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									                              Pagan Student Group
                       Executive Board Meeting 10/05/04

Meeting called to order at 8:10 PM.

All Board members received a copy of the group’s consitution.
       - Elections to be held in April
       - Probable amendment: OSAS is planning to require 100% student
       membership for student groups in the future, so we will plan to amend the
       constitution to reflect that.

Laura is putting together the PSG website and asked for content ideas.
       - Constitution
       - List of board members and emails
       - Ask LISTSERV members for content, links for links page

Contact Info:
Board members need to share contact information (phone/email)

      - Class dates to be posted on website
      - Handouts from classes will also be available on the website
      - Class dates/times posted on Collegian campus calendar

Future Events:
      - Upcoming class on Runes with Paul Brown – Nov. 10.
      - Board discussed ideas for a future tarot class:
              - 3 level class? First card meanings, then more advanced knowledge
              - Make-a-deck workshop
      - Class on “Misconceptions of Wicca” was suggested; board discussed the idea
      - Overview of Pagan Religions – October 25:
              - Sarah requested help putting together the class
              - Looking for a Wiccan to help teach
              - Mention misconceptions, difference between paganism/atheism, etc.
              - Different traditions (compare-and-contrast worksheet?)
              - Laura offered help with Egyptian religion
              - Look at reconstructionist vs. earth-based, magical vs. non-magical
              - Talk about varieties of polytheism
              - Evaluating sources of information about paganism
      - Kane is going to try to find a speaker on shamanism

Long-term Brainstorming Ideas:
      - Interfaith holiday dinner, Yule celebration, potluck?
      - Trip to Gaia, Dragonfest, ?
      - Maypole for Spring Equinox?

Meeting adjourned 9:55 PM.

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