BROTHER                                          TO               BROTHER

                                          Indiana Eta’s Quest to Greece

S                                                          “There were two main principles
        ince its inception in 1930, Indiana     followed in Delphi and these were: “know
        Institute of Technology has changed     thy self” and “no excess.” To know thy
and grown to meet the needs of its current      self is to understand who we are and what
students. It has meant new buildings, new       our purpose is. No excess is referring to
programs, and new opportunities for stu-        every day life; one must not do too much
dents. Among these new programs and             in one direction, but do some things in all
opportunities is the chance for students to     directions of life. I found that they were
take a humanities elective overseas. In a       very similar to what all brothers in Sigma
past year, Adam Greb and Kris DelBarba          Phi Epsilon follow.
visited Spain; but this year, actives Ryan                 “Overall I am very pleased with
Camp, Mark Gilson, Kris DelBarba,               my decision to take part in this trip and I
Mike Riley, and Tim Novinger had the            think I can speak for all the brothers who
opportunity to go to where it all started for   took this journey with me by saying they
                                                                                                 Ryan Camp, Mike Riley, Kris DelBarba, Tim
the modern fraternal world: Greece.             feel the same. Many interesting things root      Novinger and Ryan Camp at a fountain in Greece
          I asked Mark to summarize his         from Greece and after traveling and experi-
experience. He writes: “Over winter             encing the life there I can understand why.
break most Indiana Tech students went           The trip has given me a deeper apprecia-
home to their families to celebrate Christ-     tion of SigEp’s ritual, principles, and the
mas and New Years; this was not all that        fraternity as a whole.”
took place for a few students from the Indi-               The students who went had to
ana Eta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon.           submit a paper detailing the trip to Susan
Those few chose to take a humanities elec-      McGrade. In his report, Tim wrote that
tive over the winter break and were taken       the students from Tech wound up with a
on a journey through the very heart of that     group from Roger’s William’s University,
which we derive much of our beliefs from;       and while unexpected, they made quick
this place, of course, being Greece.            friends with them. He then goes on to say
          “Throughout the trip we visited       that the little differences were the ones that
many historical sites such as the Acropolis,    surprised him the most. For example, taxis
Delphi and the Temple of Apollo, Olym-          that are Mercedes-Benz, the currency, and
pia, Epidaurus, Mycenae, and even a day         breakfast that, well, wasn’t exactly break-
cruise on the Saronic Gulf. All these sites     fast.
were breathtaking and virtually indescrib-                 Of course, it wasn’t all studying,
able on paper but I found that the Temple       learning, and sight-seeing. Tim says that
of Apollo in Delphi topped them all. Here       they got to try many traditional drinks in-
                                                                                                 The picture above is at the ancient site of
we learned of all the ritual they had with      cluding Ouzo, Metaxa and the Greek wine
                                                                                                 Epidaurus, famous for its open air theatre.
the Oracle of Delphi as well as the princi-     Retsina.
                                                                                                 It is (apparently) the best preserved theater
ples which each citizen followed.                          Indiana Tech has indeed learned
                                                                                                 of its kind in all of Greece. Like other
                                                to grow with the times, especially if it is
                                                                                                 things that the ancient Greeks built, this
                                                offering it’s students these opportunities.
                                                                                                 theatre was built into the side of a hill.
