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Astral Travel in 7 Days


									Astral Travel
 In 7 Days
                   Astral Travel in 7 Days

                    Table of Contents

Part 1: The Key to the Astral Realms

What is Astral Travel?                       6

Astral Projection is a Natural Skill         7

Unconscious Projection & Guided Travels      11

Dreaming as Astral Travel                    12

The Dual Components of Human Life            15

Improving Dream Memory                       17

Lucid Dreaming as Astral Projection          20

On Interpreting Astral Travels & Dreams      21

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

Part 2: Opening the Doors to the Astral Realm

Guidelines for a Safe and Successful Astral Voyage     22

Four Ways To Project the Astral Body                   25

Common Concerns With Astral Projection                 28

Creating a Blessed Circle                              36

Astral Projection Techniques                           42

Astral Technique # 1: Meditative Projection            42

     Returning to the Physical Body After Astral Travel 50

Astral Technique # 2: Visualizing the Astral Double    52

Astral Technique # 3: Aided Astral Travel              55

Astral Technique # 4: Sending Forth an Astral Observer 59

                 Astral Travel in 7 Days

    Heightening One‟s Spiritual Force               60

    Connecting & Affirming the Three Chakras        61

    Creating and Projecting the Astral Watcher      63

    Reading the Impressions of the Astral Watcher   65

    Advanced Astral Work                            67

Part 3: Exploring the Planes Beyond the Physical

Reasons Why Some Attempts Are Unsuccessful          69

The Five Astral Realms                              71

    I. Realm of the Present                         71

    II. Realm of Time                               71

    III. Realm of the Cosmos                        72

    IV. The Realm of Guidance                       72

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

    V. The Realm of Spirituality            72

The Five Gateways                           73

    I.    Gate of the Present               73

    II.   Gate of Time                      73

    III. Gate of the Cosmos                 74

    IV.   Gate of the Spiritual Plane       74

    V. Gate of the Other Realms             74

References                                  75

                   Astral Travel in 7 Days

                   Part 1:
        The Key to the Astral Realms

What is Astral Travel?

Astral travel is a type of out of body experience (OBE)
wherein a person‟s astral body leaves the physical (or
mundane) shell to travel to the astral realm or beyond. This
expansive realm exists alongside the physical realm and
other planes of existence.

According to many practitioners of astral projection and
meditation, these spiritual or metaphysical realms exist but
exist at a level that is not easily discerned by individuals
who are still living in the physical plane.

There are countless accounts of people who claim that they
have left their bodies and travelled vast distances through
astral projection or astral travel.

OBE phenomena exist in every culture that has ever existed
on this Earth at every time period. While it is true that the
concept of astral travel itself has been categorized as
“magic” or “occult”, it does not have to clash nor does it
essentially contradict or oppose any religious faith.

In fact, one can say that astral projection or astral travel is a
natural skill that you can hone so that you may travel to the
astral realms whenever you wish to.

                   Astral Travel in 7 Days

This book endeavors to open the world of astral projection to
absolutely anyone who wishes to visit the astral realms or
just experience human life at a much deeper and spiritual
level. Regardless of age or physical condition, astral travel
can be achieved with practice.

Astral Projection is a Natural Skill

The first thing that you have to learn and remember about
astral travel is that it is a natural skill - believe it or not,
kids, who know little of the workings of the adult world are
the most skilled when it comes to astral travel.

The act of dreaming and separating from the body during
sleep is strongest when one is young. But as a person ages,
the skill is nearly forgotten because of all the pressures that
physical world.

Here‟s a good example of how far a person can travel when
one does astral travel. Think back to the time when you
visited a place for the first time but felt that you have been
there in the past.

Nearly everyone has had this type of experience. The colors,
texture and sometimes even the smell of a new place will be

This tiny event is actually your memory trying to make
sense of an experience that took place when your spirit
separated from your physical body when you were sleeping.
You probably visited the place during astral travel - it‟s just
that you were not aware that you were performing astral

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

Because astral travel is natural, the mind and body allows it
to happen without any fuss when your waking consciousness
is temporarily rested during sleep.

Why do people astral project? Here are just some of the
things that you can accomplish when you have full control of
your travels and you are consciously traveling through the
astral realms:

I. If the astral projection is aimed at the present time, a
person can observe his/her family and those around him - as
an astral traveler.

Though little can be done to affect the present and the past,
the knowledge gained by projecting into the present as an
astral traveler can help mold the future.

II. Astral projection can help you discover what others are
really saying and thinking about you.

III. A person can travel to the past (there are different time
zones that you can access through astral travel) and by
projecting into the past, you can see past events unfold as
an actual observer. This practice can most certainly help you
make better decisions in the future.

IV. Because you are an astral traveler, you can also learn
more about people in your community - and this will be
useful when dealing with difficult people.

Observing and learning from people when they are not
performing their formal roles in society is a good way to
reduce friction when you have to interact with these difficult
people. You will know exactly what will make them more
relaxed because you will know who they really are.

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

Here are some tidbits about astral travel that are usually not
included in popular literature about out of body experiences:

1. Even the most advanced practitioners of astral travel
were unable to find the boundaries of what can be called
“hell”; it appears that such region of negativity is non-

The planes of existence exist side by side; they are
separated by boundaries.

An astral traveller must be able to find these boundaries and
cross over to the next realm in order to leave the physical
plane and the astral realm, which is considered the
“springboard” to all the other realms of existence.

No matter how hard they tried to find the boundary to
negative realms such as hell, advance practitioners were
unable to do so.

The good news: even basic practitioners of astral travel were
able to visit positive realms of existence, if they really put
their mind into it.

2. A person cannot really will himself to simply appear in the
past or in the future – but can readily appear in the present

A person can slowly move back to the past, but the
perception of the present will be affected (e.g. images will
become hazy or will appear faded as a person moves back to
past events).

                   Astral Travel in 7 Days

3. In terms of intervention or change, the past and the
future time zones are simply locked out.

You can become an active observer or viewer of these two
time zones (if you become an advanced practitioner of astral
travel) but you cannot stop events from taking place.

If you project in the physical plane at the present time,
there is little you can do physically as an astral body.

Some accounts state that you may be able to turn the pages
of a notebook or journal, but lifting the said object is
impossible because the astral body simply does not have
enough mass to do that.

Don‟t worry – people rarely venture to the physical realm as
an astral body to do physical activities (such as lifting things
or opening doors).

People go out to explore the world they know as an astral
body – invisible to everyone else. People usually undertake
astral travel to learn or gain knowledge about life in general,
so they can lead better lives.

4. Awareness is a big component in astral travel; however,
the kind of awareness exhibited by a person during his
waking moments is different from his awareness as an astral
body during projection.

5. Astral projection has three main uses: to facilitate travel
in the physical plane (you can travel vast distances as an
astral body), to open avenues where communication with
other astral travelers is possible and in some cases, to
enable people to perform healing acts on people.

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

6. As a form of intervention, astral travel can be used to
understand human issues at a much deeper level. The
intervention begins in astral travel and ends in the material

7. Astral travel can be judged as successful if both the body
and mind benefit from the projections.

Unconscious Projection & Guided Travels

Since astral travel is a natural skill, you can be sure that
every night, your spirit engages in the activity - in an
unconscious projection.

Because the astral projection is unconscious, events and
places are randomly chosen.

The projection ends when the waking consciousness
becomes active and the spirit simply goes back to the
physical body.

It does not have to be this way anymore - because now you
can perform guided astral travels.

Now, you may not be successful the first time or the second
time, but believe us when we tell you that it is possible and
it will happen - just keep practicing. Eventually, you will be
able to accomplish your goals when you perform astral

Dreaming as Astral Travel

Every night when we sleep we dream – of places, situations
and people of the past and present (and sometimes, even
the future).

