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									                             William Watson Elementary
                         16450 - 80th Avenue, Surrey, B.C. V4N 0H3
                                 Phone: 604-574-4141
                                     Newsletter # 10
May 6                    ProD – School Closed
May 10                   Grade 7 Car Wash
May 13                   Welcome to Kindergarten 12:30 pm
May 14                   PAC Garage Sale
May 16                   Interim Reports Sent Home
May 16-20                PAC Clothing Drive
May 23                   Victoria Day
May 25                   Play – “King Arthur’s Court 1:15 pm
May 30                   ProD – School Closed
June 2                   District Track Meet
June 8                   Beach Day for Primary Students who have run 50 km
June 9                   Steel Drum Band from Maple Green Performing 1:15-2:00
June 13                  Grouse Grind Grade 4-7 who have run 100 Km
June 20                  William Watson Sports Day – Rain or Shine
June 21                  Grade 7 Celebration Dinner

Dear Parents /Guardians,
The third academic term and track and field season are in full swing as we are into the final stretch
for this school year. Important learning takes place these last few months as we prepare students
for the next grade. Please continue to support your children by maintaining the routines of school
life, getting kids to bed early, promoting healthy eating habits and setting aside regular homework
times. Taking time to read with your children each night is also key to success in school. Also,
when the sunny weather finally arrives, please remind your children to seek out shade, slip on a
shirt, slap on a hat, and slop on sunscreen and be sun smart.

Staffing for 2011-12
At present, the School District has staffed us for 14 divisions. As in the past, we will be
organizing classes during the first week back to school. If you are aware of any families that have
not yet registered for this coming September, we would appreciate it if you could remind them to
do so, as soon as possible. Early registration assists us greatly with our planning and organization.
It is most important to inform the office if you are moving over the summer months or enrolling
your children elsewhere.

Changes in Staffing for 2011/12
I am happy to announce that intermediate teachers, Mr. Wheeler and Ms. Russell will be joining
the William Watson staff and our current French teacher, Mrs. Gill will be teaching an intermediate
class for the upcoming school year. Mrs. Marrello has accepted a position at Fraser Wood
Elementary and we wish her all the best.

Welcome to Kindergarten
The Kindergarten orientation will take place on Friday, May 13th from 12:30-2:30. There will be
station activities that will explore learning outcomes important to prepare children for
Kindergarten. Parents are encouraged to participate in the stations so that they can gather ideas for
activities to practice at home. Participants will each receive a bag of supplies to take home to
support these activities. Please contact the office and confirm your attendance.
Class Placement for the Next School Year
We are a small school, which leads to many combined classes. We have approximately one and a
half divisions for each grade. Many students will be in classes that have combined grades and there
is no guarantee that if a child was in a combined class this year that he/she will be in a class with a
single grade next year. Please understand that even in a single grade there is still a range of ability.
Teachers are well qualified to teach both grades in a combined class.

From time to time, parents want to request specific placements for the upcoming school year,
however, it is important to understand that teachers try to balance the composition of classes based
on a number of factors. If you have concerns regarding the placement of your child, please stop by
the office to pick up a specific form to express the educational concerns you would like us to
consider. Only these completed forms will be accepted – please no letters or personal notes. Do not
expect that your son/daughter will be placed with a specific teacher or with particular friends.
Friends can always see each other at recess, lunch or after school and in fact, sometimes having
friends together in a class is not always the best for learning. With the trust and support in the
home, we are confident that all children will placed in the classes that will allow them to have a
productive and rewarding 2011-12 school year. Your patience and understanding regarding this
matter is greatly appreciated.

Track & Field
I would thank all of our coaches and remind parents that we are very lucky to
have so many staff members who are willing to volunteer their time to provide
track and field activities for William Watson students. Please recognize that
many schools have no track teams, as people are not willing to coach before
and after school. The coaches try to maximize student participation during track stations, practices
and mini-meets but send our top athletes to the final district meet. Track and Field is still a
competitive part of elementary school. Please support our coaches with positive comments and

School Uniforms
If your child participated in basketball but is not trying out for track and field, please send in
his/her school uniform as soon as possible. We need all uniforms returned so that we can use for
our upcoming mini-meets. Your post-dated cheques will be returned once we receive the uniform.

Kilometer Club
Students are running laps to earn kilometers for a year-end field trip. The first fifty intermediate
students that complete 100 km earn a spot on the bus to climb the Grouse Grind on June 13th. All
Primary students who complete 50 km will have a day at the beach in South Surrey on June 8th.

Parents’ Advisory Council Meeting
We would like to invite you to our next parent meeting scheduled for Thursday, June 9 at 7:00 p.m.
This is an important meeting as we are looking for volunteers to fill executive positions for next
year. Childcare is available and provided by older students.

                                                    Margaret Geddes

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WIN A PRIZE - Last Newsletter’s Winner is Harlene Hundel, Div. 6
Simply complete this form and have your son/daughter bring it back to school and place it in the “Draw Box”
located in the front office window.

Student’s Name                                               Division __________

I have received and read my newsletter.

Parent’s Signature
                 There’s going to be a CAR WASH – invite the
           All money will go towards the grade 7 camp
                         Date: Tuesday, May 10 weather permitting
                                    Time: 12:30 - 3:30
                          Location: Front of school (pick - up area)
                                      Who: Grade 7's
                           Why: Fundraiser for Grade 7 camp trip
                                   Payment: Donations

Grade 7s will also be selling tickets for a chance to win Canuck Jerseys and other Canuck items.
 The tickets are $2.00 each or three tickets for $5.00. Money raised goes towards the Grade 7
 Celebration Night. Thank you to Hockey Crease Shop in Aldergrove and the Hockey Shop in
                               Surrey for their generous support.

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