                                                When I looked at all the pictures, I re-
                                                                                                 The acoustics of the theatre were abso-
                                                marked that it didn’t even seem real. To
                                                                                                 lutely astounding. At the top of it, the
                                                the men of SigEp, it was much more than
                                                                                                 speaker on the stage could be heard clear
                                                that, it was surreal; and a life-changing
                                                                                                 as day—almost as if they were sitting next
                                                experience. §
                                                                                                 to us, as opposed to being 300+ feet be-
                                                [Many thanks to Mark, Tim, and Kris
                                                who contributed to the article]
                      Alumni News & Notes
Chad Pieper and his wife, Heather, are         In the last issue of BtB, we reported on JD    Lee MacSorely reports that he is a volun-
expecting a child on June 10th. Chad has       Hill and his wife’s pregnancy complica-        teer firefighter with the Hoagland Volun-
recently taken a position of recruiter for     tions. Sadly, when Gabrielle came into the     teer Fire Department; and also a volunteer
Indiana Institute of Technology.               world on 1/4/05, she was only 2 pounds         EMT with the Hoagland EMS. In his free
                                               and 6.2 ounces, she passed away shortly        time he scuba dives, and plays volleyball
Gregg Koppelmann recently participated         thereafter. If you would like to see pic-      (somewhat) competitively. He is also an
in a Bowl-a-thon for his kid’s former          tures of Gabrielle, they can be found at       avid Komet Hockey fan. He is still work-
church school. Gregg also reports that his If      ing as an Information Technology Man-
son Sam is now a junior in high school and     you’d like to send condolences or other-       ager at Northeastern REMC in Columbia
his other kids: Brandon (15) and Kyle (13)     wise, JD’s address is 1827 Canoe Drive;        City, IN.
are keeping him busy.                          Lutz, FL 33559. JD asks that if you
                                               would like to contribute something in Gab-     Aaron Diers sent this updated picture of
Tom Gallup reports that things are going       rielle’s honor, you can do so to the Poly-     his first son, Christopher. Check out news
well for him. He is now a partial owner/       cystic Kidney Disease Foundation at http://    of Aaron’s other bundle of joy in the
manager of a division of Needham and                       ‘Weddings…’ section.
Associates, Inc. that does custom software
development. He primarily works with           On the other side of the coin, JD reports
AutoCAD, but is also working on a com-         that he has maintained his employment at
mercial website. Tom also provides the         Verizon for the past 5 years and is getting
chapter with the webspace for                  along very well there. He also has a green He reports that he is     belt in To Shin Do. Lastly, he reports that
busy, and that you can see http://             he is a “bad golfer” when he can spare the if you            time to get out and play.
are wondering why!
                                               David Durocher reports that he is hoping
Carlos Reckner has had some contact            to get back to visit the house and Tech in
with Paul Litcher and reports that things      the near future. In the meantime he is
are going well and that his kids are getting   working for a company called Centorr
big. Jen is now in first grade and Chris is    Vacuum Industries and has been there for
in preschool.                                  10 years now. He does electrical controls
                                               for the products they make —some of
                                               which can get up to 3000 degrees Celcius.
                                               He still plays soccer in an over-30 men’s
                                               league. If you’d like to reach David, you
                                               c a n        f i n d       h i m      a t

