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					 key position information
 Job Title                                               Position Reports To
 Business Partner                                        Head of Business Partnerships
 Incumbent                                               Location
 Click here to enter text.                               Burwood
 Division                                                Job Description                            FTE
 People, Culture and Learning                                New               Updated              1
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 Team                                                    Effective Date                             Date Updated
 Business Partnerships                                   1.2.2010                                   8.1.2010

 primary purpose of Job
Why does the job exist? This statement should encapsulate the overall significance of the job from WVA’s point of view.

 Work directly with the Directors of World Visions Australia’s core business functions and their teams to ensure that all
 people policies, programs and systems are in alignment with WVA strategies (including the People & Culture Strategy),
 effectively implemented and are delivered to “best practice” standard.

 Direct Reports                                Financial Authority – Budget                    Financial Authority
 Not applicable                                Not applicable                                  Not applicable

 key result area (KRA)                     key performance indicator (KPI)
 EXECUTION & RIGOUR                        -      Sets and keeps high standards of teamwork
 Strategic and Professional P & C          -      Displays a commitment to open communication
 Function                                  -      Complete assigned tasks on time and to standard
                                           -      Support the team’s decision
 TEAM MEMBER                               -      Takes full responsibility for own job
                                           -      Openly supports and respects diversity within team
 EXECUTION & RIGOUR                        -      Provide insights about the likely future changes in people and organisational
 Strategic and Professional P & C                 behaviour to assist in the development of the division’ s strategy and
 Function                                         business plans;
                                           -      Align the division’s strategy and plans with the People and Culture Strategy
                                                  and find the best way for P&C to add value to the Director and their teams;
                                           -      Ensure a Workforce Plan is prepared annually that links P&C activities to
                                                  division goals, annual budget, headcount, employee development and
                                                  remuneration (KPI);
                                           -      Assist the WVA Divisional Director and their teams in designing and
                                                  maintaining the reporting relationships, organisational structure, values and
                                                  cultural norms that best support business goals across their division;
                                           -      Support business operations – Contribute HR data (metrics) and judgment to
                                                  guide the division’s day-to-day workflow and decisions;
 ENGAGEMENT                                -      Ensure sound understanding of the concepts, tools, processes and authorities
 Engaged and “well” Workforce                     that support remuneration, recognition and reward, conditions of
                                                  employment, international mobility and contracts of employment – for
                                                  employees and volunteers at all levels and for different employment
 EMPLOYEE RELATIONS                               relationships (contractors / fixed term etc);
                                           -      Manage the implementation of the annual WVA salary review process in the
                                           -      Build a sound knowledge of local labour legislation and HR systems in order
                                                  to ensure that WVA Values and “best practice” are applied to local
                                                  employment conditions and systems;
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 key result area (KRA)                     key performance indicator (KPI)
 ACCOUNTABILITY                            -   LINK – Facilitate annually across the division the LINK processes, systems and
 Performance and Values Driven                 line support for formal performance assessment and employee development
 Culture                                       discussions;
                                           -   Work with the Divisional Director to ensure LINK is embedded in the division
                                               – it occurs on time and to standard. Ensure that a realistic assessment of an
 PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT                        individual’s performance, strengths and development needs is an outcome of
                                               the LINK process across the division;
                                           -   Ensure that poor performance or behaviour by an employee / volunteer is
                                               addressed in a timely manner and that the process for managing poor
                                               performance is fair, transparent and in alignment with WVA values and
                                               performance management policies;
 DEPTH OF TALENT                           -   Provide direction, advice and professional support to managers as part of
 Capable and Available Workforce               recruitment and selection processes;
                                           -   Ensure vacant positions are filled with high quality candidates on a timely
                                           -   Work with the People Resourcing team in selection processes including
                                               advertising, candidate screening, interviewing, reference checking,
                                               negotiations and offers;
                                           -   Work with stakeholders and internal service providers to plan and execute
                                               internal and domestic transfers of employees in alignment with WVA policies
                                               and standards;
                                           -   Continually investigate options to utilise volunteer employees where
 DEPTH OF TALENT                           -   Using the outputs of LINK, ensure a divisional employee development plan is
 Capable and Available Workforce               prepared and progress monitored each year. Test for quality, consistency
                                               and alignment with the division business goals and workforce plan. Work
                                               with the Divisional Director to address gaps;
 CAPABILITY                                -   Coach and advise employees and managers on development options to
                                               address competency gaps;
                                           -   Consult with the Learning & Development Advisor for options and potential
                                               solutions to individual / team / functional development interventions;
                                           -   Contribute to Talent Management reviews and processes as directed by the
                                               PC Director;
 EXECUTION & RIGOUR                        -   Ensure that all HR programs and services in the division are aligned with
 Strategic and Professional P & C              overall division objectives and delivered in an effective manner;
 Function                                  -   Build relationships to advise, guide and partner managers and employees in
                                               all aspects of day to day HR policy and practice;
                                           -   Anticipate, respond to and resolve employee and HR management issues in a
                                               timely manner;
                                           -   Liaise with other HR representatives across WVA to ensure alignment and
                                               consistency of people management practice and policies for employees in the
                                           -   Identify, build relationships and work with key internal and external
                                               stakeholders to ensure effective delivery of support services and
                                           -   Ensure all HR Administration, data capture and reporting is completed in a
                                               timely and accurate manner;