                   Astral Travel in 7 Days

But we are not just dreaming – we are actually travelling the
astral plane in one type of dreaming.

In an entire lifetime, a person has thousands of unique
dreams. These dreams usually fall into the following

I. The dream is completely distinct from the person who is
dreaming. It is as if the dream itself is a film, and the person
who is dreaming is simply watching the film in a movie

Dreams of this form usually contain signs and omens that
hint at what might possibly be coming in the future. So pay
attention to these dreams and try to understand what these
dreams are telling you.

II. The second kind of dream requires the active
participation of the person. The emotions and the type of
experience presented in this type of dream vary from person
to person.

People commonly report that they are being tormented in
such dreams.

The negative experience might be mild (being annoyed at
someone or something in the dream) or severe (e.g. an
unseen entity is pursuing the dreaming individual).

This type of dream usually reflects the unresolved conflicts
and existing problems in one‟s life. Always remember that
you can exercise a large level of control in such dreams.

                   Astral Travel in 7 Days

No matter how horrible the situation might be in the dream,
you are still much more powerful than the dream itself.

Exert control over these dreams, but the message should
not be ignored. Forget about using dream dictionaries – the
meanings of signs, symbols and situations in dreams are
unique to specific individuals.

So the next time you have a vivid dream, simply sit on your
bed, relax and try to glean the possible message of the
dream – you might be surprised how important the message
is for your family life, career, etc.

III. The third and final type of dream is actually astral
travel. The third type of dreaming is similar to the second
type but the dreaming individual has no control over what is
happening around him in the dream.

Here are some signs that you are experiencing astral travel
(spontaneous astral projection):

- Characters in your dream are oblivious to your presence. If
you found yourself standing in the middle of a busy office,
people will act as if you did not exist at all.

Some may even pass through you as they go about doing
their tasks. If you tried to force people to talk to you, they
will not respond. People and objects will simply pass through
your astral form.

Inversely, if you find astral beings during your astral travels,
you will not be able to pass through these beings. If you try
to go through them, they will appear solid – as solid as
people and objects in the physical plane of existence.

                   Astral Travel in 7 Days

- Events in your dream transpire, whether you like it or not
(e.g. you can‟t force things like cars from speeding down a
busy road).

The Dual Components of Human Life

It is common for people to have a tough time understanding
what the „astral self‟ or spirit is all about. Is the astral self
really you? Is it a distinct entity? Is it the core of your
existence in the physical plane? This section will attempt to
clarify some points between the duality of human life:

- The spirit/astral self does not require food (physical
nourishment) and other earthly desires.

- Though the spirit has no physical desires, it knows that
without the physical body and the earthly self, it will have no
anchor to the physical plane. This is the reason why from
time to time, the astral self agrees with the physical desires
of the earthly self.

- The earthly self is the part of you that constantly demands.
The astral self is the objective evaluator of these demands.

These two components of your „self‟ ensure that there is
balance in one‟s life and that physical desires do not hold
sway completely.

Now, here‟s the problem with the duality of human life as it
relates to conscious, astral travel: the earthly self is fully
aware that the astral self exists.

And the earthly self knows that without the astral self (the
duality of existence) the anchor to the physical realm (the
mundane shell) will also not survive.

                   Astral Travel in 7 Days

Because of this fact, it is very difficult (at first) for the
earthly self to consciously let go of the astral self during
guided astral travel.

The situation is similar to a parent trying to convince a
young toddler that he has to go to work for a few hours.

The toddler, feeling that he can‟t make it through the day
without the parent, will do everything in his power to
prevent the parent from leaving for work.

Tantrums, screaming… You name it the toddler is capable of
doing it. The same applies to the earthly self during
conscious projection.

The very thought of letting the astral self dissociate from the
mundane shell is terrifying for the earthly self, and the
earthly self will do everything in its power to prevent the
dissociation from being carried out.

The earthly self is convinced that:

- The astral self should not dissociate from the mundane
shell (the body) and the earthly self.

- The astral self should be more concerned with responding
to the material and physical desires of the earthly self.

- If the dissociation is completed, the earthly self also
believes that the mundane shell will not survive (which is
not the case).

Because the earthly self is fully convinced that the astral self
should in no way dissociate, the task is to convince the

                   Astral Travel in 7 Days

earthly self that astral travel will actually benefit the earthly

You must strike a bargain with the earthly self and convince
this part of your duality that astral travel is not a threat to
your existence on the physical plane.

Improving Dream Memory

Astral projection, in a nutshell, is the separation of the astral
self or spirit from the physical body. The process of
separating these two distinct components is called

The dissociation or separation is always temporary during
astral travel – so do not be afraid. There is no reason to be
afraid of astral travel at all, because each one of us has been
doing it since childhood.

One of the main problems that people encounter with astral
travel itself is that they have immense difficulty in
remembering the spontaneous projections.

This difficulty is usually reduced as a person practices astral
travel more frequently (conscious, guided astral travels can
be developed over time).

To improve your recall of your astral travels, it is imperative
that you improve your dream memory. Here‟s how you can
do that:

I. If you want to remember your astral travels, even the
spontaneous, non-guided projections, you need to get
sufficient, quality rest.

                   Astral Travel in 7 Days

That means you have to sleep at least ten hours every night.
If you usually sleep at 3 AM in the morning, your mind will
become so exhausted that you will not be able to recall
dreams and astral travels.

II. Your emotions also have a large bearing on the
sharpness of your dream memory. Negative emotions like
anger and frustration can sharply reduce your ability to
recall astral travels.

If you have to deal with stress and negative emotions, do it
long before bedtime. Make sure that when you finally go to
bed, your mind is clear and you are relaxed physical and

Think of negative emotions and stress as collective fog that
reduces the visibility of your astral environment. You need to
make this fog dissipate before you can remember most of
your astral travels.

III. Another thing that you have to develop is your ability to
recall other stimuli (scents, sounds and taste) in your

The majority of people have „silent movie‟ dreams. This can
be countered through conscious visualization.

Train your mind to receive and record different types of
stimuli from dreams. This way, you will also be able to recall
many more details from your astral travels.

Here‟s a quick visualization exercise to get things started:

1. Pick a time in the day where you will be least likely to be
disturbed. Lie in bed, close your eyes and visualize that you

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

are standing on a serene stretch of empty beach, with the
gentle waves hitting the soft sand.

2. Try to create as much visual detail as possible. What does
the water look like? The surroundings? Yourself? Compose
these details in your mind and try to make the visible
elements of the visualization clearer.

3. Once a much higher visual clarity has been achieved in
the visualization, move on to fine-tuning your reception to
other elements such as odors, taste and smell. Compose
these elements in the visualization and try to linger in the
visualization as if it were a real event.

4. Once the visualization ends, try to write down what you
have seen, heard, tasted or smelled in this particular
visualization. You can experiment with other visualizations
as well – just make sure that you compose the various
elements to help improve your recall of dreams later on.

Lucid Dreaming as Astral Projection

The concept of lucid dreaming has been around since the
sixties and the various definitions of lucid dreaming
postulated by its practitioners may be confusing to some. To
avoid confusion, let us lay down some basic precepts about
lucid dreaming:

1. Lucid dreaming is        just   one   method   of   astral
projection/astral travel.

2. Lucid dreaming is a condition wherein the dreaming
individual is fully aware that a dream is taking place but is
fully content in staying in the sleeping state to mold and
shape the present dream. A person can decide to simply end

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

the current dreamscape and finish the dreaming in a
different dreamscape.

3. Dream control can occur in spontaneous astral projections
and guided astral travel. It can also be present in regular

There should be no confusion between lucid dreaming and
dream control. Dream control can take place whether or not
the conscious will is imposed in a dream or during astral

Unlike lucid dreaming, a person who has some form of
dream control may not be able to control the content and
flow of the dreamscape/dreaming.