                                               Evan Katon sends his hello from Atlanta
                                               where he continues to work for a company
                                               doing service claims in the Auto Industry.
                                                                                                   Here’s your chance to reconnect
                                                ALUMNI NEWS TO SHARE?                              with alumni from Indiana Eta,
                                                   Just remember, BtB is a newsletter for          as well as alumni from all over
            Chris and Jen Reckner                  alumni by alumni. We can’t do our               the country! From August 10
                                                   job very well if we don’t hear from             through August 14, thousands
Jerry Williamson retired from Dow                  you guys. So, when you’ve got news,
Chemical Company in Midland, MI after                                                              of SigEps converge on Nash-
                                                   gossip, stories, memories, or some-
34 years and 2 months. He has since relo-          thing else that you’d like to share with        ville. Early registration is still
cated to Arizona [see On the Move].                your fellow brothers of Indiana Eta,            going on until June 30! Cost is
                                                   drop us a line at:                              $355 per person. More infor-
Paul Knupke reports that they lost their
oldest child, Paul Jr. (31) in 2002. His                                                           mation at:
death was unexpected and of natural                  Hope to hear from you soon!
                      Random Ramblings
                                             Jim Spelbring has been hosting some            The active chapter participated in a philan-
                                             Texas Hold’em Tournaments at his apart-        thropy for the Fort Wayne YMCA in De-
                                             ment complex. SigEps have faired some-         cember. The guys got up early on a Satur-
                                             what well at these gatherings, with active     day do some general work for the YMCA
                                             Matt Stephens winning the first one and        which included painting the locker rooms.
                                             Brandan placing second at the next one.
                                             Of course, Brandan and Matt donated their      Sanguine et Purpure, the “Unofficial and
This year Nationals hosted a Fantasy Foot- winnings to their favorite charity.              Unauthorized” SigEp Blog (at http://
ball League in association with AllStar-                                          , recognized
Stats. It was a chance for all SigEps to                                                    Indiana Eta as their “Chapter of the Week”
compete in some good natured competition                                                    in December of 2004. S&P is constantly
while meeting new brothers. Our very                                                        running stories about happenings in the
own Savan Thakkar entered a team called                                                     Greek world, as well as the good and bad
Kakana’s Champs. For a while, Savvy led                                                     happenings and opinions on SigEp as a
the league in first place; but eventually he                                                whole.
dropped off a little. In the end, he wound
up placing 4th with a point total of 1793,                                                  Allen Price [Founder] dropped us a line in
just 20 points off of the leader (Seth Pro-                                                 December to let us know that he appreci-
misel from MO Beta). Unfortunately,                Matt Herald (foreground) and Matt        ates the work that active Tim Novinger
Savvy missed out on the prizes since only          Stephens (far right) at JSOP I           has done on the website. He also reports
the first three places got an award. Here’s                                                 that his business (
to next year!                                Greek Games returned to Indiana Tech this      which specializes in internet hotel reserva-
                                             year after a brief hiatus. A banner contest,   tions is doing very well. Stop by gothotel
Another local league for just the Indiana chant/cheer contest, ping pong, fooseball,        if you are looking for over 5,000 pages of
Eta alumni was established by Shawn pool, trivia, a marshmallow eating contest,             hotels throughout the world.
Lang he and brothers Brandan Haines, a “frozen T-shirt” contest, and a best pad-
John Kosmakos, Greg Fetting, Savan dle contest were held. Indiana Eta came                  Mike McDowell, current Regional Direc-
Thakkar, Reid Hochstedtler along with away with first in many of the events, and            tor, also gave us some praise for the work
former members Dave Spelman and Josh wound up first overall. Congrats to the                on the Newsletter and the updated website.
Armas all took part in Shawn’s Pocket- active chapter on winning Greek Games.               He is really pleased with the chapter and
Jacks Yahoo FFL. In the end, Fetting’s                                                      recent work we have done on improving
team the Spacely Sprockets which he had- Indiana Eta celebrated its 41st anniversary        communication.
n’t touched or changed since the beginning on November 2, 2004. Paul Litcher sent
of the season and went into the playoffs in his best and hopes everyone is happy,           Is your contact information with Nationals
last made a valiant run for it. Fate and healthy, and having fun.                           current?      If not, you can visit
luck ran out in the championship game                                              to get
which saw Fetting lose to Spelman’s En-                                                     everything up-to-date.
terprising MVPs. Incidentally, Brandan’s
team called I’mSoGonnaLose did just that,
                                                     N        M
                                                         EW EMBERS                          Chad and Keri Grooms wanted everyone
placing 8th. Shawn will probably be do-                                                     to meet Chance, the newest member of
ing a NCAA Basketball bracket within the        Travis Dean                                 their family. He is about 6 months old
next few weeks. An invite will be sent to           Finneytown, OH; IS                      now and is a playful black lab mix.
the Yahoo Group. If you aren’t a member,        Jesse Dudgeon
sign up now!
                                                   Bluffton, IN; Internet Tech.
Dean Duncan [Honorary ‘67] stopped by           Matthew Zavodny
the house in early October. He arrived             Fort Wayne, IN; EE
during ritual, and was welcomed by the
actives and alumni that were present.
                                                Brandon Abernathy
Many of the brothers had a chance to talk          Kansas City, MO; CS
to Dean and we managed to scrounge up           Chris Brown
one of the old SigEp license plates for him.       Blytheville, AR; CS
He also got to participate in the pinning
ceremony that took place that day. He           Bobby Munger
expressed his appreciation to the chapter          Geneva, IN; Internet Tech.
for their hospitality and enjoyed his visit.
                     Weddings, Engagements, and Births
Lance Robert Kontowsky was born to Irv           Aaron Diers and his wife Amanda were
and Kathy Kontowsky at 9:32pm on                 surprised when she went into labor a little
Wednesday, February 9. He was 9lbs. 14           over a month early. Ian Michael was born
oz. and was 22 inches long. Irv promptly         on Saturday, January 22 and is reported to
gave him his first birthday present (yes,        be a much more active baby (Amanda con-
that is Mr. Daniels).                            firms this was true in the womb as well!).
                                                 There were a few scary moments during
                                                 labor, but he came out at 6 pounds and 9
                                                 ounces (after only incubating for 33
                                                 weeks) and healthy.                                     Samantha Lynn Hoffman

