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The South of The Slot


									The South of The Slot

Our story begins, when a man named Professor Drummont,
decided to do a different type of research. He decided to go
to the south of the slot in his city, and became one of the
people who lived there.

The slot was a line that separated the high class, in the north,
to the low class, in the south. When the Professor went to the
south, he changed his lifestyle: from that of a wealthy man to
that of a poor one. He changed his name to "Bill Totts", so he
could blend into the community easier.
Something happened to the Professor, something that he didn’t
expect. He fell in live with a woman in the south of the slot,
named Mary Condon. He decided to marry her and live south of
the slot.

I think that Professor Drummont or Bill Totts, who are the
same person, is a very brave man. He wasn’t affected by
stereotypes, and he didn’t judge people by their socio-economic

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