On Interpreting Astral Travels & Dreams

We encourage everyone to create a dream journal so they
can utilize the messages of their dreams.

Dreams (not astral travels) are full of signs and hidden
messages that are just waiting to be interpreted. Again, the
meanings of these signs and symbols are different for each
person, which is why we do not recommend any dream

Dreams cannot be interpreted by other people, though
people may share many dreams with the same symbols.

If you want a clairvoyant or psychic individual to help you
interpret your dreams, the interpretation has to be
performed with you. This is the only way that you can draw
out the true meanings of your dreams.

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

Now, should the same type of reading or interpretation be
performed on astral travels? No, because believe it or not,
all of the events that you experience during your own astral
travels are real. Remember, the physical plane is just one of
many planes of existence.

During astral travel, the events that you see and experience
are real.

These events are transpiring on other planes of existence,
which is why some of these events will only appear solid or
real when you are travelling using your astral form. We say
„some‟ because your astral self can also travel to physical
places (in the past or in the present time).

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

              Part 2:
Opening the Doors to the Astral Realm

Guidelines for a Safe and Successful Astral Voyage

Astral travel has its own set of safety guidelines, so you
would be safe during the dissociation, the actual travel and
the return to the corporeal body.

The following are some basic safety guidelines that you
should always remember when practicing guided astral
projection or astral travel. These guidelines will also help
improve your success rate.

I. If the environment is too hot and humid, postpone the
astral projection for a cooler, less humid day. The same
applies if there has been a forecast of an impending
electrical storm in your area.

Do not under any circumstance attempt any guided astral
projection before or during an electrical storm.

Some advanced practitioners state that the projecting
individual can remain safe by simply immersing a hand or a
foot in water before the projection. But to be on the safe
side, don‟t try it.

II. To improve your chances of succeeding on your first
attempts, it would be best if you chose a time when no
disturbances will impede your progress in projecting. Small
disturbances such as a child calling out to you or pets
playing nearby are a big no-no when you are projecting for
the first time.

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

Also, it would be a big help if you can project in a room that
is farthest from the mundane noises of everyday life (e.g.
honking of passing cars, chatter of neighbors, dogs barking,
etc.) Dim lighting is preferred (avoid overly-bright rooms)
and curtains should be closed to limit the entry of natural

Many practitioners prefer nighttime for their astral sojourns
because chances of being distracted from the activity is
minimal (this includes random phone calls).

By projecting at a time of the day when disturbances are
least likely, you will also have all the time in the world to
explore the astral realms or even the physical plane, if you
choose to project yourself into the present time.

III. What you eat also has a bearing on your success rate.
Whenever you are trying to attempt to project, you should
not be starving but your stomach should not be so full to the
point that your fullness affects your concentration.

Twenty-four hours before the first attempt, limit your meals
to vegetables and other light foods. Avoid red meat and
other heavy foods laden with proteins and fats. The lighter
you feel, the better off you will be during the projection.

IV. It‟s time to learn to relax your mind. Many people think
that simply relaxing on a comfortable couch is enough to
relax the mind.

This isn‟t the case because many of us practice physical
relaxation but continue to think of things like problems at
work, troubles at home, dialogs we held with other people
that day or in the past, etc.

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

All of these things take a toll on the mind. The body is at
rest, but the mind is still being stressed.

If you want to succeed in dissociating your astral body from
the mundane shell, it is imperative that you practice
relaxation techniques like meditation to help calm your

It would be best if you prepare for the first attempt, so you
would be able to focus more easily on the task of
dissociating during the actual projection.

V. The body and mind have to be at a state of ease during
the astral projection – but you must not fall asleep! Your
efforts will be wasted if you fall asleep right before the
dissociation of your astral body.

A good way to relax your body but keep your alertness in
check is by using a chair that can be reclined. You want your
back and legs to be relaxed, but your head should be
elevated so you can stay awake more easily.

VI. Always use some form of psychic protection when you
are performing astral projection. Many practitioners use
circles made with a mixture of salt and water. Some use
ritual chants – the kind of psychic protection is really up to

Later on we will be explaining some of these psychic
protection strategies to make your voyage much safer. The
purpose of using such techniques is to fully protect your
corporeal body when the astral body is away.

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

In 99.9% of all cases, these forms of psychic protection are
not needed because people rarely venture out to the other
realms of existence (apart from the astral realm and the
physical plane).

But since we want everything to be completely safe and
comfortable for everyone, we highly encourage the use of
psychic protection during astral projection.

Psychic protection is also necessary to ward off entities
(human or non-human in origin) from going near your body
during astral travel.

Four Ways To Project the Astral Body

Throughout history, countless methods of projecting the
astral body have been formulated and taught to practitioners
of this special skill.

Despite the differences in the way the projection is taught in
a specific technique, the actual dissociation of the astral
body is achieved through one of the following ways:

I. The projection is voluntary, but during the projection, the
waking consciousness of the person is temporarily
suspended. It is said that some practitioners make use of
such techniques so that the astral vehicle (or body) can
simply record images from its trip.

II. The projection is voluntary, but the waking
consciousness of the person remains is not suspended and is
instead exteriorized to achieve the dissociation.

                   Astral Travel in 7 Days

III. The projection is involuntary (unguided projection) and
the waking consciousness of the person is absent.

The astral body may be projected into the astral realms or
into material reality and will often bring with it random bits
of experience because the astral travel is unguided.

This type of projection usually causes the person to feel
fatigued or un-refreshed after a night‟s sleep. This type of
astral projection usually causes the following:

- The astral body may be partially projected into the
bedroom (e.g. people stating that they saw themselves
floating to the ceiling, with their physical bodies still sleeping
on their bed).

- The projection of the astral body may also cause ripples in
the fabric of material reality; usually, sounds like rocking or
creaking of wood can be heard.

IV. The projection is          involuntary   but    the   waking
consciousness is present.

This simply means that a person was able to successfully
project his astral form during his sleep and he was also able
to fully awaken his consciousness.

The person‟s consciousness, instead of remaining with the
mundane shell or physical body, also travels with the astral

This type of astral projection usually occurs with illness or
trauma (e.g. when a person has very high fever or when a
person experiences an accident).

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

People who undergo surgical procedures can also fully
project themselves from the mundane shell when strong
anesthesia is applied. There have been many reports of
people who „floated‟ away from their bodies during major

These individuals were able to observe the procedure that
was being done to their bodies. When the physical body is
awoken, the astral body returns and they are able to report
what they have seen – to the surprise of the doctors.

Common Concerns With Astral Projection

It is normal to feel some apprehension when it comes to
actually practicing astral projection.

Because of its popularity, people have a hard time
separating tidbits from popular culture and actual facts. This
section of the book covers the most common and pressing
concerns regarding astral projection:

I am worried that when I finally succeed in projecting
my astral form that I will somehow forget how to
come back to my physical body. I am also afraid of
being lost in my astral travel. What if I suddenly
forget how to re-meld my body and astral self when I
am done travelling?

First off, people who perform astral projections are by no
means dependent on any rational/logical consciousness to
achieve the dissociation and the re-melding of the astral
body and the physical body.

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

Simply put: there is simply no way you can forget something
like going back to your own body, because the act itself is so
innate and natural.

The actual difficulty during astral travel is not going back to
the mundane shell, but leaving it. Another difficulty is
guiding the astral travel – because the process of
consciously guiding the astral form requires will power and
intense focus.

We have discussed in an earlier section of this book that you
have to convince the earthly self or earthly consciousness
that the conscious projection of the astral self is beneficial
and will not harm the body at all.

Another reason why you should not be afraid of forgetting
how to come back is that there is always a “silver cord”
connecting the astral body and the physical body.

This astral cord is yours; it cannot be stolen or cut by any
entity (human or non-human). The astral cord is your
permanent link to your body and is also the reason why at
the slightest awakening, the astral body simply re-melds
with the physical body in an instant.

