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									                                      Firm Brochure

Dear clients:

Shanghai Young-Ben Law Firm would like to show gratitude to your concern and support for us.
Upon the request of your company, we will provide the Brochure of Shanghai Young-Ben Law
Firm to your company for your information.

Due to the limited space hereof, the following introduction won’t completely cover all the
information about our practice areas and lawyers. If your company needs further information of
our firm, please visit the official website of Shanghai Young-Ben Law Firm

In belief of people-orientation would be the best way to provide legal services, Young-Ben is
committed to make constant efforts to be a top-tier legal service provider.

                                                             Shanghai Young-Ben Law Firm
                                    Part Ⅰ About Young-Ben

Young-Ben, by continuously pursuing Integrity and Pragmatism, provides outstanding Services
and Solution-oriented Legal Supports to Enterprises through Integrated Management and
Specialized Cooperation.

Integrity: Young-Ben treats clients with integrity, commitments, and keeps taking clients’
interests as starting point, and makes efforts to pursue long-term trust of clients and cooperation
with them.

Pragmatism: Not limited to simply provide interpretation and explanation about laws and
regulations, Young-Ben insists on providing proper practical solutions, combining with clients’
legal demands with our social connections and practical experience and proper to China’s actual
social environment, to clients. In addition, Young-Ben Lawyer pays more attention to clients’
industry features and business models, in order to provide deeper and more customized legal

Integrated Management: Young-Ben takes all the human resources, financial resources,
materials and social resources of the firm into an integrated management, and always pursues to
standardize its legal service and procedures.

Specialized Cooperation: Through specialization of attorneys and effective interdisciplinary
cooperation, Young-Ben Lawyer ensures the quality of legal support and satisfies clients’
demands in a one-stop way.

Enterprise Clients: Young-Ben dedicates to providing services and legal supports for local and
overseas enterprises.

Outstanding Services: Young-Ben strives to provide not only effective legal supports, but also
perfect services by excellent service attitudes, prompt responses, proactive cares, and pursuit of

Solution-orientated: Young-Ben insists on a solution- orientated working style, and provides
feasible solutions to clients by a combination of legitimate requirements and Sino-practicing

Most attorneys of Young-Ben graduated from famous universities and law schools local and
overseas, some of whom also are qualified for practicing overseas. Several attorneys of Young-
Ben have been elected as members of Professional Committees of Bar Association, including the
Committee of State-Owned Enterprise Law, the Committee of M&A and Reorganization, the
Labor Law Committee, the Committee of Bankruptcy and Liquidation Law. In addition, some
partners were appointed as visiting professors by several famous universities and colleges.

Young-Ben specializes in providing legal service with respect to State-owned Enterprise and
Assets, Foreign Investment, M &A and Reorganization, Capital Market, Advertising & Media,
Intellectual Property, Banking and Asset Management, Labor & Employment Law, and local or
Cross-border Disputes Resolution.

Young-Ben has built a world-wide and interdisciplinary cooperation network to meet international
and diversified service demands of clients. Long-term cooperative relations with law firms in
Germany, France, U.S., Sweden, North Ireland and Hong Kong has been established for years.

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Meanwhile, Young-Ben has also been connected with some interdisciplinary institutions such as
Brokers of Equity Exchange, PE Investment Institutions, Accounting Firms, Evaluation and
Appraisal Companies, several Chambers of Commerce, Business Consulting Companies.

Young-Ben is widely recognized for its outstanding services. Young-Ben has been awarded as
Shanghai Advanced Judicial Institution consecutively in past two years, Top Ten Law Firms in
Jing’an District, Shanghai, Best Civilized Institution and etc. In addition, many attorneys of
Young-Ben have been awarded with various personal honors and awards at both Municipal and
District level.

Young-Ben devotes to the community through Charity Activities and Public Interest Litigation, by
which it undertakes full social responsibilities as a legal entity.

Young-Ben is committed to make unremitting efforts to become a top legal service provider in

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                                Part Ⅱ Young-Ben’s Achievements

Ⅰ. Young-Ben’s clients

Young-Ben’s clients mainly include various kinds of Government Institutions, Large and
Medium-sized State-owned Enterprises, Foreign Companies, Chinese and Foreign-invested
Financial Institutions, Foreign-Invested Enterprises, Private-owned Enterprises, various kinds of
Industry Associations, Social Organizations and etc.