                                                                                           Ed Wetzel and his wife Kris are proud to
                                                                                           announce the birth of their daughter,
                                                                                           Amanda Nicole on 10/3/2004. She was
                                                                                           21” and weighed 7 lbs. 6 oz. As for his
                                                                                           other kids: Anthony (8) is active in cub
  Lance Robert Kontowsky does his daddy proud!
                                                                Ian Michael Diers          scouts, soccer and wrestling; Alexandra (3)
                                                                                           likes tap dancing; and Andrew (2) is a
                                                 Justin Hoffman (current President of      handful and the “best way to describe him
Active Tim Novinger and his girlfriend           Alumni Board) and his wife Shannon, wel- is busy”.
Christina are expecting a baby in May.           comed Samantha Lynn into the world on
Hopefully, I’ll have some more pictures          January 26 at 1:04pm. She was 8lbs. 2     Andy and Jamie Dye were wed on January
and news in the next edition of BtB.             ounces and 20 1/4” long. Shannon and      15, 2005 in San Antonio [see related arti-
                                                 Samantha have been doing very well since cle].
                                                 coming home. Keira [the couple’s first
                                                 child] has been helping every chance she
                                                 gets. Justin reports that he is now out-
                                                 numbered 3-1 and that he better start be-

      Return to San Antonio                                                                                  On the
W                                                quests (and tips) to do certain songs. The
              hen Andy Dye announced that        most entertaining part of the night was
                                                                                               Jerry Williamson: 18842 N. 16th Place;
              he was getting married in San      when the guys at the piano asked Jamie up
Antonio, it didn’t take long for the brothers    to the stage. Jamie took a seat on the pi-    Phoenix, AZ 85024
and friends of Andy and Jamie to book            ano and all of the guys in the place got up
                                                                                               Chad and Heather Pieper: 1611 Randford
their flights, their hotels, and confirm that,   to sing her the Righteous Brothers’ You’ve
yes, they would indeed be attending. After       Lost that Loving Feeling. Afterwards,         Place; Fort Wayne, IN 46815
all, this was a very special couple, and San     Jamie would say that she had an absolute
                                                                                               Andy and Jamie Dye: 2016 Bayview Dr.;
Antonio is a great place.                        blast and that she really enjoyed it.
                                                                                               Fort Wayne, IN 46815
           Among the brothers to attend                    On Friday, some of the group
were: Paul Litcher, Adam Greb, Greg              headed out to Ruth Chris steakhouse
                                                                                               Bryan Thorsen: 503 Bounty Dr. NE;
Johnson, Brandan Haines, Dave Pask,              (courtesy of Paul) and went to the comedy
                                                                                               Poplar Grove, IL 61065
and Tommy Le . Greg and Tommy’s re-              club that is at the RiverCentre mall.
spective girlfriends, Trish and Carrie as                  On Saturday, we attended the
                                                                                               Jamie Baugh: 311-B McCromick Ave.;
well as friend of the house Heathyr Dwight       Army High School All-American Football
                                                                                               Capitola, CA 95010
attended.                                        game at the Alamodome. We had good
           On Thursday, the wedding party        seats about 12 rows back from one of the
                                                                                               Tim Wilhoite : 6826 E. County Road 800
and guests were treated to a night on the        end zones. It was a pretty entertaining
                                                                                               N.; Brownsburg, IN 46112
town courtesy of Howl at the Moon. For           game, which saw the West destroy the
those of you that don’t know, it is basically    East.
                                                                                               Clarence Bunch: 37569 Brynford Drive;
a dueling piano bar where they take re-
                                                                                               Clinton Township, MI 48036
[Return to San Antonio, Continued]