Remember that the term “astral cord” refers to the strong
relationship between the corporeal body and the astral body.
Some practitioners state that a thin, silvery cord is always
present when the astral body is projected.

Some say that they cannot find a cord when they are doing
their travels. If you do not see any cord when you project, it
doesn‟t mean that you will become lost.

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

You can be a hundred percent assured that the invisible link
is there and will continue to do its job no matter how long
you travel in the astral realms.

What happens when an entity threatens or attacks me
when I am travelling the astral plane? What should I

In the context of astral travel, anything that may cause
discomfort, unease or even fear is considered a „negative
entity‟ or „negative force‟. Is it possible to be attacked by
another astral entity? Yes, it is possible (though some texts
state otherwise).

We have to be open to the possibility that sometimes, astral
adversaries do come. Are these engagements hostile or

If you were just an astral entity, these engagements or
clashes might be serious. But you are a living, breathing
human being. This puts you at a large advantage when it
comes to dealing with negative situations or entities.

If you feel that you are somehow being attacked by another
astral entity, then the smartest and easiest way to deal with
the situation is to simply escape to another plane of
existence or just return to your earthly body.

If you wish to escape from negative entities, practitioners of
astral travel recommend that you simply travel to positive or
higher levels or planes of existence.

It is common knowledge that entities (human or non-human
in origin) usually lurk in the lower planes (such as the
material plane).

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

If you find such personas in your own astral travels, simply
leave them – and continue with your astral travels. By
leaving the lower planes of existence for more positive
realms, you are accomplishing two things at once.

First, you are effectively ending the engagement between
your astral body and the negative entity and second, you
are showing the negative entity that you are a much more
powerful being. This automatically discourages the entities
from bothering you again.

If you are still apprehensive about such meetings during
your astral travels, always remember that no one is ever
truly harmed in the astral planes.

Always view astral travel as your own personal adventure –
an adventure that you have full control of.

What happens if I lose track of “real world” time?
What if I end up travelling the astral plane for weeks
or months?

There is absolutely no way for a person to stay in a sleeping
state for months or even years just because of astral

Confirmed cases of prolonged cataleptic conditions have
nothing to do with astral projection. If a person sleeps and
stays asleep for an abnormally long period of time,
something is wrong with him medically.

Astral travel or astral projection does not have any power
over the biological integrity of a human being. It is simply a
natural skill that each one of us has practiced since we were
born into the material realm.

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

Rest assured that when you start trying the techniques that
will be outlined later in this book, that there will always be
powerful channels of energy connecting all the levels of your
consciousness and psyche – before and during astral travel.

Another issue worth mentioning is the concept of time
during astral travel.

Many beginning practitioners worry that they might lose
track of real world time and they might miss appointments
in the morning when they project their astral bodies at

Here‟s why you can’t possibly stay in astral form beyond the
time that you have allotted for the projection: when a
person projects his astral body, one‟s earthly consciousness
is still operational.

During the projection you will know and feel how long you
have been travelling, the same way you know that you‟ve
been riding a car for an hour or more.

It is also not possible to stay in the astral plane for fifteen
minutes while hours have passed in the real world. Astral
travel simply does not work that way.

Here are some things to remember about astral projection,
in general:

  - You are in full control of your astral travel during
    guided projections (this will be developed over time).

  - You have full control of the time that you spend in the
    astral plane.

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

  - In time, you will be able to travel to other planes of
    existence where regular time does not apply.

  - The astral cord is quite powerful – powerful enough to
    haul your astral form back to the mundane shell no
    matter how far you have travelled.

     The astral cord is your safety harness and your
     exclusive connection to your physical body – so don‟t
     be afraid of being lost or losing track of time.

What if someone attacks me in the physical world in
the middle of the night? What if my house is on fire
and I’m still travelling the astral realm?

This is a minor issue that has caused some worrying about
the safety of one‟s home and body during astral projection.
But let us review what we have discovered so far about
astral projection:

  - First, only the astral form (or astral vehicle) is
    projected or dissociated during the actual astral travel.

  - Second, the astral cord is always there and is ready to
    bring your astral form back to your physical body.

  - Third, your earthly consciousness is operating alongside
    your level of consciousness that is travelling the astral

Many people imagine themselves in a near comatose stage
during astral projection. They imagine that their bodies will
be completely bereft of sensation or any type of

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

This is simply not true. The part of your consciousness called
the „gross astral‟ remains with your physical body to keep it
safe during astral travel.

If something is amiss (e.g. suspicious sounds outside your
home, a baby crying, loud rapping on your door, etc.) the
gross astral will simply bring your astral form back to your

Think of this part of your consciousness as the core of your
instincts. Instincts are sharp and are always operational –
and there is no way that someone can harm you or your
family even if you are projecting your astral form.

How quick can the gross astral pull back your astral form if
something is wrong? As quickly as one wakes if one is
alarmed – that‟s how quickly you can be roused from astral

Inversely, if someone from your family (such as a toddler)
tries to wake you up during an astral travel, the gross astral
will be well aware that the disturbance is quite harmless.

You will have the choice to go back to the earthly plane or
continue travelling. Everything that is happening in the
physical plane will be relayed to you during your astral
travel; every bit of sound and vibration that your senses can
pick up will be relayed to your travelling consciousness.

What about passing through walls and doors? How
about reading documents that weren’t meant to be
read by everyone (like school exams)?

If you really wanted to pass through doors and walls, you
can do it – because the desire and will is there, the astral

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

body will cooperate. As for reading things like exams, it is
also possible – but don‟t expect too much when you attempt
to do this.

There have been some cases where the person was able to
read some parts of a physical document because he really
wished to see what was written.

If a document was uninteresting to the astral traveler,
reading and recall is nearly impossible. Remember – you do
not have the full power of your brain when you are travelling
the astral plane.

That‟s why you have to develop your dream recollection skill
because images, sounds and other impressions during astral
travel are assimilated by the human mind differently.

Creating a Blessed Circle

Some astral projection techniques require the creation of a
blessed circle or protective circle. Here‟s how you can
prepare a blessed circle at home and bless it when you are
ready to perform a meditative projection:

  1. First, create a chalk circle measure 5.4 feet (this is the
     diameter of the circle). Make sure that it is as circle and
     not an oval form. The shape is just as important as the
     size of the chalk circle.

  2. You will need one pound of pure salt. Mix the salt with
     just two liters of water. Using a funnel, transfer the salt
     solution to a large spray bottle.

  3. Stand at the eastern region of the chalk circle and
     slowly rotate, all the while spraying the chalk circle with

                Astral Travel in 7 Days

  the salted water.

4. As you rotate and spray, bless the circle by saying:

  “Mischievous spirits and entities of negative
  intent, do not attempt to trespass this blessed
  circle. As I have spoken, so let it be”

  If you want a longer blessing, you may say:

  “In the name of Blessed Trinity, I wish to work to

   accomplish my goals and I consecrate this piece

     of land. I do this to defend myself, so that no

   spirit or negative entity can come near and cause

                      me injury or harm.

      Bless where I stand Lord and lend me your

    strength so that no creature of evil or harm will

    come my way. This I ask through the power of

             Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.”

5. It is important that you time your rotation and spraying
   of the salt water in such a way that when you are done
   saying the blessing, you end up facing the eastern part
   of the room.

6. When the blessing has been said and the circle has
   been sprayed with salt water, form the sign of the holy

                    Astral Travel in 7 Days

       cross in the air with your hand.

       There are two ways to form the sign of the holy cross.

       If you belong to any of the Christian sects/derivatives,
       then the horizontal bar of the cross should be shorter
       than the vertical bar. If you do not belong to any of the
       Christian derivatives, then the bars of the holy cross
       are equal in length.

       Using the center of your chest as a starting point, move
       your right hand downward until it reaches your
       waistline area. The first sweeping gesture requires a
       down-facing palm.

