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									                                Marsha Gay Henry
                                          4 Athena Place
                                            Kingston 20
                                    Tel #: 548-0801/ 466-6705

June 9, 2008

Human Resource Manager
Courts Jamaica Limited
79-81A Slipe Road
Cross Roads
Kingston 5

Dear Sirs,

I write to inquire about possible vacancies for an Administrative position within the
Accounting/Administrative Department or any other suitable position within your company. I seek
to enhance my knowledge of the business world and see your company as the organization of
which, such would be productive.

My work background and coursework have supplied me with many skills and an understanding of
the Administrative field and as such I believe that I possess a unique mix of experience,
knowledge, and skills that can definately help your company to execute its duty more efficiently.

I am confident that my ability to grasp Administrative concepts and techniques, and also to work
effectively in a dynamic, multi-tasking environment, clearly demonstrates my proven ability to meet
and resolve administrative challenges.

The enclosed resume’ provides more details on the above, as well as other experience, skills and
abilities that I possess.

Thank you for your consideration.


     M. Henry
Marsha Gay Henry

                                 4 Athena Place                  Phone (876) 466-6705
                                 Queensbury                             (876) 548-0801
                                 Kingston 19                     Email:

                 Marsha Gaye Henry
Objective        To develop competence in the duties/ responsibilities appointed to me, through
                 application of specific skills, techniques and principles, also the use of my
                 knowledge in the most unsurpassed way achievable.

Education        2007– Present           University of the West Indies -
                 School of Continuing Studies
                     Currently Pursuing Associate Degree in Business Management

                 1998-2003             St. Hugh’s High School
                     Obtained Five (5) CXC subjects

Summary of       Caribbean Examination Council
qualifications       Principle of Business             II
                     Principle of Accounts             II
                     English Language                  II
                     Caribbean History                  II
                     Mathematics                       III

                     Computer Competence
                       Microsoft Office [word, excel, access, power point, outlook] and
                        Internet Explorer.

                     Accounting Software
                        Peachtree and QuickBooks

Professional     Aug 2005 – Jan 2008 Seematt Construction Co. Ltd 4 Westminister Close (10)
Experience       Administrative Assistant

                         Prepare payroll

                         Accounts payables

                         Prepare Cash Book

                         Clerical duties including filing, typing letters & memos, etc.
            Dec 2004 – Aug 2005 Mr. Job c/o Job Express 14½ Retirement Road, Kgn 5

            Junior Administrative Assistant

                   Liaise with Hire Managers and assist them in everyday task in different
                    aspects of their operation including clerical tasks such as faxing,
                    emailing and making calls daily to customers.

                   Create and maintain databases which aid in daily operations.

                   Make use of Microsoft Outlook to set up reminders and contact list.

                   Schedule external interviews for short listed applicants.

            Jan 2004 – April 2004       Zip Technologies 7 Waterworks Road, Kgn 8

            Customer Data Assistant

                   Make calls to prospective customers informing them of the services the
                    company offers.

                   Offer customer service to customers and prospective customers by
                    taking their data and entering it to the software or advising them how to
                    enter such online.

                   Liaise with clients about the updating of their inventory.

                   Prepare monthly statistics for clients.

                   Ensure that inventory listings are updated

                   Offer training to client, which aid them in entering inventory online.

Reference   Available upon request.

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