Young-Ben’s clients cover many industries including Finance, Banking, Insurance, Investment,
Manufacturing, Real Estate, Commercial Chain, International Trade, Logistics, Marine, Aviation,
Port, Media & Advertising, New Energy Source, Environmental Protection, IT, Electronic
Communication, Architectural Design and etc.

The idea of “Coordinative Development” promoted by Young-Ben coordinates and integrates all
kinds of resources from the clients and business partners, which provides more business
opportunities and wider development spaces for Young-Ben’s clients by sharing information and
exchange platform in addition to legal services.

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Ⅱ. Partial Clients List for which Young-Ben provides long-term legal counsel

    Large and Medium-sized State-owned
                                                     Famous Foreign-invested Enterprises

Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation           B & Q China
Shanghai Airport (Group) Co., Ltd.              Roche China
——Be responsible for the legal affairs of       Itochu Textile (China) Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport         Xindao Information Technology Co., Ltd. (a
Corporation                                     subsidiary of PWC)
Shanghai Yunfeng (Group) International          Seb (Asia) Co., Ltd.
Trade Co., Ltd.                                 Hardinge (China) Co., Ltd.
Guanshengyuan (Group) Co., Ltd.                 Compogas Investment (China) Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.      Arkema (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Automation Instrument Co., Ltd.        Shanghai Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Co.,
Shanghai General Machinery (Group) Co.,         Ltd.
Ltd.                                            JWT Advertising Co., Ltd.
Shanghai United Motor (Group) Co., Ltd.         Creative Business Ideas Advertising Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Fasco Co.                              GroupM (Shanghai) Advertising Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang East Sea Construction Engineering      Beijing Hylink Advertising Co., Ltd.
General Contracting Co., Ltd.                   Young & Rubicam (Beijing) Advertising Co.,
Shanghai Ferry Co., Ltd.                        Ltd.
Shanghai Pujiang Sightseeing Co., Ltd.          McCann Advertising Co., Ltd. Shanghai
China Cinda Asset Management Corporation        Branch
Shanghai Office                                 Morton China National Salt (Shanghai) Co.,
China Great Wall Asset Management               Ltd.
Corporation Shanghai Office                     Shanghai CORNES Comtech Ltd.
Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Pudong           OJI KINOCLOTH (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Branch                                          German Lindner Architectural Decoration
Shanghai Biomedical Engineering Research        Co., Ltd.
Center                                          Dolce & Gabbana Clothing Co., Ltd.
UnionPay Data Service Co., Ltd.                 Beumer China
Shanghai Tonglefang Cultural Development
Co., Ltd.

     Famous Private-owned Enterprises                  Parks and Social Organizations

Shanghai Gubei Real Estate Agency Sales         Shanghai Yangpu Knowledge Innovation
Co., Ltd.                                       Area Risk Investment Service Park
Shanghai Double Deer Electric Appliance         Enterprise Association of Hangzhou in
Manufacturing Co., Ltd.                         Shanghai
Shanghai Shangling Science & Technology         Spanish Chamber of Commerce
Development Co., Ltd.                           Tianjing Property Rights Exchange
Shanghai Yunfeng Investment Management
Co., Ltd.

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Ⅲ. Part of Young-Ben's Recent Classic Cases

      Providing full legal services for the bidding and tendering of western new airport
       terminal of Hongqiao International Airport of Shanghai Airport (Group) Co., Ltd

      Providing full legal services for the bidding and tendering of maglev station zone in the
       eastern traffic center of Shanghai Hongqiao integrative traffic hub

      Acting as legal counsel for Listing program of Hanyuan Environmental Protection
       Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Tiancheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Tianjin
       Property Rights Exchange

      Representing Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd in share transfer project of its subsidiary,
       an environment-friendly energy company, i.e. the project of the relocation of a solar-
       cell company in Yancheng Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu

      Acting as legal counsel for Collective Employees Settlement and Compensation project
       for overall demolition and relocation of Shanghai Huayi Electronic Instrument Factory
       affiliated to Shanghai Jinggong Group Co., Ltd.