       Then move your right to the right (still using the center
       of your chest as a marker to achieve the right height).
       The palm of the right hand should fact the left side of
       your body when the second gesture is performed.

       The sign of the holy cross should be made in all four
       directions, starting with the east, south, west and
       north. A fifth affirmation should be made after the
       affirmation for the northern direction; the person
       should face upward before saying the affirmation.

Here are the Christian affirmations for all five directions:

           Direction                      Affirmation

East                                Jesus Christ, aid me in my
                                  I am not afraid and you have
                                        given me strength,
                                     Jesus Christ, protect me

        Astral Travel in 7 Days


South                Blessed Mary, bless me with
                            thy protection,
                    I am not afraid and you have
                          given me strength,
                       Jesus Christ, protect me

West                        Angel Michael,
                      as I rest my body protect
                    I am not afraid and you have
                          given me strength,
                       Jesus Christ, protect me

North               Angel Raphael, aid me in my
                    I am not afraid and you have
                          given me strength,
                       Jesus Christ, protect me

Above               Lord Almighty, from the high
                     heavens, bless me with thy
                    I am not afraid and you have
                          given me strength,
                       Jesus Christ, protect me

                 Astral Travel in 7 Days

For those who do not belong to any Christian sect or
derivative, the following affirmations can be used. If one
wishes you may replace the names in the affirmations with
the specific names of gods or holy individuals in one‟s own

         Direction                    Affirmation

East                          Isis, all powerful goddess of
                                      the River Nile,
                                  Protect me during my
                              Psychic aid from the Eastern
                               As I have spoken, so let it

South                          Diana, goddess of the Hunt,
                                Protect me as time passes
                                   when I work on my
                                 Cast guiding light for my
                                As I have spoken, so let it

West                            Thor, all-powerful deity of
                                   the Western worlds,
                                  Lend me your mighty
                                  protection and power,

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

                                 As I will be travelling vast
                                 As I have spoken, so let it

North                           Odin, esteemed deity of the
                                       Northern lands,
                                Lend me the depth of your
                                  wisdom and protect me,
                               Let the night be my aid in my
                                 As I have spoken, so let it

Above                           Powerful Ra, father of time
                                and countless other deities,
                                From your burning chariot,
                                   Watch and protect me
                                 As I have spoken, so let it

Astral Projection Techniques

Astral Technique # 1: Meditative Projection

Meditative projection is a specific technique that requires
psychic protection so you would be 100% safe during the
astral voyage. Psychic protection during meditative
projection has two main functions:

  - To facilitate the dissociation of the astral body from the

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

     mundane shell (by reassuring the safety of the earthly
     consciousness and the mundane shell)

  - To create a shield of psychic protection around the
    physical body, so that negative entities will not come
    near during the projection.

The most common form of psychic protection during
meditative astral projection is the blessed circle. The blessed
circle has an exact measurement (5.4 feet) and must be
bolstered with either salt or sulfur.

Some practitioners believe that if you live in a country that
is predominantly Christian, sulfur is most effective.

However, in recent years, the use of sulfur in blessed circles
has declined (owing to the fact that sulfur is not the easiest
material to find and is not the easiest to use).

Thousands of practitioners use salt in their blessed circles,
and this purifying material has worked well for the purpose
of psychic protection.

Ready for your first astral travel? Here is a step-by-step
guide for meditative projection:

  1. Choose a time of the day when you will not be
     disturbed for a few hours. You will need a soft,
     comfortable mattress, too.

     Avoid foams that have metal springs as there have
     been reports of metal springs interfering with the
     projection. The foam should be large enough to
     support your entire frame (not just half or a quarter of
     your body).

               Astral Travel in 7 Days

  The mattress should be comfortable enough; one way
  to test this is by lying down on the mattress for a
  quarter of an hour. Try it now. If you feel any pain or
  discomfort in any part of your by, you need a more
  comfortable mattress or foam.

  Discomfort in the middle of a projection can
  prematurely end your astral travel because the earthly
  consciousness will make demands on the astral body
  (e.g. return to the physical body because the mattress
  is not comfortable at all).

2. It should also be noted that the room should be free of
   clutter (there should be no cluttered newspapers,
   books or toys in the room).

  Avoid rooms with computers, telephones or fax
  machines – these will only distract you. Devices that
  require an immediate response from its owners should
  also be kept in another room for the time being.

  A clean, comfortable room with the least number of
  electric wires and outlets is a good choice.

  Too much electrical wiring nearby can affect your
  ability to dissociate the astral body from the physical

  If you wish to use electrical lighting, adjust the lighting
  so that the total amount of light in the room is more or
  less equal to just one lit candle.

3. Now it‟s time to bargain with the earthly consciousness.
   Write down all the immediate desires and demands

               Astral Travel in 7 Days

  that you have on a piece of paper.

  After listing down these immediate demands, list down
  all those nagging troubles you‟ve had for so long. This
  step was designed to facilitate the dissociation.

  Carry the list to another room and use an iron weight
  to pin it to a bedside table or in a cabinet. As you place
  the iron weight, say:

           I am now temporarily laying aside

      the ordinary cares of the mundane world,

        Upon my return from my astral voyage,

          With more wisdom and knowledge

    that I can ever gain from this material world,

  I will become more capable of attending to them,

               As I have spoken, so be it.

4. After creating a mental bargain with your earthly
   consciousness, you should now turn to physical
   demands of the body. Two earthly demands stand out
   each and every time: sexual desire and hunger.

  Both are easy to utilize. The idea is to use the gnawing
  desire as a springboard for the dissociation of the
  astral body.

               Astral Travel in 7 Days

  It‟s like telling your earthly consciousness that you
  need to dissociate from the mundane shell in order to
  respond to these immediate physical needs.

  If you wish to use the former, do not perform any
  lovemaking for at least two hours before the astral

  If the latter suits you best, then avoid eating meat and
  carbohydrate-loaded foodstuffs twenty four hours
  before the meditative projection.

  You should not be completely starving, but you
  shouldn‟t be too full either. Avoid beverages that have
  caffeine, as well. Stimulants and mind-altering drugs
  should never be used during astral projection.

  Hunger is an intense need that also allows many
  practitioners of astral projection and other forms of out
  of body experience to dissociate from their bodies
  more quickly.

  In India, fakirs or “travelling teachers” make use of
  hunger to accomplish astral projection, too.

  If you have more pressing problems in life such as
  financial problems or extreme loneliness, you can also
  use one of these problems as your pressing necessity
  or desire during astral projection.

5. One hour before the meditation, take a soothing, warm
   bath. If you‟re male, shave yourself. It is important
   that you feel clean and refreshed before the actual

                Astral Travel in 7 Days

6. Create a blessed circle in the selected room (refer to an
   earlier section for the complete instructions on how to
   create a blessed circle).

7. After blessing the circle of       protection, place the
   comfortable mattress or foam        at the center of the
   circle. Position the mattress in   such a way that your
   head will point to the east when   you lie down.

  Position your body comfortably on the mattress so you
  will not experience cramps or any discomfort.

  The goal is to become quite comfortable but not too
  comfortable that you immediately fall asleep after all
  your preparations.

  Important Note: Before you begin meditating, make
  sure that your home is secure, so you won‟t have to
  worry about these things later on.