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 functional KRA’s          key performance Indicators
 Functional KRA’s are standard in all JD’s and provide for KPI’s which are consistent across all jobs within WVA.
     OH&S                  -   Undertake business activities in safe manner so as to avoid or reduce the risk of injury or
                               illness to self and others; and
                           -   Ensure you comply with WVA OH&S policies and procedures.
     People                -   Ensure you actively participate in LINK and fulfil all its requirements in line with prescribed
                               timelines; and
                           -   Ensure you participate in the WVA Induction process and your probationary review is
                               completed within prescribed timelines.
     Risk &                -   Ensure you operate in line with WVA policies and procedures, Code of Conduct and ethics;
     Governance                and
                           -   Actively participate in risk awareness training.

 key relationships
 Internal          -           Senior Executives
                           -   Managers
                           -   Employees
                           -   PC Team
 External                  -   Network of HR professionals
                           -   Industry Reference Groups
                           -   HR Consultant and agencies

 organisation context
 Attach a current organisation structure which includes: manager, manager’s manager, peers, direct reports and this role
 accessible via the Hub).

 Sign Off
 Manager Name                                                    Employee Name
 Emma Norrish                                                    Click here to enter text.
 Manager Signature                                               Employee Signature

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                                       To be completed for recruitment purposes only

 role required capabilities
 Qualifications /       - A bachelor degree in a relevant discipline
 (What specific qualifications,
 accreditations, and
 memberships etc are
 Technical Skills                 -    HR functional skills – Recruitment & Selection; Employee Relations; Remuneration
 (What technical skills does           Philosophy; Training and Development, Workforce Planning; HR Metrics;
 the incumbent need to do         -    Ability to interrogate, understand and analyse complex and multi-factor issues, then
 this job at a high level of           prepare a course of action which complies with policy and business goals;
                                  -    Can resolve generalist HR routine issues/questions without referral;
                                  -    Chris21 – competent user;
                                  -    Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes - competent
 Scheduling Skills                 -   Priority setting - spends his/her time and the time of others on what is important;
 (What skills does the             -   Timely decision making – makes decisions in a timely manner, sometimes with
 incumbent require in this role        incomplete information and under tight deadlines and pressure;
 to plan, prioritise, monitor
 and assign tasks?)
                                  -    Managing through systems – can make things work through others without being there;
                                  -    Produces/maintains appropriate documentation;
                                  -    Working with the team to highlight and forecast resources requirements;
 People Skills – Individual       -    Effective communication for all levels – written and verbal;
 (What skills does the            -    Presentation and facilitation skills;
 incumbent require in this role
                                  -    Influencing skills - ability to work with and influence people at all levels of an
 to positively influence the
 behaviour of others?)
                                  -    Ability to work effectively within a team;
                                  -    Capable of building and maintaining relationships;
                                  -    Organizational agility
 Knowledge                        -    WVA HR Policy and Standards, structures and systems
 (What specific knowledge         -    Human Resource Management – sound knowledge of theory, concepts and tools in all
 fields are ideally required of        key areas – recruitment, employee relations, remuneration, labour law, training &
 the incumbent in this role?)          development and talent management
                                  -    Workforce Planning – concepts, tools and application
 Experience                       -    Minimum 6 years experience as a dedicated HR generalist within the HR Department of
 (What is the scope of work            a medium to large organisation;
 experiences the incumbent        -    Demonstrated experience in Employee Relations, Recruitment & Selection,
 ideally should have gained -          Remuneration & Benefits, International Employee Development and HR
 include environment,
 timeframe and context)
                                  -    Understanding of Competency Framework approaches which underpin typical
                                       recruitment, performance assessment, training & development approaches
                                  -    Exposure to the measurement of HR effectiveness (metrics)
                                  -    Previous experience in the planning, resourcing and execution of HR projects an

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 Behaviour                    -   Act consistently in accordance with WVA values, challenge practices inconsistent with
 (Describe the behaviour,         these values and uses values as a basis for managing relationships and decision making;
 preferences and traits       -   Integrity and trust – seen as a direct truthful individual, keeps confidences and admits
 required of the incumbent)       mistakes;
                              -   Sensitive to others’ needs;
                              -   Recognises impact of own behaviour on others and adjusts/flexes style appropriately;
                              -   Builds strong personal relationships across the business;
                              -   Is regarded as a team player. Helpful and supportive in team and client interactions;
                              -   Challenges constructively;
                              -   Is recognised as providing accurate and timely good quality service;

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 sign off
 Manager Name                                                 Recruitment Advisor
 Emma Norrish                                                 Click here to enter text.
 Manager Signature                                            Employee Signature

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