      Providing whole-course legal services for setting up the first National Low-carbon
       Industrial Park in Pudong, Shanghai

      Representing Shanghai Ferry Co., Ltd in Construction project of special designed ferry
       on Huangpu River for the Shanghai World Expo 2010

      Providing whole-course services for overall real estate development and operation
       project of a fashion landmark in Jingan District, Shanghai -Tonglefang Cultural and
       Recreational Zone

      Acting as legal counsel for Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co., Ltd in
       counter-guarantee project of diverse assets packages involved in the financial loan.

      Providing full legal services for Annual Convention of 2009 for Chambers of Commerce
       of Hangzhou Enterprises in Shanghai

      Representing Guanshengyuan (Group)             Co.    Ltd.    in   the   acquisition    of
       Yangshengyuan Apiculture Co., Ltd.

      Representing Shanghai Foreign Aviation Service Corporation in the acquisition of a
       aviation ticket agency company in Beijing

      Providing Due-diligence Investigation Services for Shanghai Yunfeng Investment
       Management Co., Ltd. in acquisition of a Hi-tech company in the electric industry in

      Representing Itochu Textile (China) Co., Ltd. in acquisition of four affiliated companies
       in Dalian

      Providing full legal service in setting up a wine sales company in China for HIJOS DE
       RIVERA INVERSIONES CORPORATIVAS, the largest Spanish wine company

      Representing China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd. in purchasing a non-performing
       assets package from Shanghai Bank

                                            - 5 -
   Representing Fuqi Jewelry, a listed company of NASDAQ, in acquisition of a domestic
    jewelry enterprise.

   Representing Shanghai Liquefied Gas Group in assets restruction of a joint venture co-
    invested by SKF Sweden.

   Providing legal services for demolition and relocation for Zhongyuan-Old West Gate, a
    large commercial housing construction project.

   Representing Alorica Inc, a famous American customer service company, in acquisition
    of ITS China.

   Providing legal service for the acquisition of Zhapu Port-Jiaxing-Jiangsu Expressway of
    Zhejiang Province

   Representing Shanghai Zhonghang Investment Management Co., Ltd., a large state-
    owned enterprise, in its share acquisition of Beijing Zhongzixing Aviation Service Co.,

   Representing Shanghai United Electrical Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd., affiliated to
    Shanghai Electric Group, in Bankruptcy Liquidation of Jiangsu Tieben Iron and Steel
    Co., Ltd.

   Representing Shanghai Yunfeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd in the litigation confirming its
    creditor’s rights in Bankruptcy of Liyang Central South Smelting Co. Ltd., .

   Representing B&Q China in the litigation against Shanghai Pengxin Construction and
    installation engineering Co., Ltd. over the dispute rising from decoration contract on
    Yipinmancheng -a large commercial residential buildings in Pudong

   Representing Shanghai branch of PICC and other three co-insurance applicants in the
    case of insurance subrogation for sea and land multimodal transport against Japanese
    Sumitomo Corporation.

   Representing Shanghai General Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd, affiliated to Shanghai
    Electric Group, in the case against Shanghai Oriental Compressor Factory Co., Ltd.on
    the dispute of stock exchange

   Representing Beijing Baishitong Movie and TV Culture Communications Co., Ltd. in
    the litigation of a contractual dispute on exhibition and brand propaganda of F1 Grand
    Prix of China in Shanghai International Circuit against Reemtsma International China

   Representing American HARDINGE INC in an international commercial Arbitration
    against an automobile holding company in Hong Kong

   Representing Microsoft in the litigation on the infringement of computer software
    copyrights against an electrical appliance company in Shanghai.

   Representing Adobe in the case on the infringement of computer software copyrights
    against a graphic technology company in Shanghai.

   Representing Shenguang Consultation Service Co., Ltd on the infringement case on the
    copyrights of securities advisory products against a well-known website.

                                       - 6 -
   Representing Y&R, a famous advertising company, in the case on infringement of
    copyrights against BYD

   Representing McCann World Group, in the case of claiming advertising fees due,
    against TCL.

   Representing the creditor in the Supreme Court of China successfully in claiming the
    invalidity of “Trade Financing” contracts made by an enterprise in Changzhou, which
    was nation-widely influential.

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                   Part Ⅲ Worldwide Cooperation Network
Young-Ben attaches importance to building up good and normative connections with Government
Agencies, Functional Departments and Judicial Institutions, including Courts and Arbitration
Commissions at all levels. Such good connections will ensure that timely, convenient and
professional services and information feedback could be delivered to customers in the process of
legal services.