8. As you are relaxing comfortably at the center of your
   blessed circle, empty your mind of all distracting

  At this point in time, bodily requirements should have
  been fulfilled except for one pressing desire or
  necessity that you will need to jump-start your astral

  Direct your mental focus on the pressing desire or
  necessity (this necessity will allow you to dissociate
  from your mundane shell more quickly because you will
  fulfill this pressing necessity upon your return to your

               Astral Travel in 7 Days

  After placing this necessity at the very center of your
  mind‟s attention, you must also be sensitive to any
  changes or symptoms that might occur. These
  symptoms signal that you are very near dissociation:

  - Changes in body temperature          (you   may   feel
    suddenly cold or hot)

  - Shaking or vibrating (the vibration might be limited
    to a single part of the body or it might occur to your
    whole body)

  - Sounds (people usually hear loud buzzing)

  - Changes in your heart rate

  - Feeling of movement (some practitioners report that
    they feel like they are floating)

  - Weight changes (a person might feel that he has
    become very light or he might feel that he has
    become very, very heavy)

  - Changes in one‟s breathing rate

  - Hallucinations   (in  some    rare    cases,  visual
    hallucinations might occur – this is normal and you
    should not be afraid of these temporary

  - Changes in one‟s proportion (a person might feel
    that a limb has become larger than normal)

9. To improve your chances of a good first projection,
   your concentration should shift from the pressing

               Astral Travel in 7 Days

  necessity and the symptom/sign.

  The astral projection symptom can come on its own or
  you can make it manifest on your own. For this
  technique, it would be best if you made your chosen
  symptom or sign manifest.

  Your first attempt should last for just 5 minutes. Rest a
  bit and repeat the process for another ten minutes. It
  may take up to ten attempts to get it right, so be

10.    During the concentration phase, it is important
  that you consciously relax each part of your body (from
  head to toe). Every tense muscle should be relaxed.

  As you meditate and focus on the pressing necessity
  and the symptom of the projection, you will become
  more aware of your body, including its aches and
  pains. Respond to the little aches and pains, but do not
  allow your concentration to waiver too much.

11.   When the astral symptom finally manifests, don’t
  let your concentration waiver! It‟s time for the

  You can separate from your physical body in two ways:

  - First, you gently lift your astral body away from
    physical body. You know that this is happening when
    a seemingly solid double or copy of yourself is slowly
    forming above your prostrate body.

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

       The astral body will look exactly like you and it will
       be hovering a few inches or maybe a foot from your

       You will be aware of its formation and your
       consciousness at this point will have the perspective
       of the physical body and the astral body. It‟s a bit
       like having two television screens open at one time.

     - Instant dissociation is also possible. At one moment,
       you might be lying in the meditation room. The next,
       you may have already projected yourself to another

Congratulations! You have finally achieved astral
projection! You can pass through solid walls and doors and
you can also take flight.

The astral body is weightless. It has neither density nor
mass. You can pass through objects and obstacles with little
or no effort. It‟s time to plan where to go… and explore your
newfound freedom as an astral body!

Returning to the Physical Body After Astral Travel

Regardless of how enjoyable you find astral travel to be, you
have to come back to your physical body.

For some people, the freedom of flight and lightness of the
astral body can keep them preoccupied for a long time. It‟s
just a matter of discipline; when you are done flying, it‟s
time to go back to your body.

                    Astral Travel in 7 Days

So how does one safely go back to one‟s body? Some people
say “Oh, you can just wake up from an astral travel.” Don‟t
use this method – instead, do it slowly.

First, go back to your home and approach the door of your
meditation room. Pass through the door and locate your
physical body. Carefully lie down and ease your astral form
into your physical body.

Once your astral form is within close proximity to your
physical body, you will feel a little jolt and you will wake up.
Some people say that the return to the physical body is

It might be (it really varies from one practitioner to another)
but with time, the return and re-melding of the astral body
and the physical body will become easier and easier. This is
first of your first set of attempts at astral travel, so it‟s still a
great accomplishment.

Before you leave your blessed circle, it‟s time to formally
end your astral projection activity. As you travel the astral
realms, energies are collected within the consecrate ground
known as the blessed circle.

Upon leaving the consecrate ground, these energies do not
simply dwindle and disappear. They will be released to the
environment, all at once, once the circle is broken and the
practitioner leaves the circle.

You have to make sure that these energies will affect
material reality in a positive or beneficial manner, which is
why it is imperative that you state an affirmation:

          I ask the blessed forces of this world,

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

  To heal the afflictions of my mind & physical body

          To make my body robust & healthy

                 As I say it, so let it be.

Astral Technique # 2: Visualizing the Astral Double

This astral projection technique was used even before the
First World War.

Despite the age of the technique, its precepts are sound and
many practitioners have attained success by following its
formula for astral projection.

Before you start using this technique, here are some

  1. The amount of food consumed before the astral
     projection should be limited.

    If you have tried fasting before and you are in
    relatively good health, you can also try fasting prior to
    the astral projection.

  2. If fasting is not possible no meal should be eaten 1-2
     hours before the actual projection.

  3. Avoid eating any type of nut before the projection.
     Instead, try eating vegetables like carrots so you would
     feel light and ready for the task ahead.

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

Ready to visualize your astral double? Here are the steps:

  1. Select and prepare the room where the astral
     projection will take place. Prepare a blessed circle.

  2. Lay down on the mattress (you can also use a couch,
     recliner or chair for this technique) and close your eyes.

  3. Relax your mind and your body; do it slowly and take
     deep breaths.

  4. Using the power of visualization, imagine that an astral
     double was being formed about three feet above your
     physical body.

  5. Make sure that this astral double is exactly like yourself
     and has all your physical features. When you are done
     visualizing and creating the astral double, ask yourself:
     which body is the real me?

  6. After asking yourself which body was really yourself,
     you will experience a brief moment of doubt. When this
     doubt arises, follow up with another question: what if
     the floating body is me?

  7. After asking the second question, your mind will begin
     to doubt once again which body contained the real you.
     At this point in time, you have to focus on the third
     task to complete the projection.

     The astral vehicle or astral body has been prepared;
     the only thing missing is your consciousness. So how
     do you make your consciousness travel with the astral

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

     You simply have to will it to happen. Focus on slowly
     lifting your consciousness to the astral vehicle.

     Do this slowly; don‟t rush things. Don‟t get too excited
     or nervous, too. Otherwise, the astral body might
     disappear and your consciousness will simply drift back
     to your physical body.

  8. Your consciousness will slowly move from the physical
     body to the astral vehicle.

     When the consciousness has been willed to its
     temporary abode, you can look down on your physical

     Remain calm and focus on what you want to do as an
     astral body. You can begin flying to whatever
     destination when you are ready.

  9. When you are done with travelling, simply re-meld your
     astral body with your physical body. Slowly approach
     your body and let your astral body fall into the physical

Astral Technique # 3: Aided Astral Travel

Aided astral travel requires two other people (in addition to
the person who will be performing the astral projection).

The big difference between this technique and the other
techniques is that the waking consciousness and the astral
consciousness are used in such a way that astral traveler
can be called back to his physical body once traveler has
completed specific goals (e.g. travel to a specific place

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

In contrast to the first two techniques, this technique seems
to be the perfect method for people who do not want to
perform the projection on their own.

Here are the steps:

  1. After preparing the site for the projection, the person
     who wishes to project his astral body should lie
     perfectly still on a mattress on the floor.

     One assistant should position himself near the ankles of
     the traveler while the other should sit near the head.

     The traveler may use a small, soft pillow. Loose
     clothing should be worn (no socks and definitely no
     shoes allowed during the projection).

  2. Assistant #1 (who is near the ankles) should start
     massaging the ankles of the traveler. The ankles should
     be rubbed gently; this helps relax the rest of the body.

     After massaging the ankles for a few minutes, Assistant
     # 2 should start massaging the forehead of the

     The target area is the small space just above the
     eyebrows. The curved part of Assistant # 2‟s hand
     should be used to massage the forehead of the

  3. To facilitate the relaxation process, rhythmic breathing
     is encouraged. At this point in time, all the traveler has
     to do is to completely relax his entire body.

                Astral Travel in 7 Days

4. When the traveler is relaxed, one of the assistants will
   begin asking the traveler to visualize specific scenarios.