         After the game, we returned to the hotel to get
changed and ready for the wedding. The ceremony was held
in the hotel. It was quite nice and well attended. The recep-
tion immediately followed (also in the hotel). We had a pretty
good time at the reception, stealing each other’s beers when
people weren’t looking, singing [although poorly] SigEp
SweetHeart to Jamie, and doing the He Ain’t Heavy circle
with Jamie and Andy in the middle (followed, of course, by a
rousing rendition of Drink Beer).
                                                                       Sweetheart Ball 2005
                                                                                   Saturday, April 9
         I think it says a lot for the quality of character that
Andy has, and the strength of brotherhood in Indiana Eta, that

                                                                                     6pm to 12am
a decent number of brothers were able to find the time and
money to go down to San Antonio to be a part of Andy and
Jamie’s special day. We were all glad that we were able to be
there, and Andy and Jamie were very thankful.                                     Shiloh Banquet Hall
                                                                                  3127 Carroll Road
                                                                                    Fort Wayne, IN
                                                                                  RSVP by March 22
                                                                       For more details contact Mike Riley:

                                                                                         Other News and Notes

              Andy and Jamie share their first dance as
              Husband and Wife
                                                                   *   Actives Ryan Camp, Michael Earnhart, and Steve Eckhart
                                                                       were all members of the 2005 edition of Who’s Who Among
    It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like...                               Students in American Universities and Colleges. Congratula-
                                                                       tions guys, and keep up the good work.
The annual Christmas Party/Gathering is alive and well. The
traditions of exchanging Santa Bros, joke presents (and maybe
                                                              *        Jeff Walls’s presentation “What Motivates College Students to
a real one here and there), and mugs are still followed. This
                                                                       Cheat” has been accepted to be shown at the Teaching Confer-
year’s gathering was no exception, as active Travis Dean
                                                                       ence held in Schaumburg, Ill.
looks on, alumnus Matt Herald plays Santa, and active Jesse
Dudgeon celebrates a gift he got.
                                                              *        The Alumni Board of Indiana Eta will be purchasing one of the
                                                                       bricks for the patio outside of Abbott Center. The inscription
                                                                       will read: Sigma Phi Epsilon/Est. November 1963/Virtue, Dili-
                                                                       gence and/Brotherly Love.

                                                                   *   Actives Michael Earnhart, and Steve Eckhart are part of a
                                                                       program sponsored by Tech that is competing to be the first
                                                                       “amateur” group to launch a rocket into space. Their first test
                                                                       rocket reached two miles. On April 1, they will launch again
                                                                       hoping to get the necessary 62 and a half miles to reach space.
                                                                       For more information on this unique opportunity, check out

                                                                   *   The alumni address database management has been moved back
                                                                       in-house. All further updates and mailings [including this one]
                                                                       will be processed internally. We hope that this change will fur-
                                                                       ther solidify our communication efforts and provide some cost
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