30th:
                                          Gladys Neumann— $43.50
Be a Super Star! Why settle for less?                                              Team Leader
All it takes is 4 Skin Care Classes per   $1000 Weeks                              Andrea Thorrougood
month and you’ll                          Gladys Neumann— $1180.50
                                                                                   Star Team Builders:
make enough sales to                      a new record for Gladys—ta-da!
be a consistent Star                      $500 Weeks                               Marilyn House
Consultant—1 class/                       Gladys Neumann—$507.00                   Senior Consultants:
week! 1 class per                         $300 Weeks                               Susan Ambler
month will keep you                       Gladys Neumann—$399.50
consistently ordering.                                                             Gail Lesowski
                                          Tanya Giles—$314.50
Consistency is the key
to success!

Super wholesale orders                    Set your Goal TODAY! Work towards the finish line—EVERYDAY...

October:                                  Sarahjane Denis       253.00             Lisa Kiloh              203.00
Lois Hirtz            610.80              Sherrie VanDusen      237.25             Dorine Berube           195.00

Tanya Giles           603.00              Lorie Schwabe         232.00             Anthea Messier          148.00

Kathy Kuroyama        602.00              Ruth Humber           231.75             Lynn Stenhouse          140.50

Bonnie Fabricius      584.25              Crystal Fayers        231.75             Terry Sauer             134.25

Barb Waters           332.25              Debbie Ballard        226.50
                                                                                 Wow, what a busy bunch! I’d love to see
Marilyn House         306.00              Lettitia Lichuk       222.75           more Weekly Accomplishment Sheets from
                                                                                 you… send in by fax, email or drop them off.
Gladys Neumann        303.75              Vivian Roy            204.00
  PAGE 4                                                                                                    DECEMBER NEWSLETTER

holiday order deadline/office closures
To ensure you receive your order in time for holiday delivery, remember to place it by December
13th if you live outside of Ontario and Québec, or by December 16th if you live in Ontario or
And please note that the Mississauga and Montréal offices will be closed on the following
dates during the holiday season:
• December 10th at 11:00 a.m. (for a staff holiday celebration). The Consultant Service Counter
(only) will re-open at 1:00 p.m. for regular service until 5:00 p.m.
• December 16th at 3:00 p.m. (for a special Employee Meeting).
• December 24th all day.
• December 27th all day.
• December 31st at 1:00 p.m.
• January 3rd all day.

preferred customer program reminders
Please take note of the following Preferred Customer Program (PCP) dates:
Fall/Holiday PCP Gift with Purchase Reorders – last chance!
• Mary Kay® Mini Eau de Toilette Body Lotion Set
• Deadline is Wednesday, December 15th, 2010, midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST) or while supplies
Winter 2010/2011 PCP optional mailer enrolment – Winter Wonders postcard
• Pick and choose which customers they’d like to enroll – even if they weren’t enrolled for The Look.
• 85¢ per name.
• Will feature a special promotion for the new TimeWise® Liquid Foundations that will be personalized on the front and the back! This is the first
time front cover personalization has been offered.
• Deadline is Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 at 12:00 p.m. (EST).

mkoc search SM

The MKOCSM is your go-to source for all the latest Mary Kay information, tools and updates – and now we’ve made it easier than ever to navigate
with the assisted search; this tool will help you locate the site’s most popular documents quickly.
Searching is simple: just type what you’re looking for in the search box, select the appropriate result, and you’ll be taken to that document or web
Basic hints
• The first two characters of your search query are the most valuable. For example, typing “or” will bring up results such as “Order of Application
(PDF)” and “Order Outlook Calendar”. It will not however bring up “Faxable Order Form” since the first two characters do not match your
request for “or”.
• Searching is not case sensitive.
• In French, you must search with accented characters when applicable.
The goal of this tool is to provide you with quick access to the MKOCSM’s most popular web pages and docu-
ments so you can get what you need fast and get back to your customers!

    Confucius say “Reducing procrastination will reduce frustration”
                                                                                                                   PAGE 5

career conference 2011 details
 Don’t forget to register for Career      deserved recognition. How? By              orders are received and accepted by the
 Conference 2011 between Decem-           adding one qualified* new personal         Company between November 1st, 2010 and
                                                                                     January 31st, 2011.
 ber 1st and 31st, 2010 to be eligible    team member. And when you add
 to earn an exclusive early bird pizza    two or more qualified* new per-
 party, which includes $250 cash          sonal team mem-
 and a one-night stay at the loca-        bers, you’ll earn an
 tion’s host hotel!                       invitation to the ex-
 Winners will be selected January         clusive luncheon
 10th, 2011 and notified by phone.        and special jewelry
 Find all the details in the Special      rewards! Visit the
 Events section of the MKOCSM.            Contest & Rewards
                                          section of the
 I’ll Bee There! Team-Building            MKOCSM to
                                          find out more!
 You and your unit members could
                                          * A qualified new per-
 earn an invitation to the I’ll Bee       sonal team member is one whose Independ-
 There! Luncheon at Career Confer-        ent Beauty Consultant Agreement and a
                                                                                            order your teddy bear!
 ence, where you’ll enjoy much-           minimum of $600 in wholesale Section 1         How would you like to change
                                                                                         countless lives with a special
                                                                                         gift? You can – with Champ –
beauty that counts™ campaign reminder
                                                                                         the Mary Kay Ash Charitable
Thank you again for your continued support of the Beauty That Counts™ campaign!          Foundation’s 2010 Teddy
                      Remember, the campaign comes to a close on December 15th,          Bear. He’s available for only
                      2010, so be sure to get your orders in before the deadline to help $25 through Online Ordering
                      the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation (MKACF) in its efforts on the MKOCSM.
                      to support women living with cancer and to help end violence       But remember, Champ is only
                      against women.                                                     available until December 17th,
                      With one dollar from every Limited-Edition                                      while supplies
                      Beauty That Counts™ Creme Lipstick sold be-                                     last. So order to-
                      ing donated directly to the MKACF, you’re                                       day and give the
                      truly making a beautiful difference!                                            gift that gives

