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Starting and ready of understanding a mobile phone


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Starting and ready

of understanding a mobile phone

When you are ready of using something that must be done

by doing a certain procedure, one of the procedure is a tutorial.
For the first step, is the section that you have to turn on your

mobile phone. Don’t forget you must look at the battery, that battery

must be plugged inside of mobile phone, don’t too far

of preparing them. Then the second step is waiting for screen

in the monitor is ready. If your mobile phone is high qualified, then

it must be quick at opening. Please be patient of waiting your
mobile phone in order to be able start normally. And the third step,

when the main screen has appeared and the appearance of

windows performs normally, you are able to use programs that

are available on your mobile phone. If it’s necessary, you should

install an important program that is very useful, such as

Microsoft office, Mozilla FireFox, Mp3 Player, Video Player, Corel Draw
and many more. Then the fourth step is just look at your

mobile phone’s monitor and use your application efficiently,

don’t ever force them too hard. If you got a hang, just press

Ctrl+Alt+Del to end a process. Hang is an incident when your

mobile phone doesn’t seem to work normally. So, if you finish of

using your mobile phone just shut down it by clicking start,
turn off a mobile phone and shut down.

And last, always love your mobile phone.

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