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					Lawyer Advertising Gimmicks | Seattle Car Accident Attorney
As a Seattle personal injury attorney, I have seen a lot of deceiving lawyer advertisements on television and in the Yellowpages that trick people into
hiring a lawyer or law firm that is not right for their case. To arm the public with knowledge of these misleading tactics, I wrote a book that is available
for free for all Washington state residents called “The Shocking Truth About Lawyer Advertising.” I did this because I can’t stand it when lawyers do
anything but serve the greater good, and these ads hurt injury victims who are in need of help. I strongly urge everybody to check my book out: The
Shocking Truth About Lawyer Advertising, but here is a quick rundown of some of the deceiving tactics used in lawyer ads:
1.) The bar exam does not determine what type of lawyer someone is: The bar exam decides whether or not someone may practice law in a certain
state, but it has no bearing on the type of law that someone will practice. This is important because attorneys in certain advertisements may hold
themselves out to be any type of lawyer they want, without any actual experience in the field. In other words, a lawyer you see on TV may say that
they are a Seattle car accident lawyer who can handle your case, when in fact they have never actually worked on one before. To prevent yourself
from being deceived by an ad like this, make sure you do research on a lawyer before hiring them. In doing this, you can see whether or not they
actually have experience with your type of case.
2.) Some personal injury lawyers never go to court: It is perfectly understandable why most people want their case settled fast, but the reality of
personal injury cases is that settling fast is not always the best option. Lawyers who always settle cases fast are seen by insurance companies as
never willing to take a case to trial. This gives the insurance company the upper hand. They know that they won’t have to offer a reasonable
settlement, because there is no threat of trial. Lawyers who advertise that they settle cases quickly may as well advertise that they let the insurance
companies control the process, because that is the reality of that kind of practice. The sad thing is that a lot of lawyers advertise this major flaw in their
practice, and it actually works on people who do not fully understand the legal system. Keep in mind next time you see this kind of advertisement that
while it may sound like a good thing, this kind of lawyer will never get you the settlement that you need.
3.) The lawyer you see on TV may not handle your case: Just because a lawyer is advertising on TV does not mean that he or she will actually handle
your case. They may very well hand most of their cases off to less experienced attorneys in the firm, or even give the majority of the work to their
paralegals. In fact, it is actually possible that the lawyer you see in the ad does not even work in the area you see it. There is a large firm in Seattle that
does a lot of advertising, but their figurehead lawyer does not even work in the state. Don’t take what you see in advertisements at face value. Always
research an attorney before hiring one.
4.) Lawyer advertisements are no indicator of skill: A lawyer advertisement means nothing more than the fact that they have money. A fancy
advertisement is no indicator of skill or experience; all it means is that they could afford an advertisement.

About the Author
Jason Epstein joined Premier Law Group as a partner in 2007. Jason is a litigator handling all types of personal injury cases with an emphasis on
serious plaintiff’s personal injury and insurance coverage. Jason is a member of the Washington State Association for Justice and serves within its
leadership. Jason often speaks at CLEs and serves as an arbitrator for both private and mandatory arbitration matters. Jason completed a certificate in
Alternative Dispute Resolution from the Strauss Institute of Dispute Resolution and the Trial Advocacy program through the National Institute of Trial
Advocacy. Jason has been dedicated to representing injured people since 1999. Jason Epstein has been representing individuals against insurance
companies and large corporations since 2001. He limits his practice to personal injury and wrongful death cases including auto accidents, motorcycle
accidents, or other serious and catastrophic injuries. Hopefully you have already visited This website is loaded with tons of
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