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                       Credit Check Interface

    This document describes the CornerStone interface to the CBCInnovis credit bureau and
                          CBCAmRent resident screening services.

                       This document printed on: Monday, August 15, 2011

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                                       COMPANY HISTORY

Integrated Property Management Software, Inc. has been in existence since 1983, with our
Windows affordable product line introduced in 2002. CornerStone TM is a comprehensive
Windows based property management software program designed to process all accounting
functions including, but not limited to, tenant rent roll, general ledger financial statement
preparation, payables processing, and maintaining household, property and vendor information,
etc. CornerStone also processes all HUD 50059 HAP requests and generates Low Income
Housing Tax Credit Section 42 compliance forms (selected states). IPM-Software is the only
leading property management software vendor to develop and market both site and CA
level HUD reporting software. CornerStone and CaTrac’r (CA Software) share error
checking and a unique “TRAC’s” reader allowing users to quickly resolve HUD payment

Our Client Care Department strives to maintain same day service. We guarantee that if you call
Client Care and one of our representatives is not able to assist you immediately, then you will
have a return phone call within 4 hours. We offer a Live Chat service linked to our CornerStone
program and on our website, which puts you in touch with a representative immediately in order
to help assist you when time is critical.

IPM-Software, Inc. provides software to the Multifamily Housing Market for Conventional,
HUD subsidized, LIHTC, Rural Housing Services and Contract Administrator reporting. We
employ 30 full-time employees who develop, market, and support the entire product line. IPM-
Software’s nationally recognized, full time Director of Compliance, Jed Graef, is responsible for
monitoring Federal Law and regulations in the HUD, RHS, and Low-Income Housing Tax
Credit areas as well as assisting our customers and our Client Care Department with regulation
and policy interpretation. We are also active in many industry specific trade groups. We are
members of NAHMA (National Affordable Housing Management Association), its Regional
AHMA organizations, AAHSA (American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging)
and attend their conferences on a regular basis. IPM-Software does comply with HUD
requirements for electronic communication.

Given all of the experience of our executives and staff members, you can be assured that you are
partnering with a company that has superior knowledge of the affordable and conventional
markets and will make serving and training your organization’s staff member’s top priority. We
understand your need to be provided with quality products that will enable you to file your forms
in a timely manner so that payments from HUD are prompt.
Valarie Glynn
Sales Manager
IPM Software, Inc.
4008-C Vista Rd.
Suite 250
Pasadena, TX 77504
800-944-5572 x212 (office)
281-451-7046 (cell)
713-944-2554 (fax)

Visit for property management software solutions.

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Step One: Set up Client Access and Login Information
Prior to its first use, you must set up the account information supplied by CBC in CornerStone. There are
two ways to access the form to enter this information.

      1. Go to Tools > Customization Options > Traffic Customization.
              Select Credit Check from the options Menu on the left (see Figure 1 below)
          Figure 1

                                                                                        Figure 2

      2. Go to the Traffic module
              Select Utility menu across the top of the main window
              Select Edit Credit Check Setup option (see Figure 2 at right)

Once in the Credit Check Setup area:

      1. Select CBC as the Credit Bureau being used.
      2. Enter the User ID and Password supplied by CBC.
      3. Click Save button to update the Cornerstone database

The username and password information is stored separately for each user account for convenience
purposes, so the user will not need to enter this information each time.

         Important Security Notes:
                To help ensure security the password information is stored in an encrypted
                CBC requires the user password be changed every 90 days.
                Changing the password on the Verify Credit Bureau form (Figure 3, below)
                   will not change the password expected by CBC.
                The CBC password cannot be changed via CornerStone, and must be
                   done from the CBC web site.

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The Credit Check
Setup form also
allows the user to
select which
reports to generate.
The Credit panel

                       Figure 3
contains the reports
available to the
user using
CornerStone. The
Vendor panel
contains the
vendors that will
supply the data to
the selected

Web Access:
        NOTE: Requires setup steps (above) be completed prior to attempting to use this function.
Another option available in the Traffic > Utilities menu assists with logging into the CBC web site.
Select the Logon to Data Provider option, and CornerStone will log on the CBC web site,
accessing the page shown in Figure 4, below. This access allows you to access reports already ordered
and to reprint reports using the Admin Reporting options available through CBCWeb. Previous orders
could also be upgraded with this option.
                                                               Figure 4
    Important note: For
    this option to work
    properly, you must have
    a dialup internet
    connection or high-speed
    internet connection

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Step Two: Request Credit Check
To obtain the requested information from CBC:
   1. Select the applicant in the Traffic module (see Figure 5 below).
   2. Before sending the request, CornerStone will require a valid name, address, date of birth, and
       social security number.
   3. Click the Credit Check button will send the request to CBC.

CBC returns the report in a format suitable for displaying in a web browser.
    Figure 5

CornerStone assigns a unique loan number to each request. This allows for multiple requests to be made
for a single tenant within a 90 day period, which may be necessary to reflect credit changes. Reports are
available on the CBC web site for 30 days. If you would like to review an existing report at a later date,
log on to CBC’s web site and select the report. The ability to retrieve existing reports is not available
within CornerStone at this time.

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CornerStone will open a web browser window and display the requested report. An example of a decision report (Figure 6) and an infile report (Figure 7)
is shown below. The user may print or save the report using the appropriate web browser buttons.

                                 Figure 6                                                                    Figure 7

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Monthly or As Needed for Individual Updates: Upload Rental Information
The final option in the Traffic Utilities menu is Upload Credit Information. This option is used
to send property management records to CBC’s AmRent Rental Xchange database. Selecting this option
will display the following form (Figure 8). All of the current households are listed, followed by the
former households. You can select any combination of current and/or former households. After selecting
the households, clicking the Add Selected button will put the selected information in the Household
Information grid at the bottom of the form. You should then update the Lease Status, Payment Status,
and ECOA codes by selecting the correct option as shown below. The Outstanding Balance, Full Lease
Amount, Filed/Generated Date, Last Activity Date, Date of Last Delinquency, and Closed Date fields
may also be modified.
      Figure 8

            General usage note: You can remove any row from the Household Information grid by
            selecting any cell on the row and clicking the Remove Selected button.

After of the resident information has been completed, the report can be generated by clicking the Save
button. A popup window will allow you to specify the name and location of the export data file. The user
will be responsible for sending the file to CBC.

To upload the rental information file to CBC’s AmRent Rental Exchange:
   1. Log on to CBC’s web site as explained under Web Access earlier
   2. Select the Administration option.
   3. Select Upload File. This allows the user to select the file just generated to upload.
   4. After selecting the file, click the Submit button.
   5. A message will be displayed after the file has been uploaded.

                  This process was designed using the sample data supplied by CBCInnovis.

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