   "We must be willing
   to get rid of the life
   we've planned, so as
   to have the life that
   is waiting for us."                                                    Keep our Unit Newsletter
    -- Joseph Campbell                                                  bookmarked in your favourites:
Top 10 Secrets for Being HAPPY!
One of my favorite songs is Bobby McFerrin’s refrain, "Don’t Worry, Be Happy". I re-
cently had the opportunity to observe people’s reactions when a highway was closed
because of an accident ahead. As we waited, I watched as some listened to radios, a
few began tossing a Frisbee, other’s seemed to be working or reading, and some opted
for a quick nap. But, there were also a handful who were clearly agitated and an-
gry. Pacing about, swearing, and upset, they decided that the best response to this
event, which none of us could control, was to be very unhappy. I was reminded of
Abraham Lincoln’s comment that, "Most people are about as happy as they make up
their minds to be." The following are my Top 10 Tips to increase happiness in your life:

1. Decide to be a happy person. As Lincoln observed, most people, most of the
time, can choose how stressed or happy, how troubled or relaxed they want to be.
Choose to be happy.

2. Watch and Read less news. As a recovering news addict, I know this can be dif-
ficult because the stock market fluctuates, politicians politic, and sports teams com-
pete. But, most of the time, you don’t need the stress. So, just don’t watch. I think it
was Henry Thoreau who noted that if you’ve ever read about a train wreck, you under-
stand the principle and don’t need to know any more about it.

3. Practice the Attitude of Gratitude. We all have so much to be grateful for. Just
thanking the many people who assist us, encourage us, teach us and open doors for us
could take all day!

4. Take Time. My dog has taught me much about loyalty, about noticing the sights,
sounds, and smells in the yard, about being relaxed and about play. Eat when you’re
hungry, nap when you need it. Get your ears scratched whenever possible!

5. Laugh everyday. Hear a joke, tell a joke, laugh at yourself, laugh with your friends
and family and co-workers. There are very few medicines as powerful as laughter, and I
don’t think you can over-dose, although it is addicting!

6. Love well. Express your affection, appreciation, friendship and warmth to those
around you, and they will almost always respond in the most amazing ways! Be gener-
ous…it pays great dividends!

7. Work hard. This one comes as a bit of a surprise, but there is tremendous satis-
faction in being competent, and joy in completing our assigned tasks. One of the great
sources of happiness is to do work that is worthy of you, and to do it well.

8. Learn something new, everyday. To be happy, most of us must also be grow-
ing, expanding, learning and challenging ourselves. Read, listen, adapt and stretch to
accommodate new ideas and new information.

9. Use your body as it was designed. Walk and run, stretch, throw things, and lift
things. Dance! Exercise is good, but so is making love, mixing up a batch of cookies, or
exchanging backrubs. You have a body and it can be either a source of joy, or a source
of aches and pains. Your choice.

10: Avoid toxins. I prefer writing positives (things to do) rather than negatives
(things to fear), but reality says there are negative people and there are bad chemicals,
stressful noises, and unsafe places. Don’t go there! Avoid poisons whenever possi-
ble. It seems to work out better that way.

                                                       "Let others lead small lives, but not
                                                       you. Let others argue over small
                                                       things, but not you. Let others cry
                                                       over small hurts, but not you. Let
                                                       others leave their future in someone
                                                       else's hands, but not you."
                                                                                  -- Jim Rohn
Thank-you Notes
It doesn't take but a moment to say thank-you or to write a quick note. But those words can linger on and
on…. Here’s a few pointers for what and when to say thank-you in your business. Use the idea, and use your
own words.
   1.    Telephone Contacts                                    friends, acquaintances or relatives that I
         Thank-you – for talking with me on the                might serve. I will keep in touch and be
         phone. In today’s business world time is              willing to render my services as needed.
         precious. You can be rest assured that I
         will always be respectful of the time you
         invest as we discuss your Mary Kay               6.   Thank you to Anyone Who Gives You
         needs or career opportunity.                          Service
                                                               Thank you – it is gratifying to meet
   2.    In Person Contact                                     someone dedicated to doing a good job.
         Thank-you – It was a pleasure meeting                 Your efforts are sincerely appreciated. If
         you and my “thank-you” is for the time                my company or I can serve you in any
         we shared. I have been fortunate to                   way, please don’t hesitate to call.
         serve many happy clients, and it is my
         wish to someday be able to serve you. if         7.   Anniversary Thank you
         you have any questions, please don’t                  Thank you – it is with warm regards that
         hesitate to call.                                     I send this note to say hello and again
                                                               thanks for your past patronage. We are
   3.    Thank you After Demonstration or Pres-                continually changing and improving our
         entation                                              products and services. If you would like
         Thank you – for giving me the opportu-                an update, please give me a call.
         nity and time to share with you some of
         our products. We believe that quality,
         blended with excellent service, is the
         foundation for a successful business.

   4.    Thank you After Purchase
         Thank you -- for giving me the opportu-
         nity to offer you our finest service and
         products. I am confident that you will be
         happy with my service. It is and will con-
         tinue to be my pleasure to serve your
         Mary Kay needs.

   5.    Thank you for Offering to Give You Re-
         Thank you – for your gracious offer of
         giving me referrals. As we discussed, I
         am enclosing three of my business cards,
         and I thank you in advance for placing
         them in the hands of three of your

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