  First, the assistant will ask the traveler to visualize that
  he has grown two inches through his pair of feet.

  The traveler will visualize and will tell the assistant
  when he feels that he has grown two inches through his

  Once the sensation of growing has been felt, the
  assistant will tell the traveler to go back to his original
  height. The same request will be given, only this time,
  the two-inch growth should be done through the head.

  The traveler shall be asked to go back to his original
  height once again after the sensation of growing two
  inches through the head has been accomplished.

5. Now that the traveler is beginning to be accustomed to
   growing through his feet and head, the assistant begins
   to give more challenging tasks.

  The fourth request should be: can you grown 12 inches
  through your feet? When the traveler says yes, I can
  feel it, he is asked once again to go back to his original

  Next, the traveler is requested to grow 12 inches
  through his head. When this is accomplished, he is
  once again asked to go back to his original height.

6. Little does the traveler know that he has already been
   projecting his astral self through his head and his feet.

                Astral Travel in 7 Days

  The next request is the springboard for the final
  projection. One assistant will ask the traveler if he can
  grow a total of two feet through his head.

  Note that beginning practitioners of astral projection
  would have a bit of trouble responding to the last
  request without moving their feet. Many will attempt
  expanding their height through the head region by
  curling their feet or legs.

  If this happens, the assistant should repeat the
  procedure until the traveler is able to grow two feet
  through his head without moving his lower limbs.

  If the traveler succeeds, the astral body has formally
  been projected outward (though the traveler may not
  be aware of the projection).

7. The traveler should be asked to perform a series of
   tasks that will ascertain that he has really projected his
   astral body. Here are some things that you can ask a
   person who has projected his astral body:

       - Can you go to the front door, open it and
         describe what is outside?

       - Can you take flight, say a few hundred meters
         in the air, and tell me everything that you see?

       - Can you go to {a specific place} and tell me
         what you see?

       - Can you fly to the roof of this structure and
         describe what you see?

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

     The assistant should ask for specific details when the
     astral traveler is relaying information. When the
     exercise has been completed, the assistant is
     responsible for slowly guiding the astral body back to
     its physical body.

Astral Technique      #   4:   Sending   Forth   an   Astral

The power of astral travel does not end with full projections
of an astral vehicle with one‟s consciousness.

If you do not want to enter a near-sleeping phase during
astral activity, you can create what is called an astral
observer. An astral observer (also called a watcher) is a
simulacrum created with astral substance.

You can view the astral watcher as a subordinate creature; a
distinct entity that was created with one‟s will and astral
substance. The chakra near the center of one‟s chest (the
solar plexus) is responsible for projecting, connecting and
reabsorbing the astral watcher.

Sounds complicated? Not really; the process of creating the
astral watcher is very similar to the procedure needed to
create a full-sized astral vehicle or astral body.

Why should anyone try to create an astral watcher? Well, as
we have mentioned earlier, you would be able to control the
astral watcher without lapsing into sleep or near-sleep.

Second, you can command the astral watcher to visit places
and people and assimilate images and other experiences for
you. When the task of the astral watcher has been

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

completed, you simply have to lead the astral watcher back
to where you are waiting and reabsorb it.

The creation of any astral simulacrum requires three distinct
preparations. The first set of steps is required to increase
one‟s natural spiritual force by aligning one‟s self to the
positive forces of the universe.

Heightening One’s Spiritual Force

This is the first part of the preparation; the person who
wishes to project and create an astral watcher must first
heighten his own spiritual power to increase his success rate
and the ease at which the astral watcher can be formed later

  1. Choose a cool, quiet room with adjustable lighting. The
     light should not be too bright. Noises from within the
     home and outside the home should also be reduced.

  2. Heightening one‟s spiritual force does not require you
     to follow any particular belief system. In fact, every
     belief system or faith eventually merges with a singular
     source of immense beauty, light and power.

     Focus on this singular source of all positive forces – and
     begin to contemplate its majestic beauty and power.
     Aspire to become one with this one true source of life
     and beauty in the universe.

  3. After contemplating this vast, positive force, it‟s time to
     imagine your entire being growing beyond the bounds
     of the mundane, physical world. Visualize yourself
     growing and becoming more and more powerful and
     attuned with your own spiritual powers.

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

  4. When you think you reached the peak of your growth,
     it‟s time to render a ball of light.

     Imagine a ball of immense, bright light forming just
     above your head. This represents the first chakra – the
     crown chakra. This ball of immense light will serve as a
     switch to increase your spiritual energies.
  5. Allow the ball of light to become brighter and brighter,
     and allow its light and energy to pass through yourself.

    Absorb the energy and allow the energy to heighten
    your senses. At this point in time, you will begin feeling
    more relaxed and perhaps even more awake than

  6. As you are absorbing the energy from the ball of light,
     proceed with creating a blessed circle, using the steps
     outlined in an earlier part of this book.

Connecting & Affirming the Three Chakras

You are almost ready to create an astral watcher. Your
spiritual force and energies have been heightened and the
consecrate ground has been prepared to protect you during
the astral work.

Before you create an astral watcher, you have to consolidate
your spiritual energies by aligning and connecting three
chakras or energy centers: the head chakra, the heart
chakra and the feet chakra. Here are the steps:

  1. Stand straight inside the blessed circle. The posture
     should be firm and erect, but the muscles of your arms
     and upper body should be relaxed. Your feet should be

                Astral Travel in 7 Days

  placed side by side, close to each other.

2. When you are ready, imagine that an immense ball of
   light is hovering hear the top of your head. Inhale
   slowly and as you inhale, imagine a beam of light
   emanating from this ball of light travelling to the center
   of your chest region (or heart chakra).

3. As the beam of light reaches your heart chakra,
   imagine another ball of immense light forming in that
   part of your body.

  Exhale slowly, and allow this ball of light to emanate a
  beam of light, which in turn will travel to your feet

  Another ball of light will form near the feet chakra; this
  ball of light should be less powerful than the first ball of
  light that formed near the head chakra.

4. Slowly inhale and imagine a golden beam rise from the
   feet chakra and connect with the ball of light near the
   heart chakra.

  Exhale gently and affirm to yourself that you now have
  three activated chakras and these chakras‟ energies
  have been properly connected to each other.

5. As a final affirmation, imagine your heart chakra
   becoming brighter and brighter, until your entire body
   is bathed in beautiful, white light.

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

Creating and Projecting the Astral Watcher

The preparation for today‟ astral work has been completed!
You are now ready to create and send forth your very own
astral observer. Here is a step by step guide on how to do
create your astral watcher at home:

  1. The astral substance that will be used to create the
     observer or watcher will be projected from the upper
     abdominal region.

    At a point when you feel that you are ready to create
    the astral observer, visualize that you are opening a
    channel of power in your upper abdominal region.

    Imagine a singular stream of silver light (this is actually
    the astral substance) slowly being projected about nine
    feet from where you are standing.

    This astral substance should be visualized to form a
    shapeless light cloud in the distance.

    When you feel that you have released enough astral
    substance, tell yourself to stop projecting the
    substance. The stream of silver light should stop but
    the light cloud will remain, motionless, nine feet away
    from you.

    Even if the stream of silvery, astral substance ceases,
    the astral cord should remain connected. The astral
    cord is simply a thin silver wire, running from your
    upper abdomen to the cloud of astral substance.

  2. Turn your attention to the light cloud. In your mind,
     shape this mass of astral substance into a simple figure

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

    (like a hooded entity or perhaps even just a sphere of

  3. Think of something that you would like the astral
     watcher to do (it is complete and ready to go by now)
     and command the astral watcher to go.

    There is no need to vocalize your command – simply
    formulate a clear command and will the astral watcher
    to leave and carry out the command.

  4. If the very first command to the astral watcher is
     successful, the watcher will vanish from plain sight, but
     the silver cord/ astral cord will remain.

