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For more than two decades, Enterprise has provided the financing and expertise to
expand homeownership and build stronger, more sustainable neighborhoods across the
Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Enterprise helps individuals and families prepare for the
responsibilities of homeownership so they can enjoy long-term success.

Enterprise is a leading provider of permanent financing for affordable multifamily rental
housing. We offer a number of flexible innovative loan products to support the work
of developers and nonprofit organizations. Enterprise also advocates for investment in
greener, more cost-efficient and environmentally responsive affordable housing in
Dallas, and works to advance policies that support development and preservation.
                                                                                                                       Kim Weaver-McDonald
                                                                                                                       Vice President and Market Leader
Our accomplishments:                                                                                                   214.295.3838
n   Awarded $5.7 million in Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) funds to                                          kweaver@enterprisecommunity.org

    provide down payment and closing cost assistance and permanent financing
    opportunities for families in nine counties surrounding Dallas
n   Administered the Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP) for the city of Dallas for 20 years. Since successfully bidding
    for this program in 1991, Enterprise has been the only administrator of this program since its inception.
n   Assisted over 7,200 families in becoming first-time homeowners by distributing more than $71 million in zero-interest
    down payment and closing cost assistance
n   Leveraged more than $510 million in private mortgage financing
n   Trained more than 100 local nonprofit developers on Enterprise Green Communities Criteria to strengthen their
    development capacity

Our priorities:
n   Increase the availability of affordable homes for low- and moderate-income residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
n   Award grants to local community housing development organizations to increase their green building expertise
n   Incorporate Enterprise Green Communities Criteria standards and requirements into all of our programs to produce
    more sustainable and healthier affordable housing
n   Partner with local organizations to help stabilize neighborhoods affected by high rates of foreclosure
n   Expand the supply of green, transit-oriented housing available to the most vulnerable through Enterprise’s debt and
    equity products

71 Carroll Place, Dallas, Texas                                                    Roseland Townhomes, Dallas, Texas

2201 Main Street        n   Suite 1299   n   Dallas, TX 75201   n   214.651.7789   n   www.enterprisecommunity.org        n   www.enterprisecommunity.com
When it comes to building healthy,
strong communities, every home and
every dollar count.
Since 1982, Enterprise has raised and invested more than
$11 billion to help finance more than 280,000 affordable
homes across the United States. Our award-winning Enterprise
Green Communities initiative offers the only national framework
for green affordable housing – and inspires us to achieve
sustainability across all of our activities and operations.

The current economic, energy and environmental challenges
demand greater investment in affordable housing and healthy
communities. Enterprise is leading the way, with a strong national voice and a driving strategy that will
build – and rebuild – diverse, thriving communities for generations to come.

Our Strategic Goals
Enterprise remains financially sound and steady – and committed to bringing the resources, expertise and
advocacy necessary to meet the nation’s most urgent affordable housing and community development
priorities. Our success reflects a unique focus that blends social mission and financial innovation.

                                                          Connecting Capital to Communities
                                                          Enterprise puts capital to work in communities from coast to coast.
                                                          We offer a unique breadth of knowledge, expertise and financial
                                                          products that yield both social and economic returns. Our team of
                                                          experts continues to strengthen and expand the range and reach of
                                                          these vital tools.

                                                          Innovating Solutions for Communities
                                                          A history of innovation drives Enterprise’s approach. From the
                                                          Low-Income Housing and New Markets Tax Credit programs to
                                                          the next generation of our Enterprise Green Communities initiative,
                                                          Enterprise helps shape, introduce and take to scale the solutions that
                                                          create, preserve and transform communities nationwide.

                                                          Transforming Policy for Long-Term Change
                                                          Good policy is key to successful communities. Enterprise is a trusted
                                                          advisor at the local, state and federal levels, advocating bold policy
                                                          priorities. We spur investment in affordable housing and community
                                                          development by mobilizing the grassroots and injecting new
                                                          thought leadership.

Visit www.enterprisecommunity.org or www.enterprisecommunity.com for more information.
Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. is a nonprofit organization. Enterprise Community Investment, Inc. is a for-profit company. “Enterprise” is used
to reflect the work of both organizations as they share the same mission of creating decent, affordable housing and diverse, thriving communities.

Enterprise Headquarters n 10227 Wincopin Circle   n   Columbia, MD 21044   n   410.964.1230   n   www.enterprisecommunity.org   n   www.enterprisecommunity.com

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