Currently, Young-Ben has established strategic partnership with law firms in America, UK,
Germany, France, Sweden, Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as those in other Asian Countries,
which enables Young-Ben to provide great supports with international resources to client’s
multinational business. The cooperative partners include Shanghai Office of DS AVOCATS
                                                              Schmidt Law Firm (Germany),
(France), Rodel & Partner Shanghai Office (Germany), Hanspeter·
Diaz & Reus (U.S.), Mannhermer Swartling (Sweden), and C.Y.Tong & Co. Solicitors

Cooperative Partners of Young-Ben include:


It is established in Paris in 1972, and now has nearly 200 practicing solicitors and 14 branches and
offices all over the world. By virtue of DS AVOCATS’s good reputation in France and
cooperation with French government institutions, Young-Ben is able to provide consultation
services of France law and Sino-France commercial cooperation resources.


Rodel & Partner (Germany)

The headquarter of Rodel & Partner is situated in Nuremberg of Germany, and it has 2,400
employees and 70 branches around the world, including professional lawyer, certified public
accountant, tax advisor, and specialized counselors in terms of business operation, property
management, public management, human resources, and information technology. It is to provide
consultation on trade, construction spot, corporate law, auditing, tax, and investment, as well as
accounting and corporate consulting and finance to Chinese enterprises that are to launch business
in European countries.

The strategic partnership between Young-Ben and Rodel & Partner has extended vigorous support
for Young-Ben to provide German and European legal consultation and other commercial
consultation services to customers.


Mannhermer Swartling (Sweden)

This is a leading law firm in the field of business law in Northern Europe that provides legal
services for Swedish and famous medium and large enterprises and organizations all over the
world. The common characteristic of Mannhermer Swartling clients is that the law plays a crucial
role in the business success. With the headquarter settles in Sweden, it has 8 offices around the

                                               - 8 -
By virtue of Mannhermer Swartlings’s professional status in Northern Europe, Young-Ben is
able to provide customers with quality services on laws of Northern Europe, investment, business
cooperation, and tax etc.


Diaz & Reus (U.S.)

Diaz & Reus, over 10 years old, is an international law firm that has headquarter in Miami of
America. It has offices in Frankfurt of Germany, London of Britain, Dubai in Middle East,
Caracas of Venezuela, and Monte Carlo of Monaco. It specializes in business transaction,
corporate services, immigration, real estate transaction, securities law, taxation and real estate plan

Young-Ben has signed strategic cooperation agreement with ChinaLat Law, and will cooperate
roundly with it in terms of international business transaction, corporate services and immigration.
This is an important step that Young-Ben has taken towards North America.


         Schmidt Law Firm (Germany)

Hanspeter·   Schmidt Law Firm (hereinafter named “Hanspeter” for short) is a well-known
professional law firm in Europe in food and trademark laws. It provided professional legal
services to government agencies of 6 European countries, more than 10 organic food certification
institutes, and over 100 companies, and has been providing legal consultation since 1988 to
International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).

The alliance between Young-Ben and Hanspeter enables Young-Ben to provide customers with
consultation and legal services in terms of organic certification, and food and trademark laws of

In September 2008, Young-Ben signed the written agreement with Hanspeter. The strategic
partnership was officially built.


Caldwell & Robinson (Northern Ireland)

Caldwell & Robinson is a one-hundred years old law firm in Northern Ireland that provides legal
support for customers in England, Ireland and Northern Ireland. It focuses on family law, business
law, commercial property law and lawsuit. In addition, it is a member of Avrio Advocati -an
international union of lawyers, and has built partnership with law firms in 29 European countries
via the union.


                                                - 9 -
Daohe (Shanghai) Investment Consultation Co., Ltd.

It is a professional institution that specializes in transaction of property rights, merger and
acquisition, investment consultation and investor public relation services. With broker
membership of Shanghai United Assets & Equity Exchange and state-owned property brokerage
qualification, it is able to provide property transaction agency service in relation to equity and
assets transfer.

Via the cooperation with Daohe (Shanghai) Investment Consultation Co., Ltd. in property
transaction, Young-Ben is able to provide customers with authoritative, professional and effective
services for property transactions in merger and acquisition.


Thanks again for your attention to our firm! Young-Ben sincerely looks forward to further
mutual knowledge and friendly cooperation with your company in the days to come!

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