Important Note: The astral watcher cannot fulfill orders in
mere seconds. Give the astral watcher enough time to
complete its task/s.

You would need a minimum of twenty minutes before you
can command the astral watcher to go back and report what
it has seen or experienced.

Reading the Impressions of the Astral Watcher

After twenty minutes of waiting, the astral watcher is ready
to be recalled or summoned from its task.

  1. To recall an astral watcher from its trip, simply stand in
     the blessed circle and face the direction where you
     formed and sent away the astral watcher.

    Give a mental command to the astral watcher to return
    to you. The astral watcher should reappear about nine

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

    feet from where you are standing. The astral cord
    should be visible when you summon the astral watcher.

  2. Since the astral watcher is done with its task, it‟s time
     to take away its form. Will the astral watcher to lose its
     form and change back to its original, silver, light cloud

  3. Through the silver cord, slowly reabsorb the energy-
     form and close off the channel from whence the astral
     substance was projected.

  4. Connect and affirm the three chakras once again, after
     reabsorption of the astral watcher.

  5. Sit on a comfortable chair and relax. Allow the
     experiences and impressions of the astral watcher to
     slowly rise from the unconscious level of your thoughts.

    Allow the rational part of your psyche to process and
    interpret the images and impressions that the astral
    watcher has brought home. The task is complete, and
    you have successfully sent forth and recalled an astral

Important Note: In contrast with full astral projection, an
astral watcher can be compared to a small, remote-
controlled vehicle.

The remote-controlled vehicle does not have the
consciousness or guiding hand of its owner, which is why it
requires a command in order to function.

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

An astral watcher has neither reason nor logic. Without the
mental command and its connection to you via an astral
cord, an astral watcher will not do anything.

Advanced Astral Work

Once you have successfully created and dispatched your
very first astral watcher, you can experiment with reading
the input from your astral watcher as it carries out your

You know you are ready to try this advanced technique

  - You have sent and read the impressions                and
    experiences of more than one astral watcher.

  - You find it easy to prepare and project an astral

  - You find it easy to interpret the impressions of an astral

  - The entire process of preparing, creating and recalling
    an astral watcher is effortless and easy.

If you think you are ready, simply perform the steps that
have been outlined in the preceding section, but this time,
instead of recalling the astral watcher at the end of twenty
minutes, do the following:

  1. Sit on a comfortable recliner or chair and establish a
     gentle, rhythmic breathing pattern.

  2. In your mind, open a small window (like a small TV

               Astral Travel in 7 Days

  screen) and slowly absorb the impressions of the astral
  watcher through the astral cord.

3. Read the images and impressions of the astral watcher
   as it is sent and shown in this small window.

4. When you are satisfied with what the astral watcher
   has accomplished, perform the recall of the astral
   watcher and end the session by connecting and
   affirming the three chakras.

                   Astral Travel in 7 Days

                  Part 3:
     Exploring the Planes Beyond the
             Physical Realm

Reasons Why Some Attempts Are Unsuccessful

While it is true that astral projection is a natural skill, guided
projections take time and effort to perfect. If you have
become frustrated because of failed attempts, here is a list
of common reasons why projections fail:

I. Fear of astral projection

It‟s quite normal for people to be a little afraid of new
experiences. But time and time again, fear has been the
single biggest cause of failure when it comes to projecting
one‟s own astral body.

Fear can be managed in a variety of ways, but the easiest
way to beat your own fear or fears about astral projection is
by jotting down these concerns on paper.

Once you have jotted down these concerns, it usually follows
that you will be the boss of these worries (and not the other
way around). When you have attained a certain level of
confidence and the fear has ebbed away, try the technique
that suits you the best.

II. Poor health

Poor health is not a good pressing necessity when you are
attempting to consciously project your astral body.

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

If you think you are in poor health, it‟s time to visit your
doctor and get treated. The poorer one‟s health is, the
harder it is for the astral body to dissociate from the
mundane shell.

III. Electrical disturbances

Magnetic fields and electrical fields can also cause impede
your success in astral travel. If you think a particularly
strong electrical field is interfering with your astral
projection, the only way to weaken this electrical field is by
temporarily switching off your home‟s power (at least for the
time being). If this doesn‟t work, you may have to perform
the projection somewhere else.

IV. Time of the projection

While many people prefer projecting their astral bodies
during their free time, it might help if you can perform the
astral travel when the moon is full or at least, when the sun
is finally dipping down the horizon.

V. Endless distractions

Mobile phones, traditional telephones and even radios can
reduce anyone‟s concentration – and guided projections
require a certain degree of uninterrupted focus in order to
become successful.

If you can‟t find an ideal time to project, then it would be
best if you postponed your astral projection until you get a
week-long or month-long vacation.

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

The Five Astral Realms

The astral plane is so vast that it would be impossible to
give even a ballpark figure of its size. Within this plane are
five recognizable realms of existence – these realms of
existence are often visited in our sleep – now you can visit
them at will, using the techniques outlined in this book.

I. Realm of the Present

This realm is the most commonly visited realm of all. When
people dream and project, this is where they usually end up.

The Realm of the Present is in complete congruence with the
present, material reality. The only thing that changes is that
you can pass through seemingly solid objects at will during a
successful astral projection.

II. Realm of Time

The three-fold formulation of time (past, present and future)
truly comes to life when you choose to travel to this realm.

You would know that you are in the Realm of Time when
your surroundings and the circumstances that you see
during your travel changes (pictures fade or become very
clear, etc.)

III. Realm of the Cosmos

The Realm of the Cosmos reflects the expanded, physical
universe as we know it. If you wish to travel to other planets
or go beyond the Milky Way Galaxy, the Realm of the
Cosmos can help you discover what you wish to know about
the physical universe.

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days

IV. The Realm of Guidance

The Realm of Guidance is a special realm where intellect and
wisdom of the ages are developed and passed down to the
present time.

This spiritual realm is the place you have to visit if you wish
to find answers to life‟s most puzzling questions. This place
in the astral plane is also called the Teaching Realm.

V. The Realm of Spirituality

The Realm of Spirituality is a glorious and happy place
where discarnate spirits live. When you reach this place
(which has several levels), all fears that you have developed
living in the physical plane will vanish.

As one moves upward to the higher levels of the Realm of
Spirituality, the realm becomes even more beautiful and

The Five Gateways

As we have mentioned at the beginning of this book, astral
travel is all about finding the boundaries or gateways to the
different realms within the astral plane and beyond.

There are countless gateways in the astral plane and few
advanced practitioners have been able to comprehensively
record each and every one of these doorways.

Among the numerous gateways in the astral plane (which
itself can be viewed as plane of doorways to other realms),
five specific gateways might be of interest to a new
practitioner of astral travel:

                   Astral Travel in 7 Days

I. Gate of the Present

This gateway leads to the present time. This gateway is
usually the one chosen by people who are unconsciously
projecting during sleep. All events beyond this gateway are
congruent with what is happening in one‟s present time, in
the physical plane.

II. Gate of Time

Beyond this astral gateway, you will be able to move back to
the past or forward, to the present. But as we have
discussed earlier, you cannot simply project to the future or
the past. Everything in the astral plane begins with the here
and now, because that is where you are coming from in the
first place.

III. Gate of the Cosmos

The Gate of the Cosmos opens a wider vista of the physical
plane to the astral traveler. From this point on, exploration
of the different celestial bodies becomes possible.

IV. Gate of the Spiritual Plane

This is where you should pass through if you wish to reach
the teaching realms and move up to the advanced realms of
spirituality and growth.

V. Gate of the Other Realms

This gateway leads to the higher planes of existence
(beyond human reason) and realms that cannot be easily
understood by human rationality. Beings and experiences

               Astral Travel in 7 Days

beyond this gateway are not touched by the mundane
concerns of the human, physical plane.

                  Astral Travel in 7 Days



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